(1866-08-30) Welcoming a Brother Home
Welcoming a Brother Home
Summary: Elrick returns to Hartswood and his sister, Amara, is eager to see him.
Date: 08-30-1866
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Stag Keep
Elrick's Room

With the festivities of the wedding between Sir Gabriel l'Corren, now l'Saigner, and Lady Alina l'Saigner at an end, Elrick was one of those that departed Lonnaire earlier than most. He choose not to linger too long, not because he didn't wish it, he very much did so, but there was business to attend to at home. Riding with his assigned guards and squire, the heir to Hartswood has returned home earlier in the day. With his squire unpacking most of the items he brought with him on the trip, Elrick himself had seen to a bath and eaten. Now, he is in his room with a few servants, mostly runners that can carry messages.

A repeated knock on the man's door can be heard. It's loud, but gentle and full of excitement. "Brother! Brother! You are back?! Earlier? May I come in?" Amara's soft muffled by the door voice can be heard.
When she hears permission to enter, a young woman opens the door with childish energy and runs inside, straight towards the brother with her arms extanded to the sides widely. She hugs him tightly, if allowed.
Slender and with a confident bearing, she is wrapped in a lovely dress of gold and sheer honey lace. From her ears dangle beautiful amber jewels in gold settings, and the nearly floral patter that creeps down the sheer sleeves of her dress follows over snug, reinforced middle of the elegant form and down into the flowing bell of the gown which covers her long legs to the ankles where small golden silk slippers complete her wardrobe.

While giving out directions to the runners, Elrick hears the enthusiastic knocking on his door and once he hears his sister, he can't help but break into a smile. "Enter!" He calls out and when the young woman opens the door, he comes around his table with arms open, knowing she would rush at him for a hug. The tight hug is returned by Amara's brother with a firm squeeze of his own arms. "Sister, I've missed you. And yes, I'm back, probably earlier than expected."
Releasing his hold of Amara, Elrick turns to the runners and waves at them, "You have your tasks, I want those reports as soon as possible, and the records as well." The runners each bow to the elder son, then to the younger sister, showing full respect before moving quickly to see to the tasks that were assigned to them. The door to Elrick's room is gently shut behind their departure.

Amara bows her head politely to the runners. She is politely like that, "Have a great day and luck with your tasks!" She offers to them and chuckles, before turning her full attention on brother.
"I am so glad, that you came home earlier! I missed you so much too. Maybe we will be able to go to the Pacitta together? Mother said I should definitely go there. Do you think, Antonia will be there too? I missed our nephew!"

Smiling at his sister's words, Elrick knows her antics well, how she gets alone with the commonborn. "If Mother says you can, then you can. But you will be going with me." He doesn't have to add that she has to behave though, since he knows Amara isn't one to act foolishly, "As for our Sister… I'm not sure. I'm sure if you write a letter telling her that you will be going, and to ask her to join us, she may be able to."

Amara claps with her hands, "A good idea! I will send her a letter, that she must come and bring our nephew, because I have a gift for him!" She blushes slightly, "Of course, I don't have one right now, but I will make one pretty quickly… I believe, he would like a nice drawing of a stud in a forest or something like that, right?" The young girl beams like a sun ray.
Her blush grows even deeper and Amara whispers, "One day, I will make your portrait and we will be able to send it to your future wife! That she could know,what a wonderful man will be keeping her safe for the rest of her life!" She grows excited at the end and claps one more time.
"Anyway, brother, when we will leave then? I should gather some things… I am not sure, which dress to take. There will be a tourney, right? Where we will stay?"

"A stag with impressive antlers would do nicely as a picture, if you are able to capture one in one of your lovely portraits." Elrick suggests with a nod of his head when Amara mentions a stud in the forest. Sadly, the heir has been too busy to consider gifts for his nephew, but with a reminder from his sister, it is now on his mind as well.
As for a portrait of himself though, the t'Tremaine Heir can't help but laugh in amusement, "If it comes to that, you can draw one of me, but I have a feeling Father and I have our hands full right now than to consider potential marriages." There was a possibility of it when he was fighting the war in the north, but it appears that opportunity is on hold at best or forever lost.
Shaking his head slightly, no doubt to Amara's disappointment, Elrick quickly mentions, "We won't be leaving for a few days, I know you would like to get there earlier to see the city, but I'm afraid business at home will keep me here until a day or two before the Opening Ceremonies." There is a pause before he continues, "However, if our sister does write back and is going there ahead of time, you may be able to go on ahead of me. With the proper accompaniment of guards."

"Oh, brother," Amara sways her head to the sides, "What would I do without you? A stag! A wonderful stag! I can definitely catch one… Actually, I already have a few drawings of stags."
She laughs with her brother together, and shakes her head, "Maybe you do not have time for that now, but one day you will. I just hope that your wife will be of a good reputation and with a very kind heart. Maybe she will have similar hobbies like I do. We could become friends and I want more newphews and at least one niece!" She gives a wink to brother, "One day you will marry and maybe I will be able to wear a new dress at your wedding…" She drawls a bit thoughtfully. It's been awhile since she got herself a new dress.
She waves her hand at the other part, "I will stay here and I will go with you. Someone has to keep an eye on you, that you wouldn't drown yourself in work,dear brother!"

Nodding his head in approval at the drawing of the heads, Elrick seems to think that it will be a fine gift, "It will help remind our nephew of his mother's side, that there is t'Tremaine blood in him. The Stag." Then with a wave of his head, Amara's brother can't help but smirk at the thought of marriage, "May not be as easy as you think, dear sister. Since it is up to our Father, he wants me to marry only Princesses. Nothing less will do." Then there is a shrug of his shoulders as he manages a grin, "I mean, I wouldn't mind if an arrangement could be made with a Princess, but that is doubtful." With the current standing of their House, something that the Heir has been and will be working on improving. As for staying with him, Elrick nods his head, "Thanks, though honestly, it will be quite boring here while I'm working. If our Sister goes early, you should too, then you can tell me what you two have been up to when I arrive."

Amara chuckles, "Brother, you are charming enough to make a princess swoon. All fathers are pretty strict to their sons. But to daughters? Maybe just our father is exception, but others…" A flash of disappointment may be noticed in Amara's look, but it is brief and quickly changed by a clever mirth, "Daughters are their flowers and they want them to be happy. Oh, and if that daughter is his only child… She may convince her father to a little bit disadvantageous match."

Tilting his head slightly, Elrick doesn't exactly say that Amara is wrong about making princesses swoon, "If securing marriage contracts only needed me to make her swoon, then it shouldn't be a problem. But I'm afraid that it takes a bit more than that." He doesn't go into the details too much, not wanting to bore his sister with trivial information. At the mention of their Father though, Amara's brother reaches out and places a hand on her shoulder, "Our father is our father, he may not say it or make you feel it, but you are a precious a flower. Not just to him, but to us all, all of Hartswood." Elrick certainly hasn't dismissed the fact that the people love her, since she appears to have spent time with the commonborn.

Amara smiles, "I know, brother, that things are bad. Our father, and you are trying to do everything to keep us on foot. Our sister did the same, exchanging her dreams to the duty to the family. I know, that making a princess swoon over you, won't change everything. Sometimes it is just fun to dream." She chuckles and tiptoes to place apeck on Elrick's cheek if allowed, "I am no longer little and I understand, why my father does not come to hug me. But one day, I will help you both and you both will be proud of me. When father will feel that our family is safe once again, he will open his heart."

Another hug is offered to Amara as Elrick is kissed on the cheek, "I am already proud of you, Amara. Your talents are unique, no one is as good at painting as you are. And you are the most proper young Lady, one that not many would be able to match." As for their Father, he can only nod at her words, "The South has hurt us badly, as have the traitors that infested this House. But they have be cleansed, and we will recover. House t'Tremaine will be strong once more."

"Of course, we will. We will stand tall like the stags do in our forests!" She chuckles, "Now, brother, I won't disturb you from the work. I better go write a letter to our dear sister." Another quick peck is given to the man's cheek and she almost bounces out, singing some kind of a cheerful song about abrave knight, who wins all the challanges in his life.

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