(1866-08-31) He Cleans Up Real Good
He Cleans Up Real Good
Summary: Raelyn and Emilia go to greet their newly arrived guest at the Cassomir manse and do a little catching up.
Date: 1866-08-31
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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It was, of course natural that Raelyn would have immediately thought of Lon when it was reported that both Emilia and Clara were 'missing' in a 'hiccup' from the faegate travels. Raelyn was smart enough to realize that going after them was folly, and besides, Lon was in her estimation likely around when the Faegates were erected. It was a simple deduction of logic that if anyone had an answer, or solution, Lon would. She'd even prepared to ride back to Ironhold to meet with him - that is, until she got word Lon was heading up to Sunsreach.
Fate, of course, would have it's joke as Emilia was back near the same time that Lon also arrived. And in the morning after Emilia's unsettling night, Raelyn had sat outside Emilia's window, playing the recorder for her to wake to. To have some peace. And after breakfast, she'd told Emilia of her intentions when Emilia had gone missing, not really expecting Emilia to talk much, inespecial with her sister's memory gone.
But as breakfast had come and gone? It was time to at least greet Lon, welcome him to the Cassomir Manse. Say hello, as friends would. And, well, maybe, just maybe satisfy their mutual curiousity?
Knock Knock.

The sound of recorder music wafting through her window had made the morning more pleasant after that unsettling night. Though one might question just how much sleep Emilia got there after. She did look a mite bit tired yet when appearing at breakfast. The news from Raelyn about her intentions did bring a bit of curiosity, half wondering if Lon might have any thoughts on that matter. Though oddly perhaps, Emilia had given her sister a longer look for a moment, perhaps on the verge of speaking more on the matter, but a flicker of her eyes towards an arriving servant with more tea had forstalled anything actually coming out.

There had certainily been surprise registering upon Emilia's face when she had been informed in those moments why Raelyn's plan to talk to Lon had been thwarted, because he was actually here. In Sunsreach. In the Cassomir manse at that! Lingering back a little from Raelyn as the knocking occurs upon the door, a minor fidget with her tunic. Perhaps wondering on some level if she was still not just 'gate confused'.

Lon opens the door, dressed…well, in some fine riding leathers. The kind of thing a well-regarded Gameskeeper or highly-placed servant might wear, if not matching that which might be worn by lower-level nobility. Blue eyes blink at the sight of the two women, and then a brief, gentle smile flits across his face, "Good Morning, Huntresses." He inclines his head to them, respectfully, and notes, "You seem…mostly well?" He can perhaps sense a touch of the general disquiet, but they look intact and not altogether distressed. If they wish to speak of any troubles, that'll be up to them. Lon's not always the most coaxing of individuals when it comes to conversation. "The journey was swift, as it always is by the Pa- Fae-gates." He corrects himself from antiquated terminology, not that there's anyone else around to hear just at this moment. Also, it looks like he may have actually brushed his hair and beard for a change.

Raelyn gives Lon a rather warm smile, "Don't you just clean up all handsome?" She jests, lightheartedly, but not without a little sincerity, either. Not that she minds the wooded look, such suits Lon's life and personality. Still. It is nice to see someone dressed up every once in a while. "We thought it proper to come give greetings. I'm glad Jaren asked you to come to Sunsreach. I imagine it's been some time since you've been here?" She does not ask herself in, just yet.

When the door opens and there is a Lon…groomed..and dressed not in the usual furs, but something entirely different, least for him, Emilia does blink and cant her head a little as she takes in this rather unexpected sight. "Good of morning, Lon," she manges after a moment. A mild tugging to the corners of her lips at Raelyn's words, adding after a moment. "Looking of so…Thinking you mayhaps not have to be worrying about carpenter's of daughter, but of the washer of woman." Some faint recollection of a once had conversation. "I am of glad to hear the journey was of swift. But is not always of being of…swift when of going by of faegate."

"Hrrh. Handsome is in the eyes of the viewer. But thank you." Lon replies to Raelyn with a brief grunt of a chuckle, before a glance around and another soft laugh, "Just a few huts last time I trod this ground. River fishermen, I think they were. Didn't even have a name for the place." He glances to Emilia then, brow furrowing, "Is it not? I have never known it to take long." He pauses, then beckons them inside, "Come…perhaps better inside for such talk."

"Thank you." Raelyn dips her head, and moves inside after letting Emilia go first. She closes the door behind them, "Still, I'm glad you arrived safely and without trouble. And I hope you'll stay long enough for both weddings." She smiles, cryptically, telling Lon, "For it seems that my own wedding shall follow that of my brother's. A smaller affair, so as not to take away from the importance of the new King and Queen. But I would like you to be there," she invites Lon. "However, I also understand the city is not your place, and I shan't ask you to stay longer than what your nature allows for comfort." But before he can respond, she looks over to Emilia, and asks her casually with perfect seriousness, "Is it just me, or does having his beard all combed and groomed like that make you want to braid it with flowers?" The comment, of course, intended to help lighten Emilia's spirits. And that of the rooms before more serious matters are discussed.

"Has of grown much of since of then, likely to have had many of names since as well," notes Emilia softly when Lon speaks of when he was last in these parts. Moving through the door before her sister when allowed to do so, dark eyes still taking in this 'cleaned up' version of Lon, it was a novelty! There is a small nod that is started before Emilia is giving a look towards Raelyn at this mention of both weddings…a slightly blink when this matter is expounded upon even. "You got of your of wish of then?" As this seems to be news to Emilia as well! Though there is that distraction back to Lon and flowers, studying him just a moment before she gives a solemn now,"it of does, could of use a few of flowers."

It would seem this thought does momentarily distract her from the matter of faegates and travel. But not entirely, for she does end up giving a small nod towards Lon. "No, is not always of quick. Mine trip to of Lonniare, stepped into of gate, did not come of out for six of days." She frowns a littles,"Though seemed of normal in of time to of me." There is a slight pause as her eyes flicker between her sister and Lon. "Almost of normal…but was different. Something of was done..happened." A hand gives a faint little flutter about the air as if trying to search for a way to explain.

"This does not seem a day for flowers. I am sure you have more important matters to attend." It doesn't sound like an outright dismissal, just a statement of fact. "Ah…congratulations then." Lon smiles a bit as Raelyn announces her impending nuptials, "If you do not think I will be a distraction or invite too many questions, then I will be present. The city is not so bad…it is the risk of discovery that is more trying than the cities themselves." He explains to Raelyn at her concerns of Lon and civilization, "And the Twin Moon is some time distant yet." He adds.

As Emilia expounds, Lon frowns further, then shakes his head slightly, "I…do not know of this. Like all, I used the Paths when bidden, but I know little of their workings. You are…all right?"

"If anyone asks, I will simply state that you are a fellow Hunter who has aided us at times. It is truth, and no lie shall be detected, and enough of an answer to not spark intrigue," Raelyn informs Lon matter-of-factly. She then admits, "When word came at last she was - missing, it was my intention to head home to speak with you on the matter. Our cousin, more hard-headed and full of heart, rode out to attempt to find her." She shakes her head, glances at Emilia. Oh, her sister knows she refers to Graham. No one else would be so brash. She looks back at Lon, openly puzzled. "I thought if anyone knew about their workings, or - what could have happened, that would have been you."

It is simply noted,"There is always of time for flowers." That stoic look, hard to know if that is in jest or not! But Emilia is nodding to Raelyn's rather matter of fact counter. Dark eyes do faintly look to Raelyn when that cousin is mention. A faint sigh actually slips,"He is never of going to allow me to go of anywhere without of him now." Yes, she knew just which cousin was spoken of. To Lon's there is some hint of hesitation before she gives a faint nod,"Of aye, I am of being of alright…Of mostly." She frowns a moment,"It did of seem of normal of trip, was of stepping of in one of moment and out of the next. But even of besides of reception of given," people were very glad to see them," knew of something of happened because of Them." Her hand fluttering again but this time towards her head. "They were of so of quiet, almost like They were not of there…for of days of after. Have never of been so of quiet before. But of now," her eyes glance towards Raelyn, her sister knew of the night prior…"They are…changed. Much of angry."

Lon frowns deeper still, "I do not know this thing. I walked the Paths, but I did not control them. That was the domain of my Creators. And later Men, when they found what the Creators had left behind. Many of them were made before I was." He studies Emilia intently a few moments, "You do not smell different." He shakes his head, "The Paths are old. I know in the past there were…rituals. Things the Creators would do with the Paths to insure their workings. They have not been done in a very long time. Perhaps this is why they sometimes do strange things. But this is all I know on the matter." he glances to Raelyn, "I was…a soldier. One does not need to know the workings of a ship to be a passenger upon it." Not admonishing…indeed it almost sounds apologetic.

"Rituals," repeats Raelyn, thoughtful. She nods to Lon's words, and exchanges a glance to Emilia. It's a thing she will, perhaps address with people in the Church to assimilate. Understand. Perhaps research. Or affirm. She conceeds, "No. I understand that well enough. The problem is, Lon," and here, Raelyn almost grins, "When the Captain abandons the ship and all you are is a passenger? You'd better learn how to steer, very quickly. This, I am learning, just as my brother did. Though, albiet my transition is much more gentle than his was." Her words are stoic, then. Thoughtful. And less she dwell on the loss of her family, she continues, "But regardless, we are glad you are here. My brother did not inform me he was sending for you. Or rather, why. I only recieved the message you were coming as it was learned I was departing. He is full of surprises, these days."

The intent study is endured withouth any issue, Emilia giving a little nod when Lon declares she does not smell any different. "Do not feel of different, just of Them, acting of different. They are not seeming to know any more than of me….Don't of know why, just like…more of cornered of beast acting of out." Trying to explain it a bit, though the One knows, it was a concept few could truly understand and grasp. This having a precence living in her head. Canting her head a little though as she listens to what little is know about the gates, even if it wasn't much it was new to her. These rituals. Emilia gives another nod at the last of her sister's words,"Of aye, was of surprised to of learn that you were of here…But am much of glad for of it." There is a slight pause, a mild drift of her hand towards her head,"Could be of using of lessons…They are not of much allowing for sleep." A flicker of a smile is attempted, even if mildly strained.

"Mmh. He is to be a king. I have known a few…they often had need to attend to the needs of others, sometimes before they realized the need was there. The good ones, anyway." Lon chuckles softly once more as he speaks of Jaren, but the smile grows more serious as he looks back to Emilia. "Yes. Your brother spoke of continuing lessons in his message. I think that my purpose here…he did not speak of any other in particular." He looks bemused again, "Your younger brother did not seem to know what to make of me. But he was respectful, if wary." He glances about and frowns a bit, not in distress but in thought, "Will be interesting, adapting lessons to the cities, I think. But good."

"Ah," Raelyn sounds, more than says, nodding her head to acknowledgement and understanding. "Yes. That makes a good deal of sense." She'll have to thank Jaren later, for thinking of it. And as Emilia speaks, Raelyn places her hand on her sister's arm to squeeze some, affectionately, and supportively. She looks back to Lon, "There is plenty of good hunting around here, as well. If you know where to go. And look. Which I happen to do. I'd be happy to take you out. Or bring you with us. We hardly expect you to spend all your time here. But while you do? You are certainly our guest. So if you have any needs, let us know."

"I will have to be of thanking of him for sending the of message, even if he was not of knowing of how of timely of you being of here would of perhaps be." Emilia canting her head a little as she considers just how that interaction might have gone between Lon and Devlin,"Do of imagine…he was not quite of sure what to be of making of you, least he was acting of well." A look is given to Raelyn, a tugging at the corners of her lips, a silent thanks for the support, even if she knows Raelyn is always there for her. The frown of thought does have Emilia giving a glance to the room herself. "But will be of possible to of adapt of them to of here?" Some turn of curiosity touching her eyes when he proclaims it will be a good change,"How of so? Or will that be part of first of lesson when it of comes?"

Nodding slightly towards Raelny's comments on hunting,"There is of fine of places to go. And can certainly be of seeing to of anything that is wanted." Well within mortal means. Though there is a faint blink and Emilia is turning to look at Raelyn as a thought comes. "Of wait…your of wedding is to be of days of after Jaren's?" There is a mild sigh..verging on some mild turn of dispair,"I am going to be of needing a second of dress so of soon?" The question asked with a mild plainative tone…even if she already knows the answer.

"Hunting? I am in the city now. Perhaps I will take baths with flower-scented oils and wear bright colors and shape my hair with waxes while masking my scent with perfumes. That is the way of cities, is it not?" There's a glimmer in Lon's blue eyes that speaks of humor, and that wolfish grin flits across his face. But he nods to Raelyn, "You know my needs are few. I will be no trouble."

He looks to Emilia then, then chuckles once more, "So terrible, these dresses?" He pauses, then leans over and stage-whispers to Emilia, "In days of old…the joinings were oft-performed clad only by the sky. For Men and Sidhe alike."

"Aye, of another dress," Raelyn tells Emilia. "Blame Jaren. He had written the Duchess with intent of negociating - and she accepted, immediately. It threw things into a quiet turmoil, as such things go. Do not worry. I shall be getting fitted for another dress as well," she laughs some to her sister then, turning her good humor back to Lon. "I certainly wouldn't be opposed. But, more than a few others might."

"I am uncertain if you are aware of him, Lon. The man that will be Viscount and rule Ironhold with me is Stephen Greycen. He is a Warden. A man of a quiet nature, keen mind, and respect for the woods and the law. My brother and I are both - very lucky. These are more than just political matches. Few in the Edge have such opportunity, or chance, in similar positions of nobility."

Emilia's eyes flicker briefly between herself and her sister, they were not so diffierently dressed with being in the city. Least right now, heading off to some social gathering…was a different story. Though when her eyes look over to her sister, Emilia notes,"I am of thinking he is of taking to of that idea of flowers of in his beard and then of some." Just a touch of bemusement touching her eyes at the jest being spoken in turn.

"Of aye, I will blame of Jaren." Her tone is touched with some fondness, she knewe her sister was pleased with the match. More than really. There was that drunk singing before the trip! "And of course you will be of fitted for of another of dress, a wedding of dress." Her gaze shifts back to Lon as she gives a shake of her head,"Is not of so much that the dresses are of being of terrible in of themselves….Just…" She sighs a little,"If you are coming to of the wedding, you will be of seeing. " Seeming to leave trying to explain there. The stage whispers causes Emilia to give Lon a faint look, perhaps trying to see if he is serious or not. Hard to say for certain. Asking eventually,"In the way of that….Dancing, you spoke of before?"

Lon's brows raise a bit as Raelyn speaks, and he nods, "I do not know him, but I can tell you feel strongly for him, and this is good…it will often lead to a more fruitful joining." He inclines his head a bit, "You are fortunate, yes. I have sometimes felt that…men are overzealous in their need to place things in groups and separate them…but I suppose it has worked well enough for them."

He glances to Emilia and nods, "There was much Dancing at the Sidhe celebrations. I suppose for men as well, but not in the same manner." He chuckles, "But I am hearing many speak of the celebrations to come. Perhaps it will be a skyclad joining regardless of anyones' wishes, if the sea of libations spoken of does wash over the city." He seems to find that thought greatly amusing.

"Perhaps I ought to tell Jaren I wish a skyclad wedding, because neither you or I wish another fitting," Raelyn suggests to Emilia, conversationally. "What do you think he'd say?" Emilia will know Raelyn isn't altogether serious, even if her tone and mannerism suggest otherwise.

Then her head turns to Lon, and she half-smiles. "Men are social creatures. Much moreso than wolves. Not all, of course. The folk of Stumphollow prove otherwise. But as a general rule? We've grown to enjoy comfort. Company. Choices. Places to gather. This means cities. Large groups. And, it keeps us safe from those who would pick smaller groups of us off. Safety in numbers, and all that. Unlike wolves, as you're well aware, we also have Men who only care for their own unending greed and purpose, and care not for the pain and misery they cause by slaughter, theft, or destruction to see their end realized." She exhales, shaking her head, "I can only hope that most of those times are now behind us."

There is a quiet nod of agreement towards Raelyn, hoping as well that such times are past them. Quieter times ahead, least for long as they might be, with this talk of Peace. The corners of Emilia's lips tug upwards at the suggestion proposed,"He might be of asking how much you have been of drinking and if you are of mad. Or perhaps be of suggesting you of have such as of a separate of celebration." Canting her head a moment,"Or might of say sure, if you get of Stephen's of mother to be of agreeing to of this." Now that would be a convversation to witness!

"Of aye, would not of expect of the same sort of Dancing at of celebrations of men. Certainly not of now, much more…formal, controlled, in of comparision. " Emilia shakes her head a bit,"Not of at the main of celebrations, I am most of sure the Queen would take of issue with that." Mostly cause of the reflection upon her and the Kingdom, the mucking with politics that would come. Those dark eyes faintly study a moment before she, perhaps boldly inquires,"If you are of coming to least Raelyn's wedding, perhaps I may be of least having dance with someone not of my mine-brothers, nor of cousins. I promise to not of step upon of toes."

"Such times are never gone entirely, but they can be set aside for a time, and with hope this is one of those times. The world is different now…changing. It has not felt this way since…" Lon shrugs, "A long time. Even fairly so for me." He glances to Emilia at her suggestion of dancing, "Ha! No doubt making many of those men present jealous. Though I do not claim clumsiness, I do not have the steps of the more recent dances. Though perhaps that is a thing that can be learned." He also mock-grumbles, "Nothing wrong with a good skyclad joining." Clearly in the tone that could easily be read as "In MY day…."

"As I will have a date, and will not be able to take my sister as my date," which suggests clearly to Lon, amusingly enough, she's done just that in the past, "I do approve of this." She tips her head to both Lon and Emilia. And, with that same faint amusement she voices to Lon, "No. There isn't. But as you say, the world is changing. And so are the people within it. And their views on events, on weddings, and everything else." She looks at Emilia, shaking her head, "Have you seen what some of the young nobility are wearing now?" She's speaking towards the fashion centric, and those of that circle, and she makes a little face. "Ugh."

The faintest of little snorts actually comes from Emilia,"None will be of paying of attention to be of jealous. If of anything, will be of relief amongst of them." Shaking her head a little, he'd see soon enough how the Court viewed her. "But of aye, steps can be of taught, perhaps of lessons to be given in return? Or I am of sure Raelyn might not be minding of a turn at trying to be of teaching as of well." Don't blink! There just might be a little smile that quirks into life as Lon's mock-grumbling. Then there is a blink at Raelyn, wait…wasn't Emilia part of the young noblity? She glances down at herself and back to her sister. "Cannot of say I am much up on fashion, though does of seem some of the oddest of things are of worn. I am of sure…much variety will be of seen in of the coming of months, especailly at of Jaren's wedding."

"Should all just grow fur. Saves trouble." There's that wolfish grin from Lon again, clearly teasing in his own way, even if he sounds sincere. "But I suppose a lesson returned would not be so terrible. Can't be teaching all the time, and it seems I'll be about a while."

"As warm as that sounds, Lon, I don't think Stephen would approve," Raelyn returns. But, she laughs a little. "Very well, then. Emilia, I, and yes, even our younger brother, will help you with courtly etiquette, and dress. But I do wish to take you hunting. Call me curious." She nods to Emilia, then. "No. But some are. I just cannot believe what they're wearing. And, likely what I'll have to wear at least on some occassions now. I will not be able to get away as I did before as often as I did in mere Huntress garb." She looks a little resigned to that particular fate

"Will have to try and work on of that,"responds Emilia to that tease on everyone growing fur, in proper deadpan Cassomir fashion. "Of true, cannot be of teaching all of the time. Mut of eat and of sleep of some of time as of well." Though a slightly apologetic hint touches Emilia's eyes,"Though will be of apologizing of now…if end up of disturbing of sleep during of time of here." Casting that look Raelyn's way, even if she'd already apologized to her sister, and others that had been disturbed. "Of true, canot of perhaps get away with of wearing of Huntress of garb as much, save when in of Ironhold. But even of still, think you can not have to wear of what is being of worn, especially if is not in of favour with of the Queen." She was a fashion icon all her own!

"If your Queen regards your brother and family as highly as word speaks of, she should not be overly caring of ones' fashion. There is sometimes strength in straying from the pack for a time. Showing others that you care not for their approval or disdain." Lon chuckles, "Much stays the same even while it looks so different. Some lessons remain useful no matter how much time passes." He inclines his head, "I will be here, if you have need of me. But I imagine you both have work to do beyond entertaining an old man such as I."

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