(1866-09-02) A Bird in the Hand
A Bird in the Hand
Summary: Eduard and Broderick meet while enjoying separate strolls through the Royal Gardens.
Date: 1866-09-02
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Sunsreach Castle

The Interior of Sunsreach Castle is gorgeous, pristine and colored an earthly tone. These are regions that the sun has been allowed to touch, and the wood and stonework have faded with time but help give off a lovely glow. There is running water inside which help serve a series of gardens and numerous fountains about the area. A main guardhouse and barracks has been established for the soldiers, and the armory is setup next to a training area and stables for warhorses. A large arena has been setup for jousting and training, as well as a forge.

The castle is setup into three main blocks, with a large central area set off the main gatehouse which serves as the entrance to a grand garden with numerous fountains next to the main barracks. Staircases climb up the heavy, blockish walls to allow access to them as well as interior areas of the castle. High and joyous colors meet as one goes through the inner walls. This is a castle meant to enhance beauty as well as be ready for war. The central villa of the castle off the main gateway is the primary interior, where the administrative center of the kingdom is, as well as the throne room and storehouse.

The primary zones to the east is for living quarters for those who stay in the castle and help maintain them, as well as the inhabitants. Spanning up several stories, it is quite spacious with a network of intricately carved staircases and large central areas for those to gather.

The western zone is a work area, with a large central library and alcove, as well as a chapel for the One Faith within and a sanctuary. This area is also home to both the royal menagerie and the royal museum. The museum is a long vaulted building of two stories and vault below. The leaded glass fills the galleries with light and within various paintings and treasures of Rivana's past can be seen, including the bones of the last dragon. The menagerie, is a garden unto itself with pits holding a handful of rare creatures such as striped horses, lions, and other beasts.

Semptembre 2, 1866

As summer reaches it's dying breath and autumn approaches, the morning is slightly cooler then it has been. Even if it is still hotter then Normont in the peak of summer, Eduard Farrant is still very grateful for small mercies. Wearing the fashionable doublet that was made just for him in the Farrant colors of black and gold, he is for once not dying of sweat, and so cuts a fairly decent appearance as he strolls down on of the paths of the Royal gardens. And certainly having just come from a reasonably well-concluded meeting with one of his cousin Aidric's contacts, Eduard has plenty of reason to be cheerful besides just the weather, so he is currently whistling a tune that is likely unfamiliar to those used to the halls of nobility, but would not be out of place in a common tavernhall.

Broderick has lived through enough Sunsreach summers that the height of fashion is no longer something that bothers him. Dressed in a light silk tunic of Tracano green he's heading towards the gardens with a white morph gyrfalcon on a gloved wrist, apparently about to give the bird some time on the wing for he's untying the hood over it's head as he walks. Eduard isn't recognized, but his colours are and he gives the man a brief nod to acknowledge his presence and existence as he draws closer.

That same lack of recognition returned in kind, Eduard also returns the respectful inclination of his head. He may not know who the man is, but a polite greeting is a polite greeting. Most of the Farrant lord's attention goes to the bird, however, and is the subject of which he now speaks. "Good day, my lord. Beautiful creature you have there." He speaks quietly, not wanting to upset the predator, even while hooded. His own interaction with Lasair's pet has taught him that much.

With the greetings exchanged Broderick had been about to continue on his way, but he's in no particular rush so brings himself to a halt at the man's words. "Thank you," he replies with a quick smile, "she's taken a lot of work, but she's worth the effort. I haven't had a chance to stretch her wings for a while so though I'd give her a short time now before other duties get in the way." He pauses in the untying for a moment, so Eduard can look his fill, then removes the hood and lets go of the tether on her ankle, watching for a few moments as she takes to wing above the gardens. "I think I'll hunt with her in a day or so, but for now she can enjoy herself as she pleases."

Eduard makes sure to give both bird and master space when he sees Broderick about to unleash the bird, but his gaze is one of respect and admiration for the creature. He waits to speak again until the falcon is on the wind, soaring above them. "Beautiful," he says again. "She is no doubt magnificent on the hunt. A friend of mine has a Greathawk, and it is truly a sight to witness. I never tire of it. I keep thinking I should try my hand at it, but I'll admit to more of a fondness for hounds and horses myself when it comes to a hunt."

"Can't say I ever took to hounds myself," Broderick replies, eyes still on the falcon before then bringing them back down, "there's no precision. Spears, bows, all fine, but not the hounds I'm afraid. If you do want to start hawking though I'll give you this advice, don't start with a greathawk. Sakers are good first birds, or if you fancy something a bit more brutish then I've seen good work done with sparrowhawks, it takes time and patience though I'll warn you." Flicking his eyes up occasionally he seems content with what he sees of the falcon's flight and continues, "your friend is a Gerrell I take it? They do breed some rather magnificent birds."

"Yes, Mother Lasair Gerrell, my adviser and cousin to Duke Symon. And I am Eduard Farrant," the lord says, adding the last since it would be rude not to, both for the man he is talking to and the absent friend in question. "As to your advice, I will certainly take it under consideration. For now, I am afraid I have had little opportunity to hawk or hunt or enjoy much in the way of leisure until just recently. But I will say this - a good hound, or preferably a pack of them, if well trained, is worth their weight in gold when hunting big game. Tracking, cornering, and the like. My Uncle Trevor, the One preserve him, swore by them. It was his one saving grace." The prayer on his traitor Uncle's behalf is said with a twist of the lips, but his fondness of the man's hounds certainly appears genuine.

Broderick knows neither of the Gerrells named, but nods in understanding anyway. In truth, he's faintly relieved that he hadn't misread the one Gerrell he has met recent, for Tiadora really did not strike him as someone who'd work a greathawk. Eduard's name though appears to be of more interest and he looks over the man for a moment or two before introducing himself in return, "Broderick Tracano." He pauses fr a moment as he considers something, then continues with, "I should probably inquire this of the Duke, but you may know as well. There were two children of House Sorez rescued when the rest were butchered and fostered in Normont. Are you aware of their current fate?"

"The Sorez children? News in Normont is that they are under the protection of House Carling, though I have not verified it myself. I have not been exactly made to feel welcome in Holymount since my inauspicious birth there." Having noted the man's interest in his name, Eduard can well guess that Broderick might have heard of him. And if not, certainly he will be likely to ask after him. Either way, no reason not to make light of his bastard origins. Certainly there is not much bitterness, and the humor seems to be warm and easygoing, much like the man himself. "If you want, however, I can make specific inquiries. I will be returning to Normont in several days, albeit briefly on my way to the tourney at Pacitta."

Broderick is indeed aware of Eduard origins, but only of late, since he was legitimized. It's not something he's going to be rude enough to bring up during their first conversation though, and so he simply nods to acknowledge the comment, then moves on. "House Carling? Useful to know, thank you. I have recently remade an acquaintance in that house and so will inquire there myself. That is not to say however, that I would not take it as a kindness if you happened to bump into any of them and did the same." He almost leaves it there, then decides that at least some degree of explanation of his interest might be of use. "My wife was of their house, an I know she would wish to do what she could for them were she still with us."

"My condolences," Eduard offers, sincere and heartfelt. "And ah, I see… You may be speaking of my cousin Aidric?" The courtier seems to have many acquaintances here in the city and to Ned's knowledge is the only Carling in residence. "If so, he certainly would have reason to know better then I. Though yes, if I am able, I will make direct inquiries myself, and let them know that they have friends and someone who keeps them in his prayers." He pauses for a moment, and then asks, "Is it true that the children are the last of their house?" There is something in his voice, a soberness that belays the ease with which he asks the question.

"It has been a while," Broderick replies with a slight inclination of his head in acknowledgement of the sentiment. Next up is short nod and a faint smile, "aye, it is indeed Sir Aidric of whom I speak. I hadn't realized you were related." Although perhaps he should have, given they're both nobility from the same duchy. The final question sobers him up though and he draws in a deep breath in lets it out slowly. "I believe so, by name at least. There are no doubt some who were born into it but who have married into other houses since, but yes, as far as I am aware they are the last."

Eduard nods his head, letting out a breath. His expression and demeanor are not one of sympathy, but of true empathy. "It is not easy," he says slowly, his tone thoughtful and composed despite his air of disquiet. "What aid I can offer, I will. Lord Carling may already have plans for them, but if not, perhaps I can help them. While I have never agreed with the custom that allows for houses to be diminished through tragedy, my family is well versed in it. And as it happens, my house lacks for any knightly vassals at the moment. I could perhaps offer them a place, however humble, if all other parties agreed."

"Houses rise and fall," Broderick replies almost philosophically, "it is the way of the world and I doubt there's aught you or I could do to change it. I will speak with Aidric though, for while I can not offer vassalship, I have been considering that I should take on a squire. I have not yet, and am at a time when one would be useful to me, as I hopefully to them. Should either of the Sorez children be of age and inclination, then they would be my first choice."

"Of course. Perhaps between the both of us, and of course the Carlings, their future, however diminished, can be ensured." Eduard looks upwards, above the trees to the sky ahead, perhaps looking for sight of Broderick's falcon. Whether he spots it or not, he looks back to the Tracano knight after a moment. "Well, my lord, if you need any more aid on the matter, I am currently staying as my Duke's guest at the Gerrell manse. Please do not hesitate to ask. I am both a Knight of Saint Matthew and a kindred spirit to the children's cause, so I would be pleased as well as duty-bound to be of any assistance, no matter how small."

"Between us perhaps," Broderick agrees with a nod, "assuming of course as you said, Lord Carling does not yet already have plans. We shall see though, when we get a chance to ask." As contact detail are given he once more replies with his own, "I understand. I myself reside within the castle when in Sunsreach, when not I tent to be much harder to contact as I have of late taken up duties as a Knight of Saint Paulus. I suspect though, that for now, I should attend to my falcon, she has had time enough on the wing that a few of the simpler exercises with the lure would do her no harm. A good day to you Sir, and no doubt we shall speak again soon."

There is a dip of his head in respect when Eduard hears that Broderick is also sworn to the church, if a different order. The Vigilant Order has always sped the Paladins on their journeys through the use of the Faegates, and Ned has plenty of reason to esteem them in their sacred duty. "Indeed so. Thank you, Sir, and a good day to you as well."

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