(1866-09-11) Warded Dreams
Warded Dreams
Summary: Unable to sleep well with the upturn of the Voices, Emilia seeks a bit of help to quieten Them.
Date: 1866-09-11
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Emilia  Lon  

Guest Quarters - Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach
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It had likely been a somewhat amusing experience for Lon staying with the Cassomirs in Sunsreach, and getting to see what 'life' was like for them on a daily basis. Afterall, every moment of every day could not be filled with lessons. Even if they did occur, not just for Emilia but there were those dancing lessons for Lon as promised (or was that threatened). There was practice that occured for the Huntresses, and those taskings of paperwork in that mundane mortal fashion. There had perhaps even been glimpsing of the Cassomir women in *gasp* dresses when there was need to attend some social function. Such had occured this evenng, meaning they had not returned until a later hour. And sleep…well that seemed to still be an issue for Emilia. Likely at least one evening everyone had been 'treated' to another round of screams when Emilia woke from some nightmare.

Perhaps that was why there was a shadow that was quietly slinking through the open window of the room that had been given over to Lon's use. Drifting in along with the light breeze that helped to make the summer evenings somewhat bareable in the south. Likely any normal person, certainly those who would be asleep as this hour, would not be able to even notice the shadow. Rather quiet as it moved through the window, the faintest rustle as bare feet settled to the floor. A faint look about before the lithe form moved not to far from the window, a small corner offered by the wardrobe and wall. A small blanket seems to have been brought along as it gets set down before…Emilia settles a top it in turn and curls up.

It is, perhaps, little surprise that Lon is either a light sleeper, or not yet asleep at all. He does sleep. Emilia knows that well enough, but it's never quite been clear just how often and how much of it he needs. He is, however, lying on the bed, with at least his lower body covered by the sheet, though after a moment he tilts his head up, frowning a bit, though more in thought than any sense of disapproval. "Could sleep in the bed if you like." He half sits up, and pushes the mattress a bit with a hand, "Good bed. Not too soft." After a moment he sits up more fully, feet coming to rest on the floor as he leans over and studies the floor-bound Emilia. "Something wrong?"

It was really not quite an area Emilia had asked about, how much he sleeped or not. She knew he did, and that seemed enough really. But her movements did seem to be of one trying not to wake the occupant of the room. Even if this particular person could have caught her scent before she even slipped into the room. An eye cracked back open when he spoke, a flitting look of guilt…At being caught perhaps. His words do have her slowly looking up towards him. And slowly pushing herself back to a sitting position,"Was having hard time of sleeping…thought maybe might be of easier if I were of closer." A beat before she adds,"Am being of sorry, was trying to not of disturb."

"There is no disturbance." Lon assures, making a mildly dismissive gesture with a hand. The motion shifts to a beckoning one, urging her to come closer, "Come. If closer will help, then closer you'll be." He note simply enough. "You said the voices had been worse since your trouble with the Path." He always tends to use that word to describe the Faegates. "And they have not lessened at all?"

With him awake and the assurance, Emilia is easing back to her feet and padding over to the bed. The young woman seeming to be wearing a longer tunic made more for sleeping. "Closer does of help." A little nod comes,"Of aye, They have been of worse since of then. Were of quiet at of first. Was so of odd, but….pleasant." Certainly understandable that. "But then…They were returned and different, worse. And have not much of lessened of since. There are moments, especially during of the day when I can focus to of Them. Use of the lessons…It is sleep that is of worse..when I have little of chance to be of countering of them."

Lon's clad in a pair of plain, loose-fitting off-white smallclothes that reach nearly to his knees. He shifts back onto the bed and scoots over until his back is against the wall it adjoins, leaving plenty of space for the comparatively small Emilia on the bed. "All right then…we will see if I can ward your dreams, at least for this night. You'll focus better on lessons when you're rested." He smiles faintly, the expression barely visible in the moonlight that filters through the window.

Emilia eases onto the bed after room has been made for her. There is a mild patting to the bed before she scoots to settle in. "My dreams have always been of better…least more of silent when sleeping of near you." Not that it was a thing that had happened but a few times. "Of true, is easier to focus on of lessons when of rested." Her dark eyes drifting over his face, what the moonlit allows her to take in. "Had been trying to be of good…and not give into of this idea."

"No wrong in it." Lon replies, then chuffs a short laugh, "Though your pack might think otherwise if they found you here." He doesn't seem particularly worried at the prospect, though. He does lean over and kiss Emilia's forehead lightly, and while there's a brief "spike" of the voices right before he makes contact, they do indeed "flee" to the background at the touch. Not nearly so silent as immediately stepping from the gate, but…quiet enough for sleep, at least, and not to haunt ones' dreams overmuch.

"Of true, they of might. Part of why I have tried to not of give into of the idea. As has been of tempting with you of so close." It was not exactly something Emilia had dealt with before. "Hmm…though Raelyn was of approving my asking for of a dance." There is a hint of amusement to Emilia's voice at that. Her lips flit into a faint smile at the kiss to her forehead, even if there is just a mild wince right before hand that go with the brief 'spike' of the Voices. A mild breathe comes when They flee, the relief that occurs with the quieter turn. A thing that has her shifting in closer to him as well. "Will be of going of away for of few weeks soon. There is Tournament in Pacitta, promised Graham I would be of going to of cheer for of him."

"I have heard this contest being spoken of. Many traveling to see it" Lon replies, then frowns a bit, "You will use the Path again?" He doesn't sound…worried exactly, though at the same time there's a note of concern to the voice. Just not quite "don't do it!" levels of concern. "Perhaps I should go as well. If your siblings do not think it so odd." He pauses then notes, "I'd have to act sick again. Always hard to remember that."

"Of aye, many will of travel to of see it. As well as those of competing." Emilia nods a little bit,"Will have to use of Path again," her own tone does not seem indicate she is entirely looking foreward to this herself. But she had little option, regular travel would take to long. "Do not think they would be of finding it of odd, especially with Voices being of extra aggetated." There is a mild turn of a shoulder, some half shrug,"Gets of easier, can show of tricks to be of acting of sick. Harder in remembering right of level to of act." Perhaps not quite realizing just what she said. Hmmming just a little,"If you have been hearing of such of contests…Have you of heard about tradition of Knights and of wearing of favours?"

"I know of these things, yes. I think I even competed in a few of these tournaments once. Long ago, across the mountains. The memories have largely faded…not all that different from a battle…be in enough of them and they all start to blend together." If he catches on to Emilia's implication, he doesn't seem to think it odd. But then again, for him not being sick is normal, so it may just not quite be registering that such isn't the case for everyone. Or at least that connection isn't yet being made by the look of things. "Why? Has some knight asked for yours?"

Eyebrows rise a little bit,"You were of competing in of such? You were…are of being of a knight?" There is a turn of curiosity on that. Perhaps not entirely surprised at the possiblity, he had lived a few lifetimes and then some. Emilia shakes her head a little,"Of no, not been of asked for. Only ever have of had of siblings, or of cousin ask of for mine…and they have of others to be asking of now. Was of thinking more of to be of asking for of yours. Not of knight, but still of times those of us who are competing in of archery do of likewise."

"Ha. Yes. I was a Knight. Barely remember how to ride and which end of the lance is the pointy one now, to tell of how long it was since then." Lon replies, tilting his head, "You have been taught of history? Of the Empire beyond the mountains from which the first men in these lands hailed? The man who knighted me was not Emperor…but he was the First King. I rode by his side for a time. He was…interesting."

Lon blinks, "My favor?" His brow furrows in thought, "Don't know what I'd give…but I suppose I could think of something."

"The of pointy of end…is being of the pointy of end of a lance," Emilia denotes with some of amusement. "Of aye, have been of taught of history. Though suppose still of likely to be of fraction of what of there was." There is a blink at this news…to her..well it was just that. History. To Lon, it was his life. "I can not even of imagine. But do of bet he would have been of interesting." Pondering upon the point, perhaps not the easiest thing to ponder at when tired.

There is a little smile when he blinks,"Of aye, your of favour." That he wouldn't have one right off to give, or even an idea for such a thing, does not seem to surprise her. After all, when was the last time there was even risk of someone asking him for such? "That is if you are not of minding to of give of such. Was just of thinking to ask…since well..never had of someone to be of asking. And you are of being of…well..sweet of heart of mine, of aye?"

"Don't mind. Suppose I am, at that." Lon chuckles a bit, "Until you tire of me." Or until Emilia grows old and passes on, but in either case it'd likely still be in the "honeymoon phase" for Lon. "Castor. Julian Castor was the First King's name." He notes offhand, more musing to himself as the memory returns to him, but then he looks back to Emilia, "You should rest. We can find a favor in the morning, but if you've not been sleeping well, you need it."

The chuckle has that little smile flitting back into being,"Hmmm..or until you tire of me, of perhaps." It could happen, right? He did say humans were not exactly the sort he normally went for. There is a soft 'hmmm' when he speaks offhandedly in memory of the name of the King who knighted him. Perhaps a thing that will register more later. "Of aye, I should…" Her head shifts and a soft kiss is stolen before she is settling in against him a little with a soft sound of contentment. A quiet little murmur coming after a moment,"Is going to be of tempting to sneak of along like this of every of night."

"Every night is probably not best." Lon chuckles, shaking his head slightly, "But a few. Especially when you need it." His nose wrinkles in amusement, "And maybe a couple when you don't." For a moment, his visage shifts to his smooth and youthful appearance, if only to briefly return said kiss. Then the mask is re-assumed. Just in case. Perhaps he'll reveal the truth to Raelyn soon enough, if only to make things a bit easier for them. "Rest now. Dream well."

"Of aye…I know probably not of best, cannot of mean I cannot of want for it all of the same." Eyes flicker up at the comment about a couple when she does not, Emilia perhaps nestling in a little closer. "Do think I like of that of idea." The mask seeming to be a thing that does not phase Emilia, perhaps simply knowing it is still him whichever he wears. He is simply Lon to her. "Should tell you of dreams that came..some of time," this murmured out rather sleepily as her eyes close and she rests in against him. Though it does not take much time for her breathing to even out and soften at that indication that sleep has been found.

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