(1866-09-01) Seeking Help
Seeking Help
Summary: With two siblings getting married, and needing to stand up for least one of them, Emilia is in need of some serious dress help and thus seeks out her friend Clara to aid her.
Date: 1866-09-01
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Clara's Rooms - Palace - Sunsreach - Rivana
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It had been good to return to Rivana, even if going home, to Ironhold, was not yet before her. But there had been a most unexpected guest at the Cassomir Manse to help stem the need to return home, as well as some not entirely unsurprising news. It was the later that pressed a need to go seeking. And thus why it is that upon the day, Emilia Cassomir is actually found within the palace.

A note had been sent prior to her own departure from the manse, to Clara, it had been simple enough, denoting she would be by the palace this day and perhaps if Clara might have a few moments to spare if she might not mind Emilia stopping in.

In perhaps a turn to simply pass through with little notice, Emilia was dressed in the way of a Huntress rather than taking up more Courtly attire.(Namely : a dress). With luck, perhaps none save the guards who admitted her and the stray Lancer or three, would think her no more than that, a Huntress on some errand for Raelyn or even Jaren. It was thusly dressed Emilia had come upon one of Clara's attendants, inquiring if those few moments existed or if her friend was busy this day.


Even if Clara was busy, she would have made time for Emilia…short of interrupting the Queen herself. So, when the note made its arrival, Clara left specific instructions with her attendants, including her Lancer shadows, that Emilia is to be ushered to Clara’s chambers without delay. Clara herself had not planned to perform too much courtly idleness…having had enough of that with her abbreviated trip to Lonnaire. The receipt of the letter was the perfect excuse to tarry in her room and avoid those with less courtesy and more demands.

As such, the palace guards receiving Emilia at the gate offered the lady a bow and informed her of the Princess’ request that Emilia be allowed straight through to see Clara, in however manner Emilia prefered. It would seem that Clara knows well of her friend’s preferences, for she might have expected Emilia not wishing an escort through the palace. However, the guards still sent a runner ahead of Emilia, to give Clara’s personal attendant notice. It is this attendant, Alysonne, that greets Emilia as she enters the residential wing of the palace. The inquiry is met with a smile and a nod, as Alys states in her soft voice, “The Princess has been expecting you, Lady Cassomir. Please, feel free to enter.” And, just like that, she opens the door, allowing Emilia to pass through into Clara’s personal quarters.

The room is large, for it is the Palace, after all, but Clara’s room isn’t as palatial as one might think. Certain corners have been selected for various tasks, showing the different aspects of the person that is Clara Tracano. In the far corner along the back wall is the bed, a canopy affair with thin translucent curtains enveloping it, enough transparency to allow light, but not enough to see anything beyond shadows within. Next to the bed is the vanity, with a large mirror, close to the walk-in closet with choice selections of clothing…mostly dresses, but also a few ensembles that are quite similar to Emilia’s chosen outfit. In the near corner on the same wall as the bed stands a worktable of sorts, with a few scattered pieces of cloth and a dress form mannequin besides it. The mannequin has the beginnings of what appears to be a more toned-down ensemble consisting of a modest skirt with a loose top paired with it, more suited for a minor noble lady than perhaps a member of royalty. The right front corner holds a desk, with all matters of paper upon it. Though it is neatly arranged, it still looks rather daunting upon first glance. It is quite obvious that Clara does her major work at this desk, for the chair looks well worn and, fortunately, comfortable enough for prolonged sessions. The left corner holds the final aspect of Clara, as this is where she keeps her more athletic pursuits. Her rosewood longbow, with the elaborate carving of leaves and small roses along the upper and lower limbs, rests upon a weapon stand, along with her ash quarterstaff. A small dagger is on a stand, too, but looks relatively unused…perhaps a new addition or just not a favored weapon. One more dress form is here, too, but this one has a set of leather armor upon it, surprisingly similar to the style Huntresses would wear, if perhaps a little more decorative than not.

However, it is the center of the room that draws Emilia’s attention, for it is there that Clara sits, or rather sat, as she is already moving to her feet as her friend enters. There is a small table in the center, with a decanter of water, a couple of glasses and a few choice chairs nestled about it…an intimate social gathering point if there ever was one. The table looks big enough to at least a party of four to sit around it comfortably, but only two chairs are set out, of which Clara had been seated in one. The Princess cuts across the floor quickly, but also effortlessly, giving Emilia a hug as Alysonne closes the door behind her. “Emilia! Welcome! Please, please, feel free to sit and relax…”

Clara waits to sit until after she sees to Emilia. “You should know, dear Emilia, that you never need to worry about intruding with me. You have a standing invitation to bother me whenever you like!” Once Emilia does find her way to a sitting position, it is only then that Clara reclaims her chair, leaning forward upon the table with her hands clasped together. “So…what brings you to the wilds of the Palace?” There is that inquisitive look in Clara’s expression…she knows it is not everyday you find an Emilia in the palace.


Alysonne was offered a polite incline of Emilia's head, one of those odd little things that amounted for a smile from Emilia,"Of thanking," before she did enter into the room she's been sent along to.

Dark eyes do sweep about the room briefly before they are drawn to that movement, that which is Clara already moving to greet her. Arms easily moving to accept Clara and return the hug warmly. "Clara, it is always good to be of seeing." With the offer to sit, Emilia does move with that unearthly grace of hers to take up one of the chairs.

A faint tugging to the corners of her lips,"I am of knowing, but stills seems of being impolite to not of yet check. I am of meaning, you are of as welcome to be visiting of anytime, and of yet, I am of betting you would not of oft do of so without sending some of message first, of aye?" Eyes follow Clara sits,"You have been of well?" She knew that their recent adventure had been a bit confusing and difficult to wrap one's mind about.. .and the protective smothering of people afterwards! Though the question from Clara as Emilia's eyes dropping to her lap a moment before she takes a small breathe and those eyes come back to look at Clara. Oh how solemn that ever stoic look is,"I am of needing of help. I am needing of a dress…for of the wedding. And cannot just be of any of dress, for Jaren has been of asking me to stand of with him…So has to be of something that is of befitting and will not of bring embarrassment to of him. " There is a brief pause,"Actually need of /two/ of dresses…for Raelyn is now of betrothed and is to be of getting of married days of after Jaren. " She almost seems…mournful about it, though if for the weddings themselves, or the need for such…finery, it really is hard to tell. "Not even of knowing where to start…" She had always managed to skirt by on the barest things needed, especially in mostly hiding away in Ironhold. "Of help?"


There is a nod in response for Emilia’s question. Her first question, at least. Clara has been well…as well as can be expected for someone missing six days of her life. “I am well enough.” She would offer more…but then the answer to Clara’s own question brings a blink of surprise and a slow smile that grows brighter with each second. “So…two dresses? For both the royal wedding and Raelyn’s wedding? Hmmm…I can see what you mean. It would be hard to know where to begin.” That smile shifts to a knowing smirk, as Clara leans forward in her chair, offering a conspiratory whisper.

“It is a good thing I know what we can do, then, isn’t it?”

A wink is tipped to Emilia as Clara rises to her feet, walking over to her dress workstation to fetch a charcoal pencil and a small leatherbound book that appears to be a sketchpad of some sorts. None of the sketches are all that noteworthy, but all are of dress designs, with measurements written upon the side in Clara’s flowing hand. “Now, I don’t think we would want me to do the dresses, because you deserve a master seamstress, rather than someone who merely dabbles. But…we can get a sense of what you would like to wear, and then I could fetch the designer and ensure the dresses are made exactly to specifications.” Clara flashes that grin once more. “if you can imagine it, Emilia, I can make it come to life, in some form or another.”

The notepad falls to the table, flipping open to a particular fiery number that has to be Clara’s masque costume from the previous year….rather clearly a phoenix. Clara reaches over to find a fresh sheet of paper, then looks up to Emilia. “So, do you have any ideas as far as what you see yourself in? We can go simple or extravagant…but I do recommend we do not upstage the brides. Though…that would be hard to do with Alysande. I’ve seen the designs on her dress.” Clara does seem rather casual in her own chambers, going with her queenly cousin’s name rather than title. She also does seem rather excited….she is looking forward to helping Emilia.


A faint nod comes in confirmation,"Of aye, for of Royal of wedding and of Raelyn's wedding. " Who will be a newly minted Viscountess. "Even if Raelyn's is supposed to be of smaller occasion, she is to be of marrying a Greycen, so…there will be many of people yet, do not wish to be of embarrassing of mine siblings or of House by not of having something that is of good enough. " Cause lets face it, even if Emilia does wear dresses when expected, they aren't anything to ever remember with their simplicity.

"Of aye, I was of thinking you would be of knowing of what to be doing in of this." After all…Clara actually wears dresses regularly… And at least has more knowledge in the area then Emilia.

Dark eyes follow Clara as she fetches up the sketchbook, nodding a bit at her words,"And would not be of wishing to impose in of such a way of either, " on the matter of making the dresses,"you are already of having of enough to be of doing with of the Royal wedding." Emilia shakes her head a little bit,"Not of really….I had not given much of thought to it of all…" She might have even thought for awhile she'd be left at home or sent on some errand, considering what the Court thinks of her and…comments about the Queen wanting the most perfect wedding…which surely meant not having the 'contagious touched' one there. Right? How wrong she was.

Her eyes widen at the idea that she could upstage the brides. "I would not of wish to be of upstaging, not of thinking I of could even if I were of trying. But should probably of have something least a bit of extravagant, of aye? As probably something to of simple," like most of her gowns," would be of bad of idea, of aye? " It was a question asked in all earnest. Emilia, the clueless on fashion trends! And there hasn't been the chance to glimpse the styles for the recent Ducal wedding, something about missing days! "Was not even of sure if this was such of a time that I should be of wearing of something that was more of reflecting of Cassomir colors or not."


A dismissive hand is waved at the thought of the imposition. “Emilia, it is no trouble at all. If anything, you are doing me a favor, for it is one less thing I will have to worry about.” It does seems that Clara is rather grateful for the chance to assist her friend. “One of the things that I need to coordinate is the actual ceremony. How everyone is going to look at the cathedral. I assumed you will be standing for your brother, so I was contemplating how that was going to work.” There isn’t mention of Emilia’s particular aversion to Alysande…for even if Emilia never mentioned her reservations about the Rose Queen, previous conversations made it clear that it was a touchy subject. “I wasn’t sure if you would…but I was planning for it regardless.”

But then, there is a spark of an idea. It is apparent, as Clara sits up straighter and starts to giggle to herself. “Oh, Emilia, if you could only see. We put a dress on you and you could easily hold men and women alike enraptured.” There is no filter upon Clara’s words…she speaks rather plainly. “But, with two dresses, we can showcase two different styles.” With that, Clara picks up the charcoal pencil and quickly sketches out an outline. From the apparent proportions and notes taken on the side, the sketched figure resembles Emilia, at least in the roughest form. She draws two identical body forms…and then starts in on her own work.

The first form gains a more formal dress, a longer gown with the shoulders exposed, sleeves down to just above the elbow, a corsetted waist (but only minorly so) and a long skirt. Notes on the sheet indicate what colors to use where, since the charcoal pencil is only monochromatic…and the colors do indicate Cassomir house colors. As Clara draws, she explains. “Since we have two dresses….the first dress, for the royal wedding, can be more subdued. Enough to look the part, but not enough to draw attention. I know you are amazing at hiding in the shadows…but with this, you cannot do such a thing. So, it becomes more a task of hiding in plain sight. Something like this…” with that, she taps the image she just drew…”will be what people expect. And…when you give what people expect, you blend in just as easily in view as you would in the shadows.” Clara pauses to see her friend’s reaction to that, before she shifts to the second sketched form.

This form gains a more flowy, more ethereal look. The dress looks like it may belong to a faerie princess, with the way it hangs upon the drawn body. Certainly a bit more extravagant than the first. As Clara draws, it becomes apparent that this is more on how Clara sees Emilia…a delicate, almost mystical being, drawing a dress that compliments the way Emilia moves, enhances that fae-like demeanor. “This….is what you could wear for Raelyn’s wedding. The wedding will be smaller, more intimate…so you don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone. Just yourself and Raelyn. And…I think Raelyn would love to see you like this.” The pencil is placed down, as Clara slides the notebook over.

“What do you think?”


Emilia had been doing better concerning Alysande, though it certainly wasn't a matter or topic she spoke about now any more than she did before. But surely seeking aid in getting a suitable dress was a sign that she wasn't still just trying to ignore the whole event, or even find way to get out of being around for it. "I of admit, I was thinking of asking would be of help to you of as well, with such of coordination, and having of chance that I am of fitting in with such of plans. And now you can be of sure in of knowing I will be of standing for of him, or of least one of those doing of so." Royal wedding, there was likely to be a small 'party' all told.

Those dark brown eyes blink with a hint of confusion as Clara starts to giggle. And then they just widen that touch at the actual words that come. Emilia shakes her head a bit,"Of Clara, surely you are of joking. I could not do of such!" There is certainly disbelief on that front, but then who can blame her with how she is viewed by most of the Court?

But Emilia does sit up a bit as the direction turns to dress ideas, giving a nod of agreement,"Of separate of stylings would be of good, would not of appear to have simply of gotten same of dress in separate of colors of then." Even if she does not know fashions, she does seem to have a grasp on how certain things should not be done. Peering a bit at the sketch book as Clara gets to work, some hint of curiosity there. A small nod coming as Clara explains the ideas,"Of aye, of agree for the royal wedding should be of more subdued." There is a faint tug at the corners of her lips, a hint of a wry type smile, barely a difference really,"And much of true, will be much of hard to of hide least during of the ceremony." Having to stand up there in front of like…every noble and then some who counts for anything, from both Kingdoms. Canting her head a little bit as she studies the picture, it was still a bit…more then what she normally would wear, but then that is why she was seeking help on the matter. "If it is of what they will of expect, then it would be of perfect of choices. " Even if her eyes faintly return to the bare shoulders. But if it was the fashion, she wouldn't be out of place. And it was for Jaren…

Her eyes move to the second drawing and then blink a bit after taking it in. "Clara…that is of a stunning of looking piece. Of truly, you think I could of wear such a thing?" Emilia looking over to Clara,"And that Raelyn would of like of it as well?" Eyes drop back to the design, Emilia a hint uncertain she could actually pull off such a dress. "Such a piece could actually be of made?" It did almost seem a dress to be found in some story book, not in reality.


Another giggle is given at Emilia’s astonishment…what little Clara can see…as Clara does not comment back on the matter. She does, however, take slight note of the way that Emilia’s eyes linger upon the minor detail of the bare shoulders, which prompts Clara to add a minor alteration to the original design of the conservative dress. Shoulders. There is a light smirk as Clara does so, as she speaks. “Well, then that helps me out immensely. And you, dear Emilia, for I promise I will not do anything extravagant at the ceremony that will call attention to anyone else but the bride.” Of course Clara won’t do that…it is the royal wedding, after all. Still, the design she offers, for the first dress, is right in line with standard fare…even more so with the shoulders covered now. “Don’t you worry about standing up, though. In all likelihood, I may be standing up there with you, so you will not be alone. One way or another, I will make sure of it.”

The second piece, even in its crude drawing form, received more of a response than Clara thought, which is evident with her mild surprise. There is a slow nod, as Clara fidgets somewhat with the line of the dress. “Yes…I do think that you can wear something like this. It could be made, certainly. This sort of thing is no different than some of the fantasy dresses I have seen created for the Lonnaire masques. It is just that, in this case, you won’t need to hide behind a false face to show who you really are.” She ponders for a moment…then slides the notebook over closer to Emilia. “If you like, you can take the drawing to show Raelyn, to see what she thinks. It is her wedding, after all, so she would be the judge to tell you if she likes it or not. However, I would think she would like it.”

There is a tapping of the pencil…and another long look at Emilia. “But, really, the main thing is not if Raelyn likes it…but if you like it. I can only imagine that you do, given your reaction.” Then…that small smile once more. “But…you can be hard to read, sometimes…”


There is a faint look towards Clara as she giggles, Emilia not seeming upset or put off by it. Just..well surprised that Clara does see that Emilia could…pull these thing off. "I am quite of sure that Alysande will of ensure that all of the attention is of upon of herself." As she always has done. There is a flutter of Emilia's hand in the air,"I would not of wish to of take of away from her of moment." And Emilia had learned long ago, there was no 'competing' with her anyways. After all, the woman had won long ago, hadn't she? "I am not so of worried about of doing, after of all, it is just of standing of there," as if there was any risk of Jaren fleeing. "More of worried of looking of wrong for of it, and just…" there is a small breathe,"I even asked of Jaren if he was sure of wanting me of up of there give of how of people think of me. And with so many of important of people to be of about." Pretty much every important person! "I just do not want to be of cause for people to be of questioning of him, or be of reason for gossip or of rumour against of him, is being of all." The One knew how the Court liked their gossip.

Emilia looks back to the second piece before her eyes flicker towards Clara,"Of aye, but I am not of any of those who have worn such to the masques before. Or of….wearing anything like of this." Taking a closer look as the notebook is slide over her way. A finger lightly fluttering along one of the lines,"You really of think it is of me? That I would not seem…" her hand turning a little as she searches a bit,"like of one of those trying to much to be not of what they of are. Like those trying to fit into of clothes not made for of them, wrong of size and of all." A turn of analogy, given the dress would be made to fit her. Nodding a little bit,"If you do not mind me of taking, as I should of get of Raelyn's of opinion to see if she is of liking and not minding for such of a thing to be worn by of me. I am not of knowing of what she is planning for of herself…and of noting, I would not wish to be of calling of attention of away from her."

There just might actually be a hint of pink that touches to Emilia's cheeks as she does admit,"I am of liking of it. Just….seems more of something of fitting for of story of book Princess, not of for someone like of me. " Looking up and over to Clara, a brow quirking just a little bit. "Just some of times?" Emilia knew she was not an easy one to read, everything was more muted. It had to be. "But of aye, I am of liking of it. Even just of a sketch, it is looking of amazing."


The notebook slides back over to Clara. She places a hand upon one side and grips the page with the drawing on the other. Soon, a slight tearing sound is heard as Clara carefully rips the page free of the sketchbook, before handing the drawing over to Emilia. “Here….to take to Raelyn.” Judging from the way that Clara slowly turned the drawing over to Emilia, it isn’t something she does often. Quite possibly, this may be the first time Clara ever showed anyone else in Rivana her dress sketches at all. “It isn’t anything like your paintings at all, Emilia…but I am glad you like it. I don’t…” The sentence isn’t finished, as Clara waves the thought out of her mind. She does leave the other drawing within the book though, as she shifts it back out towards the middle of the table.

“I could even make the first dress. It wouldn’t be all that hard, since that is a pretty standard design. I…haven’t made one for anyone but myself, before, though.” Clara shrugs as she considers other options. “Or…we could get seamstresses to make both at once. That way we know for certain that the dress will be proper and all.” There is a moment of thought….a silence just a tad longer than necessary, before Clara deigns to speak again. “We could, of course, go shopping in the marketplace, too. I mean, what fun is it trying to decide what to wear if you cannot at least try it on, first. I would love to buy dresses with you. It isn’t often I get to do something for another as a simple gesture without people assuming I am doing it for some sort of gain. I know that this would not be the case. It is just something…between friends.”

It is evident that Clara does appreciate the friendship that Emilia has given. Offering to make the dress when she is planning the festivities? That is clearly an indication as to where Emilia stands in Clara’s eyes.


The offered page is taken up with care and a bit of reverence in having seen how slow Clara had torn the page out, Emilia sensing in some way the importance and potentially monumental moment that came in being allowed to take the page with her. Tilting her head just a little bit,"It is starting much of like one of my paintings…could turn into such of a thing given of the time." It did take awhile to create a painting and Clara had sketched out the concept of the dresses in but a few moments in comparison.

Emilia blinks slowly,"Of Clara, you are already of doing of so much with the wedding. I would not of wish to add of to it." Her worry clearly being about adding further burden to her friend. "Of truly? You have never?" Her eyes drifting back to the page she was given, a brief glance towards the notebook,"Least have been of designing for of others before, of aye?" She hesitates a moment,"Or is it of being like mine-painting…more of hobby with few of chancing to see, for not putting it of on display of so much?"

He eyes dropping back to the page, letting it rest on the table before her, allowing that extra few moments to pass easily as Clara takes a moment more to speak. And when she does, Emilia's eyes flit back up rather quickly. "You would not mind to go of shopping with me?" Leaning forward just a little, a bit of..relief..hope in those dark eyes, even if that expression seems it's ever stoic self. "I mean…it is just I could of use of someone to go of shopping with of me, I am of much of needing of these of dresses, making of sure they are of perfect…But I am also of needing to get of..well few of more." A hand flutters in the air,"With of being of here of so long…have been of running through what dresses I of have. And…well I am of knowing is not of good to re-of-wear things to of soon." She did at least know the basics when it came to dos and don'ts!

Emilia having trust enough in Clara and her opinion to have even come to her with this particular dilemma, dresses! A hand slips over to Clara's,"I am of knowing that you would not be of seeking some sort of gain in of helping of me. Least not of anything that would not be of given of freely, of aye?" Those corners of her lips easing up just a little and staying there a moment. A hint of a smile, least one that was more than the usual corner tugging numbers.


Brown eyes follow Emilia’s to the notebook in front of Clara. A nod is given to her, as well as clarification. “Well, it is more of a hobby now than it was in the past. As a t’Myrin, there wasn’t the abundance of wealth that the name of Tracano is synonymous with. These drawings are all dress designs…but the subject for which the dresses were for are all the same person.” There is a slight blush to Clara’s cheeks as she speaks. “They….are for me. You would find that, apart from some flights of fancy, most are rather standard affairs that I could or have been able to craft myself.” She nods towards the workstation with the dress form and fabric. “As you can see. Since discovering my true family, I haven’t had the need to create my own designs.” Then…a hush falls over Clara as her tone grows quiet. “I…did not receive much respect in the Couvieri court…because I wasn’t the height of fashion, I made my own wardrobe, and because of my bastard standing. Please forgive me if I show reluctance in showing my own form of art…” That explains why Clara was so reverent in handing the sketch over. No one ever seemed to care before.

However, the reservation in Clara’s demeanor disappears as Emilia seeks confirmation of intent to go shopping. The smile that radiates is enough to dispel any doom and gloom Clara may have had prior. “Of course I will not mind! I am in the marketplace frequently anyway to check on shipments arriving and whatnot. If anything, you would be granting me a boon in allowing me to take you shopping.” There is a giggle as Clara leans back, the notebook forgotten in the middle of the table. “Oh, we could fill your closets full of dresses if you wanted to, Emilia. Rows and rows. We could have our pick of the best, should we decide to. It would be so much fun!”

Clara may have a different idea of fun than Emilia, but she seems rather genuine in tone. Even the slight smile, which is more than the usual token of happiness that Clara was used to from the Cassomir, serves to fuel Clara’s joy. It is then apparent, at that moment, that it isn’t the dress shopping that Clara seems to be excited about. It is merely the opportunity to help her friend. That is the reason for the elation. Just that…which is more than enough for Clara.


Clara's hand is given a little squeeze as she talk, this Emilia could empathize with in so many ways….even if for rather different reasons. "Even of hobbies being born out of necessity…if there is measure of peace and joy found in of, they are being worth of while. Especially if of offering for the escapes with the occasional flights of fancy that of happen." There is a slight shake of Emilia's head,"It is of their lose…..and of sadly, proving is not of mattering which of Court, Court is of being of Court in what they are of judging a person of upon. No if doubt…they look at you of very of differently of now." A given, Clara had become more 'important' with that change in title unearthing her true name had given her. Even if Clara herself was still…Clara. There is a rather faint tugging at the corner of Emilia's lips,"Am much of understanding, I am still not of greatly of caring to be of putting of mine-work on of display, but…Uncle of Raymund…was once of encouraging me to do of so and to try and push of myself in such. Though I am of admitting, there are some of works that others will never be of seeing. " Too personal, and also….a bit too horrific.

Emilia's hand drifts in back to settle alongside the page on the table. Though her eyes widen at this idea of having a closet with rows upon rows of dresses. A quickly little shake of her head occurring,"I am not of needing /that/ of many dresses. Just a few of more…especially if am going to be having to spend so much of time in Sunsreach and so of little in Ironhold." Which likely was to be true…with Jaren even having seen about having Lon come to Sunsreach! "But will be of glad to have someone to of help and come of with of me….I have never of really tried to be of shopping for dresses here." Likely only ever having sought such things in the comfort of Ironhold.

There may be a hint of skepticism on whether it will be fun or not. But it will certainly be easier and chance some hint of fun in having Clara there with her. And it is an added boon, more of Emilia's dress dilemmas are going to be resolved, not just the major wedding ones!

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