(1866-09-12) A Very Tracano Party
A Very Tracano Party
Summary: Prince Tristan Tracano hosts a large party in the Tracano Manse in Pacitta. Part of it to celebrate his betrothal, part of it to begin to grease the wheels of the upcoming peace negotiations.
Date: 09.12.1866
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Tracano Manse, Pacitta

The Tracano Manse dominates the bank of the Grand Canal near the Great Bridge with its edifice of pale green stone, tall arching windows and beautifully carved statues of dragons, some of which are covered in gold leaf. Entry to the manse is managed through either modest landward entryway or by a more grand set of doors on the canal, serviced by a small jetty. Regardless of the entry used, security is tight when the royals are in residence.

Inside visitors are treated to the customary opulence of the house Tracano. The main floor is airy and taken up chiefly by spaces meant for amusement. There is a grand ball room, lit by chandeliers and with tall windows looking out over the canal as well as several withdrawing and music rooms for more private gatherings. At the manse's center, a garden, beautifully landscaped with fragrant rose bushes, centered by a fountain of coiling stone dragons spitting water.

The upper two floors are given over to the family and their retainers. There is a study, a small library and several small offices, as well as large and lavish living quarters complete with antechamber, bath, and views of either the courtyard or the canal, or both in the case of the royal chamber. Entry to these levels are tightly controlled.


Though the festivities have yet to officially begin for the upcoming tournament, it seems that not everyone is content to wait for the opening ceremonies to kick things off. Guests have been asked to come in via the canal entrance, allowing for a more grand entry into the manse. While one may expect decorations for any sort of gathering, there are few in fact, as the normal oppulence of the manse is enough to impress many who come to visit. The only real decoration that Tristan has arranged, are elaborate arrangements of roses in all colors, his way of honoring the Rose Queen.

In the grand ball room, a group of skilled musicians has been situated at one end of the room on a dais, the sweet sounds of their music drifting over the entire ground floor. Couples dance in a variety of styles depending on which song is currently playing. More people huddle in small little groups along the walls of the room, whispering amongst themselves. Most of the rooms off to the side have been locked and barred, but several small rooms have been made available for smaller gatherings to take place in some relative privacy.

Servants in the livery of House Tracano thread their way through the crowd, refilling glasses as soon as they are half-empty, each guest receiving the same 1852 vintage of Tracano Red. Courtesans and bards stroll around the room, providing other small entertainments as well, or offering entertainments for later in the evening. Armed guards, also in the garb of House Tracano, are positioned in locations throughout the main floor so that they are both unobtrusive, yet able to act quickly should their services be required. There are even a couple of Royal Lancers on duty as well, though they make their presence known and felt when near their charges.

Prince Tristan Tracano is dressed eloquently as usual, his clothes an ensemble of green fabric and gold stitching. On one arm is his betrothed, Lady Elaida Toula, dressed in a gown in the black and white of House Toulan. His other hand is holding the head of his cane as he leans on it slightly. Each new guest that arrives is given a warm greeting by the Prince and then directed towards the grand ball room.

During a period of a few moments, when there is no new guest to greet, Tristan lifts Elaida's hand to his lips and gives it a faint kiss, and then murmurs something reassuring to his betrothed.

Gastogne is there as the Bard's attendant. For now, it means that while Philippe is (likely) getting ready to play, Gastogne is otherwise being helpul as he can to some of the servants. Listening to gossip, loading things, trying to make passes at any women overin range. But, a large tray of wine on his shoulder, he imagines it can't be that bad. There is food, drink.. And most of all,women. Pretty women.

Arriving with her cousin Lady Raelyn and her brother Sir Graham is Adrienne Cassomir. Green eyes flicker in a mixture of curiosity and slight discomfort when she enters, a Huntress in attire that does not mark her as such, a green dress that is somehow of plain elegance, managing to accentuate the advantages of her slender physique whilst hiding the slightly muscular nature of arms steeled by daily archery practice. The upper part of her dark brown tresses have been gathered and bound with a green ribbon, while the rest falls in an open manner about her shoulders she is not used to. The servants and courtesans will receive curious glances, yet soon attention will be drawn to the host, and Adrienne will approach with a genuine smile curling her lips. "Prince Tristan. Good eve. Congratulations to you both," her gaze drifts towards Elaida. "My lady. You must be very excited." She smiles, offering the both of them a curtsey. Her courtesy lacking the ease of a practiced courtier, yet she does try!

Aidric Carling enters the manse amidst the entourage of Duke Symon Gerrell. While the men around Symon for the most part wear leather and bronze, Aidric is dressed smartly in black silk in the form of a long high collared jacket, sewn with the linking silver rings of House Carling. He reaches Tristan a half-step behind Adrienne and smiles with amusement as she curtsies. "Good evening," he greets Adrienne, Tristan and Elaida all at once. "It is a pleasure to be here," he adds before executing a polished bow before the hosts.

It is expected when peace is being established to make good showings at some events and the Tracano celebration of the tournament is one such thing that can be included in this. Prince Silvio l'Valdan enters dressed in properly formal attire in his own house colors. His dark hair kept neatly in check for such an event, and upon his arm is a beauty a little shorter than he is. Antonia l'Valdan his wife. The Prince looks over "You look beautiful of course. It will be a good evening." he says answering a question asked before getting here.

And where her cousin is wearing a green dress, befit of forests and wilderness, Raelyn is wearing a dress of crimson like that of a setting sun. Her hair, too, has been done and she seems in high spirits by the smile that never seems quite to edge off her lips just yet from the moment she entered. As her 'party' approaches the Prince and his bethrothed, she, too, wishes the couple, "May it be a great beginning for you," as she inclines her head to Tristan, warmly greets Elaida with, "The Prince could not ask for a finger bride, my Lady." Oh, look, it's Aidric! "Well met," she speaks to him. Of her own free will, even. And she's even still smiling, pleasantly, even. Genuinely.

Elaida smiles at the reassuring words, having been greeting all and sundry that have come to the party this night. Among the revelers her father, the Vice-Chancellor Marcel Toulan, and his wife both are, the pair currently standing off to one side in a breif conversation with each other while sipping from their wineglasses. Wary eyes rest momentarily on the Chancellor Bartolo Mancini, who is already on his second glass of wine and eyeing the refreshment table.

Arriving on the arm of her husband, the reigning Circuit Champion, Lady Alina l'Saigner, heir to the duchy of Lonnaire, famed fashionista and designer, and recent mother of twins greets Prince Tristan and his betrothed politely. Should there be awkwardness? Of course, and there is, a touch, in her voice as she greets her former lover, the Lyonal to her Sinesse at one point— and if her eyes flit over the girl on his arm appraisingly, who could blame her? "Your Highness," she curtsies lightly, "And my lady…?" she asks with a lifted brow.

"Lady Elaida Toulan," Tristan's betrothed supplies with a smile, though a slightly wavering one. This is the woman he was in love with? A faint flush of embarrassment touches her cheeks. One, she was beautiful, and had such poise… Elaida had neither, in her view!

Elaida turns her attention to Aidric, Adrienne, and the others who have added their greetings— better that than spending too much attention on the Couveri woman who her betrothed loved once.

Of course Symon's sister is there, near Aidric and her brother and looking horribly worried despite an attempt at a smile. The round figure of Tiadora Gerrell hangs back but keeps to her family's entourage. Her grey gown is threaded through with silver so it sparkles, but she still wears her house red and black as trim. Her long hair is covered by a veil but what of it frames her circular face is nicely curled. Pink lips and a hint of kohl for her eyes make her look older than she is but still youthful in her smile. She waits until she could greet the host and hostess and adds, "See? New dress?" Greetings done, she finds a safe place to wall-flower and watch.

Making eyes over at the engaged couple, Gastogne otherwise twirls his way through the event, being little more than a servant now carrying a tray of wine. But, it's always a good way to get gossip, and time he's busy means time that he won't have to whimperand wonder on how the bard will kill him later ten as he twirls about, serving with the wine on his tray.

Beside her husband, Prince Silvio l'Valdan stands Antonia, a woman of medium height, dark blonde hair that has been arranged in an enigma of twisted tiny braids that somehow manages to make sense when combined with the head piece of blue ribbons and a few tiny pearls. She is clad in a dress of dark blue samite, ornamented with a few pearls at the shoulders, sleeves reaching to her wrists, skirts obviously done in two layers, the upper a shade darker than the lower one that is revealed in the way the upper layer is slitted at the front. The Princess has a rather contained air, polite yet lacking perhaps a bit of warmth, but this may very well be due to the fact that she is not familiar with most of those present. Gabriel l'Saigner, she knows, and it will be towards him she will shoot a glance, an incline of her head given should he look her way, conveying reference to squiring at his former House. Similar will be the case with other Couviere nobility, Lady Alina foremost, whom Antonia will offer a similar nod from afar, her lips curled into a warmer version of a smile. "We should go and greet Prince Tristan and his betrothed," she suggests in an aside to her husband Silvio. "When the first wave of guests has subsided, perhaps?"

Dressed in a doublet of black with a purple sash, colors that he still needs to get used to, Gabriel walks arm-in-arm with Alina. As they approach the couple hosting this little party, he offers them a nod. "Your Highness. My Lady." His voice is gruff, and uninterested. Clearly being here was more his wife's idea than it was his own. "Nice little party you have here. Come Alina, let us not take up too much of their time. Let us find some wine and perhaps we shall share a dance a little later."

"Lady Adrienne, good to see you." Tristan replies with a smile. "Thank you for your well wishes. I hope you enjoy yourself this evening and please do let me or any of the staff know if there is anything that you require." He dips his head in a respectful nod, still smiling at the Cassomir woman, his eyes darting over at Elaida for a moment. "Cousin." Tristan says to Aidric as the man arrives. "I do hope you enjoy yourself." He offers a nod, his eyes glancing to where the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor are. A small gesture with his hand, and a servant comes over. Tristan leans in and murmurs. "Please break open a bottle of the 1848 for the Chancellor. He seems to be enjoying himself, let us make sure that he continues to do so." The servant nods and makes his way to follow the instructions.

Turning to face his guests, Tristan spots Tia and offers a smile. "It looks wonderful, cousin. I am glad you could be here. Please, do enjoy yourself." And then there is Alina and Gabriel. He offers them both a nod. "Lady Alina, Sir Gabriel, I am glad you both could make it. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you." His eyes dart between Alina and Elaida, he might feel slightly awkward right about now.

Stephen Greycen may be clad in the colors of his birth house, but he seems to be here amidst Raelyn Cassomir's "entourage" as it were, standing by her side. When she gives her greeting, he adds, quietly, but genuinely "Congratulations to you both." And doesn't seem overly inclined to offer up much more, but then again, he's not exactly known for being a wordy fellow. He steps aside to allow the long line of well-wishers to make their greetings and congratulations, making his own study of the l'Saigner entourage when they too approach.

Meanwhile, Lord (Sir) Raimond Giraldi has made his way into the proceedings, and seeing the long line of individuals making those greetings and congratulations, helps himself to a cup of wine and moves off to be elsewhere for the time being. He'll render the proper courtesies when the Royal couple isn't swamped. Of course, this soon leads to a few of his Pacittan acquaintances spotting the quite recognizable Giraldi heir, and in natural Pacitta fashion making their way over to try to see if they can get themselves a cut of the newly-ennobled Raimond's profits with some "friendly" proposals. For now though, he politely demurrs, though at least he manages to look entirely comfortable in the presence of the Pacittans. At one point, though, someone catches his eye, and he tosses a wink and blows a kiss to one of the Pacittan Courtesans in attendance, who actually giggles and offers a little curtsey before moving back into the crowd. Raimond returns to the conversation at hand, but soon excuses himself to see just who else might be around, though he can't quite sneak away without promises to speak with several of the folk he was encircled by later. Always a deal to be made….

Accompanying her aunt Edwina, Amelia's eyes scan the large room, taking in the finery all around her. Her elegant gown proudly displays her t'Artan colors. Long dark hair is caught up in tight curls wrapping around small red jewels along her neckline. She makes her way to the group gathering around her host, and offers a delicate curtsey.

Preferring darker colors to those very light ones, Samuel l'Corren's attire is simple, yet relatively styleful. He steps into the room, looking around to see what people present he might know, before he makes his way over in Tristan's general direction as well, letting other people get there first, should they want.

Gastogne takes a moment then, seeing Amelia and giving the girl a quick bow then as he carries a set of wine goblets past her. Otherwise, he's mostly making sure out of the corners of his eyes that he'snot seeing the PRince anywhere, just to be safe.

Having arrived early, Michael l'Corren looks up from his conversation with the Captain-General of the Ministry of Blades to raise a hand in greeting to his brother. Michael's wife, Bella is not far away talking animatedly with the head of the courtesan's guild, Lisbet Fremont. The couple are finely dressed in white and blue for the evening, as befits the future duke and duchess of Murnord.

Adrienne turns when she hears Aidric Carling's greeting, mayhaps just in time to glimpse that trace of amusement on his features. Yet her lips manage somehow to curve into a smile, even though her green eyes may roll ever so slightly when she turns her attention away - and towards Tristan. "What a nice thought of you to extend the invitation to my person," she remarks with a fine smile. The Huntress will choose to move on then, following Tristan's advice, to get herself something to drink, leaving the space for others, and missing out on anything curious about assessing glances and awkwardness.

The tall young man looks over to his wife and back about the room he'll nod to those he knows within the room while listening. "Hm, that is a good idea, quite I am interested to meet them properly." Silvio says though he looks to his wife another moment knowing she's not always so thrilled with the southern folk, but he trusts her after the time spent and they each know the role they must play. He will watch as many people greet the hosts. "Shall we?" he says once the crowd has died down a little about the hosts. Its not a far trip but walking with his wife at his side should she agree towards the hosts.

Having satisfied the necessary pleasantries of greeting, Amelia makes her way toward the ballroom to observe the dancing. The swirling of skirts and music carrying her away, she grins despite herself.

Seeing Silvio makes for a quick paling from Gastogne - if only due to his personal history over with encountering royalty then,and he takes a quick gulp while making sure his neck is still attached as he sweeps around the room wtih his tray of wine.

Aidric watches Adrienne depart with a smile and turns to Tristan to offer a nod and as he grins, "I plan to," before vacating the greeting line to make room for the others. Though he does not get far before he is confronted by a miracle. Raelyn Cassomir being civil to him. Returning the greeting, his green eyes brim with amusement, "We must not have met but has anyone ever told you look a great deal like Raelyn Cassomir?" he asks the future Viscountess.

Tiadora sips a small glass of wine and nibbles, now and again, on tiny bits of food on a stick. She seems content to stay with her brother's grouping and just watch the folk go to and fro in the hall, greeting and chattering.

Graham had indeed showed up with is family though looking about to those here. He nods in greeting to many though doesnt move towards the hosts yet as wel they look to be busy with others. He looks about the room finding his sister being spoken to "I will be right back Adrienne." he says to her "M'lord." he says to Aidric though he will find his way to verify what he's seen from across the room. Its quick enough to find Lady Tiadora "Lady Tia." he greets with a smile "You have gotten a new dress." he comments.

"Ooh, dancing!" Alina smiles brightly at her husband. A good enough reason to extract herself from the presence of Tristan and his betrothed. She gives Tristan a quick smile. "Thank you for inviting us, your highness. We won't take up any more of your time," she gestures slightly towards the growing crowd, and then slips off into the main ballroom with Gabriel.

"Phew," she notes to her husband. "And must you sound so grouchy, dear? It's a party. You should be having fun." She waves at Michael, catching a glimpse of him. "See? Your brother is… well, I'm not sure he's having fun, but he's being a bit more social." She leans up and kisses Gabriel's cheek, glancing behind them both to their 'bodyguard', Ivan, a Wraith dressed in black leathers just fine enough to not look entirely out of place, but still martial enough to obviously be a guard for the couple. Returning her attention to Gabriel, she says softly, "we can stay together or part ways for a bit. I wouldn't abandon you to the wolves. I know this isn't your cup of kaffe."

Elaida swallows as the Couveri couple departs, but then turns a sunny smile to the next set of guests, her hand sliding down Tristan's arm and her fingers lacing with his. "Thank you," she finds herself saying to another well-wisher adding their congratulations on their betrothal. "I'm quite excited. Prince Tristan is a wonderful man."

Antonia returns Silvio's gaze before she lowers her grey eyes. Indeed, he knows her well, as the brief flicker of a smile betrays. "It is not that I am well acquainted with any of them," she clarifies. "If at all." Even so, she will take her husband by the hand to appear before Tristan and Elaida just in the moment the l'Saigner and her husband pass them. "Lady Alina, Sir Gabriel," Antonia murmurs, with that hint of a curtsey and incline of her head towards the both of them, her lingering gaze suggesting she might wish to join them soon. Her grey eyes drift to the host and his betrothed. "Prince Tristan. Thank you for the kind invitation. Prince Silvio and I were delighted to accept." The tone polite, her lips curved just so. "Lady Elaida. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Congratulations on your betrothal."

"It has been said, once or twice," Admits Aidric. She then holds her arm out for Stephen to take, looking still quite happy. "It is a fine gathering, for the Prince's wedding. And the competition shall be most interesting. Will you be competing, Lord?" She wonders of Aidric. Her eyes, one may note, purposefully avoid the l'Sainger's even as Stephen's wander there.

"It's grey," the young Gerrell maiden replies to the Lily Knight, as if he cannot see the silver threading. "I didn't want something -too- colorful since this is a formal event." She does a girlish twirl and smiles a little.

Tristan's offers a nod to Stephen, though his eyes sparkle with some amusement. "My congratulations to you as well, my lord and lady." He offers a faint smile to both Stephen and Raelyn, glad to see the two of them together. His attention turns to Amelia as the young woman steps up and curtseys. "A pleasant evening to you, my lady." Another smile is given and then he is greeting yet another well-wisher. He offers a nod to Alina and Gabriel as they head away, his hand squeezing Elaida's reassuringly. "I am very blessed to be marrying her." Tristan says, after Elaida has called him wonderful. He has to live up to that now.

Tristan glances over to Antonia and Silvio, smiling. "Your Highnesses, thank you for your well wishes, and I am glad the two of you could be here. I felt it only proper to invite you since our two realms are about to begin the process of making a lasting peace. So please, enjoy yourselves, and if there is anything that I may do, please let me know."

Gabriel makes his way with Alina, snorting. "Fun means different things to different people, Alina. Besides, this is more Michael's element than it is mine. Though I think even he would prefer to be out riding around on a horse than stuck making nice to people you would rather not make nice with." He shrugs and continues to walk with her. "So did you want to dance, or did you want to go make nice with people?"

Talia t'Corbeau, along with her husband Dominic move into the assembly, Talia dressed in an elegant gown of the deepest midnight blue. She says to her husband, without looking at him, "I understand the music here shall be -most- exceptional." Humored, by her comment, she inclines her head, "We ought to give our greetings to the honored couple, first. Before we mingle, husband." Still, the Viscountess seems in a fairly good mood, even as she asseses the various nobles and guests who have come to do as she has come to do.

There's a light shiver over from Gastogne, with his tray in hand as he passes by Talia and Dominic. "Wine Milady, Milord?" Having a tray of it up on his shoulder, and otherise not in a position to evade and try and flee then without it being conspicuous.

Silvio smiles to those they pass "Lady Alina, and Lord Gabriel." he greets as well until they pass by and do finally reach the hosts of honor. He will bow his head. "Of course, and we wish you the best and a most happy future. I couldn't agree more and we are quite glad for the peace if there is anything that we in turn can help with don't hesitate to ask." He comments wishing to extend the same courtesy given he's here and his wife speaking for their family as well.

Alina smiles at Gabriel, and says, "We can dance first… and I can make nice with people after. After we dance, I'll steer you over to your brother for a bit so you'll have someone to talk to that will not irritate you so much."

"Alright, alright. Come, let us go dance then." Gabriel gives Alina a faint smile and then leads her onto the dance floor, taking her in his arms, and then doing his best not to look like an absolute buffoon.

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Dancing: Success. (1 8 2 4 6)
<FS3> Alina rolls Dancing: Good Success. (5 3 8 5 6 8 1 3 1 4)

Stephen does indeed take Raelyn's arm, nodding to Tristan as he grants his own congratulations, adding a bit of a smile, before his attention returns to Aidric, to hear his answer of Raelyn's inquiry. There's enough of a glimmer of amusement to his eyes to show his mirth at the jesting between Raelyn and Aidric, but he doesn't offer much comment beyond the greeting of, "Lord Aidric, good to see you here."

Graham will nod to her words and looks over the dress a moment as he hears her words. "Well you look quite beautiful it suits you quite well. I am glad to see you got one after all. Did you end up with more than just the one?" he wonders curiously to the younger noble. The twirl makes him grin more broadly "It is good to see you happy indeed."

Tiadora nods shyly to Graham. "I got three. This and a few others. And new jewelry. I suppose, well… they say that looks are important here so I wanted to look my best." She glances at her brother and her cousins, up at the Prince and his lady wife-to-be. "Help us all make a good impression."

Dominic looks over to his wife as they enter the room. "I have heard likewise, I belive a dance should be shared if time is alotted." The young Count says towards her as he glances through the crowd a moment. He looks back as Gastogne comes by he looks to Talia to see if she would like if she would he'll grab two one for him one for her. "Thank you." he comments but looks back to his wife other way "Quite true we should. I am interested to meet them."

Adrienne has acquired a glass of wine somewhere and she takes a sip from it, green eyes glancing over to where Raelyn and Stephen are. Faint amusement apparent in her expression, and when she looks at her cousin, even fondness. There is music obviously, and dancing, an activity that draws her attention only briefly. Her gaze lingering for a moment on Alina and Gabriel as they dance, before she lowers her gaze, and studies the glass of wine in her hand.

Aidric's curiosity is still piqued when the banter is returned by Raelyn. "Hmm, I am beginning think you may indeed not be Raelyn, but I may as well give you the benefit of the doubt. As to the tourney I will be fighting in the melee for Rivana's sake and taking part in the artistic event for my own," he answers before returning Stephen's greeting with one of his own. "Lord Stephen," his tone is respectful (for a change) and he takes in the couple with a look and says, "I heard about the betrothal, my congratulations to you both."

Arriving a little later than most, Elrick does actually make an appearance to the Tracano party, despite the host being of the South. His feelings of the south is no doubt kept in check, especially after the King's decree of peace between the two kingdoms, so the t'Tremaine heir must play his part. Dressed in his usual formal finery with the high collar shirt that sports his House colors, predominantly black with dark green and silver trims. Those that were keeping watch, Elrick actually arrived earlier today via Faegate, no doubt leaving his own lands at the last moment possible to still make this rather extravagent event. The opulence actually impresses the t'Tremaine, despite it being a Tracano party. First order of business is of course to greet the host and hostess, so he moves towards the line of nobles that are waiting their turn, nodding to some who recognize him.

The Lily knight nods to the young woman. "Excellent, that is a great start to be sure." Graham grins when she speaks of getting jewelry too. "My, but I have missed quite the change someone has done more good for you than I was able. In a good way I mean of course. I am glad to see it and some may indeed judge by such appearances. You will make a fine impression." he glances back to the room before back. "Perhaps you would care to dance?"

Antonia nods to Tristan's words, not adding more to Silvio's comment on them, but instead stepping aside as to allow others to offer congratulations and pleasantries to the pair. She too notices the dancing, which makes her tug gently at Silvio's sleeve. A glint appearing in the Princess's eyes that suggests there is more beyond that veil of polite courtesy. But then the dance is forgotten, when she sees her brother Elrick step into the room, and watches him approach the hosts with a sparkling grey gaze.

Michael completes whatever business he had with the Captain-General and finds himself at loose ends with his wife still talking about he'd rather not know what with the head of the Courtesan's guild. That's when he encounters Amelia, the sister of one of his oldest friends, Damien t'Artan. "Amelia, you seem to be shamefully alone at the moment, come dance with me," he says putting down his cup and offering the young woman his arm.

"And I in the archery competition. I've been pleased with the competitors, of late," Raelyn admits. And she shifts a smile towards Stephen, nodding a bit more enthusiastically than what perhaps she might be known for. No wonder she's in a good mood! "Thank you," She tells Aidric, rather brightly. "I wish you well. But I fear that my cousin, likely, shall best you. Still. Do put on a good showing, for Rivana, and the Prince, won't you? Stephen and I shall be watching," she promises Aidric. She seems pleased by Graham's offer, noting it out of the corner of her eye before telling Adrienne, "It is probably best that the Lady l'Sainger and I don't associate. We met, once." And that's all she has to say about that. Still, this is said with good cheer and more of a 'by-the-way' thing than with any animosity towards Alina.

Tiadora's round cheeks color as Graham asks her to dance. "No, sir, I'm… not much for dancing. I'd rather sit on the sides," she replies shyly. Whatever opening up she has done in the past few moments has faded and she takes a step back closer ot the wall.

Gabriel and Alina begin to dance, Alina actually looking far more natural out there than the knight. Still, he doesn't embarass himself, and that is enough for him.

Tristan continues to greet more guests. Soon, Elrick is in front of him, and he offers him a nod and a smile. "Welcome, my lord." His eyes flick over the colors before meeting his eyes. "I hope that you enjoy yourself this evening. Please, feel free to have some wine and take your mind off of things for a while."

"Thank you as well, Lord Aidric." Stephen replies on behalf of himself and Raelyn, "And good luck in the competition, Sir. I imagine it's going to be quite a full field." He glances to Raelyn, tilting a curious brow as to her comments on Alina, but as seems to be habit, remains silent on whatever thoughts that brings, though certainly he makes the mental note to help them avoid one another. Still his attention returns to Aidric and he notes, "Nevertheless, I imagine it'll be what's happening around the tourney that'll be far more interesting than the contests themselves."

He started making his way over towards Tristan and Elaida, but Samuel got sidetracked looking at the various people present. There are nods given to both Gabriel and Michael as he spots his cousins, and then he moves back to the line waitng to greet the host. Stopping in the line right behind Elrick, he waits for his turn to greet the couple now.

Silvio looks back bowing to the hosts not wishing to keep them. He looks back to his wife with a warm smile "Love?" he asks as a question though he spots the dancing and smiles "Of course we can if you'd like to do so." he watches though following her gaze as she stops but then sees why. "Ooor you could talk to your brother first of course." he smiles warmly understanding she doesnt get to see her family as much as she'd like.

Amelia accepts Michael's outstreched arm with a smile, allowing him to escort her out onto the dance floor. "I thank you for your timely rescue, then, sir," she chuckles.

Elrick did the proper inquiries and research about the host, which leads him to find out that Tristan is engaged with the Lady Elaida, who is no doubt at his side. When he is front and center in front of the host and hostess, the t'Tremaine affords the pair a proper, respectful bow due their station. "Thank you for the invitation and the welcome, Your Highness. I would like to offer congratulations as well, to both you and Lady Elaida. A wonderful match." With another bow of thanks for Tristan who offers the accomodations of tonight's party, a proper 'Thank you' is offered before the t'Tremaine heir steps to the side, not wanting to hold up the line nor spend too much time with the Rivanans.

The young knight will look but Graham holds his hands up in placatement. The lily knight will take a step forward so he doesnt have to speak so loudly and speaks softly thus. "Lady Tia, its okay.. truly we dont have to dance I am content if you wouldnt mind to keep you company here? We need not do more than speak I promise I just wished to ask.. please relax enjoy yourself." he smiles warmly once more to her.

Aidric nods to Raelyn as she mentions the archery competition, "Then between yourself," he looks then to Adrienne, "And freckled you, Rivana should take home the prize," he offers with a grin. "As for the melee, yes, I'd say Graham stands a good chance of winning, provided, he-" he gestures at Gabriel, "-doesn't stop him," he says, before Stephen's remarks are replied to, "But yes, the truly interesting parts will be happening off the field, with most of the dukes and royals on hand. Any word of new developments?" he asks Stephen, the Wardens were after all exceptionally well-informed.

A flash of irritation washes over the young lady Gerrell's face. "I just want to enjoy the party my way, Sir Graham. I would rather just enjoy the music and the dresses and all quietly." Realizing she's actually getting snappish, she bites her lip and apolozies. "Sorry… yes you can… stay here. I guess. I'm just not much for socialization."

Antonia's gaze lingers on Elrick, watching him intently as he greets Tristan and Elaida, and her hand goes to Silvio's arm. "He's all politeness," she observes, a hint of sisterly pride in her tone - and the awareness that such is not easy for a t'Tremaine towards Rivana nobility.

"All part of a knight's duty," Michael smiles to Amelia as she takes his arm and they join the others on the floor, Michael beginning the steps of a dance popular during their shared days at court, "It's been some time, how have you been?"

Adrienne looks up. Did someone call her 'Freckled you'? Green eyes narrow as they focus on Aidric, recalling the entirety of the sentence, before she lets out a low snort and gives him a look that has a slight tinge of sourness to it. "Who told you I would compete in the archery, Lord Aidric?", the Cassomir lady inquires, raising a brow.

<FS3> Michael rolls Dancing: Great Success. (7 8 4 8 1 7 1 6 3)

The l'Valdan prince looks back to see what Antonia means and nods as he spots her brother quite politely greeting the hosts and everything. Silvio knows that the south is indeed a sore subject for the family there but it is good to see attempts being made to carry on the peace. "Very well done indeed." he says agreeing with his wife's response to the greeting. "I leave it up to you Antonia we can dance first and mingle after or mingle first and then dance."

"My thanks, my lord." Tristan says to Elrick, and then watches the man walk away into the festivities. His gaze then meets the next person in line. Samuel. "A good evening to you, my lord. Please, allow me to welcome you to my family's humble home. Stay a while and enjoy our hospitality."

The Lily knight looks on to the young woman as she looks annoyed. Graham will frown as well that had gone about the opposite of how he'd hoped it would. He looks though nodding. "Its just me, we're friends. I wont press you to anything Lady Tia. You are doing very well here please forget I asked about the dance all together?" he asks of her.

<FS3> Amelia rolls Dancing: Good Success. (5 6 6 7 8 6 8 1 3 5)

Looking at the dancers, Gastogne can't help but hum along with the music as he nods and watches, gently humming under his breath, 'Tale as old as time' as he watches the ones out on the floor.

Talia merely shakes her head towards Gastogne, "Not yet," she avows, as she moves in, Dominic with her, behind Elrick. And once the Lord has given his greetings, she inclines her head, "Prince Tristan. A pleasure to see you again, under more celebratory circumstances. Congratulations to you. May your wedding be as fruitful as my own. Have you met my husband, Sir Dominic?" She inquires. She turns to her husband, "Prince Tristan Tracano. He and I met after the Masque of the year's past. A fine man." Then, Talia smiles to Elaida. "And to you, Lady. The One's Blessing upon the both of you. May your wedding have His favor." She pauses there, until her well-wishings have been reciprocated before calling, "Fine meeting you here as well, Lord Elrick."

Amelia allowes the familiar music to fill her as she follows the familiar steps. "Quite well, I should think, and yourself? It has been far too long. My brother speaks often of you."

Antonia smiles when Silvio comments on her brother, even so she sees Elrick vanish in the crowd to get himself something to drink or a refreshment maybe. It will enough for her to prompt a decision. "Dance. Then mingle," she states, that smile deepening as she turns to regard her l'Valdan Prince.

"Not in regards to events here at Pacitta, no." Stephen notes, "My brother would likely be better informed on that particular score right now." He glances to Raelyn, and grins just a touch, "As it seems my birth-family's affairs are not going to be overmuch my business before long." Not that he'll stop being a Warden, in whatever capacity he's able to serve. "Though I do know neither the Queen or her betrothed are in attendance this time. Though I suppose either or both will be when negotiations begin in earnest."

Gastogne nods over as Talia dismisses him for the moment, and gives a bow, "Of course My Lady." He goes to then sweep away from ehr to move along throughout the room, listening attentively as the nobles discuss and gossip for any good treats.

Tristan glances over at Talia, smiling. "Viscountess, it has indeed been some time since we last met. My thanks, Excellency, but allow me to congratulate you on your own marriage. It is all going well, I hope?" He smiles. "Allow me to present my betrothed, Lady Elaida Toulan. Elaida, this is the Viscountess Talia t'Corbeau. She is a very resourceful woman and does her nation credit." He smiles at Talia and then offers Dominic a nod. "Viscount, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Tiadora bows her head apologetically. "Forgive me, Sir Graham. That was very uncalled for of me. I'm just…" She looks up and around at the crowded room. "I don't do well in crowds. I'm fine to just sit here.."

With the necessary thank you and introduction out of the way, Elrick begins to take a look to see who is present and no doubt where the nearest servant with the wine is located. However, as he searches for the booze and notable nobles, his gaze catches sight of his sister and the t'Tremaine heir's expression genuinely brightens. Unfortunately, a small group of nobles moves in between his line of sight with his sister and Prince Silvio, so he loses track of Antonia. Perhaps it is fortunate because he then hears his name and turns towards the source, to see Talia and Dominic. His smile remains as he bows his head respectfully to both, "Your Excellencies, good evening to you both and excellent seeing you both here. I trust you are both well?"

Dominic will take a drink of his wine though just enough to loosen up a bit given the situation of the large party. He pauses bowing politely to the hosts. "It is an honor your highness to meet you my wife does speak highly of you indeed. May the one bless your union, and bring you both happiness." He says politely smiling warmly to the couple/hosts. "The party seems to be quite the success for certain."

Silvio nods to his wife and smiles "It seems like a long time since we've traveled just the two of us." He comments wondering how long it had been indeed though he cannot come up with the answer though he will take her hand all the same and begin moving towards the dance floor. He smiles over to her as he takes up the dancing position and waiting for a few beats before he begins to move along with her with those of course also dancing.

<FS3> Antonia rolls Dancing: Good Success. (4 8 8 1 5 2 8 6 6)

Michael nods, "Good to hear you're well," he says as he dances with Amelia, "Myself, I can't complain, but do tell your brother hello if you see him before I do. I suspect your father has him penned up in Inferna learning how to be a Viscount?" he asks, as he scans the room as they turn searching for Damien t'Artan among the guests.

The Lily Knight shakes his head to her. "Nothing to forgive, m'lady It was my mistake in asking I knew it would be a press and so shouldnt have done so." Graham says though he watches as she looks about the room and then back. "It takes a while to get used to though the new dresses and jewelry are a good start believe it or not. They may indeed garner attention though which in time wont be a bad thing."

<FS3> Silvio rolls Dancing: Great Success. (7 7 7 4 6 8 7)

Amelia laughs, "My father always has something planned to keep his children busy. I will be sure to mention it when next I see him."

Off to the side, Gastogne waits with a serving tray in hand, occasionally passing off wine goblets to those who want one, getting refills of wine goblets, and otherwise listening attentively to the gossip and making sure none of the nobles spontaneously decide to thrash him.

Aidric nods, "Yes, I should see Thad soon, we've passed reports back and forth since he got back from the l'Saigner wedding but we've yet to sit down and truly talk, if you see him, let him know I am looking for him, as is Symon, while we're on the subject."

A slow smile crosses Aidric's face as Adrienne responds to his little barb, "Um, hmm, let me think, perhaps it is that you're a huntress at a tourney? Unless there is much jousting in the woods, I'd say it was safe guess on my part," he replies to her question.

"We've never have, actually," Antonia replies to Silvio's remark with a wry grin. "Don't forget our retinue, the guards…" She hoots her husband a glance. "Etienne… I believe he is well looked after at Rovilon. Even so… it feels odd, and I find my thoughts returning to him when I expect it the least." The l'Valdan Princess follows along when Silvio leads the way, taking the position opposite to his. One may notice a slight lack of focus, but overall, Antonia does well. When the music fades, she regards Silvio with a smile. Surprised perhaps so see he has outshined her on the dancefloor.

"Seems you escaped at least," Michael observes to Amelia. "So, does your escape have a purpose? I seem to recall your brother remarking on your skill with a bow, planning to shoot in the tourney?"

Raelyn turns to Stephen, then, asking Adrienne and Aidric, "If you'll excuse us? I am going to take Stephen over to the dance floor now, as we are due some entertainment. And, it would be poor of us to not enjoy ourselves at the Prince's celebration," she says, with a pleased amount of logic. Her logic, but logic nevertheless. She prompts Stephen, "Shall we, m'Lord?"

"I don't want attention," Tiadora replies, drinking sullenly from her wine. "I just want to fit in perfectly. I'm doing fairly well. At least if I'm talking to you, no-one else will come try to talk to me or ask me to dance?" She tries to find a bit of brightness in that, flashing the Lily Knight a faint smile.

"Maybe," Adrienne quips back to Aidric's remark and irritating smile. "You've seen me compete at the Rovilon tournament, and thought we Huntresses are too eager for vain contests as not to be able to pass on this one." As for jousting in the woods… The Cassomir's green eyes widen in astonishment, her mouth opening then closing as she ponders how to counter that. "Don't be silly," is all she finally manages, as she looks aside - an involuntary smile curling her lips. A chuckle successfully bitten back. Adrienne looks to Raelyn then, the mirth in her freckled face turning into fond amusement. "Of course. Go and enjoy yourselves." Her glance shifting from Raelyn to Stephen.

"I had not planned to, though it is a tempting thought," Amelia replies breathlessly. The whirl of the dance causes her heart to quicken, "Who knows, perhaps I will at that. And you? I assume you will be competing."

Silvio chuckles looking to Antonia and nods "I see your point, though it is indeed odd not to have Etienne with us." He agrees with this he smiles warmly as he can speak to her without being overheard upon the dance floor. "We will have some time all to ourselves later." he says with a smirk coming to his face as well such thing doesnt happen very often for the two with their son being there and all of that. He will bow to her when the song ends and lift hand hand to kiss it. "Wonderful dancing."

With the amount of people finding entertainment within the Tracano manse this evening, it would be rather hard-pressed to notice anyone particularly missing from the festivities. But, whether the crowd of nobility know it or not, the party is increased by one member. It is quite possible no one would notice, for the newcomer does not enter via the main doors leading to the Pacittan night, but, rather, from an interior door, which certainly means that this is no ordinary party guest, but, in fact a resident.

The flash of green and the red hair, flowing down over her shoulders, betrays the newcomer as Clara Tracano. She closes the door behind her and, apart from her usual method of hanging back to observe, walks headlong into the fray, offering greetings to those that catch her passage as she delves into the social gathering.

"We shall." Stephen smiles to Raelyn, and beckons towards said dance floor, "I'll do my best not to mangle your toes in the process." He jokes lightly, before nodding once more to Aidric and Adrienne, "Until later, then. And I'll be sure to pass word on to Thaddeus if I see him before you do, Lord Aidric." And then, it's off to dance! At least for a bit.

"I know you dont, and you do fit in Lady Tia I only noticed you personally well because its what I seem to do and I know you well at least better than many do." Graham says with a chuckle he looks over to her and smiles at her words . "Quite true and a cunning plan to be certain."

Going to walk over past Clara, Gastogne went to bow in passing, "Wine Milady?" Otherwise holding up the tray full of such things and paying attention to the expert displays of dancing. All right, he might have to take some lessons in such sometime.

Aidric allows himself a little bit of a chuckle as he manages to stump Adrienne so early in the exchange, though before he remarks on it Raelyn and Stephen take their leave. "Enjoy yourselves," he wishes earnestly before adding, "Before marriage puts an end to that sort of thing."

Shaking his head he looks to Adrienne and considers a moment before speaking, "Well, I suppose when in Castoria…" he holds out his arm. "Do they have dancing in the woods?"

Tiadora has to smile a little as she spies the red-haired Tracano princess, but she's not sure if her greeting is caught in the crowded ballroom. She turns back to Graham and shrugs, but not before grabbing a small handfull of tiny cheese and onion pies from a passing serving tray. "I figure there will be other parties in the future, maybe once I am more used to big crowds and people staring and moving and coordinating I can dance." She pops one of the pastries into her mouth and shrugs absently.

Michael seems to enjoy the dance as well and smiles at Amelia's remark, "It's not a tourney if there's not a l'Corren there to win it," he boasts with a laugh. "And as my brother isn't a l'Corren any longer…" he grins. "But you should shoot, there are plenty who do from Rivana and someone must protect Couviere's honour in that event."

Adrienne seems for a moment too astonished to even reply to Aidric's question. Her green eyes regard the hand held out to her, before they shift to study the Carling's face. There is a brief flicker in her gaze when she makes up her mind. "You'd be relieved to hear I received my dancing lessons at Castle Roseguard.", the Cassomir remarks as she accepts the hand - and the challenge. "It has been a while though, since my last dance, so I warn you. Your courage may cost you the comfort of your toes."

<FS3> Clara rolls Perception: Good Success. (2 3 6 1 1 8 6 1 2 6 7)

"I couldn't ask for a better husband," Talia returns to Tristan, warmly. "Had you been at the melee tournament at the l'Sainger Masque for Lady l'Sainger's wedding celebration you would have seen how formidable a Knight he is," she boasts, with wifely pride to the Prince. She tips her head, "But you've many guests, and I ought not keep you. Be well, and be happy. Afterall, the One only gives us one life to live." Her lips curve into a knowing smile, and she looks over to Elrick, "Exceedingly so, Lord Sir. I trust all is well in Hartswood and getting better? I'm pleased to have heard the matter was resolved so quickly, and without much - sacrifice," is the word she decides on after a brief pause.

Graham looks back and finds who she looks to nodding to Clara and smiling friendly her way if she should indeed look. He does turn back though to the young woman as she locates the food and nods to her words. "Quite true there will be many parties though in that case and only when you are ready. You can count my dance question as an open invite if you would still like to at that time of course." He nods to the thoughts. "It takes a bit to get used to."

Gastogne twirls his tray with wine around in case the PRincess wishes a goblet, even as he makes sure to fill the glasses of any passerby over as he watches over at the dancing then and the spectacle, not quite able to make things out but enjoying the sight o people enjoying themselves.

Aidric can't help but look entirely too pleased with himself when he manages to shock Adrienne so entirely with his question. "Don't look so stunned," he remarks before he leads her out onto the floor. "And I return the same warning, my last dance lesson was when King Lucas sat the throne," he says as he leads Adrienne out onto the floor.

<FS3> Aidric rolls Dancing: Failure. (1 1 5 2 2 2 4)
<FS3> Adrienne rolls Dancing: Good Success. (1 7 4 5 1 7 6 1 5)

"Ah, yes, that." Tristan offers Talia a small smile. "I had givens ome consideration to attending that wedding and the tournament, but I am afraid that there were pressing matters that my cousin wished for me to see to, and well…" He pauses, holding his hands out, "Duties must come first. I have no doubts of your husband's prowess though, but I must ask… will he participate in this tournament?"

Amelia laughs heartily at Michael's boasting. "But of course! How silly of me to forget," She smiles a sly smile, "I believe you have convinced me, it just wouldn't do to allow Rivana the victory when I could so easily prevent it."

Having awaited his turn in the line to greet the couple, Samuel offers them both a smile. "Your Highness, my lady. Congratulations to the two of you. And I must say you seem to have organized quite a lovely event here." He glances to the crowd, very briefly then back to the hosts.

A hand reaches out blindly to take a glass from the offered tray, without so much as a secondary glass at the person that actually is holding the tray. Drink in hand, Clara looks out over the crowd…and spies the smile of not one, but two people she is familiar with. Drifting through the throng of guests, the princess manages her way past to meet up with Tiadora and Graham. However, it is to Tiadora that Clara addresses first. "Lady Tiadora! It is such a pleasure to see you again! I regret I wasn't down here sooner….I had some matters to attend to first."

Then, the attention turns to Graham. "And…I see you found yourself a gallant knight to guard you from the wiles of the Tracano manse. Sir Graham, how are you this evening." Then…as an extra aside, Clara's smile tilts to a more sly grin. "Couldn't talk Emilia to come with, so you found a proxy to guard instead? I commend your choice." Then…both together. "Does my cousin's party find you both entertained?"

"Thank you, my lord." Tristan says to Samuel, nodding. He gestures towards the others who are here and says, "Please, feel free to enjoy yourself. If there is anything you need, please let me know."

Gastogne manages to keep the tray balanced over then as Clara takes one, though it takes a bit of spinning to avoid having any of the glasses tumbling with it. The wine is probably worth more than his life is, so Gastogne is careful as best he can not to lose any drops. With a whimper, he gives a quick nod, "Welcome Princess." Then goes to try and bring his other hand up and over to the tra to stabilize it.

"See that it doesn't happen again," Michael jokes before grinning broadly to hear that she will take part in the archery, "You do Couviere proud," he says. "I did hear your sister Alexandra is to be betrothed sometime during the tourney, the t'Maren are a good house, she ought to be happy don't you think?"

"Why not?", Adrienne quips back. "Maybe I'm a little surprised you'd be eager for a dance with a character aiming to become another Raelyn?" Her lips curve ever so slightly. "But I suppose you've asked me just to see that reaction, so here it is." It seems the Huntress is in for a true test of her skills; not so much in regards to mastering the courtly dances, but the art of evading missteps of a partner obviously less gifted on the dancefloor. Her Huntress reflexes may help with that, but even so, she has to draw her fashionably slippered feet away more than one time to evade Aidric's heavier shoes.

Tiadora has to blush at Clara's description of everything. "I wore my new dress, is it nice?" Gerrel black has given over to silver and grey, with her house red now sparkling rubies. "Sir Graham is a friend, so it's good to have familiar company. Your mansion is very pretty."

At Talia's question, Elrick dips his head, the answer coming quickly and with confidence that sounds genuine. "Yes, Your Excellency, things are now well and most certainly improving, once again, thank you. Any… sacrifice would have been too great." Certainly too great for his Hosue to bear. There is a pause before he adds, "I also received your message, Viscountess, and will of course pay you a visit at your earliest convenience here in Pacitta. I had just arrived earlier today."

"The bane of being a mother," Antonia admits to Silvio with a chuckle. "I've never left Etienne behind till now. So it's only natural that I think of him, now and then." His remark will elicit a smile on her features. "It is far too early to retire yet, but even so… I will look forward to the time we have later. Until then… we should go and mingle, and present the Royal House of l'Valdan adequately."

Dominic cannot help really the smile when his wife speaks about his appearance at the melee. "I did my best is all, and am glad to have done my house proudly." He turns back though when Talia does and as they are spoken to "Ah m'lord good to see you once more." He comments first in greeting though he nods to the words spoken. "Indeed, such things are best when they can be handled as such." he agrees though he's quiet listening further as they speak.

Samuel smiles, "I will, thank you," he replies to Tristan, before making his way into the crowds, looking around for some people now.

"I did hear that as well, though my father is rather tight-lipped with his secrets." Amelia ponders a moment before adding "Lord t'Maren does indeed carry a good reputation. I'm sure he will be good to my sister."

The Lily Knight will watch spotting Clara's familure form as she comes over. "Your highness, it is a pleasure to see you again. I am quite enjoying myself." Graham will chuckle nodding "I didnt stand a chance against Emilia. I hadnt gotten the question out about her coming here before she'd disappeared." He chuckles a bit knowing she will understand how adapt the lady is at doing just this. He looks over to Tia and nods "Indeed, i'd helped her upon her arrival at Sunreach though yes I must fret over something or my head may will detach of its own accord."

The mention of 'secrets' has Gastogne's attention for a moment, but he quickly decides that anything the nobles would mention in a publi gathering is probably both not worth that much, as well as being the type ofthing that a servant listening in on too closely would not be met well, so he continues to circle with his wine.

One could easily believe Aidric had taken his last lesson before the Succession War, despite all the tales of Rivanan grace, he displays none of it tonight on the floor. He nearly, manages to step on her toes twice and her dress once in short order. "I did it for the reaction," he grits that admission through his teeth. "Though now I am beginning think the payoff isn't worth it." And if to prove the point, he misses a step and stumbles into a courtesan. "One above," he curses, before turning back to his erstwhile partner, "I think I should depart the floor before I put someone through the window," he says.

Silvio smiles "Or a father." He adds though she of course has the harder of the jobs this is for certain he wouldnt dispute it. It doesnt change the fact of wondering if they will be blessed with any more children at some point though he shakes off this thought as it comes it is out of his hands. "You are right of course, I wish to make a good showing here and not be seen as rude." He looks about though he will take her hand in his "Shall we mingle some more?"

Michael nods, "Don't know Sir Jonothan that well except that he won the wedding melee some weeks back," he says. "Seemed a bit joyless to me, but I am sure he will be good to your sister," he says, before glancing off the floor. "Shall we rest our feet awhile?"

Amelia nods her consent, and allows herself to be escorted off of the dance floor, stopping for a moment to take a glass of wine on the way by. She nods to Gastogne with a small smile as she does so. "Thank you for the dance," She says, returning her gaze to Michael.

Adrienne should be irritated, but the miserable showing of her dance partner seems to soothen her reaction, as it manages to draw the confession from his lips. "I thought so," she replies casually, to his admission about asking her to see her reaction. Brows furrow when he makes a further misstep, and nudges against a courtesan. The dark cloud over her demeanour is soon chased away, when the freckled Huntress cannot help but agree with a delighted chuff of laughter, a hand coming up to cover the mouth, but even so it can be heard through the ballroom. "Please.", she says, biting down another chuckle, the mirth evident in the glint of her green eyes. "And… thank you." Said as she moves off the dance floor, offers another of those half-hearted curtseys to Aidric before she turns her attention to another glass of wine, and starts to look for her brother.

"Why, that dress is simply stunning, Tiadora?" The slip of the honorific is accidental, this time, as Clara is genuinely elated to see the ensemble. "Why, your brother should have no complaint over it. His coin has been well-spent….I will tell him so myself, should there be a need." She then pauses to look around the room, nodding gently to herself. "This is certainly not *my* mansion, but it is rather exquisite. Tis only my second stay here, truthfully. But yes, it is rather opulent."

A sip is taken from the glass in Clara's hand, as she tips a wink towards Graham. "I would imagine your cousin dove into the nearest shadow. Courtly functions are not quite her thing…and this…" Clara raises her glass to indicate the crowd…"is even more involved than court. However, I am glad you found a proxy for your fretting. Though, as I am sure Emilia has stated before, there is no need for such. Certainly not here!" It is Clara's subtle hint to Graham…essentially telling him to loosen up and enjoy himself.

"Of course… we should," Antonia concedes to Silvio's question. The glance she shoots about the room showing a slight reluctance even so.

Dimples appear in Tiadora's cheeks as Clara compliments her. "He did say it suited me. Made me look grown up without looking like a woman. Whatever that means." She pauses to sip her own drink before saying, "I am very used to having someone keeping close watch over me, your Highness." She offers a tiny shrug and flashes a small smile to Graham. "It's sort of normal for me, I suppose."

Michael helps himself to some wine as well. "You're welcome, as I said, it was my knightly duty," he replies to Amelia. "And it was good catch up. Bad as they could be sometimes, I do miss the old days at court."

Samuel makes his way further into the room, getting hold of a glass of wine as well now. Taking a sip from it, he grins, "Ah, excellent." There's a pause as he glances around the room once more now, looking a bit thoughtful as he does.

"And court misses you," Amelia sips her wine, "How is your wife? Did she accompany you this evening?"

Aidric watches with growing irritation as his partner barely holds back her laughter. When she leaves, he stalks from the floor and points at a servant, "You! Wine. Now," he barks and takes a cup. He drinsk deep and puts the cup back before taking another. Had he lost that exchange with one of his favourite victims? One above, that was mortifying…

Aidric seizes another cup of wine for his other hand, before letting the servant go on his way. "One above…" he mutters to himself as he moves to the wall to drink and stew.

Graham will look to the princess with a nod given at her words "Indeed, she doesnt like such events much that's true." He says about his cousin though he chuckles about the words of fretting smirking a little. "I am enjoying myself not to worry m'lady its not duty of fretting which brought me over here. I likewise was wishing to compliment Lady Tia on her new dress." He says though he smiles to Tia's words about being used to someone watching over her. It sort of takes him off the hook. "I hope you have time to simply enjoy yourself as well of course."

"Sir Dominic, I assume you are participating in the tourney events here in Pacitta?" Elrick asks the Viscount, nodding his head at the man, "It would certainly strengthen Couviere's representation here in Pacitta, with you on the field." When a servant holding a tray of wine nears, this catches the t'Tremaine's attention as he waves the young woman over, ready to take one for himself but first looking to the two t'Corbeaus to see if they wish for a goblet as well.

Michael nods and glances back to where his wife had been, neither she nor the head of the Courtesan's guild were where he'd left them, but then it was impossible to keep up with Bella. "She's around," he answers the question. "She wouldn't miss a party like this, plus there's a chance her sister might come to town for the tourney. How about you, has your father hammered out a match for you?"

As Aidric goes to yell at some poor servatn, that poor servant is Gastogne. Whom almost tumbles oer flat on his ass as Aidric yanks some of the wine off the tray, and it's all the poor fumbling sod can do to prevent the wine falling right off of it. STammering, "Apologies sir!" Hands waving up and over to try and help stabilize the tray!

<FS3> Gastogne rolls Sleight Of Hand: Success. (5 5 5 4 2 4 8 5 2 1 4)

Just -barely- able to prevent it from tumblig, but some of the expensive liquid sloshes over the side on the tray then, and Gastogne can only let out a quiet hwimper at this. The bard will kill him, take his head, put it on a pike!

"I've invited Lord Sir Elrick to our manse," Talia explains to Dominic, in a sidelong glance, still smiling. "We look forward to having you," she returns to Elrick, nodding and saying nothing else about the Hartswood matter. She signals then for Gastogne, without glancing much at him. It would seem Talia is, now, ready for that wine. She awaits Dominic's response to if he will be participating in the Tourney.

Amelia hides a soft snort in her glass. "Not as yet, though not for lack of trying, to be sure. If this arrangement for Alexandra is true I suppose it's only a matter of time before my own betrothal announcement."

The Count will look over as his wife speaks of inviting the man to their manse. Dominic nods and smiles "Excellent indeed. You are most welcome." He says though considering about the competing, he'd brought his gear of course just in case. He nods to the two. "I belive that I will compete yes. I can hardly say no when it is for the good of the kingdom and my house." he chuckles a bit though he has considered it anyways if truth be told.

Not if Aidric takes his head first. "Idiot!" the lordling barks as the wine gets on his clothing. He swats at the tray with a sweep of his hand. "Now get out of the way before I drag you out the door and drown you in the canal," he says as he pushes forward eager to be away from the servant and indeed this whole disater of an evening.

Stumbling over with the tray and being shoved, Gastogne can only whirl his hands about as he tries to ensure that more of the precious wine does not tumble as he moves to take a little more of a fall then, "Apologies milord! I'm so sorry!" Going to quickly try and backstep out of the way without dropping any more wine.

<FS3> Clara rolls Perception: Good Success. (7 7 3 1 1 2 3 5 3 5 5)
<FS3> Tiadora rolls Perception: Good Success. (1 6 8 5 1 5 5 7 8 5 6)

Aidric pays the servant no mind, save to give him a good kick as he passes. Enough of this, he'd be better off at the 'Folly.

Clara tilts her head in consideration of what words Tiadora's brother had used for his compliment. " 'look grown up without looking like a woman'? How…very peculiar. I am afraid I am rather at a loss too as to what exactly Duke Symon was implying." She shakes her head clear, then flashes a smile to both Tiadora and Graham. "But, I am quite used to a close watch as well, at least ever since returning to Rivana almost a year ago or so. Several eyes, in fact. It is a bit freeing to not worry so much about that here…though, with all the knights about, we are perhaps more watched now than usual."

Regardless that Clara's focus was upon her two friends…the sudden outburst of an angry Aidric over a few drops of spilled wine suddenly grabs her attention. "If…you two will excuse me." Clara shifts, stepping away from the pair and over towards Aidric and the servant in question. "Lord Carling…" Brown eyes flick from Aidric to the wine tray…with the evidence of the issue upon the surface of the tray. "Cousin, is there something amiss?" As she speaks to Aidric, a hand reaches behind her, shooing Gastogne blindly away, towards the kitchens to clean up the mess and generally just to get out of sight.

Gastogne takes that as his cue then over as he manages to quickly avoid spilling more of hte wine then, going to put the tray back, "Thank you Princess." Managing to keep up just a small posture of dignity as he stumbles back, quickly weaving over towards the kitchens to try and otherwise make himself scarce then and get himself cleaned up or otherwise wait to be chewed out more.

Tiadora purses her lips into a frown as Aidric's night goes downhill. She looks past the two friendly faces and winces a little at the scene. Her mouth opens to respond but she just snaps it shut and retreats closer to the wall, if such could be said. She goes back to silently nibbling on the impressive food being passed about.

"Tends to be the way of it," Michael remarks nodding. "My brother was wed after me, well, no actually Gwendolyn was married next, but she's always been strong-willed…" he leaves off as he knows he's rambling. The business with the wine tray catches his attention a moment, "Good of his highness to hire a fool to amuse us," he remarks lightly with a shake of his head. "Anyhow, enjoy your freedom while you can my lady, marriage has a way of sneaking up on you quickly. Not to say it's not enjoyable, but you only get your freedom once, or so one hopes."

With the invitation confirmed, Elrick nods his head to Talia as if any other discussions of Hartswood or anything else of importance will occur then. Looking back to Dominic, the t'Tremaine heir smiles once more at the answer he hears, "That is most excellent, Sir, and it will indeed be good for our kingdom. May you and I be the last two standing, in the events."

Damn it, as if he did not have enough eyes on him already, now he had Clara here speaking to him and Tiadora not far behind. Aidric leans in close, trying to keep from snapping at the princess and making his night even worse. "Your man there is a fool, I'd appreciate it cousin if he was on the street come morning."

Michael's rambling is mostly lost on Amelia as the commotion splits her focus, sympathy painting her features. "Yes," She says absentmindedly, shaking her head to clear it, "I shall endeavor to do just that."

Dominic will nod "That would be an honor indeed." He says though with the wine being tripped and slung he will take the hand which was around Talia and move her slightly out of the way so that she wouldnt get splashed just in case. The knight nods to her once this is seen to though if he spots Gastogne he will narrow his eyes for just a split second before turning back around. "I am sure everything will be ready for when the party ends."

Graham will not step away to help this time watching as Clara goes off he instead looks to Tiadora and gives a smile. "With so many people in any amount of space there will always be mishaps. It will blow over I am sure." He comments trying to relax her once more with the worry about the situation. "Tell me more about the other dresses and the jewlery you got?" he asks.

Upon hearing Aidric's words, Clara turns to regard the fellow she had just shooed away, before he ducks away into the kitchens. "I….have not seen that person before. Perhaps some hired hand specifically for tonight." She turns back to Aidric, having the common courtesy to keep her own voice down as she addresses him. "I shall see to it that he never sees the inside of this manse again after tonight." It is a small token, but it is offered freely, in hopes that it will pacify the somewhat irate Aidric for the moment.

Gastogne is ducking over into the kitchent o clean himself off, put his outfit aside then, and then likely make sure that he remembers the terrifying face of the Lord and makes sure he is never in the same area as Aidric again then, and that he can properly hide himself at any future occasions then. Thoughts of doom are filling his mind then, even as he quietly just goes to help over in the ktichens.

Tiadora bites anxiously on her lip as she looks to Graham. "I'd rather… I'd rather just listen to the music, Sir. I don't feel like talking much." She shakes her head, the light glittering off her jewels. "I-I should probably go back to our rooms. I've been social enough."

"Good," Michael says to Amelia, then spotting his wife at last, he downs his cup of wine and turns to his dancing partner. "Thank you for your company, but I should go re-claim my wife before she vanishes again, however I hope we will speak again soon," he offers inclining his head.

Amelia inclines her head "As do I," Amelia says before watching his departing form. She begins surveying the room once more.

The Lily knight will look to the other this last issue seeming to break the back of the evening for her. Graham nods to her words though he wishes he could say more to help and perhaps make her willing to stay. "It will blow over m'lady but if you are sure may I walk with you at least?" he asks.

Samuel has gotten a refill of his wine, it would seem. He has also been discussing some topic with one ofthe other guests, but are now circulating through the crowd again, glancing around at the various people present once more.

Aidric's eyes cut back towards wherever the servant went, the Abyss if he was lucky, but turns back to Clara and nods. "Thank you, coz," he says, before making a further glance about the room. People had gone back to their socializing and Aidric relaxes some and recovers his manners, "Forgive the disruption to your evening, I will be fine if you wish to return to my cousin Tia."

"No!" Tiadora says, perhaps too loudly. She flushes and shakes her head quietly as she offers Graham a weak smile. "No, I mean, you should go and have some fun. Dance with the pretty girls. Eat some food. The wine is really good too. I have a small army of my brother's men if I need protection, Sir Graham."

Graham goes wide-eyed with the loud exclamation though will look to the other, but returns the smile to her his own warm and friend though in kind when hers is given. "It wasnt for protection, but simply as your friend Lady Tia, but I understand if you wish some time alone. Hopefuly we will see one another again soon."

The Princess shifts her attention back towards where she came from, as Aidric mentions that he is doing better. Perhaps at the right time, too, to see the exchange between lady and knight. A frown mars an otherwise pleasant disposition as she turns back to her cousin. "Thank you, cousin. I think I shall do that. Please enjoy the rest of your evening." With that, she sets back off again towards Tiadora and Graham, shifting to slowly approach to Tiadora's side, should she wish of it.

One above, what a tangle. Trying to stay to the outskirts has not led to any sort of clean getaway for Raimond Giraldi. Who would have thought so many local well-wishers would seek to give their regards? He supposes he shouldn't be surprised. His family has many "friends" here after all, but even so, you'd think he'd never have returned to Pacitta after going to live at Charger's Rest and later Watch Hill. He was here for the Great Raid of all things! Ah well. He finally manages to excuse himself from another of Chancellor Mancini's deadly dull anecdotes, leaving the head of the Dockworkers' Guild as his sole victim…not an uncommon occurrence. Thick as thieves, those two.

And now, finally, Raimond finds a spot of open air, so to speak, claiming another winecup and taking a healthy swallow. Now let's see….

Change in a fresh uniform and cap that he's wearign low over his face and a clean outfit, Gastogne is otherwise serving now, making sure to stay far afield from the nobles then as he works at helping in any ways directed then, trying to stay out of the way to avoid being murderfaced.

The joys of gate sickness, arriving a bit late to the party is a man of average height, with dark black hair and ice-blue eyes. A neatly groomed beard, hair cropped close to the head. Formal attire of black with silver accents, Justin arrives, with a silver pendant bearing the sigil of House t'Acuto in full color. He waits to be formally announced if the party has been that formal, if not then he is likely just passed through without too much wait or fuss.

Justin doesn't approach anyone as of yet, likely looking over the room to see if there are any familiar faces, or at least to try and get a feel for things. He's been working in Valetta for four months now and has finally had the chance to go elsewhere. He does try and locate the host though, if not met by them at the door, so he can greet them properly and thank them for the invitation.

A hand claps on Graham's shoulder, and a voice familiar to Tiadora interrupts. "As much as I would love to enjoy tonight further," Duke Symon says coolly, "I've an appointment early in the morning I must keep. It's been fun, actually… cousin Tristan should do this more often." And the Duke of Normont gives those gathered there a smile that's decidedly not a smile. It's that sort of smile that indicates a sort of protectiveness that only an older brother can claim. He didn't miss his sister's discomfort.

Letting go of Graham's shoulder he moves to the other side of his sister, so that he and Clara flank her. "Little sister, did you wish to go, or stay for some time longer? I can have your excort stay if you'd like, or we can go back to our manse together."

Tristan steps up, almost out of nowhere, and gives Justin a smile. "Welcome, my lord. Please, enjoy your evening and let any of the staff know if you need anything." The Prince gives the t'Acuto lord a slight bow and then slips away, finally coming up to stand beside Clara and Symon. He gives his old friend a small smile and then glances around. "How is everyone doing this evening? Symon, did you wish for me to have a bottle of one of the finer vintages made available to you for your enjoyment later?"

The antics of Gastogne is ignored by Elrick, though it is no doubt amusing to say the least. For now, his attention is on the t'Corbeaus but it appears that the t'Tremaine will be moving on soon as he nods once more to Dominic, "Indeed, I look forward to the contests. I should excuse myself, I saw my sister earlier and did not get a chance to greet her. May Your Excellencies enjoy the festivities of this evening." With a bow to both Talia and Dominic, Elrick disengages and moves to see who else is present, no doubt searching for tourney knights from the past, knights he was familiar with before taking the mantle of heir more seriously.

Tiadora turns an even brighter shade of red. She reaches for something at her waist that isn't there and she looks as if she may break down and cry. "I'm sorry, Sir Graham, I am being very rude." She looks up at Symon with a mixture of relief and even deeper embarrassment. "W-we should go. It's been a lovely party b-but I want to get up e-early to work on my painting for the c-contest." She gives Clara and Tristan an apologetic smile. "It was a really nice p-party? The food was very good."

Far, far away from the nobles, and far, far away from the wine, Gastogne is now with a different outfit taking along a tray of small appetizers. That has to be safe, right? No nobles wanting to grab them, no risking himself spilling things so expensive, no risking upsetting anyone.. It can't harm him, right?

Alphonso, a man who is in his late 50s, and the head of the Tracano staff, approaches Gastogne, and murmurs to him quietly. "I know you are not a member of the food staff this evening, I can account for each one of them and where they are right now. Please, I do not know what it is you are doing currently, but I think it is time for you to depart."

The Lily Knight doesnt jump with the hand to his shoulder though does look back to find its source knowing enough to place Tia's brother to the face "Lord Sir, Graham Cassomir." he says with his usual polite tone as he intoduces himself to the man the hand removed his gaze looks back to his friend now. He smiles "You havent been rude at all Lady Tia lovely company as always. I am glad you could come enjoy the rest of your evening." He looks over to Clara as she returns though nodding.

There is a glance from Gastogne oer at Alphonso, "Of course. I.. Was here to help another staffer and when they vanished I had myself pressed into aiding. I shall return the outfit and be gone as soon as I have put it in the kitchens." Going to then give a quick, formal nod and then going to return the tray, and if not interrupted further going to take the outfit he had changed into back to the kitchens to return it, and then out the back as directed.

Symon grins, a hint of rogueishness to his mein as he regards his old friend the Prince. "Nah," he drawls casually, something he'd not do with any other man save Tristan or Aidric, "but berhaps tomorrow night after the festivities I shall take you up on it, coz." He looks to Tia, a mizture of pity and apology in his expression. "Ah, little sister," he replies, "It was not you being rude but I, butting in like this," he deflects for her. "But I'm afraid I do need to go, and if you are quite done with your first Tracano party," and he glances at Tristan and winks, "but probably not the last…" before he turns back to Tia, "we can be off to 'home', or at least home whilst we're here, as soon as you've said your goodbyes." He gives Clara a sidelong glance, and appreciative one, but only murmurs a quick apology and a greeting— he had missed her in the earlier crowds.

"Very good, sir." Alphonso says in a low, quiet tone. "Your wages for the evening can be collected in the back." He says it all very politely, as he is a rather reserved man. He then makes his way out of the room to go back to seeing to the orderly operation of his domain.

Symon looks to Graham. "And that's 'Your Grace'. Not Lord, nor Sir."

A gentle nod is given to Duke Gerrell as he steps up to the opposite side of Tiadora, with Clara on the other. The Princess offers a warm smile to Tiadora and Symon both, before speaking to Tiadora. "Please, feel free to return at any time, Lady Tiadora. I rather enjoy your company and I sincerely hope to speak with you soon." There is not much more that Clara says after that, allowing the window for the Gerrells to depart whenever.

Aidric bows to Clara before she departs. Then, deciding he will find better wine and company here that the Folly, lingers, drinking his wine and watching with amusement as his cousin Symon makes ready to depart.

Tristan offers Symon a faint smile. "Only if Aidric can tag along. You know he will pout if he is not included." He glances around at the party, not having caught what was going on earlier. Well, it seems everything was being handled. Still, he stands beside Clara and then puts a hand on her arm. "It is good to see you out and about, cousin." He gives her a smile, and then removes his hand and glances over at the Cassomir knight and Tiadora.

Justin gives a formal and respectful bow to Trison and says, "You honor me Your Highness." The Lord and knight then moves to scan the room as Tristan sees to his own affairs, now the formalities have been handled. Elrick may or may not recognize Justin, as it has been some time since the t'Acuto has been to a tourney, and never really placed in the past. Also possible they have encountered each other in a few battles during the closing years of the Thirty Years War or the Triian Crusade.

Graham will bow "An honor to meet you properly. Your Grace." He is perhaps confused at the cold quality but he responds with his polite tone and frienly manor which he uses for well most everyone really just diffrent titles and all. He will look back nodding to the princely host bowing before he looks back to the Gerrell party not wishing to seem to be ignoring them.

Tiadora just nods to the Tracanos as she stays close to her brother's side. She seems to be calming down, her expression softening. "It was a very lovely party. I may have to try dancing next time?" She gives Clara a more natural smile before saying "I can show you my pencils for my contest painting?"

"That would be fantastic. I would love to see your artwork, Tiadora." Clara again dropped the honorific (in plain view of both Symon and Tristan), but this time, it was certainly intentional. Clara's little method to help release the tension. "Then perhaps I can show you my meager dress sketches as well. I look forward to it!"

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