(1866-09-09) Shall we?
Shall we?
Summary: Graham and Emilia make their way onwards to Pacitta like many others, with some odd little conversation snips as they head to the faegate to begin the trip.
Date: 1866-09-09
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Sunsreach - Rivana
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It is a nice day for the starting of travel at least not to hot nor cold but a nice breeze for riding. It isn't far or well super far to the first faegate anyways and the trip through the forest will be a nice change of scenery for many of those going. The ones who travel today are mostly of those from house Cassomir, but since many others are going the same direction it may not be a surprise of the group ends up a mixture. The gates of the city is the meeting point it seems and one is here already Graham stands beside his horse doing final checks on everything his guard do likewise gear for the trip and what they need for the tournament all together.

With many heading to Pacitta for the circuit tournament, a schedule for the faegate had certainly been needed to space out the travels in turn with the limits on how many could go through the gate and how frequently. Some had left days ago, others even a week. More would yet travel in the days after. Having done any final checks on her few things before leaving the grounds of the manse, Emilia just rests easily atop Onyie, a faint glance towards Graham as he flits about his fear and horse like a honey bee about flowers. "Should you not have been of doing of that of earlier? Or is this of the fifth time of your of doing of so, meaning you are of fretting of as much as your gear as of me?"

Graham looks back at the voice and smirks a little "Third and final check, and fraid I don't fret over anyone as much as I do you cousin." He winks but smiles more warmly to her as well afterwards. "You look to be all ready. I believe Adrienne will join us and perhaps Cathrynn at somepoint during the trip, what of Raelyn?" he wonders curiously though his last check completed he'll mount up and guide his horse to her side. "Shall we?" he asks.

Emilia shakes her head a little bit at that,"You should fret of more over of Cathrynn then of me, cousin. Is that not of how such of things work, of aye?" A mild turn of a relationship question getting snuck in there, even if in a some what teasing fashion. "Of aye, I am of ready. But is of easier for me..I am not needing of endless of gear, of swords and pointy of sticks for to be of competing. Just of tunics to of wear while of sitting within the stands." The ever stoic spectator that Emilia did make for. "I think of Raelyn was thinking of going, but was seeking to have of some conversation with her of betrothed before of fully of deciding." A slight nod is given,"Of aye." Not that Emilia was particularly looking forward to a faegate trip so soon again. But with her ever stoic composure, such a thing did not really show.

The Lily knight will looks to his cousin at the question of fretting. Graham nods "I do fret over Cathrynn and quite a lot, but its different Emilia though i'm not sure how to explain it I guess and its not that I think you need to be fretted over more so don't think that." He says trying to explain a little bit though he will press on so they can begin their journey. "Hopefully they will join us, if they don't choose to go together." he smirks a bit though he will add "We can wait a little before going through in case."

Emilia cants her head a little bit,"How is it of being of different?" Oh yes, she's asking even if he said he cannot explain it. Setting Onyie into motion once Graham is mounted up and ready to go, along with their particular group. A small turn of her head coming,"If they are of coming, they will of be of there in of time for of the archery, as that would be of reason for Raelyn to come. There is not of need to of wait. Since you are of needing to have time to of recover from the gate and be of rested and of focused for of your of events. "

Graham looks to her as they ride and smiles. "Hm the best way I can explain it perhaps is that I've chosen to have Cathrynn in my life, and we bonded first as friends and companions upon the battlefield." He says riding on a bit further before he continues. "We then became lovers and her as my consort, all choices." he shakes his head "I hope this makes any sort of sense, but your my family.. my blood. I love you as such but we are bonded further that way." he considers her next words "Hm you are likely right there I cannot afford to feel sickly when the melee starts."

There is some of consideration at the answer Graham comes back with, Emilia giving a little bit of a nod. "Though just because of being of family does not require one to be of caring and being so of fretful." The One knew her brother Delvin just didn't know /what/ to make of her any more. Even if he might care on some level. And well…Graham's own sister was not exactly attached to Emilia. Cared, but there was that distance between the once childhood friends. "When were you of knowing, with of Cathrynn that you were wishing to be more of friends? Or..well of how?" A slight nod comes from Emilia,"OF exactly…Especially since of after the last, people will be of paying of attention to of you this of time around. Likely to become of a target in of ways. So you must be of rested and of ready."

"I suppose that's true its not a given. I should say it goes for myself though I have always felt close to you cousin, and nothings changed that over the years its just gotten worse or better." Graham says he looks to her at the question about Cathrynn an when he knew that he cared more for her then as a friend. "I'd like to say it was at first sight, but that wouldn't be true. She was Adrienne's friend first." he considers "I suppose though I realized it when I noticed that I had been spending more and more time with her, and found that I thought fondly of those moments. When we were apart. I still didn't know if she liked me the same until we spoke of it. I wont press Emilia you know that, but why do you ask?" he wonders though he sighs "That is true, I am betting I find myself double-teamed quickly suppose I should feel honored though."

"And sometimes things do of change when years are of passing," things happen, people change…or get 'changed'. Emilia does listen with an edge of curiosity to that stoic little expression of her's as he comes to answer her question. A should moves in a half sort of shrug,"Just being of curious…." She hesitates a little before she adds more softly,"There is someone I like of spending of time with…and have not been of knowing how to tell of if is something of more that of friendship," more like being a foolish silly girl. Emilia gives a bit of a nod,"It does mean you are of noticed, and while I cannot think it to be of fun, to be of teamed upon of so, you will of know how Jaren was of feeling in such of things." Her brother had gotten double teamed and then some in the events, and in real ones too…not just tournament events. "Perhaps, you should be of talking with some of the others from of Rivana…and perhaps see about working of together your of self? Such tactics are of done, of aye?" Least it often looked that way.

Graham nods and sighs "Things do change, but it wont with how I am with you I couldn't really imagine anything which could change that." He looks over nodding to her words about being curious though looks more intently at her larger explanation. He smiles to her not teasing but thoughtful. "That is excellent Emilia, hm commoner or noble? Either way really looking for the signs either subtle or not so. It can be as simple as them smiling more often when your around to them showing affection." he comments to these ways though her words about her brother and his cousin. "If I am put upon like Jaren I don't stand a chance, though your correct about alliances. The free for all seems to be parts skill, tactics, and luck."

Emilia gives a sideways glance towards Graham at his words. There were just things that he couldn't even truly imagine. Some horrors just defined reality. While her expression might be ever stoic, her eyes do shift down to Onyie, the stallion getting a bit of an idle petting when Graham takes to looking at her more intently after that bit of an admission. "He is being of commoner," comes the soft response. Though that does make her wonder something a moment. "I…well I am not of knowing if he does or not. I think…maybe..of a little, least at times?" There is a faint breathe,"Though with all of the traveling, is not like get to of spend much of time with." Least not like she might wish! She nods a touch,"Of true, might be of difficult. But do not of discount your of self, you are of Cassomir and have of the same of iron in of your blood like of Jaren. " Considering,"Then more of reason to ensure we are of continuing of along on of schedule. Ensuring you have of time to be of talking with of others and considering of tactics with of them."

The Lily Knight looks over to his cousin though he might mistake her silence for his relationship question instead of the response to him saying he'd not change how he feels about her no matter what may happen. Graham considers after she speaks of the man being a commoner. "Men often struggle with showing their emotions and how they feel, we are dumb that way." he chuckles a little at this admission. Hm that would make it quite difficult to find out. I would say that more time spent is needed if it can be done safely of course. I will travel with you to wherever.. and make myself scarce after if it would help?" he smiles though he will nudge his horse on a little bit. "Probably so indeed, will need to think on the most likely allies."

Fingers gently fiddle a little with her reins, causing Onyie to toss his head with a snort. "More of time is of needed of then? to be of spending of with and…observing…of how he is when with me?" Emilia adds after a beat,"Would there be of time…of when I should just try and be of asking about of feelings? What he is of thinking of me?" Frowning..well as much as an Emilia might frown that is. "Assuming I am ever of figuring out of how I am of…feeling." There is a sigh. Such difficult things…feelings! A glance goes towards the road the group travels upon. Judging the distance,"Will not be of to of long. " To the gate that is.

Graham nods "I think it is, cousin. I am no master at relationships Emilia but I've found that at least that things things don't tend to walk the knife's edge forever. It ends up falling off one way or another." The Lily knight rides on a bit "Yes, there is such a time with time spent, if you are sure how you feel. It wouldn't be fair to you to simply hold that in forever." he smiles and nods when she echo's him but he nods "Excellent."

Emilia chews on her lower lip slightly at this before nodding. One way or another. It was just a matter of time. And likely she was just being a silly girl anyways. "I am not of entirely of certain. Is all of…new." Hence….the questions. A mild breathe was taken before she nods her head. Time. It seems to all boil down to that. Even this trip really. Time until the faegate becoming ever nearer. Turning the conversation along to the city they are heading to with mild conversation to cover the remaining time it took to reach the faegate.

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