(1866-09-12) After the Party
After the Party
Summary: Silvio and Antonia have a brief conversation about the Tracano Party they have just returned from, also about the current Tournament and their son, Etienne, while they prepare for bed.
Date: 14-18/09/2015 (Date of RP)
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Manse rented by House l'Valdan - Pacitta
In the scene
Septembre 12th, 1866

The hour was already late, when Prince Silvio l’Valdan and his wife Princess Antonia returned, with a retinue of half a dozen guards. The pair having been out on an invitation to the Tracano Manse, a first event of many to come in the weeks of the Pacitta Circuit Tournament. Once arrived, Antonia is soon heading upstairs, after issuing some orders for the next day to the servants - mostly regarding the time at which she would wish for a breakfast. Sitting down on the chair in the dressing room, grey eyes will close for a moment, while her handmaiden is already busy with removing the headpiece of dark blue ribbons and pearls from the dark-blonde tresses, before dealing with that multitude of tiny braids that had been so carefully arranged for the social event. “It wasn’t as bad as expected,” Antonia admits in the moment Silvio enters - which can’t really be that long after. She shoots him a glance, watching as his attendant helps him out of his courtly attire - the fine doublet which has so many buttons and laces. “I hope I did alright?” Referencing her conduct towards the Rivana nobility, she as so many other members of her family carries a slight grudge for.

The party went as well as could be expected. It was good to see other nobles which weren’t often able to be and even meet others of the southern nobles which to they are making peace with. Silvio does follow up his wife after asking briefly for some water/wine and food to be brought up. He is thus not surprise when it’s waiting for them even. He looks to his wife being attended to even as he is likewise. “I am glad it wasn’t. I know it's not as easy as you make it look Antonia.” He smiles around being fussed over looking towards her. “You did wonderfully more than any could have asked of you really.”

Antonia shoots Silvio a glance, her grey eyes glinting with fondness, while the handmaiden finishes with loosening her braids. "I enjoyed the dance," she admits. "Even so… Being civil towards our hosts didn't seem too much of an effort. If only I would have had the chance to talk to Elrick." Her smile dims a touch. "I need to catch him for some words, and maybe a spar. Given I won't be able to compete in any of those contests, unless I choose to take on the disguise of a mystery knight…" Her voice trails off, fading into a good-natured chuckle. "I do admit, I would like to test my mettle against any of the knights competing… Such ambition is pure vanity of course, and one I shall sate in the practice yard."

Silvio smiles to the comment of the dance “I did as well we’ve not had such a chance in a little while and it was good to see if I could still move at all without breaking your toes.” He chuckles as the aid is finished with him he nods in thanks to them. He turns to look to his wife moving over he’ll kiss her softly getting a stern look from the handmaiden as it makes her job difficult “Sorry.” He says and will stand where he’d been though the further words get a more thoughtful look. “I’m sure you’ll be able to see him before this ends.” He frowns outright at her not being able to compete, even through the years of their marriage so far he cannot forget that it is his /fault/ she is not a knight as she wishes. “Hm… perhaps we can try and get knights together for a sparring session as many as we can invite sometime and you can test yourself?” he knows it’s not the same but it's all he can offer to her. He smiles small hopeful that it helps.

Antonia cannot help but smile at Silvio's comment about dancing. "There were others who did worse," she states with some amusement. Her grey eyes lift to meet his gaze when he approaches, and yes, to her handmaiden's displeasure she shares a brief kiss with her husband. "Elrick… of course. I will send him a note.", she states thoughtfully. A hand moves to his fingers on her shoulder. "And don't you dare to get 'some knights together'. I don't need these contests. I fought beside King Maris against the Brodlundian invaders. I am…", and here a faint smirk curls Antonia's lips, "Princess Antonia l'Valdan. Even so, people prefer to see me in dresses rather than in armor. Regardless… this is a Circuit Tournament, for knights only. I am eager to attend and watch the showings, but it is not on me to compete."

With her hair finally undone, she rises to her feet, turning towards Silvio with a smile, while the handmaiden will unfasten the laces at the back of her dress; with Silvio’s manservant already done and having retreated, of course.

Silvio chuckles and nods “I believe there were, toes seem to be the biggest loss at such events.” He comments lightly though he shares the amusement with her. The man will nod about her brother “You should, I wish for you to be able to spend time with him while we’re here.” He will entwine fingers with hers and nod to her next. “It was just a thought love, I have put no plans in place but I will not do so.” He smiles warmly to her nodding “That you did, and yes you are. A wonderful Princess to her people and wife and mother.” He says happily. He will stay close as she stands meeting her gaze a moment in silence though his eyes warm and loving.

Antonia’s grey eyes are glinting with fond amusement. “I am grateful of course, that you would go to such troubles as to ensure my happiness,” she says, shifting a little in her stance, while her handmaiden is busy with loosening the laces of her bodice, her hand coming forward when he reaches for it, their fingers entwining, as her lips curl into a warm smile. “I miss Etienne,” she states, her gaze flickering a little, “but even so… I know he is fine.” her fingers let go of his, when she is helped out of her dark blue dress, revealing the chemise she wears underneath that is loosely bound at her front and reaches to her knees. “Thank you,” Antonia offers to the handmaiden, along with a smile - less warm but friendly still. A glance is shot Silvio’s way, before the l’Valdan wife moves towards the door that leads to their bedroom.

The Prince nods to her words “Of course I would, I would do most anything to see you happy.” He says with conviction. If nothing else had started well from their time being matched it's that he has wanted her to be happy. Silvio squeezes her hand and smiles nodding though “As do I, but you know our siblings are spoiling him rotten in our absence.” He grins nodding to the handmaiden as well though he turns his full attention upon his wife and follows close behind her. He checks once the handmaiden has left before he’ll smirk mischievous and playful giving a playful pinch of his wife’s backside.

“How could I be anything but happy?”, his wife counters gently, lifting a brow as she shoots Silvio a glance. Even though a slightly thoughtful expression remains in her grey eyes, her lips curving upwards when he speaks of their son. “Spoil him, hah! That was one of the reasons I wanted to have him come along - to prevent this. He would so love to have come along to watch the tournament. But there will be others, I am sure. We did attend the Coronation Tournament, and he got to see his share of jousting and sparring at Rovilon there not too long ago. I believe his break from competent sword practice,” a bit of emphasis there, along with that brow lifting even further, “will provide him with more time for his books.” Other but no less vital areas of a Prince’s education. That cheeky pinch of her backside will earn Silvio a glance, stern at first, as if a rebuke were about to jump from Antonia’s lips; but instead it will be a chuckle that comes forth, amused at his audacity and forwardness. “So you really expect some further enjoyment to be had on this eve, despite the late hour?”, she inquires softly, as she closes the door behind them, turning then to allow her gaze to drift over the interior of their temporary bedroom, a four poster bed with curtains in dark red, drawn back currently to allow a glimpse at the neatly arranged pillows, sheets, and blanket, the candles arranged on the two smaller tables by the bed, where most of the refreshments Silvio had ordered have been placed, along with a flagon of wine and two glasses.

“So we are to enjoy a late supper in bed? Has that been your plan?”, Antonia inquires, the tone of her voice not disapproving of such ploy.

The prince smiles when she speaks of being happy though he will follow along with her as the door to their room is shut behind them. “I am sure he will be kept on track he’s a smart boy and eager to learn when he can focus on his work at all.” Silvio nods about the coronation “There will be many others and perhaps we’ll even see him compete one day.” This is offered over to her though he watches the glance given at his pinch, the chuckle breaking the moments tension. “Hm expect… maybe just hopeful perhaps?” he says with a smirk as he looks over to the setup but nods to her. “It is at least a noble effort my love yes?” he comments.

Antonia’s eyes narrow just so as she shoots Silvio a glance, the upturn of her lips undeniable. “I do not object,” she states, her fingers moving over the fabric of the chemise she wears, just as if to assure herself that it is there. “And in fact I may share such hope…” Said as she turns to face him, the glint in her grey eyes unmistakable, when the sudden context of a closed door, and the absence of a son who might storm in on some matter or the other at any time offers new possibilities. “Even if… this noble effort is quite obvious in its intentions.” Not that she would mind it. Her hand lifts, as she places her fingers against SIlvio’s cheek and then leans into him, slowly, until their lips brush against each other, in a gentle, affectionate kiss.

The prince smiles nodding at her non-objection to his plan looking over her form as she moves. Silvio smiles speaking about not objecting and sharing his same hope. “It was a bit obvious perhaps I will work on this for next time.” There is a moment of silence while he’s just thinking though it's not long, and he does lean into her touch and returns the kiss to her lips enjoying the moment. Such a trip away for a few days or a week it is to be cherished and perhaps hopeful for the future after the nights spent. His arms will wrap around her holding her in his arms closely and a few more kisses shared.

“Silvio…” Antonia murmurs against his face, her grey eyes flickering as they are locked with his gaze. “Stop apologizing, it’s fine. And besides… I do not mind it was obvious, when we both are in need of some time together.” Another affectionate brush of her fingers against his cheek occurs, before she pulls back from him and crawls onto the bed, arranging the pillows so they can lean against the headpiece whilst enjoying their wine together - which she pours them now, handing one glass to Silvio when he joins her.

The prince smiles though he does walk over around the bed as he watches her and scoots onto the bed until he's close enough to be just touching when they lay out sitting up against their pillows. He will take the wine and look over. "To marrying, and finding love and future happiness with you Antonia." he holds his glass over to her.

A soft chuckle escapes his wife, grey eyes glinting with warmth as they narrow just so when she hears his words. “Our marriage was ages ago,” Antonia says. “Even so, I’d say we were both fortunate.” A brow lifts. “To Etienne as well, our sunshine, who is destined to become a worthy Prince of Couviere and a great knight someday.” Her gaze grows distant for a moment, before it focuses on Silvio again, with a hint of mischief apparent in her smile. “And to this wonderful eve, with you, which will, no doubt, come to a most satisfying conclusion.”

There is a soft ‘clink’ as she touches her glass to his, before Antonia takes a good sip from her wine, and deposits the glass on the table beside the bed.

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