(1866-08-31) Easing the Fretting
Easing the Fretting
Summary: After checking in with the unexpected guest, Emilia seeks out her cousin Graham to ease his fretting about her.
Date: 1866-08-31
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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The return trip had been everything that was expected of a faegate trip, quick..instanteous. Followed by the few days of rest to recover from the gatesickness that befell. Though for Emilia, it seemed to trigger a round of nightmares, as those in the manse had been 'treated' to her screams. It had been awhile, but the nightmares did still come at times. But this day, it seemed Emilia had been out of her room. Some word that she had breakfast with her sister before they had gone to greet a newly arrived and honored guest at the manse. But now, she was in search of a particular cousin, who no doubt was fretting up a storm or five. The young Cassomir making her way through the various rooms of the manse he might be inhabbiting. She looked well enough, even if a touch tired, perhaps expected given her 'restless' night.

Graham had heard that his favorite cousin was back and felt reliefe than he'd /heard/ her being back and felt misrable that he was kept away from her by orders so that she could sleep. The Lily knight is indeed in the manse he'd been in his own quarters which he shares with Cathrynn though he exits and moves towards the common her back is to him but he smiles. "I already know, that you know i'm here." he says warmly to her crossing the room quickly and wraps his arms around her squeezing her. "I was so worried, I didnt even know what to do." his words rush out nearly before he's ready for them.

The sound of the door closing does have Emilia turning, a small tug to the corner of her lips as she sees him. Her steps carrying her to meet him as the hug is easily returned. Just a faint release of air when he is squeezing her so! "Not of sure anyone was knowing of what to of do, or if there was of anything that /could/ be of done, Graham. But to be of waiting and of..waiting some of more." Giving him a small squeeze, knowing that is not a course of action he likely cared for.

He smiles and sighs like he's releasing a breath he's held a long time. Graham feels like a weight is lifed off his chest it is true enough. "I waited a little bit, than I or well we I dragged Adrienne with me rode to the gate." he pulls back leaning to kiss her cheek before he lets go. "It was a pointless gesture of course but only thing I could think of. I nearly traveled to the north myself if she hadnt told me we should come back here and wait." he says. "Are you okay? Not hurt or harmed at all? Besides the gate sickness."

There is a mild tugging to the corners of Emilia's lips at the kiss given to her cheek,"Would likely have beaten you of home had you of done that, Graham." It would take a good month or more to ride all the way to Lonniare. "It was not of a pointless gesture, Graham…did give you of something to of do, even if there was nothing to come of it. Of admit….Gatewardens were not giving much of information on just exactly what of happened." There is a mild frown at that before Emilia gives a little shrug. "But of aye, I am of ok, not even of a scratch on of me. Just the expected of gatesickness. Of really. "

Graham chuckles but nods "You likely would have indeed though i'd have done it. I'm sure that doesnt surprise you at all." He gives a small shrug and nods to her words. "Yes and I had to try something at very least." The fretting knight smiles nodding "I'm glad your unharmed, though I am sure you've been asked more times than you care to answer but what happend?" he is both curious and worried for her once more.

"Of aye, I am of sure you would have done of it. It is of good that Adrienne was of there to keep you of from of doing of that." Emilia gives his arm a gentle squeeze,"Of aye, am knowing you had to do of something." A small breathe comes with that question, giving a little nod,"Of aye, ther ehave been many of a question about of that. But…don't of know, seemed like of normal for of me. Was stepping into of gate with Clara of one of moment, and of out of the next. Though thoughts were of confusing of after, partially cause of everyone being of so of relieved and glad to be of seeing of us. Thoughts were all of jumbled of up."

The lily knight looks over to her and nods "Indeed on both accounts, out practical'ed by my little sister indeed." Graham smirks a little though he listens to the tale about what she remembers his hand coming to touch to her shoulder at the squeeze. "I imagine that was very disorienting, to say the very least." He thinks further on it and nods "Wish i'd been there all the same to see to you." he comments but smiles "You are here and safe.. that is the truly important part afterall."

"Of aye, am not thinkgin I have ever of seen Pella and Syrn so of glad to be of seeing me, or of the Lancers of even." Something about a few of her brothers having been amongst their number once. And well…the future King thing too. Emilia nods a little,"Took of some of time to really of accept whole of days had gone of missing, and had missed of everything." There is a quiet sigh, there was not likely to be chance to go to another masque. "And of aye, am of back and here. So your of fretting can be of lessened."

Graham looks over at her words and winces "I bet they were indeed thrilled to see you." He imagines everything is hightened with security with his family of late. "Yes, it had been days indeed since you left." he smiles warmly to her "You'll travel again.. just perhaps not without me." he winks though nods "I will accept lessened though surely not gone because we cant have that indeed."

There is a shake of Emilia's head,"I told Raelyn just of that, that you were not going to be allowing of me to be traveling without of you of ever again." There is a slight breathe,"There was nothing that could be of done, even if you had been of with, the Gatewardens were much of clear about that. " Emilia nods a little,"Is why I said of lessened, rather then to be of stopping, as I know you will never of really stop of fretting." Canting her head a little,"What of you, how have you of been, other then being of fretting? How is Cathrynn of feeling, of better, I of hope?"

The Lily knight smiles over to his cousin, though he does look curious "I hope I dont come across as overbearing.. someone you'd want to escape from that sort of thing." Graham asks perhaps worried about it or curious "It is not my intention to be that way to make it so you cant live your life and do things, but I can at least wish to help keep you safe from the things within my power. Its a bit of a trial not knowing if I could have been of help." He smiles though "Cathrynn is doing better. I've been okay otherwise my plate armor is complete and here with me now."

Emilia shakes her head a touch,"Of no, you have not of been over bearing, Graham. I know you of worry cause you of care." There is a small tugging to the corners of her lips,"Be of sides, am knowing I can of escape of easily without you of knowing." A mild tease with that vague reference to her ability to sneak about. there is a small breath,"Though you should be of sure you are living of your life, and living of life with Cathryn then always of fretting so of about me." Her eyes widen just a touch,"it is of truly of finished and of here?" Had they been in Sunsreach so long?!?!?! "You will have to be of showing me of soon. And I am much of pleased ot hear Cathrynn is feeling of better."

Graham nods to her words about noting over bearing and him caring. "I do indeed." he cannot help but chuckle at her talk of escape though he sticks his tongue out at her cause he's all adult and stuff. He does listen about him living his own life. "I am doing both I think i've not missed any experiences with Cathrynn and with room to spare in fretting about you." He says he grins at her excitement over the armor "We have indeed been here /that/ long, its just in my quarters if you'd like to come look?"

There is a shake of Emilia's head and a small tug to the corners of her lips as he sticks his tongue out at her. Sadly not the first person in the last week who'd she's seen stick out their tongue! "Just make sure that is of so, I know Cathrynn is much of independent of herself. But just don't want her of thinking your of fretting is causing her to be of neglected." Emilia gives a nod,"Can come of look, but then of think I should take to of a nap, or small of rest before of evening of meal. Have been of a bit of tired of yet." Moving to walk with Graham back towards his room to see the armor.

"I will be mind of of that indeed, I do not wish her to feel as such she does struggle with being a part of our family as it were or well knowing where she fits in." Graham smiles looking back and walks beside her he'll open the door to his quarters and show her about the armor letting her feel the weight of parts and all. "I'll need to start my sneaking training all over." he comments laughing though they'll spend a bit this way before he'll escort her back so that she may indeed rest.

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