(1866-09-13) Pacitta Tourney: Free-For-All
Pacitta Tourney: Free-For-All
Summary: The Free-For-All event for the Pacitta Tournament.
Date: 1866-09-13
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Tourney Grounds - Pacitta City - Pacitta

The tournament grounds stand ready for use at a moment's notice. The stands are setup with the well-to-do sitting in the center, with the best seats, and for any courtiers present. A half canopy has been established to help keep the shade in the area and protect from any of the elements, a thick leather trim going across the area where the VIPs are sitting raised up about fifty feet and supported by heavy wooden poles and tethers tying it. The benches have been formed of thick wood in the gallery, with lesser galleries set to the side for commoners, guards, and those who are watching and not immediately involved over in the arena. There are roughly eight rows of seats set up for the commoners stretching off the full length of the viewing gallery, and roughly three rows thick for the VIPs to sit upon. Among the rows are those who are bringing beverage and refreshments.

The arena is dusty, a pit formed in the ground which has been dug down flat with padded dirt roughly two feet down from the main tents, the incline designed to give the crowd a better view. The center of the arena betray tell-tale markings where it is apparent that the rail for jousts could be set, if not set already. The dirt is thick and solid, packed down as firmly and evenly as it can be to ensure good footing. From the opposite ends of the exhibition pavilions are a pair of berths where the combatants would enter from and where judges and guards would otherwise sit, as well as attendants to quickly go and tend to the injured or break apart the combatants should it be necessary. The main pit is larger than the pavilions, being roughly fifty horse lengths wide, enough for all the combatants to have plenty of room to brawl without being so spread out that the main viewing area would risk losing track of them.


It is a cool autumn afternoon as the crowds come to the Pacitta Tourney Grounds to witness the first event in the Pacitta Tournament… the vaunted Free-For-All. As the knights begin to enter the field, the crowd roars encouragement, the people clearly expecting to see a great show. A number of the city's top officials are seated in the Chancellor's box, including a certain Rivanan Prince and his betrothed, both looking on with some interest.

A man in a black doublet and pants stands up then waits for the crowd's noisy behavior before calling out. "My Lords and Ladies, you all know the rules, keep it honest and keep it clean. When I give the word, you may begin." He turns then, his gaze on the Chancellor's box. When the Chancellor gives his go ahead, he turns and shouts, "BEGIN!"

One of the contestants is Gabriel l'Saigner, a cloth of black, purple and silver tied around one wrist, his eyes meeting those of his fellow competitors. He offers a nod to those he knows, and then readies himself to endure what is to come. When the official gives his go-ahead, he finds an unknown face and moves forward.

Raimond Giraldi bounces a bit in place, rolling his neck and shoulders a bit, and giving his tourney sword a few experimental swings. He wears no favor, but has certainly been sending plenty of smiles towards the ladies in the stands as they wait. He glances over to his brother and gives him a nod and a grin, then salutes the crowd when the opening is given, before moving into the fray, albeit slowly and cautiously rather than charging in, looking to see how the field develops. Or at least he would until Gabriel l'Cor- er….l'Saigner comes charging at him. Well, this may be a short melee….or maybe luck will be with him.

No in his finest kit as per tournament rules, Elrick has the t'Tremanie tabard over the tourney armor that was given to him for this contest. Tied around his right wrist, partially hidden by the gloves he wears, is a black and silver ribbon with a set of small silver wings. The young heir stands ready with tourney blade in hand, looking over the contestants before narrowing his gaze on a pair of southerners. Once the call to begin is issued, Elrick makes his intentions known as he begins moving towards Leander Giraldi.

Sir Samuel l'Corren is also taking part in this fine battle, offering a grin towards Gabriel as he notices the man. There's a brief pause as he loks around for a target, deciding to go for one of the others. Congratulations, Graham. You're it!

Showing for all the world like he is completely nonchalant in the arena, Leander Giraldi moves lanquidly, smoothly drawing his sword as his eyes peer out. Seeing a would-be attacker advancing towards him, Leander flashes a small little smile and beckons Erick onward.

Settling in the commoner's seats, Gastogne goes to settle in with a mug of ale to watch the tournament and the feats of arms.

Much like yesterday, Jonathan t'Maren's house colors of crimson and black are proudly displayed as he joins where the combattants are all assembling for the Free For All. It's a sash around his waist, half obscured beneath his shining breastplate and flapping lightly as he walks. His tourney sword in one hand and the other raised to salute the crowd, he says nothing, the expression os his face a mixture of excited determination and serious concentration.

Graham has joined his follow competitors in the ring and looks to each those he knows he'll give a nod in greeting and even speak to some both north and south alike. He holds his tourney sword in his hand ready for battle it seems though he glances to the stands as well a moment nodding to those he knows there though he must look down at the call to begin as one approaches him. He nods "An honor Sir." he speaks as he prepares his defense for the first round of the fight.

Settled amongst the noblity section is Emilia Cassomir, turned out to witness the knights beating up on each other with short sticks and clubs. Cause they will use the long pointy sticks later. The young woman's mien is as stoic as ever, even for such an event. Dressed within the leathers of a Huntress, of which there are several near by in this mixed section. Her dark eyes drifting over the gaggle of knights trying to pick out her cousin, for whom she has mostly turned up to support.

Tiadora sits in one of the prime VIP boxes with the other Rivana nobility, flanked by a pair of her brother's men in black-and-red leather although she herself wears blue and cream-colored silk. The rotund Gerrell girl claps as the event begins, giving a cheer for the swordsmen. "I hope Sir Graham does well," Tiadoa calls to Emilia, giving the huntress a dimpled smile.

Evelyn had rather her hopes up to go against the rather brash and arrogant (at least, from his introduction) Raimond, but Sir Gabriel calls him out before she can. She is about to choose her own target, when the same man who bested her - quite easily at that - comes towards her. She shakes her head, once, twice, and offers Jonathan a quick smile. "Still coming back for more?" She nods, then, steels herself, and attacks.

Watching as the first exchanges of blows are made, watching in interest then and leaning over the front of his seat in the commoner's section. The melee is a bit much for him to figure out who is who, so Gastogne waits for the herd of combatants to thin some so he can make out the warriors.

Tomorrow is another day, it seems, and while Lorelei wasn't prepared to handle whatever pomp and circumstance came along with the opening ceremonies yesterday, she's appeared today looking at least somewhat less queasy. Her face set in a neutral expression, devoid of color and real interest, she loiters back near where the stands meet the fence so as to remain as unseen as possible. Stray wisps of dark hair slide across her pale forehead with wind and movement.

Lady Sir Nadine t'Cadri reaches up to touch where a she has a green and black handkercheif embroidered with the white stag of Hartswood tied neatly around her upper sword arm. She waits long enough to pick a good target, then notes that the Marshall of Rivana lacks a target. She moves to engage him, and he greets her with his weapon ready for the battle.

Nadine lands two decent hits to Thaddeus, but he answers with a solid strike to her throat that has her step backwards, coughing roughly. Maile lacks the neck protection of her plate, and had that blow been with a sharp blade…
No matter. She's more cautious now, but she moves back to reengage the Rivanan.

The nearby Tiadora is noticed by Emilia, especially when there is mention of Graham. The young woman offers an incline of her head, the corners of her mouth tugging up a little in some motion that might make for a smile. Just barely. "Of aye, I am hoping so of well. He did show of well in of the last of tournament. But there are more of showing for of this then of that one. Have you been to of many of these before?" Inquiring a touch as the event gets going. Her dark eyes flickering to take in the action. Trying to pick out where Graham has come to be in the field. A very faint wince seeming to actually ever so briefly flicker upon her mien at the first hit he ends up taking. Just..ouch!!

The battle commenses and doesnt go well for the Lily Knight right off hand he takes a hard strike to his chest which causes a wince battling back though he cant land a hit until the next pass. He's still standing but its a close thing as he squares back up with the other for another go. Graham has to be careful or indeed he'll be out first.

This time, with the opponent that took her out so easily, Evelyn is not so jovial - but then, also, this Melee actually counts for Tourney points and will be recorded. Jonathan's sword is no less sure than what it was last time she faced him, and she takes two solid hits to the chest, but she returns what she gets in kind - and more, slamming her own sword hard into Jonathan's chest, and then a hard hit which may well send his ears ringing. But somehow while he remains standing. She gets up, takes a more wary stance, but there is a glint of competition, thrill, in her eyes, despite the serious expression on her features. "Not so easy, this time," she informs the Knight.

The first exchange did not fair all that well for Leander. His first swing was wide and left him vulnerable. The second was more cautious…and scored a hit. Regrouping, he circles around his target, gaining newfound respect for the Couvieri before him.

"Ladies and Gentlemens! Look at that! Each hit seems to be harder than the last! Oh, and down goes Giraldi! Down goes Giraldi! No, wait… he's getting back up! Oh and there goes the l'Faust woman. And she's back up! What will happen next? I don't know!" The man in black seems to be trying to drive up the crowd's enthusiasm.

Gabriel circles Raimond, and then nods the man before attacking. He feels the reverberation of this first hit through his arm, and he winces for the man. That one had to hurt. Spinning away, he is able to avoid Raimond's first attack, though the next one he isn't so lucky. His next strike does land and he watches the Giraldi stumble and fall. He backs up to let the man come back up before getting into a combat stance once again.

While many of the other combatants appear to be going at each other in a rather brutal fashion, Elrick is taking it more cautious this time compared to the previous tourney. Instead of just charging forth with blade in hand, he approaches Leander slowly and is able to parry the first strike from the southern knight, countering with a quick but light blow in return. Then in the exchange, his own slash fails to connect while he gets hit in return. The cautiousness of both parties has Elrick smirking slightly as he advances once more.

Well…that went about as poorly as could be expected. The Circuit Champion smacks Raimond's hand with a blow that makes him wonder if it's broken, but somehow he manages to keep ahold of his sword, but the second strike to his chest sends him stumbling onto his rear, though he scrambles to get back up, and move back into the fray, though it's clear he's focusing almost entirely on defense now.

"This is my first ever," Tiadora replies to Emilia. "I've seen our men spar and fight, but nothing so exciting." She lets out a general cheer as fighters exchange blows, some hits getting a wince and a hiss of surprise from her.

Gastogne watches as the combatatns exchange brutal hits. He lets out a wince as he sees some of them exchanged, and goes to cross his legs then in sympathy at some of the exchanged, going back to watch some of the other things.

"Likewise, Sir," Samuel replies to Graham, right before the attack. Managing to get in some good strikes, and only really taking one solid hit in return, he steps back a little, trying to circle a bit to find a better position to strike from now.

Right, Evelyn. There's one solemn nod of the t'Maren Knight's head before he faces off, fingers alternating between tight and loose on the hilt of his sword as he allows it to get more comfortable in his grasp. There's nothing from him but a smile before they attack one another, and while he matches her first hit to the chest, he can't manage to match her thwack upside his head. As he dodges, he manages to swipe at her chest and knock her down, catching himself just barely in the process. Panting with a hand on his knee to steady himself as Evelyn rises, he nods. "No, indeed."

Another solid blow, this one to her chest, and Nadine drops to a knee. She shakes off the hit as best she can and rises quickly to her feet, quick enough her head is spinning slightly, and moves to engage more caustiously than before. The Greycen is a formidable opponent.

Emilia claps for a few of the good hits, though cheers are lacking all around. Not a major surprise for those who know her. But one of the Hunrtresses with her surely helps make up for Emilia's solmenness. "It can be much of exciting. With of mine brothers so oft of competing, have been to of many of myself." Eyes do flicker over the continued action on the field. "Oh..it is looking like that Sir of Giraldi is already of out."

As Elrick exchanges more strikes with his southern opponent, it appears that the Couviere Knight is getting a decent read as he manages to bat away another blow coming in before slashing his opponent in the midsection. Then he follows up with a thrust of his blunted tourney blade against Leander's chest, only to receive another light hit to his hand in return. The t'Tremaine Heir continues attacking, not giving the Rivanan time to regroup.

Some of the first wall of combatants are seeming to thin some, so Gastogne goes to try and pick out those in the heraldry of his homeland admist the melee'ers.

Leander did not like the next few exchanges at all. The attack from Elrick is relentless. Two solid blows and the smugness is gone. Leander scrambles to a more defensive stance…even as he see his brother fall.

Evelyn waits her time for Jonathan to strike, she moves position quickly, cleanly to avoid the blade and lands a solid hit against Jonathan's right hand, an attempt to knock the blade from his hand? Or, lessen the weight of his blows. Calculated. Precise. She takes a step back, then shifts to lunge in to set him off balance with a hit to the abdomen, but a strike at her leg takes some of the power behind her effort and her strike is minimalized.

"It looks like Sir Thaddeus has driven the Snowshield down to the ground! And Giraldi is out! The Snowshield is getting back up, and look… the Red Knight is going to her aide. Whoever said chivalry was dead didn't know what they were talking about!" The man in black exclaims.

Gabriel exchanges another series of blows with Raimond. The man goes down yet again, and so Gabriel steps over to him and offers his arm to help the man up. "Well fought." He says, slapping the man on the shoulder. "Well fought indeed." He turns and surveys the field, and noticing Nadine in trouble, he goes to her aide.

The next few attacks by Samuel seems to get little success, while he takes some hits to the chest. "Good ones…" he offers, rather cheerfully, to the Cassomir, unable to hold back a chuckle. Moving in for a new attack now.

The initial burst of the first round of hits seems to be peetering out for all the combattants, but maybe not so much as it does for Jonathan just now. Uncharacteristically underestimating the force he'll need to strike a serious blow to the l'Faust Knight opposite him, still panting and reaching a hand up to push sweaty hair out of his eyes, he swings too soon, missing. Rats. While she manages to land two more hits of her own in the process, he's landed in a kneel and, steadying himself, pushes off the ground and slashes at Evelyn's leg. This time, it sticks.

In the stands, Gabriel's wife watches the melee with no small interest. Her husband was faring quite well indeed, and this pleases her. Alina leans back in her seat, nibbling on some small confections of maple candy brought from Hartswood. The. last of her stash, as these candies had been getting harder to purchase of late.

And after that first volley, there's little Raimond can do to stand against Gabriel l'Saigner. While he manages to land a couple more light to moderate strikes against his opponent, the onslaught continues, until finally he's dropped once more, and this time is too slow in getting up to have done anything other than yielded. He picks up his momentarily dropped sword, and offers a somewhat halfhearted smile towards Gabriel, "Your generosity in sparing my feelings is appreciated, Sir Gabriel, but I was outmatched from the start." He inclines his head to Gabriel, and moves off to the sidelines, not at all looking happy about this turn of events. Ah well. Perhaps the duels or the Joust will fare better.

Graham does better this round but still blows exchanged with the other. He looks on trying to keep his focus on the current opponant and not all else he does note one fighter out though since he must be at least aware of who might be next to attack. "Solid strikes yourself." he breaths in truth though he must focus on his defense now.

Tiadora lets out a disappointed sigh as Raimond goes down. More for one less countryman in the fight than any personal kind of interest. "Aww. Shame it was one of our own men who took the first fall," she says with a nod to the Cassomir.

Nadine takes another blow and her sword is knocked from her hands. She waves amd bows a retreat, out of the melee for this tournament.

Elrick is certainly relentless in his attacks against the southern knight, as more solid blows are delivered. One strikes down on Leander's right hand while the other smacks to the helm, protecting him from more damage and pain. The smirk widens on one side of the t'Tremaine Heir's lips, "Perhaps you should yield, I will allow it. At least you will not find yourself on your back like your brother." Not exactly nice words for his southern neighbor, despite the decree of peace from the King of Couviere.

Again, Evelyn percieves Jonathan's blow, and manages to move with almost dancers grace to evade the blow, and again she manages to counter with a solid hit of her own. She's finding her rhythm, but that grin that was on her features the other melee still hasn't shown up yet. She knows that the man she is facing is capable of, recognizes his skill. But there is no mistaking the sense of excitement and adrenaline that's rushing over her expression. She attempts yet again to knock Jonathan off balance, but in her haste swings wide. That wide swing, however, saves her from Jonathan's own counter, and she steps back, sizing her opponent up, nodding her appreciation for the man's stamina and hardiness.

Exchanging a few more blows, one of his connecting, the rest of those in the exchange seeming to be absorbed by the armor worn by both combatant, Samuel offers another chuckle. "Is it skill or stubbornness that keeps you on your feet, Sir? Well done either way." And then the next strike is incoming.

Evelyn's sword against his hand, even gloved, smarts. He hisses with the sting, raggedly tossing the blade to the opposite hand and shaking it a bit while keeping Evelyn in his sights. Squinting, Jonathan shakes his head, too, bringing up the stinging hand to briefly steady himself while the side of his head keeps throbbing. There's thick, sticky blood beneath his fingers as he gingerly brushes past the wound, but it's nothing he's not used to. Handing the sword back to his dominant hand he takes an evasive stance again, looking to parry with Evelyn as she comes at him again but misses twice. Shaking his head again, this time in frustration with himself, he grins at Evelyn. "What'd you say about 'easy'?"

Emilia nods,"It is of a shame, but of expected…He became of target with his of entrace of yester of day. And with last of years Circuit of Champion upon him from the start." The Cassomir having had to attend more than a few of the events in the past, and being a little up on who is who amongst the knights. Even if she does not know them on a personal level. "Oh..not Sir of Thaddeus too."

Despite his attempts to dodge Elrick's onslaught, Leander just can't seem to do so. A shot to the hand almost sends his sword flying, but he barely hangs on. Which, of course lowers his defenses for that ringing of his head. Still…enough sense is kept to swing and connect with his opponent once more. Though, Leander is definitely worse for wear. The taunting is met with a silent glare…then two words are spoken. "Bring it."

"The Snowshield is down! The Knight Marshal of Rivana is down! Who will be next?" The Man in Black calls out as the crowd roars it's approval for the sport on the field.

Gabriel comes in at the side, and nearly as soon as Nadine has dropped under one of Thaddeus' attacks, the Red Knight comes in and hits the Rivanan, dropping him to the ground. He does what he can to help both participants back up, offering them both kind words for how gallantly they have fought. He scans the field once more, and then enters yet another frey, this time coming to the rescue of one of his comrades in arms from before.

Gastogne watches as some of the opponents are dropping, and then turns his attention to the brawl between some of the Couvierans and the Rivanans. Hometown heroes!

Graham still stands this round no solid hits landing feeling out defenses it would seem, but how long can he stand its truly hard to say not really giving him chance to do so for very long he'll still do his best anyways. He doesnt speak futher this time breathing and preparing for the next round of attacks trying to get in a position where he can land a good strike.

Tiadora pouts again. "That's Lord Marshall Greycen?" She's identifying based on colors of crests since the youngest of the Gerrells has not been seen outside Normont before. Her expression falls again. "I suppose this weather must not be ideal for our own men. But I missed the opening parades. You'll have to tell me later…"

Alina actually smiles brightly at her husband 'helping' Sir Nadine by hitting the Rivanan Lord Marshall in the back. "Looks like he's meshing his new house's ways with his knightly ways well enough," she notes with amusement. She watches as another Rivanan drops, shaking her head. Perhaps fighting barbarians, she muses, gives a better training for this sort of fighting than fighting each other does…

Despite his bold words, Leander soon finds himself on his back. A hand extends up….and another two words are given. "I yield."

From within the throng of common folk booing, hissing, and cheering for the Knights in the Free For All, Lorelei keeps watch. The disinterested look from before melts away entirely as she sees Jonathan get hit in the head, onyx eyes widening substantially while her fingers suddenly feel cold. She pushes her way to the front of the fence, gripping the rails as she pulls herself as close as possible. Swords clang, people groan with impact, and then when she sees Jon's not only fighting against just one knight, but two, the tacit archer's nose scrunches in anger and she shrieks, "COME ON!" It's uncertain, if anyone's listening, if it's means sarcastically or if she's just cheering him on.

Picking out one of the exchanges as a brawl given to the back, there's a light wince from Gastogne, knowing how that one goes from too many personal experiences.. Watching over then as Gastogne hears someone else in the commoner's section -yelling- and he perks his head in her direction.

Nadine watches from the sidelines, rubbing her throat ruefully for a moment before her fingers go back to the kerchief on her arm. Elrick is doing very well so far… she knows he had been disappointed with his showing in the last couple of tournaments, so she watches him with a fierce pride in her expression.

Emilia gives a nod in Tiadora's direction,"Of aye, it is of him." Knowing the man a little cause…of well her brother. "Of perhaps, Graham is still of managing." Though Emilia does take a moment to take in how he is fairing, before searching the field a bit,"And I think that one over of there..floundering of a bit, is that other Sir of Giraldi." Both had made quite the introductions! "Oh, you of did? They are most of entertaining to of see, always get to be of seeing a glimpse of their of personality in of how they are of presenting of themselves." Though Emilia is soon closing one eye as both Graham and Leader stumble and up yielding. "Seems of this of event is not of in our of favour. But still good of performances."

"Indeed, what did I say?" Evelyn manages to steer clear of Jonathan's sword again, "I think I said it wasn't going to be easy, this time. I was just having fun, last time. Perhaps you should've chosen someone else." She grins back, winks at him. Having a little fun, just a little, right now. Still, Jonathan is pressing her to her limits - which she's just fine with. She sees Gabriel coming to join in the fray out of the corner of her eye, and uses his hit to knick one of her own again after doding Jonathan yet again.

Tiadora's blue eyes narrow in alarm. "What is going on, why are all our men falling?" She nods a little to Emilia, as it takes her a moment to reorganize the speech patterns. "Your brother said he was nervous about how he'd do. I hope it wasn't messing him up…" And out he goes. "Well… he did… good?"

"Sir Gabriel," Jon greets as the ghost of a smirk pulls the corners of his lips upwards. It's meant respectfully, sure, but he's not hiding the added concentration that's required to fight two as one. It certainly isn't the first time he's fought multiple opponents, but in fun and games…his posture stiffens in frustration as his vision, blurred slightly by sweat and blood, moves from Evelyn to Gabriel. While he manages to make contact with the sword, they're ineffective. Perhaps that's best, though; there's not too much force to keep him pummeling forward, and so it's easy for him to jump back and dodge the first attacks from the pair against him. The second round? Not so much.

Graham is struck the next round and takes a knee though pushing back to standing, but even though the next pass he strikes though his sword is knocked from his hand "I yield." he says gathering his sword and will make his way to the sidelines he looks up to the stands finding his cousin and near by Tia bowing to them and managing a small smile at least to let them know he's not harmed, but looking uh disappointed with his performance or well that first blow will be een to on the side lines.

"Oh look at that, the littler Giraldi has gotten knocked out of the competition. And there goes the Lily Knght!" The Man in Black calls, letting the crowd eat up his words, each time a knight drops, the crowd erupts in a cheer. There are no favorites here.

Gabriel steps in and swings, connecting solidly with Jonathan's chest. He gives Evelyn an encouraging nod as he continues to circle around, his trying to keep an eye out on Jonathan as well as anyone else who is still standing.

While he just manages to get the lighter hits in now, Samuel only takes one of them in return. Nodding as he hears Graham's words, he offers the man another nod. "Well fought, Sir. If we encounter one another later, I shall buy you a drink." Turning around as he starts looking for another target now.

With his blow knocking Leander down finally, Elrick moves in and points the blunted end at the downed knight, "Yield." He insists this time, and unlike the Red Knight, there is no helping hand. With no more southerners left on the field after his gaze scans the area, Elrick sees another knight that has just finished off his own opponent, a l'Corren. At least it is not Gabriel, but as the t'Tremaine Heir moves in, he takes a blow to the head, causing his own slash to miss entirely. Shaking his head slightly, Elrick manages a laugh, "Well struck, Sir!" His demeanor is much different with the northern knight compared to his previous opponent and his second slash is a wicked one, striking full and hard onto Samuel's chest.

The brawl is clearing, and Gastogne is watching on the remaining meleers then as he crosses his arms, watching softly as the combat is finishing, and letting out a wince then as he continues to continue to see things, trying to track who is who, who is out, and how the odds have fallen.

"t'Maren goes down, and the Red Knight turns his ally into his enemy!" The Man in Black exclaims, though the crowd seems to care more about Jonathan going down than anything else.

Indeed, once Jonathan goes down, Gabriel turns to face Evelyn, assuming a combat stance as he approaches her. Oh, Alina would be so proud… wouldn't she.

"Some of people have of good of days, some of have bad. Is seeming our of men are of having of bad of days, the others of good of ones," responds Emilia somewhat calmly, even if her eyes do seem to be on Graham waiting for him to get up. Dipping her head to him when he bows to them. lettign out a small brief in seeing that he is alright. "He did of well, though he will think of other of wise. He is always much of fretting and worrying. It is just of his nature."

Nodding at Elrick as the man moves in, Samul manages to strike well at the first hit, but then takes a solid one sending him staggering backwards. There's a chuckle given to his opponent, though. "Well struck, Sir. But I was hoping to knock you out of this, not the other way around." It's spoken with lightness, as he steps a bit back, tring to get a better shot in now.

Evelyn has her rhythm, or maybe just Jonathan's number having learned quite a bit of his style from their first encounter? She manages to turn just enough so that the blade glances off her armor instead wounding, and she returns a blow to counter, and with Gabriel's aid Jonathan is taken out of the tournament. She inclines her head, "Well fought." She won't deny him that honor. She means it. And she is unsurprised, if not a bit sobered when Gabriel turns his attention on her. "It seems this night is a night of repeats." She salutes Gabriel with her sword - it's no secret the admiration of skill she holds for the Red Knight. "Let us see if I've improved since last we fought like this." Meaning the Free-For-All.

Tiadora confides something to the young Huntress before giving Graham a small smile and a cheeerful wave for his getting back up.

He doesn't swear, but the anguish on Jonathan's face as he falls to his knees is just as good as anything spoken. Adrenaline rushes through him and, with strength he likely shouldn't have, he pushes up to standing again. His breathing ragged and the blood from his head dripping down onto his shoulder, staining his armor, Jon swings once more at Evelyn, landing another hit that just isn't enough to get past the armor. As both she and Gabriel attack him again, his knee's back on the dirt. A hand's up in the air, the sword clatters to the ground, and Jonathan bows his head. He's not a fool to keep pushing until death, and, given just how hard his head is throbbing now, it looks like as good a time as any not to get back up. "Well fought, indeed," he calls back, mustering a smile before being helped up and removed from the ring.

There is a bit of a blink from Emilia at whatever Tiadora murmurs to her, a glance towards her cousin as he moves off to the side to recover. Before Emilia does murmur on back to Tiadora. Girl talk! Only passively watching the continued beatings that go on down on the field, with those remaining being Northerns.

Gastogne lets ou ta wince then as the field is narrowing, crossing his legs as he looks over at the final groups of combatants, softly letting his eyes wander over the field.

Seems the quiet one's talkative today. Once he's kneeling in the dirt and not coming back up, Lorelei shouts again. "Jon!" Obviously she doesn't expect him to hear her, or for anyone to pay much attention - she's in a tunnel now, still pressing hard against the fence and looking angry. While not happy per se that Evelyn's been bested, she's clearly relieved that it'll be over soon. It's a good thing, too: her bottom lip could use a little less chewing.

"And down goes Sir Evelyn, a valiant effort by her! Everyone give her a cheer!" The Man in Black calls out, though whether the crowd cheers for Evelyn's fighting skill or the fact that she was yet another to fall… who can say. Crowds are suck fickle things after all.

Gabriel salutes Evelyn, and then helps her to her feet. "Well fought, Evelyn. Well fought." He turns then and sees that only Samuel and Elrick remain. Interesting. Taking a deep breath, he stretches his neck one way and then the next, and then begins to advance towards the pair as they pair off against one another. Samuel or Elrick. Samuel or Elrick. Well, one of them had fooled around with his wife a few years ago, and the other had not. Let Alina chew on that fact. Elrick it is.

Evelyn manages to get the 'first hit' in, against her new opponent. That, at least, will satisfy her to some degree as she manages to - much as she did with Jonathan, shift her stance to deflect the blow, and having it glance off her armor. She counters with a hit to his chest to, what she hopes, will set up a follow-up. Gabriel is too learned for that trick, though, and soon enough after a trade of missed blows, he sends the l'Faust Knight to the ground after slamming her arm on her thrust. She heaves a few breaths, before nodding to Gabriel. "Soon," she tells him. "Not yet. But soon." She grins up to him, wide, and pleased for some strange reason, before she slowly gets up to take herself off the field. It's always good when a Knight can leave the field under their own power. She adds to Gabriel, "You'd better win, now," for her parting words.

With the help of his armor, Elrick only suffers a glancing blow on his chest and helm while his own strike on his opponent's arm sends the man staggering. Instead of pressing on relentlessly like he did earlier against the Rivanan, the t'Tremaine heir allows Samuel time to recover and rise. However, after a brief exchange, Elrick sees that another has fallen and the victor is Gabriel, which means he may be hard pressed by not one but two l'Correns, bleak days are coming.

Tiadora's not as focused on the match with all the unfamiliar northerners. She and Emilia do the girl bonding thing, whispering quietly and nodding back and forth.

Graham turns to watch the rest of things after his chest is wrapped up from the hard strike he'd taken first round. He looks as the battle continues on but at least glances back to the stands to return the wave given and notice the two are speaking. He is glad for it actually showing that they can become friends though he looks back to the fight a moment even though he cannot hear the words Emilia is correct in that he doesnt think he's done well for his house this time.

Having been driven to his knees once, Samuel gets up again, and manages to at least keep Elrick from landing any good hits. "Such good dancing, Sir," he remarks, still amused. As Gabriel joins them, he offers a brief grin, "Nice to see you, cousin." And moving in for the attack against Elrick once more.

Tiadora looks as if she could hug Emilia, but that would be improper so she smiles happily instead, face dimpled with a kind of kindred-spirit like joy.

From the sidelines where some poor squire's pressing a wet cloth against his forehead, Jonathan claps for Evelyn as she leaves the field. It's a gallant victory. She should be proud. There are so many calls of so many names now that it's unlikely he's heard that a specific call for him, and given the sting, he's paying more attention to his head than anything now.

Fighting two l'Correns at the same time is not something many would expect to survive, luckily for Elrick this is a tourney so weapons are blunted. But even then, he is very hard pressed as two skilled tourney blades come at him in succession. Some are parried, some glances off his chained mail at the last second turn of body or head. But the toll is obvious on the t'Tremaine as perspiration drips down his cheeks and chin. However, the one with the Stab tabard refuses to fall, in fact he manages to strike a solid blow at the man he had be originally fighting. But at the same time, he falls to a knee, but only to a knee as Elrick rises once more. Chest heaving in deep breathes, he is ready once more despite his arms feeling like lead and the tourney blade in his hand weighing as much as a tree.
The t'Tremaine's gaze remains focused though, as the time spent in the northern war has hardened this man into a warrior, one that is willing to take a gamble. Instead of falling back, Elrick surges forward and manages a solid strike on Gabriel's midsection but he does receive a blow to his chest in turn, a blow that is enough to cause him to fall forward, off balanced. Not able to rise to his feet in time and with his back open to his opponent, Elrick knows that it is over and he raises a hand, "Well fought, Cousin. The melee is yours."

"And Sir Samuel l'Corren is down! It's a duel to the finish, Sir Elrick versus the Red Knight, reigning Circuit Champion, who will win?!" The Man in Black calls out.

Gabriel watches Elrick take down his cousin, and he steps back. "Well fought, cousin. Well fought." He glances over at Elrick and smiles. "Just the two of us now, no Rivanans to steal Couviere's glory this time around, eh? Shame it wasn't like that at the Coronation." He nods, and then raises his sword in a salute. He steps in and attacks, taking a solid hit from the Elrick's tourney sword right in his torso, but he delivers his own hit on the man's chest. He watches Elrick fall, and then he blows out a huge sigh. Well, Alina would be so happy. Wasn't that going to be great.
Stepping forward, he helps Elrick up. "Let's win this bastard, one of us. Keep the Circuit Championship in Couviere for another year." He grins and then holds Elrick's hand up. They were both winners really.

"The Red Knight wins it! The Red Knight wins it!" The Man in Black calls out as the crowd erupts into cheers, having witnessed a grand event.

Gastogne goes to stand up in his seat, watching over then and trying to cran ehis neck along in his position in the commoner's booths to get the best vantage point as it's time for the final duel then! Trying to watch then and get the bets enjoyment, even as he peripherally watches the other knights on the sidelines.

Oh there are quiet whispers going on, granted with the crowds, it is not like Emilia and Tiadora's words would go all that far. There is a tugging at the corner of those lips, what amounts to a smile for Emilia, in return to that dimpled smile. There is a touch of clapping for the knights as they fall, it was the polite thing to do. Even if lost easily with the roar of the crowds about them. Especially when there is one knight left standing upon the field.

Giving and taking hits, in the end Samuel goes down to the knee again. "I yield, well fought," he remarks to Elrick, before there's another chuckle for Gabriel. "You'd better take this, cousin. Although you are both two excellent fighters." Stepping back to watch the rest of the fight, with another smile. Also glancing to the stands, briefly.

Tiadora turns to see the end of the fight and cheers for the Red Knight. Hurrah! "Well done!"

When it is her husband who emerges from the Free-For-All victorious, Alina rises to her feet and cheers. And even does a little half squiggle dance. Gabriel had done quite well, and she was proud of him. She mentally catalogues all the ways she intends to show him such later.

Nadine watches the final match with wide eyes. Both men are highly skilled, and so when it is Gabriel who bests Elrick, it is only just. Still, she lets out a cheer: The Red Knight is a man of the north, even if he has married out to the untrustworthy l'Saigner, and Elrick taking second place is not bad at all. She waits on the sidelines for Elrick to take his leave of the field so they might go celebrate.

With the helping hand from Gabriel, one that appears to be needed with Elrick's current exhausted state, he manages a smile as he nods in agreement. "Indeed, let us do so. And you thought you were going to be beaten to a pulp." He says with a laugh of amusement, a light pat offered to the winner's back. The t'Tremaine heir does turn to the main box, offering a respectful bow, though not as deep in case the heavy armor causes him to tip over in embarrassment. Then to the Couviere box, a salute is given once more.

Graham turns as the fight comes to an end clapping along with the others "Well fought all, and hard won." He comments as those return back to the line. The Lily Knight watches the celebration go up through the crowd and well there are other events to worry about indeed.

Upon the sidelines as well, Leander watches the exchange with great interest. When the outcome is determined, he applauds…appropriately and without any ire. In fact, it appears he regained the same sense of detached grace that he had when he started. Just…the motions are a little more gingerly. He did take a bit of a beating out there.

Gastogne applauds at the end of the match, letting out appropriate noises with the rest of the crowd then over at the champion, otherwise rubbing his hands at his side. FOr the best he didn't put money on things. HE still has a debt he will have to pay.

Evelyn cheers as Gabriel takes it, after watching (and studying) the blows and skills of the two highly reputed Knights, until only the Red Knight stands. Tourney Champion, indeed. Then, she leans back against one of the nearby posts, watching the various Knights and squires pair off, talk, just enjoying for a few moments the entire atmosphere of the Tourney. Then, she wanders over towards Jonathan, nods her head, and offers her hand to him, and a smile. "You realize, of course, you had me practicing quite ceaselessly after out last meeting?"

Gabriel moves around, claping other contestants on the shoulder. He is tired and ready to get his armor off. Knowing that Alina will want to tend to him, he begins to make his way off of the tourney ground. Damn, he was ready for a bath.

Tiadora grins a little at Emilia "Well that was fun. My first melee. Some of those poor men- and woman. They're going to be pretty bruised."

Alina begins making her way out. She has two bottles of healoil with Gabriel's name written on them, to help remove any of the bruising he suffered during the melee. She smiles wickedly to herself as her guards help push through the crowd.

A nod of agreement comes from Emilia,"Of aye, they will be quite of bruised. The healers will have much of work to do. And they are just of getting of started with the many of events to come." Canting her head a little as she looks back to the field as words are exchanged between the knights, congradulations and will wishes and the like. "Though fo some will only of participate in a few, some will go for of all the events. Now they end up even more of bruised in of the end."

Starting to move off the field as well, Samuel is humming a bit to himself at the moment. Seeming to be in quite good spirits as he moves to where he can get out of that armor now.

Sitting up in the commoner's section, Gastogne watches and applauds them and then as he watches the knights congregate, as well as some of the nobles as he lets out a sigh and sits back, otherwise going to sip at his ale. NOne spilled this time!

Looking up from his applause of Gabriel as Evelyn approaches, Jon has to squint in the sunlight. He offers her the less bloody of his hands with a grin, after pushing up off the ground where he'd taken a seat. "Ceaselessly, eh?" There's some humor in his voice, though there's also no mistaking the sharp intake of breath at what appears to be a very painful wound, aggravated as he moves. "You fought well. It was an honor to lose to you." Even if Jon doesn't like losing, he can at least admit the truth of the matter.

The Lily Knight will stand looking over to the other knights "Well fought indeed all." he speaks to the gathering "A honor to fight on the same field." Graham says he will make his way further off the field though offering the tourney sword and his armor to a squire to be returned for now. It is more comfortable as such at least while he looks about.

"I'm working on a paintings for the art contest," Tiadora says modestly. "My archery isn't good enough to compete there, and I wouldn't want to embarrass my family with that kind of a showing."

"Oh? I shall have to be of looking for your of piece of then," notes Emilia before she admits,"I shall ahve of a piece of entered of well. Not of sure about of doing of such, but.." She raises a shoulder in a partial sort of shrug,"Was of..encouraged of once to be of trying to push of myself in such things. So I am of trying." Her lips do that faint tugging thing,"And of mine-sister would not of stand for me to not be of entering of the archery. Though I of imagine she will be besting most of us, if not of winning."

Making his own way off of the field, Elrick pulls off his helm and tosses it to his squire who is quickly at his side, ready to assist his knight. He does spot Nadine waiting at the side of the field and makes his way towards her, a tired smile on his lips. "So close… yet so far, eh?" He says in good humor, obviously disappointed at being bested at the end again but still a good show against the l'Correns.

Nadine chuckles, sliding an arm around his waist. "You did well," she says. "Should we go to the tents or to the inn? I'm ready for a bath and bed, I think," she says with a half-smile… which is the equivalent of a grin from the normally taciturn lady knight.

"You are a very worthy opponent, Sir. A pleasure to have gone against you. May you fare well in the other events. The joust holds just as many perils, and challenges. Different ones." She grins, in rememberance. "My first, I and my challenger each unseated each other at the same time. That caused quite a stir amongst the judges. But I am the competitive sort." Which is probably why she's been practicing so hard.

In the stands, Gastogne now finishes his ale then. The main action is over, and from the commoner's section separated fro mthe rest he really can't see the milling knights and talking nobles. Ah well. It's been a good evening's sport. Time well spent and well enjoyed.

The younger Giraldi heads towards the staging area, off from the main field of battle, to the particular section he has staked out for himself. Off comes the armor…slowly…carefully, as the sword is placed down beside him. He collects the armaments…no squire for him, it seems. Then, silently and very much lacking the bravado of the parade the previous night, Leander heads off. He has much to think about.

"Tents first, I feel like stepping out of this heavy armor. Fighting the two l'Correns made it feel like I am carrying a whole war horse by myself." Elrick says with a shake of his head. With a slight jerk of his head in the direction of the t'Tremaine tent, the squire is already heading in that direction while the heir walks at a much slower pace with Nadine at his side.

There's another nod of appreciation from Jon as Evelyn lays out her compliments. "Quite a story, Sir Evelyn. Hopefully I won't do you the dishonor of repeating the same, should we meet in the joust." He plans to compete, of course, but that's a bit far from his mind right now given the headache. Extending his hand again, he'll offer a firm grasp and accompanying shake before making his excuses. "Would you excuse me? I think I may need more than just a rag." Pointing to his head, he sighs.

The Lily Knight though heads up into the stands as others spread out as he moves towards where he'd seen his cousin and Lady Tia. It will take Graham a moment to get there of course and when he does he looks to each. "Cousin.. Lady Tia." he says though indeed not thrilled with his performance he does manage a small smile to each the wound to his chest bandaged but otherwise he may bruise but is unharmed if not a tad sweaty.

"Of course." Evelyn shows a moment of honest concern, frowning, she looks to the man's head. "I think a little Comfrey and some Valarian Root Tea, and you'll be right as rain, Sir. You're not seriously wounded." Which, she's entirely grateful for. She smiles at him, "Go. I'm sure we shall speak later."

With Graham appearing, all sweaty and battered, Emilia does look to him. One of her 'smiles' coming,"Of Graham, you should be of getting of seen to, that first of hit looked much of hard. You did quite of well," even if she knows he won't believe her in that.

Tiadora smiles warmly for Graham. "You had a fine showing, Sir. You did our home land proud," she adds, trying to think of what one says and hoping she can back Emilia up. "I'm sure you will both be wonderful shots," she adds, of the archery contest.

"I might not be able to joke with you so if it were serious," Jon replies grinning, bowing his head in parting thanks for the advice. "Be well, and until we meet in the next event," he says before shuffling off toward the tents to remove his armor.

Graham looks to his chest where he was struck rather soundly. "It was bandaged, that will do for now at least. It was quite the hit yes though." He says returning the smile to his cousin though he scrunches his nose a little and shakes his head but tries for his best smile. "Thank you Emilia I will try to do better in my other events though." he looks to Tia as she speaks and now does smile warmly in return her respons isnt expected but appreciated. "Thank you Lady Tia, I hope you enjoyed the melee?" he looks and takes a guess at the talk of archery. "Its always an exciting one the archery."

Emilia shakes her head just a little at Graham and that half hearted smile,"You need to not be so of hard upon of yourself. You did of well, and will of do of fine in of the other of events. You should not be so of hard upon of yourself." Though that might be much like telling him not to fret. Nodding a touch,"The archery can be of interesting…especially with the lack of all of the armor of the other events." Lot more non-knights! "Though if you will be of excusing, I should be of heading of back, there of a few matters I promised to be of helping of with. It was good to be of seeing you Lady of Tiadora." Bowing her head to the other young woman before Emilia starts to thread her way from the stands, a few of the Huntresses moving after her.

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