(1866-09-08) A Tearful Departure
A Tearful Departure
Summary: Rivanans leave for Pacittan, cousins meet, plans for parties are made and Aidric makes someone cry.
Date: 1866-09-08
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Sunsreach Faegate
In Log
Septembre 7th, 1866

The time had come to make the journey to Pacitta. If he was being honest with himself, Tristan would rather have gone by sea or by carriage, but that would have taken time away from other things he needed to do. He walks arm-in-arm with Elaida, as a few servants bring along their things as the two move toward the faegate. He had already informed her about the woman who had claimed to have had his bastard, and it wasn't exactly a conversation he liked having.

"Are you excited to be seeing your parents again, Elaida?" He offers her a smile, almost wanting to lean in and kiss her on the cheek, though his gaze shifts over to the gate. He really hoped he didn't decide to vomit everywhere this time around. He had done that once before and well, that had been unpleasant.

Elaida peers at the Sunsreach faegates: a beautiful gate, called a "Dream Gate" by the powers that be in Sanctum. The blooming roses leave a heady, lovely scent in the air. She looks back over to Tristan and returns his smile innocently. "Oh, I am," she replies. "It has been three years since my last visit to Pacitta. And I'm sure you'll enjoy meeting my father, at least. He is a man of importance and business."

She grips his arm a bit, glancing back at the few serving men and women who are tending to their baggage. "How long will we be staying after the tournament? I know you wish to… ah…" and her cheeks grow a touch scarlet, "find the woman you spoke to me of, and your daughter."

Aidric's original departure plans had been delayed but now Aidric finds himself ready to go. He strides towards the gate with his men and his squire following close behind. "Tristan, Elaida, how good to see you both," he says with a wide and somewhat smug grin as he approaches the apparently happy couple. "And should you be puzzled by what that big blue thing is up above us, they call it 'the sky' should you have forgotten during your long sojourn…wherever the two of you went."

The Sunsreach faegate certainly is lovely, that is for certain. However, its loveliness still does little to quell the slight unease of the individual just joining the gathering before the gate. Clara and her own retinue, as small as she managed to get away with as usual, stand just slightly off to the side, allowing those who came before to go first. After her last trip through this very gate, Clara is in no dire hurry to step through just as of yet.

She turns to her guard, who are also a bit on edge as well. Soft murmurings are heard…snatches of conversation. 'yes…we will go together. no…will not insist. Yes…of course'. Clara seems lost in thought, as her responses are all of a distracted nature.

"Of course, I am sure the two of us can get along quite nicely." Tristan says, smiling. "As to how long our stay is? There are a few matters I may need to attend to, but yes, I do hope that we can return and see to others matters in good time." He turns and faces Aidric. "Ah, cousin, good to see you. I admit that I have been devoting some time getting to know my betrothed, but we can catch up in Pacitta, if you wish." He grins at him and then catches Clara approaching. "Cousin Clara, good to see you! Wait, you have met Elaida, yes?" He couldn't quite remember.

Elaida blushes a bit more at Aidric's insinuations, and then hurridly glances towasrd the Princess, dipping into a quick curtsey. "Your Highness," she says in greeting. She had not had the chance to meet Tristan's other cousin yet, though she had heard of her, of course.

"Good," Aidric says as he pulls at the sleeves of his coat, one modeled closely after the style Tristan wears. "I've had word Symon will be in Pacitta when we get there. Which promises to make for an interesting reunion," he remarks casually as he sizes up the ladies. He bows then, deeply to Clara and then a little less so to Elaida and favours both with a smile. "Lady Elaida, Your Highness," his eye scans the gathering of servants and guards. "My men will give way of course and wait the next gate," he announces when it's clear there are too many for a single trip.

The revelry is broken as Clara hears her name called out. The distant look within Clara's eyes is replaced with that of recognition, then pleasantness, as the voice is identified as belonging to Tristan. "Hello, Cousin Tristan!" For one who was seemingly nervous about the gate, Clara seems to be in rather good spirits…at least to see others she knows. "I should have known I would walk into you here…but, for the life of me, that thought never crossed my mind." A nod is offered to Aidric in greeting. "And yet another cousin. Good to see you, too, Aidric." But then, when the question is asked of meeting Elaida, the answer is given with a slight shake of the head. "Alas, Tristan, you had yet to introduce us….and it seems the Palace is far too grand a place, for we keep missing each other." Then…a proper curtsey is returned to Elaida, with Clara smiling quite plainly at the greeting. "It is a pleasure to finally make your acquantenance, Lady Elaida."

"Is he really?" Tristan had heard that he might be, but it was good to hear that Aidric had heard the same thing. "Yes, an interesting reunion indeed. We will have to go and catch up. I am curious to see what he thinks about me getting married." He grins a little at that and then reaches up to lightly brush away a stray hair on Elaida. He glances over at Clara and smiles. "You and Elaida should sit down and have tea some day soon, I think, but that can all be talked about later. Are either of you competiting in any of the events?" The question is asked of both Aidric and Clara.

Elaida smiles warmly at Aidric as he and Tristan discuss catching up with Duke Symon. She also turns that sunny smile on Clara. "I cannot fathom why we've kept missing each other," she says apologetically. It's not like Tristan has been either spending time with her or having her doing fittings… and other things preparing her for becoming a Tracano Princess.

She squeezes Tristan's arm a bit, the very epitome of a blushing, innocent young woman who is on the arm of a man she fancies quite a lot. "Perhaps," she suggests, "we could all have dinner together in Pacitta? And Duke Symon as well."

"Cousin Clara," Aidric greets the young princess with a warm smile. He nods then to Tristan, clasping his hands behind his back as he does, "Yes it should be interesting, and as to your pending nuptials," he turns his green eyes upon Elaida for a moment studying her, "I think he will be disappointed that he didn't think of marrying her first."

There is a nod at the dinner suggestion, "I would be happy to be there," he says before remarking on the tournament. "The melee, to make sure Rivana is well represented and wagering coin on the rest I suspect, unless I take leave of my senses and joust."

Elaida turns scarlet at Aidric's comment and stammers out a 'thank you' quietly to the compliment.

Tiadora has been deathly pale and quiet, staring at the gate in awe and fear. She looks over at mention of her brother and forces a smile. "I will be nice to see home again."

"Oh, I have some ideas on exactly why our paths have not crossed before." It is a perfectly innocent comment, at least in Clara's mind, as she knows full well how busy people can get in Sunsreach….at least her own schedule. The smile of the princess brightens a bit, in reaction to Elaida's warm reception, as she nods in agreement to Elaida's comment. "I think a dinner is a splendid idea. A proper place for socializing…it would be rather fun."

Tristan's question about competing earns him a wry grin from Clara. "Oh, I had thought to compete in the archery contest again. I had surprised myself at the coronation tournament in Couviere before. I had rather decided to see if I could improve upon such a performance. Of course, I will be present to cheer on those who partake in the melee and jousts. That has always fascinated me."

Tristan grins a little at Aidric. "Oh, I am sure that he will find a lovely lady of his own some day. Very soon. Especially given that he is a Duke and little heirs are going to be needed sooner than later. You will have to give him grief on that one, cousin." He offers Tia a smile. "Symon will be in Pacitta, Tia. Or that is what everyone is telling Aidric and I."

"Ah yes, well we shall be competing against one another, Clara, though I am certain that you will beat me. I do not put as much effort into keeping up my training as I probably should. Really, I should look at learning how to use a hand cannon."

Elaida looks horrified. "Hand cannon?" she replies. "Do you know how much damage those terrible things do to a human being?" The healer in her is absolutely mortified he'd use one.

"Symon can see my new dresses," Tia says, warming at the thought and giving Tristan a tiny smile "And either be happy or upset at the money I spent on a last minute wardrobe." The Gerrell laughs girlishly before asking, "I heard there is a painting contest too? I might be and to do something when I get there."

Elaida adds, "And sometimes they explode in the hands of the person using it!"

Tiadora looks horrified again at Eladia's pronouncement.

"As Tristan says, we're not going home yet, Symon sent word he was riding out to Pacitta, damned thing was from a week or so ago, so he'll be there by the time we arrive," Aidric explains to his timid cousin. Then, perhaps surprisingly he softens with his blunt report with a smile, "But it shall doubtless make for a warmer welcome in Pacitta."

There is a nod then for Tristan, "Oh I plan to, indeed I have some ideas whom he might wed to put in his ear as well, but that can wait until later," he says to Tristan before smirking at Elaida's remarks, "That's rather the point I think," he says. "Though it's no worse than what a good axe or a hammer will do."

"Well, truth be told, Tristan, I have not been training nearly as much as I had in the past. However, with both Lady Emilia and Lady Raelyn to shoot with, what little practice I get tends to be rather thorough." There is a blink as hand cannons are brought up…and the reaction the topic generated. Clara, herself, does not contribute…but it is apparent she wasn't expecting such a grisly image to be brought to mind.

Switching to something more Clara's speed, she latches onto the matter of dresses. "Oh, any dress that I get that isn't a practical ensemble or devoted to the One causes my dear brother Martyn to frown. He means well, but he can be so….rigid." She shakes her head, laughing mildly, then turns her attention to Tiadora. "Lady Tiadora, I presume? I believe this is the first time our paths have crossed, too. At least enough to allow for proper conversation."

"Yes, well, there is that, Elaida." Tristan admits with a slight frown. "Though Aidric does make a good point as well. Hrm. If hand cannons bother you that much, maybe I will give them a pass for now. We can talk about it again later." He pats her hand in a reassuring manner.

"Yeah, I can see how training with them would be a little thorough, still I am glad you are keeping up your training and Lady Emilia and Lady Raelyn are good people to have as friends." Tristan offers Clara a nod and a smile. "Also, ignore what Martyn has to say about ladies fashion. I am sure if it were up to him, Joanna would be dressed up like a priestess each and every day."

"I haven't yet met Prince Martyn," Elaida chirps cheerfully. "Though I hear he has proper respect for the One." She frowns at Tristan a bit, then says to Clara, "Tristan has some… ah, interesting ideas on ladies fashion as well. He had one dress made for me that I am not sure I will ever wear in public." She grins at Tiadora. "I would like to see your new clothing when we've time in Pacitta."

Tiadora makes a polite curtsey. "Yes, Princess Clara." She caught Tristan calling her by name earlier but didn't want to say anything first. "I was always meaning to formally present myself to court but, um…" She trails off and looks at her hands. "I just am not the best at that kind of thing. I guess we will have time to talk on the way? Or while there?" She smiles at both the young ladies and says, "I got three! One is white with red and black braid. So I can show my colors without looking all… Dark."

Aidric contrives a thoughtful look, "Not the worst idea Martyn's ever had," he says tapping his chin before he smiles and then regards the ladies as they turn to talk of fashion. "This is your fault," he says sidelong to Tristan.

A slight shift in Clara's stance and she steps just a bit closer to Tiadora. Leaning in, she offers a mock conspiratorial whisper that, of course, is loud enough for everyone to hear. "Don't worry about court at all. You never want to meet someone at court…much better to meet them out in the open, where you can see their true selves." Then…she straightens up, offering Tiadora a wry grin. "You and the Lady Emilia are a lot alike. She doesn't 'do' court, either. I would be happy to help you with courtly affairs, should you like, Tiadora." Already, Clara dropped the honorific, though certainly not by accident. It is a step to comfort the Gerrell…to show that Clara considers her more an equal than not. "I would love to talk while there….On the way, through the gate, does not leave much time." There is a bit of a shudder at mention of the gate…but Clara doesn't dwell on it. "We could go shopping and see just what we can find to cause both our brothers grief…"

"How is this my fault?" Tristan asks Aidric. "I was trying to be nice and helpful to my wonderful betrothed here when I purchased a new wardrobe for her. All very fine things, I assure you. The best money could buy." He gives a small little smile as he thinks about how Elaida looked in some of those dresses. "You know, nightdresses and this one little red number that is perfect for dancing. It is very, very lovely."

He pauses for a moment and then a gleam of mischief comes to his eye. "You know what? I should host a party at the Tracano manse. A party that will be remembered for quite some time."

Tiadora uhohs at Tristan. She just shakes her head as she smiles a little. "Shopping could be fun, uh, um Clara." The large girl smiles shyly as she echoes the familiar address. "But Symon will go pale when he sees the bill for what I bought to this trip. I got a little tiara and all."

Aidric says, "That is exactly how this is your fault. Kindness, nothing good ever comes of it," he says without trying to be convincingly upset. "Oh, very nice, but you get to benefit from those nightdresses and the dancing one, where as I am stuck listening to all of this without compensation," he grouses for sport before breaking into a grin at the mention of a party. "That's the Tristan I remember, I think it is safe to say you can count on Symon and I to attend."

Elaida turns absolutely scarlet at the mention of the nightdresses. "…must everyone know of those?" her lower lip trembles a bit in mortification. The entire court should not know of the sheer sleeping gowns made for her, after all! Tears well up at the corners of her eyes.

She swallows and responds haltingly to the comment of the party, "A party sounds wonderful. We should have a time when we all can have a little fun."

A look from Clara is shot towards the two men, one rife with amusement. She could just imagine the kind of party that Tristan may have in mind. However, she does not make a comment to it, yet, as she returns to focus on Tiadora, giggling softly at the mental picture of a mortified brother seeing the bill for the first time. "Ah, but he will see it was all worth it when he sees the wardrobe, though. At least, that's what I kept telling myself when I did the same thing to Martyn. He didn't complain about it afterwards." There is a pause, before Clara adds a single word with a wink. "Much…"

Tristan and Aidric, however, do get a slight disapproving shake of the head from Clara, as she comes to the defense of Elaida. "what garments are worn in the bedroom should remain within the bedroom, and not to be spoken about outside such." It is quite apparent that Clara senses the embarrassment that Tristan's betrothed must feel, which spurred the comment into being.

"Now, now, do not worry so much." Tristan reaches over and pats Elaida's hand, hoping to offer some comfort. "And yes, a party will be grand. Everyone here is invited, of course, but I will have to make sure that it is -the- event people will want to come to." He grins at Aidric. Yes, it will be nice to have one nice throwback to the old days. With some small changes perhaps.

"What?" Tristan asks Clara, blinking. "I did not mention any specifics, I was just listing off some of the things I have purchased." A shake of his head and he is giving Aidric a look as if to say… WOMEN.

Tiadora sees how disturbed Elaida is by the topic and frowns. She goes to stand alongside the healer and tries to be emotionally supportive as best she can. "You have to forgive my cousins. They forget how to act in the company of proper ladies sometimes. And the One would be hard p-pressed to find a more devoted g-group of ladies." She offers a warm smile, clearly getting over some of her shyness in the familiar company. "I will simply blame his excitement on having a proper wife to buy gifts for, even if he needs to learn what gifts are proper."

Aidric returns the look. WOMEN indeed. He shakes his head moving closer to Tristan out solidarity in the face of so many feminine glares. "Do they not gossip in Sanctum?" he asks Elaida. "You're a fool if you think the seamstresses haven't blabbed about every stitch they've sewn for you. You're to be a princess, it comes with the territory."

The party though, that warns a smirk of appreciation. "Yes, well some changes for you perhaps," he says to his cousin.

Elaida looks somewhat mollified, even if she is still blushing. Oh, and if her father knew— well, that was a bridge she would cross later, if at all. She moves a little closer to Tristan and sighs softly. "Yes," she replies to Tiadora's defense of Tristan, "that is likely it. And I could not ask for a better choice in betrothed. He has been truly generous, caring, kind, and sweet."

Aidric's harsh words do take her aback, and the tears that merely threatened now spill. No, she hadn't realized they would. She hadn't realized at all.

A roll of the eyes, as Clara turns back to Tiadora and Elaida. Men just don't understand. Especially those that are just a little too honest for their own damned good. Regardless of the fact that Clara knows just how right Aidric is, she also knows just how intimidating having to become a princess is. Clara faces Elaida, taking her hand gently and cupping it between both of Clara's hands. "It is a shock. And, Aidric is right, though you would think a writer would have chosen his words better. Still, I have experience with being thrust into the public eye….from nobody of circumstance to royalty within a day. If you wish, I would offer what lessons I have learned."

There is concern in the voice of the Princess. Clara is truly worried for her soon-to-be fellow princess.

Seeing Elaida cry, well, Tristan steps close to her and wraps his arms around her. "There, there." He murmurs quietly into her ear, his voice soft and soothing. "My cousin spoke harshly, but he is not entirely incorrect. Many people do like to wag their tongues here, but think nothing of it. The items I bought for you are items all ladies own anyway, and most will think that I am simply helping you become a Tracano." He kisses her forehead, and then glances up to look at Clara, Tia and Aidric in turn.

"Cousin, she is still adjusting to life here in Sunsreach. It is different than the one she had in Sanctum." His gaze shifts to Clara for a moment, knowing that out of anyone present, she would understand the most about adjusting to all of this very suddenly. He gives Clara a very appreciative smile at the words she has spoken.

Tiadora falls back into an uneasy silence. She can't think of what other comforts she could add, so she turns to look at the gate instead.

Elaida nuzzles into Tristan's shoulder, sniffling. She peeks over to Clara and nods wordlessly, trying to stop her tears. It was overwhelming for her, and if people knew what he bought her, what if they knew other things as well? She suddenly quailed at the thought of it all and wanted nothing more than to be back at school in Sanctum, where such things were not a worry for her.

Aidric's lips twist into a scowl as he crosses his arms across his chest. "I chose my words properly. I adapted to this place when I was eight and Clara when she was, what?" he looks to Clara. "Fifteen, sixteen?" he turns back to Tristan. "While all the court whispered behind her back, and it is Elaida who must be coddled? I respect your affection for the woman Alysande thrust on you, coz. But you do her no favours by hiding the truth of this place."

Clara releases the hand and steps back. Uneasy silence grows from her…only broken when she answers Aidric. "16. right after my birthday. Took me nearly half a year to get used to the concept." Considering that Clara doesn't look much older than 17, it had to have been a fairly recent conversion. Suddenly, that faegate looks a lot more inviting to walk through now than it did when Clara arrived…

Tiadora quietly offers to Elaida, "Do you want to pray with me, b-before we go? I'm… No princess, but as my brother's, um… Sister. I have to adjust to things too. I- thought my life would be doing what my m-mother and father said. Or my husband." She frowns as her stammer returns with the anxiety of the moment. "I get scared sometimes too."

Tristan looks ready to respond to Aidric in some manner, but just then the name "Tracano" is called out and he glances down at Elaida. "All right, it is our turn to go through. Come, we can talk more after we have had some rest." He gestures towards the servants and then leads Elaida towards the gate and then through it.

"I was not wrong," Aidric remarks as the others move towards the gate. A moment later he makes his way through as well.

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