(1866-09-01) Sorry Bro, You're Out of the Family
Sorry Bro, You're Out of the Family
Summary: Thaddeus Greycen breaks the "sad" news that he'll be leaving his family soon to his younger brother Stephen.
Date: 9/1/1866 IA
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Greycen Manse - Study
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Septembre 01, 1866 IA

It is the evening after the signing, and Thaddeus has sent word to Stephen that he has some important business to discuss with him. The eldest Greycen brother has stayed mostly in the study dealing with all the work that needs to be dealt with, and was carefully hidden for the Cassomir's visit, prior to leaving for Pacitta to deal with the tourney. The wine is still present, and some food has been brought in, though mostly just bread, cheese, and fruit to be munched on until a real meal can be had.

Stephen doesn't ordinarily tarry when his brother calls, and this is no different, particularly given the import attached to the summons. So after a quick once-over to make certain he's presentable, Stephen makes his way to the study, not overmuch bothering with formalities, though he does render the courtesy of knocking on the door almost simultaneously with his entrance. A brief, polite, but not lacking in a modest degree of warmth smile flits across Stephen's face as he notes, "You sent for me, Thaddeus?" There's an air of expectation and perhaps a touch of anticipation to him. No, he doesn't have any idea what this might be about, but if his brother says something is important, then by the One it's important and worth paying attention to.

Thaddeus looks up from some parchment and gestures to a chair near the desk. "I did." The tone is neutral at best, "I have bad news and good news. I will begin with the bad, you will likely no longer be in the service of the Duchy of Seaguard. I would suggest preparing for such a transition as soon as possible."

<FS3> Stephen rolls Mind+Mind: Success. (8 3 4 5 2 6 5 1)

Stephen blinks a couple of times, even as he moves to sit down in the offered chair, "I…see." He considers a moment and notes, "I'm assuming some arrangement has been made in regards to a betrothal, then?" That is, after all the most logical reason one would be leaving the service of their house, especially given he's heard no word of being divested of title or disownment. He does seem a little surprised, though, "Though certainly this would be the first I've heard of it." He chuckles, a bit ruefully, "Not that I suppose I'd expect Mother to keep me informed every step of the way."

Thaddeus frowns and then grins, "I was hoping you would have squirmed a bit more, but yes and that is the good news." He fishes from under the piles of parchment the Greycen copy of the betrothal contract and pushes it towards Stephen, "As you can tell everything is in order. You really only require one important thing to happen prior to the wedding, that I survive until it!" He laughs and takes a sip of wine and sets the cup far from the table, "But yes, you will be wed, likely less than a week after Jaren and the Queen's, in a small ceremony; though I doubt that will bother you."

"I'd hope given the current climate keeping you alive 'til then would be a bit easier." Stephen notes with another ghost of a smile, before he accepts the parchment and begins to study it, "So where am I…Oh!" There's another are touch of surprise as he realizes who the contract is with, "This is…" He shakes his head slightly, but certainly more in mild disbelief than any displeasure, given that it's accompanied by a surprised smile, "I had no idea there were even negotiations underway." He considers a moment, then laughs, softly, "Or did Mother just decide to mostly avoid that step?" He smiles more openly now, "I suppose it doesn't really matter, given that the contract's signed…and no, I doubt a small ceremony will be objectionable to…either of us. As long as our friends and family are there…and after the Queen's wedding I doubt many will have too strong an appetite for another grand affair." He laughs a bit once more, "One help us, the celebrations might still be going on by then."

"You and I both," Thad laughs and grins at Stephen's response, "Indeed, it seems she offered Jaren an offer he truly could not refuse without apperaing insane. Obviously she wants his or Raelyn's vote at the election, but of course that is not written into it, I simply expect them to vote for her." He nods as the mention of celebration is givne, "Indeed, I hope that we will all be sober enough for the ceremony, or at least not too badly hungover."

"I'd have thought their vote would be likely regardless, but I suppose a little insurance never hurts." Stephen quirks a bit of an amused grin, "I never thought I'd find myself quite so happy to be a bargaining chip. Resigned to the idea, certainly, but…" Another brief shake of his head, "Well, I'll count it a blessing that I've had opportunity to meet the Lady in question ahead of time, and a double-blessing that we both seem to find each other more than agreeable." He adds, "As to sobriety, well…I'll likely be safe, but I don't think either of us can speak as to anyone else." Stephen's not a heavy drinker to begin with. Then again…it is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of event. "But regardless, if it looks like everyone's in agony, we'll just keep things brief, I suppose."

"I thought so as well, but yes, the insurance is nice and they are our allies regardless," Thad shrugs, "And yes, you certainly can count yourself among the lucky bargaining chips!" He thinks for a moment, "As you can tell, she is already aware, having signed as Jaren's proxy. It shall certainly be an interesting wedding, though no doubt memorable… for those who will still be able to remember it!"

"Which may be precious few, but that ought to make for some amusing meetings later on." Stephen quips, not at Thaddeus' expense, but simply at the situation in general. "Well, I suppose I may have to call on her sometime in the next couple of days. Would seem a shame not to take advantage of the time between now and then." To what end, remains a mystery for now, but as Stephen concludes reading the contract, he sets it back on the desk, "Well…this has been better news than I expected when you called for me. Is there anything else you need? Sunsreach seems oddly quiet between those leaving for the Pacitta tourney and everyone preparing for the wedding." Yes, even a couple months in advance.

"Heh," Thad snorts, "Indeed, enjoy the time you have, and this wonderful time of peace. With the baron's murder being resolved, the peace and quiet is most welcome. Besides, Pacitta… is Pacitta. It comes with its own problems, like upjumped commoners. I do not have anything for you, save to enjoy the time. I assume you are not going to Pacitta, or are you?"

"I hadn't particularly planned on it, though should Lady Raelyn be going and wish an escort…" Stephen shrugs a shoulder and grins a bit, "So we'll see, I suppose. I'll let you know either way." He adds, "And should I not, in the interest of following your earlier directive, do try to remember that up-jumped commoners can put a knife in your back as easily as the proudest nobleman of an old house."

"Oh, I am fully aware of the lethality of a commoner. A good billhook or crossbow bolt is enough to put any of us down, I give them the concern they have earned, I just chafe a bit at the power they hold, a realm led by merchants does not strike me as one inclined towards honesty and justice."

"There may be some shreds of it left in what was once Carsonne…but you're right, precious little. It's an…interesting place…but certainly not a safe one if one tries to dip their feet into the cesspool of their politics." Stephen shakes his head, "But normally that's of little concern for visiting noblemen. In any case, I suppose I'd best leave you to your work, Brother. I'll see you at dinner in a little while?"

"Indeed, if I can, I will simply compete, do what work is needed, should it be needed, and then depart home before it gets too cold. I will see you at dinner, hopefully without a giant pile of parchment waiting for me." With that, Thaddeus resumes his work.

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