(1866-09-11) A Quiet Dinner for Two
A Quiet Dinner for Two
Summary: Alina and Gabriel discuss their plans for the next day over dinner.
Date: 11 Sep 1866
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l'Saigner Manse - High Sector - Pacitta City - Pacitta
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Septebre 11, 1866

The dining room table is set for two. The Duchess is off having dinner at one of the High Councillors, leaving Alina and Gabriel to fend for themselves.

The first course of the meal has already been served: a butternut squash soup and salad with fresh greens, carrots, radishes, cucumber, and tomatoes. Goblets of water and a flute of crisp white wine apiece sit at their places. Alina has already been seated while waiting on her husband to join her, dressed in a lovely gown of purple and blue. She has eschewed her gloves, the pair laying on the table to the side of her plate.

The boys are asleep upstairs in their room. Two servingwomen stand nearby, ready to refill glasses or bring the next course.

Gabriel makes his way into the dining room. He has gone ahead and taken a bath after a day spent training and getting ready for the tournament events to come. He is dressed in one of the outfits that Alina had gotten for him, something that looks simple but well-made and in the colors of House l'Saigner. He glances around the room for a moment.

"Sorry I'm late." He steps over to the table and takes a seat at the table.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alina=Deception Vs Gabriel=Perception
< Alina: Good Success (1 3 1 6 2 5 8 3 6 7 2 7 4)
< Gabriel: Great Success (1 4 2 2 8 3 8 1 7 7 4)
< Net Result: Gabriel wins - Marginal Victory

"You took a bath," Alina replies, her tone pleased. "Did you need me to massage your muscles with healoil later? You've been training all day." She begins to eat her soup. "Oh. There's a party tomorrow night I think we should probably attend." Her cheeks flush a bit, her breathing hitches slightly. She's nervous about this party, but trying not to seem so to her husband.

"Yes." Gabriel responds simply as he spears a carrot onto his fork and then puts it into his mouth. He chews and swallows it down rather quickly and then considers. "Maybe. I am actually feeling pretty good right now, but if I feel any soreness later, I will let you know." He reaches over to grab a goblet of water, and takes a sip of it. He looks up at his wife and then raises a brow. "A party? Well, I guess it is important to mingle with others from time to time. What about this party troubles you?"

Alina sighs. The lie is an easy thing, and sits on the tip of her tongue. But Gabriel is her husband now, and the easy path is denied her. "It will be hosted by Prince Tristan Tracano at the Tracano manse." The last time she was there, she had spent time with her legs wrapped firmly around the host. This time, of course, would be different, but she expects it might be awkward.

She looks to him as she takes a bite of her salad, studying him carefully to see his response. "It is important for us to mingle, and not seem standoffish against the southerners, with the treaty being negotiated. I just do not wish for anything to go amiss."

Gabriel is in the process of putting another carrot into his mouth, but he hears the name and then he sighs and places his fork on the plate, and then focuses his attention on Alina. "Of course, it would have to be, wouldn't it? Fine." He considers it for a moment and then shrugs. "Yes, we do need to mingle and work with the Rivanans. We can go, but I do not want you go off with him alone at any time. I do not trust him."

"They were, supposedly, famous for throwing such parties before the Thirty Years War. It does not surprise me he is the first to have such a gathering. I doubt," she muses, "he will be the last. I suspect his will set the tone for those to follow."

She sighs softly. "Do you trust me? Not that I have any plans to be alone with him. If it would make you comfortable, I will stay upon your arm all evening. But I would not want you to feel distrustful of me: I have no intentions to break our marriage vows. I am yours, Gabriel."

She takes another swallow of soup, then a bite of the salad. "You could wear the black silk doublet? The one with the purple and blue slashing?" she offers hesistantly.

"Yes, well, if the Tracano wish to waste money that is their business." Gabriel says, his tone indicating that he doesn't care for such lavish expenses simply for the sake of a 'party'. That was good money that could be invested in defenses or more troops, more practical purposes. At least in his mind.

"Did I say I did not trust you? Yes, I do. As I said, I hold no trust for this Prince of Fools as some have called him. I have heard that he goes through women like the Argent Legion goes through a horde of barbarians. One wonders how his cock hasn't rotted off yet." He smirks at that and then nods. "The doublet will work, I think."

Alina flushes darkly, looking away and pushing her bowl away from herself slightly. One of the servingwomen interprets that as a sign to come by and scoop Alina's first course up and carry it off.

"He is many things," Alina murmurs, "but a fool is not one of them. Those that underestimate him do so at their own risk." She forces a half-smile, but it looks more pained than anything else.

"It is likely we will need to follow suit and host a party of our own," she says with an apologetic shrug. "But that will be mother's decision, ultimately, not mine."

Gabriel stares at Alina and her reaction for several moments, and then lets out a long sigh. "I don't care what he is, or who he is, if he tries to get you into his bed again, I will have a hard time trying to find reasons not to put the sharp end of my sword in him." Actually the fact that people wanted peace would dissuade him. Mostly. He shrugs off the suggestion of a party of their own, and goes back to eating his salad. Alina might be done, but he's not.

"He and I came to an understanding," Alina says simply, taking a sip of her wine. Yes, that should help take the edge off her nerves. Discussing her lover with her husband isn't the most plesant of conversations. "I suspect if I were to offer him the chance to bed me again, he'd not take it. We both know that is behind us now."

Is that a touch of tightness and pain in her voice? Yes, a little. She sips the wine again.

"But speaking of bedding…" she begins hopefully. "We've the evening to ourselves after dinner?"

Gabriel sips from his water, nearly draining the goblet. "An understanding, I suppose that is better than nothing. Still, I do not want you spending time with him without others present. You may have this understanding, but he may not." He shrugs, he won't apologize for not trusting the Rivanan princeling. Plus, who knew what tricks he would use to convince Alina to violate such an understanding.

"Yes, we do. I was thinking about getting some rest in order to start early in the morning, but we may be able to spend some time with one another before then."

Alina looks a bit more relaxed as Gabriel mentions what they might do later. "If it is too late and we need to sleep," she says gently, "I would be content to just feel your arms around me." She doesn't want to be too demanding, though she does want to make love to him tonight, especially with the party tomorrow. Like as not they'll be too tired from it when they finally depart.

The main course comes in, a somewhat rare treat: each of them have a fair cut of steak, cooked over flame; slow baked potatoes, and the last of the summer's snap beans. A basket of fresh and fluffy rolls come out with their main course, and their glasses are refilled.

"But as to the Prince, you have my promise I will not be alone with him at all." Alina takes one of the rolls and spreads some butter from the chilled stone crock on it before she takes a bite.

Glancing up when the main course comes in, he pushes his current plate to the side and allows one of the servants to take it away. He looks down at his steak and potatoes a little hungrily. Alina may be content with going after a roll first, but Gabriel is picking up his knife and fork and cutting a nice piece of steak off. He brings the fork up to his mouth and then pauses.

"That's fine, but I didn't doubt you." He offers a faint smile and then puts the meat into his mouth and chews it before washing it down with some wine.

"I didn't think you did," Alina responds, cutting into her own steak and taking a bite. She chews and swallows before continuing, "Will you be participating in the parade? Will I need to have them shine your saddle?"

Gabriel puts away another chunk of steak and some of the potatoes before he responds. "The parade? I suppose. I never cared much for that entire affair. It is mostly there so knights who care more about looking good in tournaments can start working the crowd. I've never given a shit about the crowd, only doing my best." He shrugs and then reaches forward to take a roll and then heaping a large amount of butter onto it. "Why? Do you want me to be in the parade?"

Alina shrugs. "Honestly I've always skipped watching it at the tournaments I've attended," she notes. "It's boring." She eats some of her potato and green beans, "So whether you participate or not is entirely up to you, my husband. I will cheer for you if you do, and stay home with you and snuggle up or play with our sons if you don't."

"I guess that settles that then." He smiles faintly and then eats the roll and sips some more of his wine. "I think the only events that I will bother attending are the ones that I will participate in. Unless there were any events in particular that you wanted to go to?"

"Only the things you will participate in," Alina replies with a shrug, the takes another bite of her steak. "I assume you will want my favor?" she gives him a warm, loving smile, settling into more plesant conversation now that the discussion of the party is over.

"Of course. I am not about to go out there and participate with someone else's favor, nor would I go out there without your favor. I think there would be a lot of talk if I did that." Gabriel shrugs, he may not be the most adept when it comes to gossip and rumor, but he knows enough to make such an assumption. Finishing his wine, he gestures for a servant to refill his goblet.

Alina nods. "I will make sure you have a favor before the first competition," she says, then finishes her potato and then butters another roll. "And yes, there would be talk, but I'm happier that you still wish to wear my favor." She frowns. "I do not think I will bring our sons. The noise from the fighting will just likely set them to tears and tantrums."

"No, they should stay home. Maybe when they are a couple of years older and can understand all that is going on… but yeah… I do not think it would be a good place for them to be." He smiles and then finishes up his steak, sliding the plate to the side and leaning back in his chair, sipping from his goblet of water.

Alina glances at him, smiling and looking him over with appreciation. "Agreed," she murmurs. "Should we have dessert or go to bed?" she asks with a grin.

Gabriel nods and then stands up. "Yes, let us retire for the evening then."

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