(1866-08-29) Sunsreach Tavern Encounter
Sunsreach Tavern Encounter
Summary: Such differing individuals as Lady Dawn Bazan, Lord Eduard Farrant and Lady Adrienne Cassomir meet at the Golden Dragon Inn, and engage in a conversation.
Date: 29/08/2015 (Date of RP)
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Gold Dragon Inn - Sunsreach - Rivana

The Golden Dragon Inn is a sprawling and airy establishment with shutters instead of a wall facing the street to let cool air in during Sunsreach's scorching summers. Inside the common room it is shady and cool, with a scattering of circular tables about the center of the room, a heavy wooden bar to one side, and the scintillating smells of the kitchen wafting through a door to the right. The back of the establishments are given over to private tables, most often used by the 'quality', those with fat purses or noble names. Past these tables are the doors to private dining rooms where one can entertain in privacy.

The true focus of the common room however is the stage where bards, singers, storytellers and even actors can be found performing most nights to the amusement of the patrons.

Past the stage is the wooden steps to the upper level sleeping chambers, which vary from closet sized rooms with a straw pallet and a chamber pot to more lavish bedrooms befitting guests of quality.

Aout 29th, 1866

Sunsreach. The Capital of Rivana, where a certain lesser branch Cassomir lady has already prolonged her stay she originally expected to last but a few weeks. Those weeks have turned into one and a half months by now, which is quite a span of time for a Huntress whose duties are usually seen to in the county of Ironhold. At the moment, Adrienne has left the Cassomir Manse for a visit to the Golden Dragon Inn, found herself a neat table in a corner where she has a good view of the room, and a mug of ale. Attired in tunic and leggings of a Huntress, a cloak of dark green color draped about the back of her chair, she sits for now alone at this table, a young woman with freckles on her face, green eyes that study those who enter and leave with idle curiosity, and dark brown hair that has been tied into a ponytail at the back of her head.

Dawn has recently arrived back in Rivana proper from her time at Couviere for the Masque and the subsequent tournaments. She is happy enough to be back home, or at least close enough to it. A small look of annoyance still occasionally graces her face; not at things going on, but things that have been. Bad memories never fade. And so a couple of days back spent getting over gate sickness have well have left her with a somewhat soured disposition, but it seems to be passing then as she makes her way over into the inn, intent on getting herself a meal, catching up on any news from her couple of weeks away, and then making her way back to her home.

Coming in a moment later is a nobleman clad in well made if plain black clothing, though he wears no cloak to speak of, and likely has no need of such judging by the light sheen of sweat on his features. Not hard to spot a northerner in the Southern summer, not at all. Running a hand absently through his disheveled hair, Eduard looks around for a table.

The slightly older woman entering draws the attention of the Huntress, green eyes focusing on her briefly while the freckled young lady takes a sip from her mug of ale, the expression slightly stoic, which might point her out as a Cassomir, but then again, this would perhaps be too vague as a hint to her identity. Then the next individual steps through the door, this one as well an unknown to Adrienne. She for her part has no problem with the weather, but… his gaze may cross hers when it sweeps the room for a table; her expression curious of course. And sensing a drink may indeed help with his problem with the heat, her raise of the mug of ale in a toast may not be completely coincidental.

The old woman is wearing a well used looking Healer's Kit over on her side. As she catches sight over of Adrienne, Dawn smiles then - not out of recognition of who she is, but rather what she represents. Giving her a light bow then and a somewhat more informal salute then, Dawn clasps her hands together. "Milady. I have not seen one of you in awhile. An honor as always to meet one of the Huntresses."

Eduard's gaze does indeed sweep the corner in his search for a table, and he certainly spots the - in his opinion - overdressed huntress. How she is not sweating buckets he'll never know. Offering a smile in return to the salute, he looks briefly thoughtful. Whatever thoughts cross his mind, however, are wiped away when he spots the profile of the old woman approaching Adrienne. Recognition sweeping across his blue-grey eyes, the Farrant lord crosses over to the two women. "Excuse me, ladies, for being a boor but… Lady Bazan, is that you?"

A faint smile crosses Adrienne's face when the old woman addresses her, she meeting the bow of greeting with a nod. "Indeed, I am a Huntress of Ironhold, my lady." Her keen eyes seem to have spotted the coat of arms of House Bazan on the front of the woman's attire. That smile deepens a little. "I don't believe we have met. I am Adrienne, of House Cassomir." Her attention shifts to the young nobleman, who joins them so eagerly, the freckled Cassomir lady will so far content herself to listen and observe, a brief smile given to the man. Neither accepting his excuse, nor declining it. Maybe she is not that touchy in that regard, of people walking up and addressing acquaintances.

Dawn nods over then, "A pleasure, Dawn of Bazan.." Her attention turns over then to Eduard, "Greetings, Milord. I take it that your meeting with the Queen did not have her consuming your flesh from your bones as you were afeared she might?" A half smile is given over to the Paladin, "And it has been awhile." An assessing glance is given over to last time she met him some months before of the injury that was still in a state of healing.

Eduard seems to be moving just fine, his easy smile one that does not hint at pain, so chances are he healed up rather well. The gift of youth. "Indeed, I managed to keep my head and skin. She instead legitimized me and made me Lord of my family's lands… I am still deciding if the other option would have been a more preferable punishment." Eyes twinkling in good-natured humor, inclining his head to Dawn's 'companion'. "Eduard Farrant, at your service. And again, apologies for intruding. I just could not resist saying hello, as it has been some time since I have seen the Lady Bazan."

A brow is raised when Adrienne's gaze shifts from Dawn to the young gentleman, while the young Huntress seizes the opportunity to take another moderate sip from her mug of ale. Not intruding into the exchange between the two until he turns towards her to introduce himself. "Lord Eduard, I am Adrienne Cassomir. And I certainly do not mind. Mayhaps…" and here the young woman makes an inviting gesture, "you wish to join me at my table? My brother is once again engaged elsewhere, and I really hate sitting about on my own in an inn. People might think I wish to keep to myself, which is not true." One corner of her mouth lifts, as she looks towards the both of them.

Dawn nods over lightly, "But of course. I'm glad you have healed well. I take it by the lack of further bruising upon you that you obeyed your healer enough that she did not see fit to otherwise inflict more harm upon you." A light tilt upwards of her lips goes then as she moves to join Adrienne at her table. "And an honor to make your acquaintance, Lady of Cassomir. And have the previous months been well for you otherwise, Sir Paladin?"

"Thank you. I am supposed to be meeting someone, but as I appear to be early, for once, I shall accept. It would not do to leave two lovely ladies unattended." There is plenty of humor in his storm-colored eyes as Eduard responds to Adrienne's invitation, but not an ounce of sarcasm, his smile just as warm and genuine for Dawn - who is old enough to be his mother at the very least - as for Adrienne herself. Taking the seat across from the noblewomen, he chuckles at Dawn's inquires. "I have been well, thank you Lady Bazan, if perhaps very much out of my element."

"The honour is mine," Adrienne replies to Dawn, the smile she offers the woman genuine. "Have you been to Ironhold at some point, as you mentioned meeting Huntresses some time ago?" The question is asked out of curiosity, obviously. Her green eyes shift to Eduard, who mentions another appointment, even so she smiles when he joins them, even if only for a bit. "Thank you, Sir." She waves for the barmaid to come and get their orders, she obviously already a guest known for her occasional visits. "You must be thirsty," she adds towards Eduard, with a bit of amusement glinting in her eyes.

Dawn nods lightly, "Not as of recently, but I've spent a great deal of time.." She glances down at her Healing Kit then, and goes to lean over. "So while I do not work frequently with your brethren, I have at least familiarized myself from previous experiences." She smiles. "And thank you for your offering." She goes over to sit down and quickly makes her order. "What have you been up to these last few months then?"

That comment from Adrienne elicits a chuckle from Eduard. "Ah, that obvious, hmm?" Absently wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, he grins ruefully. "Yes, I am alas a northerner at heart. Normont is much cooler this time of years, and even in the years I have spent away from it I still seem to wilt under the southern sun." After turning to give his order, just a drink for him for now, he turns back to the ladies and answers Dawn, still with that easy and utterly genuine smile. "Ah, well, largely cooped up in the Black Hills until just recently. There has been a lot that has needed seeing to in the aftermath of the Uprising." His smile sours a touch as he briefly skirts over that unpleasant topic. "But the people are resilient, if nothing else."

Adrienne inclines her head to Dawn's reply, vague as it may seem. She leans back in her seat, meeting the chuckle from Eduard with a smile of her own. "It is," the brief reply. Her green eyes follow the barmaid as she moves off, she for now content to listen as the conversation between the other two continues.

Dawn nods over quietly, "A wretched business, that. We can hope that it is over for now. And that we've seen the last of such things for awhile." She nods over at Adrienne, "So what brings a lady of Ironhold back here to Rivana? I hope that it is not something of any matter then and otherwise that you are getting some time over in which to relax for your presence." She lets out a quiet laugh on his comments on the weather.

"Indeed so," Eduard says simply, before adding, "And I will definitely drink to that." Which is convenient, as the server arrives with their drinks just about that. "This country needs a break from strife of all kinds. The entire Edge does, at that." He tips his tankard in salute, and drinks a touch thirstily.

Dawn's questions draw Adrienne out of her momentary silence. In fact, she seems to be glad to be asked about something. "What brings me here? A good question, that. The death of a relative, two months ago. I came here with my cousins and my brother, to look into the matter, which has been resolved by now. Now we await Emilia‚Äôs return from that trip to Couviere…" A momentary flicker there in her gaze, "And we will return to Ironhold, I believe." Her gaze shifts to Eduard and she nods. "Truer words were never spoken. At least it seems the threat of the Thorns is under control." or so she hopes.

Dawn nods over, "I'm sorry for your loss." She 'ahs', "And I met the Lady while there. She seemed in good spirits, and is a very wise woman for her age." With what she has experienced. There is a nod over from Dawn. "And we hope that the Thorns are shorn of themselves and do not trouble us again." A gardener's adage seems apt. "For the realm has seen enough suffering."

Offering his own murmured condolences, Eduard inclines his head at the sentiment against the Thorns. "Yes. I still find it impossible to forgive my Uncle for taking part in it. I saw this land and it's people suffering the first time, and cannot fathom how anyone would want to revisit that. But then, the North had been untouched until then." Letting out a sigh, he says, "Well, no longer. But now that all lands across Rivana have equally suffered, perhaps we can finally heal." Directing his gaze to Adrienne, he asks, "I take it you will be returning here for the wedding of your kinsman?" Obviously trying to change the subject to happier times.

"Oh? You met Emilia in Couviere?" Adrienne inquires, her attention now on Dawn. The remark of condolence waved off with a hand, as the other matter seems to be of more interest to her at the moment. "She had… difficulty getting there, as I've heard. Was she alright when you saw her?" There may be a slight urgency about her tone, only a faint hint of such. To Eduard she smiles, "Of course I will. It will be a great day for House Cassomir and Tracano, I wouldn't miss out on that."

Dawn nods over at Adrienne, "Aye, over in the gardens at the church in Lonnaire, the one in the city. She seemed to be good of spirits when she arrived and otherwise had no issues with her that I could tell." Dawn shrugs her shoulders, "She mentioned something with the Princess about a mishappen arrival from the Gate but they didn't go into details about it. Understandable, for I was a stranger."

Eduard smiles in response to Adrienne's assertion regarding the wedding, but it is now his turn to fall silent as the pair converse. He sips gratefully from his drink, and it certainly seems to be helping with his ability to bear the heat.

Dawn nods over at Adrienne, "So, when I saw her she seemed fine and in good spirits. And sometimes travel through the gates can come with.. Oddities." She shrugs and nods at Eduard. "And the wedding, and the events were lovely. Did you participate in any of the tournaments?"

"Me? No. I'm afraid until just a week ago I was cooped up in the Black Hills, so no weddings for me just yet," Eduard says, shaking his head ruefully. "Nor, indeed, have I ever had the chance to participate in a tourney. My mentor did not hold with them, and in the years since being knighted I've had neither cause nor opportunity to do so. I have been considering entering the one in Pacitta in a couple weeks, however. My House should be represented, and I am currently the only available knight it has to offer."

Dawn nods over at Eduard, "Aye. Hopefully there will be a very competitive turnout. My nephew will likely be attending and fancies himself to be good. So perhaps you will face off with him. And I'm sure you will represent your house well and bring it honor with your showings." She dips her head lightly.

"Either that, or make it a laughing stock," Eduard says with a light laugh. "Either way, it likely will not be boring." Catching movement out of the corner of his eye, he catches sight of someone coming into the tavern. "Ah, I believe I must depart your fair company, ladies. Thank you for the conversation, and I hope to see you both again." Inclining his head to both Dawn and Adrienne, Eduard digs out some coin and places it on the table, paying for Dawn and Adrienne's in the process, and then he departs.

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