(1866-09-13) A Late Wedding Gift
A Late Wedding Gift
Summary: In hopes his gift will stir commerce in his own lands, Elrick stops by after the parade to give Alina and Gabriel a late wedding present
Date: 1866-09-13
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l'Saigner Manse - Pacitta
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A couple hours after the parade, Elrick is escorted into the main sitting room of the l'Saigner manse. Alina and Gabriel (and wine and light refreshments) await him there, Alina dressed in a lightweigh gown of rich royal purple.

Once they've all greeted each other and taken their seats, Alina and Gabriel sharing one couch and Elrick taking one of the comfortable chairs, and wine has been poured for them all, Alina gives Elrick a bright smile. "So, Lord Elrick, I am glad to hear the brigands in your lands have been dealt with. Was there something you wished to discuss with us? Or is this simply a social call?" She does not seem too off-put at the idea it might not be social.

Gabriel offers Elrick a nod as the man is shown in and then seated. Taking a glass of wine, he takes a sip of it, and then sits back on the couch, giving him an appraising eye. "Yes, it was good to hear about them being dealt with. Such men are always bothersome. A shame that I could not come and offer any assistance, but…" He gives a side-long glance at Alina before returning his attention to Elrick.

Elrick was not one to linger around too long after the parade, at least since when he is not in Couviere lands and when there is much to do, due to his late arrival to Pacitta. He had time to clean up a bit and change into more comfortable formal wear, something that the t'Tremaine Heir seems to wear well, not feeling too stuffed up. So when it was time to meet with the l'Saigners, he was prepared and he did not go alone this time. His squire accompanied him to the Manse, carrying a chest that is decorated though not overtly so.

After being shown in, with the squire waiting outside, Elrick offers the proper greetings to the new husband and wife before taking the seat that was offered to him. Glass of wine is in hand but before he drinks, the heir to House t'Tremaine speaks, "I, too, am glad that the troubles at home have been dealt with and is now in the past. As for this visit, it is more… a social call." A nod is offered to Gabriel, as if to say that he understands and that he is grateful that his assistance would have been offered, then Elrick continues, "I bring gifts, Lady Alina, gifts that were not ready until recently. Too late for your wedding, which I offer my deepest apologies for." Troubles of the land and all.

"Well," Alina replies smoothly, "I can hardly fault you for a late wedding gift," she takes a sip of wine, "especially when Hartswood was beset. Sometimes the social niceties are held aside due to extenuating circumstances." She grins, glances to her husband and reaches over to take his hand and squeeze it. Married life and motherhood seems to be agreeing with her well enough. (It helps that her children are cared for by maids and nurses.)

"I am glad for such a social call. You've always been both a fine knight and a man of court."

Gabriel glances over at Alina and then back to Elrick. "You really were busy with other things, a gift is not even all that necessary. I know you have had plenty to deal with and I don't think anyone could fault you for having your mind on other things." He takes another sip of his wine, not bothering to comment on Alina's remark that Elrick was a fine man of court, though he does roll his eyes at her just slightly.

With an easy smile accompanied with a bowed head, Elrick appears to be glad that Alina and Gabriel are understanding in the matter, though it does give him the excuse to present with the gifts personally. "Thank you, Lady Alina, your words do me great honor and is much appreciated." A slight twitch at the edge of his lips show that he is stifling a wider grin from Gabriel's eye roll. "But still, a gift is most necessary and I have brought what my home is most able to provide. Furs. Now, I did not ask any seamstresses or tailors to change them into something… wearable, because their skills would pale in comparison to yours, Lady Alina. Whether I searched my Barony, or the entire Edge, I would not have found anyone better. I hope my gift would be acceptable." The furs in the chest that Elrick's squire carried is enough for both Alina and Gabriel, as well as their babes, and then some.

Alina is nothing if not vain, and the massaging of her considerable ego is as much of a gift to her as the gift itself. She does slide off the couch to sit on the floor next to the chest and open it, removing a glove from one hand to run her fingers across each of the furs inside the trunk.

"It is a lovely gift," she says with a nod. "And ideal for winter coming soon enough."

Gabriel stands up to watch Alina go through the chest. He remains silent a moment, and then glances over at Elrick. "Yes, it is a fine gift. Thank you. I am sure that with her considerable skill at designing garments, Alina will be able to fashion winter clothes for ourselves and the children." He smiles and nods, then looks back at Alina. He takes another sip of his wine, sets the glass down and then puts a hand on her shoulder. "You will be able to design something marvellous, won't you?" He gives her shoulder a light squeeze.

The honeyed words were no doubt purposeful by Elrick as he watches Alina inspect the furs, nodding his head in agreement, "My recent times spent in the north have given me new respect for the winter." It was no doubt very cold in the far north where they were battling the barbarians, and in the beginning of the campaign when there was not much action to distract their minds, it certainly felt extra cold. When Gabriel rises to his feet, the t'Tremaine heir does the same, taking the time to take a long drink of wine as he watches on. At the thought of newly designed furs, Elrick quickly nods his head in agreement, "However the furs are transformed by Lady Alina's touch, it would no doubt be the newest piece to be envied by all, north and south."

Alina nods absently, already considering what she might do with the furs. "Perhaps," she allows. "I've yet to really showcase any designs this year… its been quite a busy year for us all."

Considering Alina and then Elrick in turn, Gabriel purses his lips and squints at Elrick for a moment. Glancing down at Alina, he puts a hand on both of her shoulders and then gives them both a light squeeze. "Come now, Alina, it would be a good time to showcase something, and what better thing to showcase than a line of winter clothing." He removes one hand from Alina's shoulder and then rubs his chin. "Perhaps it is something to consider."

"Indeed, it most certainly has been. If you wish certain colors for your designs that are not here, please send word and we will do our utmost to provide." Elrick says, adding that in rather quickly, a quick glance offered to Gabriel and a brief grin as well.

Alina looks up to Gabriel then over to Elrick. "I suppose that does give me something to do while my husband is having all the 'fun' in the tournament." She replaces her glove and moves back onto the couch, taking her wine in hand. She nods to Elrick regarding his offer of other furs. "I will do so if necessary, but what you've given us already will go very far indeed. Thank you."

Gabriel steps back to allow Alina room to stand up. When she moves back to the couch, he does as well, taking his seat by her. What else is he going to say about design? "Indeed, I will have fun getting beaten to a pulp while my dear wife draws on paper. An even trade, wouldn't you say?" He gives Elrick a grin.

It is certainly not news that Alina does not like the tourneys much, which Elrick nods when he hears about Gabriel having all the fun. "A most pleasant distraction, I am sure." A quick glance is offered to Gabriel and another grin, as if to say that he may even have time for drinks after events at this rate. After hearing the other knight's words, the t'Tremaine heir can't help but laugh in amusement, "I highly doubt it, Gabe, you would be the one dishing out the beatings. Being the reigning tourney champion isn't just for show."

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