(1866-09-12) Bad News and Great News
Bad News and Great News
Summary: Lord Joffrey t'Synclarre gets an "honor" he doesn't want, and runs into some complications for his previous actions, but his wife Gwendolyn quickly manages to banish all disappointment with a bit of news.
Date: 09-12-1866 IA
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A Guest Suite in the l'Corren Manse in Pacitta
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Septembre 12, 1866 IA

And so the Lord and Lady of House t'Synclarre made their way to Pacitta for the Tournament, where shortly after arrival, Joffrey found himself in private conference with no less a personage than the Lord Captain Commander of the Templar Order, Sir Brion Thorpe. He spoke with Sir Thorpe for nearly two hours, and when he returns to the guest room at the l'Corren Manse in Pacitta that they're presently sharing, he looks…troubled as he moves to sit down upon one of the couches, rubbing at his face a bit and frowning. It is early evening, and the sun is just starting to dip below the horizon. For the moment, Joffrey takes no food or drink, just lost in his own thoughts.

It was a bit unsettling for him to be gone so long then when he returns his demeanor is even more so. At having been alerted to his return Gwen goes out to the sitting room and pauses when she sees him there, her brows furrowing, "Joffrey…what's wrong?" she asks cautiously then wals over near him and slips down to sit on the couch at his side. She reaches over and rests her hand on his arm, waiting, nervously.

Joffrey glances over to Gwen, offering her a reassuring smile through his troubles, and shifting his arm away from her grip…but only so he can put it around her shoulders and pull her closer to him. "Some small things, some…not as small…but nothing we can't weather. I just…feel like we wasted the trip here, as I won't be competing in the tourney now. The Vice-Chancellor has barred me from competition." He grimaces a bit, "Sorry Gwen. I suppose I still needed to meet with Sir Thorpe, though. He…they want me to remain as Lord Commander in Couviere, but I've told them I can't make that commitment. There's too much to be done in Edgebrooke…and a family to build." He glances to Gwen and smiles again. "Sir Thorpe says he understands…but that no less than the High Priest himself has asked that I serve as part of the Sanctum delegation to the Grand Treaty negotiations…as a representative of the Order." Joffrey does not seem pleased by this at all…it will mean even more time away from Edgebrooke.

It's a lot to take in, a lot to hear, to process, and her face quirks with thought as it all sinks in. "I.." she starts then you're explaining more and she quiets and frowns, listening. "It is quite an honor.. to be requested.. well.. commanded, thus," she says, trying to have a positive outlook, trying to be encouraging, even if there is no hiding a bit of apprehension and maybe even sadness in her expression.

"It is. And one I cannot rightly refuse. Not…" He reaches to his belt, plucking off a small scroll case and pulling out the missive bearing the High Priest's signature, "When it comes from the High Priest's hand." He shakes his head slightly, "We'll have time to return home for a short while. A couple of months perhaps. And then I suspect I'll be doing a lot of gate travel going back and forth between here and there." Joffrey notes, looking at the missive again. "I…wonder if I should have accepted the Lord Commander position instead. Though I didn't know this would be my penance for refusal. Valetta is closer, at least…but I would not want to spend so much time consumed by those duties that I barely come to know the family we will build together."

Gwen nods her head gently and glances to the missive then her mouth works at something while she listens to him talk and she nods her head, "I do not like the idea of you having to use the gates so much.." she says with a sigh. She smiles softly and then curls her hand around his and draws it over to her lap, slowly stroking his fingers, then she nods her head, "You do need to know them," she agrees. "I want them to know you, to know us.. and I want to.." and she inhales. While she's talking she is drawing Joff's hand to her belly, "We will be so proud of you," she says.

"The gates aren't so bad. A day or two of not feeling well is better than spending months more away from home just in travel." Joffrey replies to Gwen, again offering a reassuring smile. When she takes his hand, he tilts his head curiously, but the combination of her words and actions don't take long to sink in, and now the smile that spreads across his face is more than simply reassuring. It's excited, relieved, warm, and just all-around joyful all in one.

"Gwen…you're…" He laughs, "Well, you're a healer, I suppose you'd know better than most, wouldn't you?" He pulls her into a long and tender kiss, speaking after it's broken, "Well…we'll have to celebrate somehow. And figure out how we're going to tell everyone else." He kisses her again, clearly elated, and the troubles of a few moments ago now all but completely faded. "What do you think…a boy or a girl?" He teases, arms wrapping around her and pulling her closer.

Gwen smiles softly then nods her head, "Yes I know better than most," she agrees. She kisses him back softly and then nuzzles his jaw, "It will be fun to tell everyone.." she says. "I don't know yet.. I hope for a boy, a son," she says and snuggles up against him burying her face to his neck.

"It will. And I'll be happy with either." Joffrey replies, "The first of many, I hope." He smiles, leaning down and kissing his wife once more. The kind of kiss that starts to grow more passionate, before he pauses, pulling back with a bit of a frown, "I ah…does this mean we need to…refrain?" He actually, for once, looks a little pink in the cheeks asking the question this time.

Gwen beams a smile at him and nods, "I will be happy too," she says then nods, "Yes love, the first of many, we shall have many of each.." she says with a giggle then leans in to kiss him in return. She smiles at his question then shakes her head, "No love, we need not refrain, for now nothing must change, though eventually it may be tricky when my belly is bigger," she answers. She reaches to touch that flushed cheek, "I Love you.. I'm going to give you our first child in about six and one half months."

"Six and a half months. I'd be optimistic and hope the treaty negotiations will be completed by then, but…I suppose we'll see." Joffrey grins once more, looking amusedly relieved at Gwen's own reassurances. "In the meantime…I suppose we should celebrate, hmm?" He grins, more than a touch mischievous now.

She nods and smiles, "We will be optimistic in all things," Gwen says and leans in to kiss his cheek then his ear gets a little nibble and she nods again, "We should.. " she agrees and then rises, holding his hand, "Come.. take your wife to bed.."

"Well, what kind of man can refuse such a request from his wife?" Joffrey notes as he rises from the couch himself, "Lead on, Love. I suppose there is a bright side to not competing…" That mischievous grin remains in full force, "I don't have to worry about conserving my strength…." And with that, the pair disappears into the bedchamber, likely not to emerge until morning.


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