(1866-08-28) Shadow and Truths
Shadow and Truths
Summary: Lucas comes to check upon the late arriving guests, and it seems Emilia was actually looking for him in turn. Talk of shadows and hard truths occurs, and Rogue crashes in on them.
Date: 1866-08-28
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Guest Quarters - Highwater - Lonnaire - Couviere
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There had been some rather late arrivals to Lonniare and the wedding, arriving the day after the main festivities. While it was not widely broadcasted, some had likely been informed that Princess Clara Tracano and her traveling companion Lady Emilia Cassomir had had a bit of a 'gate mishap', causing the delayed arrival…from the rest of their party. The pair had taken up in the room<s> set aside for the Princess, Clara certainly seeing along to what formalities ahd been required and at times giving Emilia tours of lands that were more familiar to her than those of Rivana. Though Emilia herself had likely not been seen out and about tons, certainly not upon her own. Something about Huntress, Wraith Territory. That and still struggling a bit with the concept that may days had simply been 'lost'. Though there had been something she had wished to yet try and see about while here, and thus the young woman might actually be out of the rooms.

Lucas had been informed of the mishap as part of his duties. They happened from time to time but still one could never be too careful, more than that it had happened to a Rivanan princess and the sister of the future King, a man whom Lucas had come to respect. So it is he makes his way towards the guest tower, dagger at his hip, but without his wraith armband, no sense in being purposefully provocative.

Arriving on the Princess' floor he wanders towards the chamber door, wondering if he'd missed the princess and her companion, as there seemed to be no Lancers present.

Any formal report, certainly held the standard answers on the matter, they recalled nothing of the time and were a mite bit confused about the whole episode. No answers about it, not that it hadn't made the Lancers and the Huntressor two in the group overly joyed to see the pair when they had showed up.

It did seem all were departed with the lack of Lancers or other guards present. That is until there if a very faint little 'hmmmm' that sounds just behind Lucas, one that caried a 'tone' to it as if one were saying 'Interesting, very interesting'. There had seemed to be no sound before then, no ruffling or turn to give way to the movement of cloth, no scuffle or padding of feet. No doubt, not the wisest thing to have done. Especially since when he might turn about, Emilia is only a few paces away. The young woman dressed simply in trousers and a tunic, soft soled leather boots worn. And those dark eyes seem to be studying him, and she also seems to lack any sort of weapons uppon her.

Lucas is not used to being snuck up on let alone in his home. That 'hmm' sets him on edge and he whirls about hand on his blade. Though just as quickly as he turns ready to kill… he breaks into an easy laugh when he sees who it is. "Forgive me, I was startled," he says as the inch or so of drawn blade is slid back into the sheathe. There's a pause, as he tries to puzzle out what had happened. "Did you follow me up the stairs? Or…"

Emilia actually does not even flinch as Lucas whirls about on her with the blade starting to be drawn. Foolish or impressive, it really all depends on one's outlook. There is just a small tug to the corners of her lips as that laugh that does come. She bows her head gently to him as greeting is offered,"Lord of Lucas, it is easily to be of forgiving. " Canting her head a little before offering a faint nod at his puzzlement and subsequence question,"I was of following, of aye. You do not of listen to the shadows." A light breathe,"I was actually of hoping to be of talking to you, though was not of sure if you would be of willing."

Lucas blinks. "Listen to the shadows? Is that some sort of Huntress saying?" he asks, curious. Though the rest earns a quizzical look from the l'Saigner. "Well, I was on the way to speak to you and the princess, so it works out. But I am curious, what did you want to speak to me about?" in truth few people ever sought him out for conversation. "If it's something private we can find somewhere other than a hallway to talk."

There is another faint tug to the corners of Emilia's lips at his look of surprise. She shakes her head,"No, it is not being of so. It is of simply being of true, you do not of listen to them." There is a beat before she adds,"I get of same of look from them in pointing this out to them." Emilia's brows raise a little when he includes her in who he was coming to talk to. Few sought her out as well. "It is something that would be of better spoken in of private. Perhaps I will be of wrong in what I of ask, but will be of seeing. " She studies him a moment,"Mine-sister has spoken well of you. " Which was huge for her to speak well a anyone that was a Wraith. Her hand motions to the chambers,"We can be of speaking of here, others are of gone."

Lucas frowns a little as he tries to comprehend. "So, what does it mean? Listening to the shadows?" he asks Emilia as he leads the way into those chambers she indicated. Corvin would have a good laugh if he could see it, his little brother sneaking about with a huntress. Still, he didn't think it was that sort of sneaking about. "Something about ignoring your eyes and just listening?" he offers, wrapped up in that little puzzle before the remark about her sister earns a nod. "Oh? Lady Raelyn speaks well of me?" he offers a small smile at that. "Don't let it get about, my fellow Wraiths might get the wrong idea about me," he says before asking more seriously. "What else did she talk about?" wondering how much Emilia knew of that mission to the north.

"It can be something of like that, though the listening is to of the shadows of themselves. It is of meaning much of what it sounds to mean. The shadows speak, few take of time to listen to of them." Emilia considers a moment,"Or of perhaps few can even of hear to be of listening." If it was that sort of sneaking around, he might buy his little brother an ale! Seeing the door closed to the rooms after she follows in, her steps yet as silent as ever. That odd turn of grace to her movements. "Of aye, she has. And I of promise to not be letting it getting of about, I of imagine some of Huntresses would think of similiar to your of fellow of Wraiths." A hand gives an odd little turn and movement that has her motioning to a set of chairs, an invitation to sit. "She spoke of what was of faced in of the north, what was needing to be of taken out for true of success to be found. And I am thinking it is of your help in of that, for why she has spoken of well. And that you are of thus knowing of the Sirrah in the same of way she and Jaren are of knowing." It seems she might know more than but a handful might expect.

Lucas cocks his head, still trying to puzzle out listening to the shadows. "You will have to teach me more about that," he says. "Provided there is time." Then on the other matters he nods leaning against the wall arms crossed. "Hm, true enough the antipathy goes both ways," the remark is followed by a slow nod to the rest. "I would say that we do," he says of Sirrah, the tension that he normally carries vanishing when faced with a fellow Vigilant. "Is there something that needs dealing with?" he asks, sounding almost excited.

"I do not of think there will be of time for of lessons upon of this trip, but I would be of willing to of try, when there is time, and of oppurtunity, presentng of itself." Oh, the world is going to end, Huntress giving a Wraith lessons! Emilia shakes her head slowly,"Not of exactly, there was of something I was of wishing to of ask you of about." Quickly noting,"Not of the shared of ecnountr with mine-sister, but of something that happened of last of year. If you were knowing of about it, that is. The Sirrah mentioned that when my brother came of north last of year, he faced of some….beings. Are you of familiar with of this?"

Lucas nods. "Didn't think so, but it's nice to have something to look forward to," he says before adding. "Though let's make any lessons another thing we don't mention." There is a grin at that then he becomes more serious. "Yes, I was there with your brother and some others when we faced those creatures. It's what brought me into the Order."

Emilia dips her head,"Of understood, I am not of sure anyone would much of like to hear about them. So they will not be of spoken of about. " A small tug to the corners of her lips with this agreement made. A secret between Huntress and Wraith. There is a moment of consideration when he does confirm that he was there. "Was of thinking that to perhaps of be the case. " A small breath is drawn before her eyes settle on him as the next is asked,"Will you tell me of them? About the creatures that were of faced?"

Lucas smiles in Emilia's direction before getting down to more serious topics. He sinks down so he is sitting at the base of the wall. "I can," he says and then tries to conjure up the memories of the night. "There were two of them, they were small, just the size of children, but had the strength of a full grown man, they were leathery, and tough. I stabbed one in the face and it shrugged off the wound. They had mouths like a lamprey and they made this horrible weeping sound," he shudders just at the thought of it, tucking his knees up in front of him. "They were very quick and quiet the rest of the time though. One above, I used to play in their lair as a child and had no idea of the danger." He looks up at Emilia then. "Was that what you were looking for?"

Those dark eyes follow Lucas as he settles to the floor and certain serious edge coming when he says he can. A flicker of curiosity actually touching those stoic features, but Lucas most certainly has Emilia's full attention. A faint frown comes the more he speaks, though there is also a nod at one point. "Do you remember of their eyes? Did they look of like..normal of eyes, or were they being all of black?" A curious and specific sort of question perhaps. She gives a small nod,"It was of….And I am of sorry that you had to face of them and learn of such things. It is a much of difficult of thing to come to of terms with."

Lucas thinks back for a moment before nodding decisively. "Black," he recalls. "Definitely black," then he gives Emilia a comforting smile. "Seeing those things weren't pleasant, and it took awhile to get used it the idea, but I am glad to be able to know the world as it is rather than a comforting lie. Better that way if you ask me." Then looking up at the Huntress again, this time more quizzically, "Have you seen these things before?"

A soft breathe is drawn as Lucas confirms the color of the eyes. There is a faint tug at the corners of Emilia's lips,"There is something in of knowing more the truth of the world. Though it is of seeming that path to the learning is much of unpleasant." Emilia shakes her head at the question,"I have of not, thus of my questions. But I have of seen that of which can make of such. It is of perhaps possible, they were not of in the lair when you were of a child and playing of there. Though of that, I can not say of certain, is of possible none could know of when they were of created."

"True, but it is always better to know the truth, no matter how hard," Lucas reasons. The words make him pause thinking about Gabriel and all the hard truths he was doubtless learning. "Or at least most of the time," he amends. His lips tighten a moment and he shakes his head. "They were there," he insists. "Alina and I found a book, after, that told legends of those things living below Alain's Rest. My ancestors walled them off and then forgot about them, so when the castle burned, the seals were broken and the things escaped, and that was back at the start of the Thirty Years War, so, when my sister and I used to play there, they were there too. I haven't figured out why they didn't attack."

Emilia nods slightly,"Most of the time. Some are not of capable of handling of such of hard truths, for it makes them un-of-able to yet of see of the hope that yet of remains. " There is a mild cant to Emilia's head as Lucas insists they were there. "So were of made long of ago," a pause as she seems to consider a moment before adding,"that does of make most of sense." That does seem a question to consider, why they did not attack back then. "Of perhaps they were of too of weak of then? Though of suppose that might not be of a question that truly can ever be of answered. Cannot exactly be of asking of them on of this, and I am having of the impression there is not of much of knowledge upon of them."

"I suppose in that way I was lucky to be born into the house I was, it made me used to hard truths by the time these ones found me," he offers a tight smile at that, then nods. "A very good question and one I've wracked my brain about for some time, so, if you have any incite, I would welcome it." Then there is a thud at the door and an insistent mewing. Lucas smiles. "That would be Rogue. She follows me sometimes," he pushes to his feet. "Do cats bother you?" he asks before moving to open the door.

"Even if of used to hard truthes and of realities, it still can be of something to contend of with to be of seeing some horror from childs of tales being much of real," this noted with some hint of knowing. There is a faint pause before Emilia offers,"I was of thirteen when I learned." There is some thought to the question,"Could be as of noted, they were of weak. Monsters yet of need of feeding, could of be…well you were of saying they were of like children, and you were of a child, perhaps there is of a connection in of that." Emilia's head turns to the door at the thud against it. A mild blink when a mewing follows soon after. Looking over to Lucas as he explains the cause. "Oh…and of no, they do not of bother of me. Of think she is rather of doing a bit more then of following."

"Thirteen?" Lucas asks. "I'm sorry. I know how it can be when you're exposed to difficult things at that age." After all he had to endure Wraith training not that much younger than thirteen. He moves to the door to unbolt it. "True, she's being a little witch," Lucas smiles as he opens the door bending to pick up the catlord only to have it jump nimbly through his arms and rush towards Emilia. When the catlord reaches her she looks up with big yellow eyes clawing at her boots in an effort to be picked up. Lucas turns, laughing when he sees Rogue's antics. "She isn't normally like that. She generally just ignores people unless someone forgot to feed her."

Emilia gives a small nod of her head,"Of aye, thirteen. It was…of exceedingl of unpleasant." Which is more than a gross understatement. Her eyes drifting down to take the cat the door opening would reveal. A little blink coming when it rushes straight at her. Leaning down to give it a little pat, but then the clawing starts at her boots. And Emilia shoots Lucas a curious glance. "Of hopefully she is not thinking to be of eating of me." Reaching down to pull the cat and settle her to her lap,"Least of hope that is not of the case, Rogue, was it of being, of aye?"

There is a frown. "If you want to talk about it, I am willing to listen," he says of what happened to Emilia. The frown does not last long however as he nods, "Yes, Rogue," he says, "And I fed her not long ago so I don't think she has eating on her mind," he says as he watches the cat snuggle contentedly in Emilia's lap. "She must just like you."

Emilia dips her head a little,"I am of appreciative of the offer. But the Sirrah is still likeing to of question of me about it at of times. So there is oft of opening to discuss of the encounter. " Sirrah, master of questions! Dark eyes do settle upon the cat now snuggling up in her lap, a hand gently moving to pet along the creatures back. "Of glad she does not think to make a meal of me, and it does seem of so. Cannot say I have ever of had a cat, or of any of animal, take of so quick to of me. "

Lucas nods, somewhat relieved he would not need to play counsellor. He was willing, but would he know what to say? Though Rogue provided a good distraction, "She's a catlord, they seem to decided who they like right away. Was the case with me, my sister and I found Rogue and her brother one day and after that they just kept following us around," he gives the cat a look and says, "Good to see you bothering someone else for a change," before sticking out his tongue. That is of course when the servant comes to find him. He clears his throat, pointedly not asking why the duke's son is sticking his tongue out at the guests. "Your father wants to speak with you my lord," he says.

Lucas turns, chuckling with embarrassment, he doesn't bother asking what his father wants, it would likely not be told to the servant and if it had it wouldn't be spoken of before a guest. He just nods. "I will be right there," he says before turning back to Emilia. "Well, I need to get going, but if you and Clara are both fine after your incident then, my duties here are done, however you're welcome to visit with Rogue awhile longer if you'd like."

There is a slight blink as the cat is revealed to be a catlord, Emilia takes a closer look to the cat, not quite having run across one..well least one that was certified to be one. "Many would say you are much of lucky for that, for them of taking to of you." Continuing to give the cat some gentel petting, a few scritches behind the ears. Though her eyes comes up and see the tongue sticking out, a bit of a corner tug occuring on the matter. But then she had similiar encounters with Naois, even if the ferret was not quite so grand as a catlord. A small incline of her head offered along to the servant.

"We are both of fine, even if yet a bit of bewildered about of things. But I am of told that is of normal." Least as normal as any random gate delay can be. Glancing back to Rogue,"I would not mind it, and would seem of a shame to dis-of-lodge her after hse just of comfortable. And thank you, Lord of Lucas, for speaking with of me. I have much of appreciated it. " Offering what might actually be called a faint smile, something lasting longer then the odd little corner tugs, before he departs to speak with his father.

"Any time Lady Emilia," Lucas says before offering her a rare bow. "It is always good to speak to someone with something interesting to say," he says with a little wink before he rises, points at his catlord and says simply, "Be good," before smiling and striding from the chamber.

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