(1866-09-13) Pacitta Tourney: Opening Parade
Pacitta Tourney: Opening Parade
Summary: The opening parade for the Pacitta tournament where the knights get to show off a little and give their introductions.
Date: 1866-09-13
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Tourney Grounds - Pacitta City - Pacitta

The tournament grounds stand ready for use at a moment's notice. The stands are setup with the well-to-do sitting in the center, with the best seats, and for any courtiers present. A half canopy has been established to help keep the shade in the area and protect from any of the elements, a thick leather trim going across the area where the VIPs are sitting raised up about fifty feet and supported by heavy wooden poles and tethers tying it. The benches have been formed of thick wood in the gallery, with lesser galleries set to the side for commoners, guards, and those who are watching and not immediately involved over in the arena. There are roughly eight rows of seats set up for the commoners stretching off the full length of the viewing gallery, and roughly three rows thick for the VIPs to sit upon. Among the rows are those who are bringing beverage and refreshments.

The arena is dusty, a pit formed in the ground which has been dug down flat with padded dirt roughly two feet down from the main tents, the incline designed to give the crowd a better view. The center of the arena betray tell-tale markings where it is apparent that the rail for jousts could be set, if not set already. The dirt is thick and solid, packed down as firmly and evenly as it can be to ensure good footing. From the opposite ends of the exhibition pavilions are a pair of berths where the combatants would enter from and where judges and guards would otherwise sit, as well as attendants to quickly go and tend to the injured or break apart the combatants should it be necessary. The main pit is larger than the pavilions, being roughly fifty horse lengths wide, enough for all the combatants to have plenty of room to brawl without being so spread out that the main viewing area would risk losing track of them.


The tourney grounds are gorgeously decorated: it seems the High Council has spared no expense. The household banners (or, for those of non-noble blood who do not serve a noble house, the sigils of the mercenary company they may work for) of the various knights scheduled to participate in the tournament fly high above the tourney grounds. There is no king or queen in Pacitta, but the events will be overseen by the High Chancellor, Bartolo Mancini, a thin, rat-like man in his late 40s, and his wife, a short, rotund woman with a promenent moustache; are filling that void along with the Vice Chancellor, Marcel Toulan, a tall regal-looking man of a similar age to Mancini, and his wife, a woman of average stature but an equally regal bearing.

The Chancellors sit in a high box overlooking the parade field, the box decorated in the front with a huge banner with the colours and sigil of Pacitta. Various other Councilmembers have their own private areas of the seating roped off for themselves, some sitting together in a show of solidarity, but most sitting off in their own areas by themselves with their families and retainers. The seating area, some of the noble houses of Rivana and Couviere have areas roped off to themselves, but just as many mingle with each other and the higher class commoners: merchants, courtesans, master craftsmen… those who can afford seating in the high seats.

The rest of the rabble are relegated to the sides of the tourney field, behind a short whitewashed wooden fence, and perhaps a bit near the picket lines where the knights' horses are let to stand between events. The back portion of the field has colourful tents set up for the various knights, though some families share and have slightly larger (and sometimes more ostentatious) tents.

The blue and silver of house l'Corren stands gamely by the blue and white of House Greycen. Cassomir is visible among the tents. And strangely, there is a new tent this year: the purple and black of l'Saigner.

In the Chancellor's box, Lady Elaida Toulan sits near her father, but beside her recently betrothed, Prince Tristan Tracano of Rivana. She is garbed again int he black and white of her house, though a short cloak that hangs on her shoulders is far more colourful: the colours of Pacitta. The cloak matches the one her parents and her older brother are wearing, and she will cheer loudly for any of the 'local' knights from Pacitta or templars and paladins from Sanctum when they present themselves. Otherwise, she seems quite thrilled to be out and watching the parade!

Lady Sir Nadine t'Cadri, the eldest daughter of Viscount Francois t'Cadri, checks over her armor one last time from her seat on the back of her warhorse. The 'wings' that signify the wearer is one of the the Winged Knights of t'Cadri flutter in the light breeze as she waits stoicly for the parade to begin.

In the l'Saigner box, Lady ALina l'Saigner, heir to the duchy of Lonnaire, dabs at her forehead with a handkerchief then fans herself. "One's mercy," she grumbles, then sighs, thankful for a breath of breeze. "Too far south, everything is too warm. It should be getting chilly, not staying summertime!" She tries not to look too interested, though she is peering out over the field every so often in hopes to glimpse her husband.

She wonders which of his horses he decided to ride for the parade.

Settled along to the more mingly area of the noblity, Emilia has found herself a place along with several of the Huntresses, blending in with them well enough in her own Huntress attire, though her ever stoic mien might mark her to some. The youngest of the Cassomir siblings having turned out to support her cousin and those others of House Cassomir entering into the tournament events. Dark eyes are scanning the staging grounds for the knights, darting over this or that one. Though there is the occasional glance to the crowd as well.

Sitting among the other merchant princes of Pacitta is Samwell Marchette. He is dressed in the finery befitting his station, that is very similar to that of a noble or better than some poorer lords. He has a cup of wine in his hand, ready to enjoy the parade as much as one can in such a situation.

Thaddeus Grecyen is with the other Rivanan knights awaiting the parade's commencement. His plate armor has been properly shined and his surcoat cleaned and repaired. The sun makes him glad that he is not a Royal Lancer, but he does have his visor up to allow him to breathe better. Otherwise it is just a waiting game at this point.

In the gathering of the knights getting ready to mount up and start things off is Justin t'Acuto, Lord and knight making the last preparations with his horse, wearing his best armor and affectionately stroking horse to sooth and calm with all the commotion. A few gentle words and he mounts up, taking the reigns and waits for the parade to formally start. Not wearing a helmet, after all it is a parade to show off, the knight with his dark black hair and highly contrasting ice-blue eyes may well be noticed, wearing a cape designed more for parades in the colors of his house, embroidered with the sigil of House Acuto, as his assistant adjusts the cloak so it is draped over his mount to leave the best visual impression.

Tristan sits next to Elaida, casually sipping from a flask of spirits that he has brought along to fortify himself from dealing with all of this boredom. He offers the flask over to Elaida, only half-heartedly, smiling at her as he does so. "Are you cheering for anyone in particular, my lady?" He glances back over the field, wondering if Thaddeus or Aidric are going to be making their presence felt.

Gabriel l'Saigner, formerly of House l'Corren, and last year's Circut Champion sits astride an Alhazri horse that is as beautiful and elegant a creature as any could imagine. Oh sure, he had told Alina that it would be her mount, and it was a gift to her, but he felt like this would be a perfect opportunity to display the prize he had obtained at last year's tournament in Pacitta. To compliment the magnificent horse, he is decked out in a suit of full plate that has been crafted entirely out of lightsilver. A shield, also made of lightsilver is on one arm, and at his hip is scabbarded a lightsilver sword. A tabbard in the black and silver of House l'Saigner is worn as well as a lady's favor, wrapped around one wrist.

Lady Evelyn l'Faust leans over and speaks something low to her horse, before righting herself and readying herself for the parade of Knights. She glances forwards, and back, getting one last view of her fellow Knights and countrymen (and women) as well as those of Rivana, already sizing up her competition for this Tourney.

In her own private box, set aside for herself and a few relatives or friends, Talia t'Corbeau watches with an interest for one reason or another. Then again, she is now married to a knight, and that might explain why the Viscountess is showing up to a Tourney when she so seldom does. She hardly looks bored, leaning over to a young woman sitting near her and nodding as her eyes meet the field and speaking quietly to the blonde with her.

Titus t'Andalucci enters the mingled noble area, carrying himself as a man comfortable with the heat. He wears a fine but simple black outfit, trimmed in the purple that suits his house. He dawdles near the entrance for a moment, giving the grounds a survey before deciding on the view he likes and heading to an appropriate seat.

Over where the knights are gathered, atop a chestnut horse with the red and black banner of House t'Maren draped over it, is the heir to Bloodfield himself. Jonathan looks the part of nobility today clad in armor with his sword at his side, complete with a forced look of neutrality on his face and a quiet that suggests introspection. His brown eyes move casually from face to face in the crowd, taking moments to look down at his horse and stroke its neck or get a better grip on the reins before looking up again. He may be looking for someone, but he's trying his hardest to make it look otherwise. With more activity down at the track where the parade is soon to begin, it's easy to pretend t be distracted.

Graham sits upon his horse waiting as well with the other southern knights. He looks about to the crowds before back. The Lily knight is wearing his new plate armor though helm under his arm for the moment not neding it for this parade and its much cooler and easy to look about without it afterall. It's ahrd to pick out individuals from this vantage point, but he will spot his cousin Emilia and smile waving to her. He looks to the knights close by. "Sir Thaddeus, an honor to see you again." he greets the man though pondering "I would if you have a moment speak with you befor the free-for-all tomorrow."

One who is not a stranger to tourneys and events like the parade is from the House t'Tremaine. Heir and knight, Elrick is in line with the others, mostly with the Couviere participants. His own armor has been polished to a gleaming finish and any dents or scratches removed prior to the parade. Helm held secure on the pommel of his saddle, Elrick sits silently though his eyes scans the area, nodding to Couviere knights that he is familiar with.

Michael l'Corren's armour has been polished to a mirror like sheen for the day's parade so much so that the heir to Murnord joked that he was only wearing a tabard to keep from blinding the crowd. Though that may just be true of his brother though, he laughs when Gabriel joins the waiting knights, one hand lowered to pat the neck of his shaggy brown warhorse to keep him calm with so many people and knights around. "A l'Saigner knight, never thought I'd see the day," he says with a smile for his brother.

Lady Amelia t'Artan watches plaintively from amidst a cluster of other nobles, hoping to catch a glimpse of her sister, Alexandra, among the knights. She fans at her face with a lace-gloved hand, her pale skin reddening in the sun. Once again she wears the red and black of her house. Her hair pulled back off of her neck and shoulders and tucked under a wide bonnet she wears to protect her face from the harsh sun. A ruby red pendant hangs just above the swooping neckline of her dress.

While not choosing to participate in the parade, even if she's going to stack up against the competitors in the archery match later in the week, Black Fox archer Lorelei Asheflour loiters with the 'rabble' behind that whitewashed fence with a sullen expression gracing her sharp features. Having forgone the typical plait-down-the-back look today, her dark hair's tied back with a single linen cloth at the nape of her neck and the rest of its loose length gets picked up every now and again in the breeze. She's clad in her traveling clothes of cotton canvas breeches and a linen blouse and armed like she's just arrived here and had no opportunity to change, be it clothes or weapons. Worrying her bottom lip for a moment, she keeps her gaze over toward where the knights are assembled without actively seeking anyone out. After all, it's hard enough work to keep from being smooshed by this crowd.

Aidric Carling cuts a grim figure in his black and silver tabard coat of plates matched with the house design on his shield. His helm is of a similar dark shade with silver fittings but with no visor giving him a full view of the crowd as he calms his sleek white charger. And glances towards Graham and Thaddeus, "Seems we're in the minority again," he remarks having had a look at the competitors now too. "What do you think the chances are one of us will be champion?"

Lucas l'Saigner sits with his kinsmen in a long coat of black silk sewn with amethysts, not his choice, but truth be told, it does look good on the lean Wraith. He has a cup in hand but when his sister voices her objections to the heat he surrenders it willingly. "Chilled wine?" he offers before he glances out at the field, "Strange to have one of our own out there riding, isn't it?"

Lord Raimond Giraldi rides forth, wearing a very well-polished suit of full plate, and clad in a quite splended cloak that carries the colors and crest of his house, with matching livery upon the Haldis Charger he's astride. He's carrying his helmet in one arm, allowing his face to be seen as he approaches the stands. Rather than the traditional salute, he actually gives a flick of the reins and a touch of the knees…and his horse dips into the approximation of a bow, even as Raimond himself lowers his eyes to mirror the courtesy, lest they think only the Horse was offering its' respects.

"I am Lord Raimond Giraldi, heir to Watch Hill, and son of Armando and Miranda Giraldi!" This actually causes a bit of a stir in the Pacittan sections of the crowds, particularly among some of the Councillors. "When the Raiders of Brodlund came to this fair city, I stood beside my half-brother, Duke Darren Haldis in pushing them back into the sea! When traitors raised their banner against the Kingdom of Rivana, I led men in fighting for the crown in Eastfield and in Normont! And when our fair Rose Queen bade us march north to aid the noble warriors of Couviere in battle against the barbarian hordes, I rode to the Battle of Three Crowns! I compete for the honor and glory of my family, and in gratitude to the good people of Pacitta, for this city has been a home to me as much as any other. May the One bless all who contend, and all who will be entertained by this contest…" He grins then, cocky as all hell, before adding, "But especially me."

And with that small jest made, he flicks the reins once more, and rides off past the stands to the waiting area, smiling and bowing his head to various ladies in the crowd, common and noble alike, as he goes.

The Lily Knight looks over to Aidric as he speaks nodding to his words "So it would seem and likely not very well odds indeed at this rate, I actually was just talking to Sir Thaddeus of the same in a round about way. The free for all. It may do us well to seek a combination of strengths at least to start of course." Graham says figuring the group of southern knights they wait with and with all the crowd nose and him not shouting will allow him not to be overheard.

As Raimond the Eager seems to get things started a bit, and when others start to move forward in the parade, Justin nudges his own mount and starts forward at parade pace. Not as flashy as some, the brother to Baron t'Acuto proceeds forward with a dignified air and silence. He has no interest in making public displays of his deeds, whether they are worthy of it or not, but then he does have a good reputation for being a more chivalrous knight then some, though not really famous for it.

Aidric nods to Graham even as he watches Raimond's introduction. "Agreed, we should watch each other's back tomorrow, well except for that one," he inclines his head towards Raimond. "Let the new man stand on his own, I am sure there's a Couvieri or two wanting to settle the score with the Alvi women's whelp." After that, Aidric goes quiet waiting his turn to present himself, which is awhile with so many ducal heirs and the like in attendance. Though when his turn comes he brings his horse around smartly, and salutes those assembled, commoner and noble alike, "I am Aidric Carling of Holymount, many of you know me by my pen, some of you ladies by other things," a smile for some of those ladies of Pacitta assembled. "However I come join this company of worthies," he sweeps his arm grandly towards the other knights, "So you may know me by my sword," he chuckles good naturedly when one of the low councillors shouts something about 'isn't that what the ladies know him by' before Aidric gets to the end of his introduction, "And I fight for Rivana, the Rose Queen," his eyes turn towards Elaida, "And the honour of my cousin's new bride, the Lady Elaida." With that he produces a rose hid behind his shield and tosses it up to the the noble lady before pressing spurs to his horse's flank and riding on.

Evelyn l'Faust guides her horse forwards in the parade after. She's not one of these, or placed within the top tiers but she's always done well by her account and by her smile where most knights are solemn, one might gague she believes she'll do well in this Tourney again. She gives the customary salute instead of the flourished bow that led off the parade. And, she calls proudly, "I am Evelyn l'Faust, Lady of Ostvor, member of the elite Lightning Brigade. And I fight for my family, my country, and my King." Those of Couviere will know Evelyn was amongst the number that did not doubt the loyalty of the now-King, then-Prince. She nods to the crowd, still smiling, before moving her horse forward, lest she slow the parade.

Gabriel returns Michael's smile with one of his own. "The first of many to come, I am certain of it." He gives his brother a nod, and then rides forward and make his own introduction. Unsheathing his lightsilver sword, he holds it high and then rears his mount. When the Alhazri horse comes down, Gabriel calls out, "I am Sir Gabriel l'Saigner, I fight for my wife, the Lady Alina l'Saigner, and for the glory of her House. I fight for my king, and the for the glory of all of Couviere." He pulls off a rather eloquent re-sheathing of his blade and then rides forward, having said all that needs to be said.

"Indeed, it seems so," Thaddeus says to Aidric and turns when he hears Raimond. He raises a brow at Raimond's actions and snarls. The Greycen fidgets with the favor around his arm and then takes his place in the parade, since the upstart spawn of Miranda decided to cheat his way in front. Thad works to ensure that he is able to cut his way into a proper place. He removes his helm and after handing it to his squire he announces to the crowd, "I am Thaddeus Greycen of Seaguard. I have the privilege to serve Her Majesty, Queen Alysande as her Lord Marshal. I fight to honor Her Majesty and my house, as I did against the Thorns and the Tirians." He then continues on his way through the parade.

Sir Nadine rides forward, and in projecting in a voice meant to be heard across a battlefield, when she pauses in the center before the crowd, she calls, "I am Lady Sir Nadine t'Cadri. I am a captain of the Winged Knights, a devout servant of the One God, and an enemy of all those who threaten my home! I fight in this tourney in a time of peace after spending many years in the northern reaches at war with the Tirians." She does not mention any of her particular military honors, not even the final retreat to Valetta, something she and Lord Elrick and their men recieved great honor for doing. She bows towards the tourney hosts from her saddle and rides forward in line.

Michael l'Corren is given pride of place, of course he is, he's Michael l'Corren, and he too pauses before the stands letting his destrier rear up dramatically before coming down with a soft thud of hooves on the ground of the tourney field. He bows, "Forgive my horse's lack of manners, we l'Corren teach our horses how to fight in Murnord not how to curtsy," he says with a grin to soften the jibe thrown at Raimond and his Haldis bred steed. "You know me, I am Michael l'Corren, and you know the skill and honour of my kingdom and my house. I will fight for all these things today and for my wife the Lady Bella," he lifts his hand, holding a silken scarf of red and gold silk and puts it to his lips, in a quiet gesture of chivalric devotion before he winks at her and then to the crowd lifts his hand up high, "May the One bless you with a display of valour and skill that shall echo through the ages!" and then he is off once more to the cheers of the crowd.

Sitting astride a black Haldis Charger, Sir Leander Giraldi flashes a wry grin as his brother, ever the showman, starts the tongues a wagging in the stands. He rides in a similar ensemble, choosing brigadine instead of full plate, but with a similar cloak with the Giraldi colors and crest prominently displayed. The black Charger pauses , long enough to allow the knight before him the chance for introduction, before taking center stage to allow for Leander to do the same.

To which he does so almost as flamboyantly as Raimond. Leander, with one smooth motion, leaps up to stand upon his saddle, offering a low bow to the stands. Standing, quite literally, tall in (or on) the saddle, his voices calls out. "I am Sir Leander Giraldi, also son of Armando and Miranda Giraldi. I have stood beside you, the fair people of Pacitta, in my youth and in defense of this city. I compete for the honor of Rivana and of my family. And may, after my brother has found his blessings….may the One see fit to share the wealth with myself, as well." Ah…brothers are alike.

With a light prod from his toe, Leander's charger walks off towards the staging area, with the brash young knight standing upon the saddle all the while.

When the first to parade begins, Elrick's gaze moves to the Haldis vassal knight who proudly announces his accomplishments. On the outside, the t'Tremiane's expression remains neutral though there is a slight narrowing of his eyes and a slight twist of lips as if a smirk is threatening to escape. It appears that the young knight already has a potential target selected in the melee as he listens to the bold words spoken. As his Couviere compatriots begin moving and taking their places in the parade, Elrick does the same when it is his turn, moving his steed into a parade trot. When it is his turn to announce himself, he does so, "I am Sir Elrick t'Tremaine, Heir to House t'Tremaine. I am here to bring honor and glory for House t'Tremaine and for my Kingdom!" A proper, respectful bow is made to those in the mainbox, followed by a salute to those who resides in the Couviere section as well.

It isn't a parade until there's a Giraldi to lead it, no? Having watched the spectacle from back where the rest of the knights are all assembled, Jonathan clears his throat, tightens his grip on the reins, and with a gentle pat a click of his tongue, he spurs his chestnut forth. He may not be quite so dramatic as the young knight who's just introduced himself, but he's there with just as much to uphold; he is the recent champion of the wedding tourney in Lonnaire for the future Duchess and her new husband, after all, and that comes with its own measure of honor that risks being besmirched. Thus, whether the rest of them are following or not, Jon's on his way. The horse begins walking at a moderate pace, its rider holding himself up with pride and dignity.

Once before the portion of the stands where the High Council's seated, where the others are introducing themselves, conveniently enough, Jon tugs on the reins gently, urging his horse to a stop. "Lord Sir Jonathan t'Maren, heir to House t'Maren of Bloodfield." There's sufficient enough pause between his first and second thoughts to make it seem as though his introduction was especially terse. He speaks again, though, bowing his head. "It is my honor to compete here in Pacitta once again, for Bloodfield, Lonnaire, and the whole of Couviere." It's true, though, that his enthusiasm is muted at best and there's clear discomfort about him. Maybe social functions aren't his forte? Regardless, once he's finished paying his respects to the box and his rises from the bow atop his horse, his eyes are scanning the crowd again before he moves along.

Graham nods to Aidric and Thaddeus in agreement though he'll await his turn to be able to ride onwards through the grounds when he is brought up. The Lily Knight isnt really one for the bragging though he will raise his hand and wave and bow in kind. "I am Lord Sir Graham Cassomir. I fight for my house and the kingdom of Rivana. I fought at Goldhollow, and during many battles since." He doesnt mention the previous tourneyment though and just will wave to those noble's he knows and bow to those he should before continuing onwards.

The royals have been given their own particular areas in the stands, for both kingdoms. And, while the l'Valdan side may have more than a few spectators watching from their particular section, the Tracano side has one spectator in particular. With Tristan sitting in the Chancellor's Box with his bethrothed, Clara Tracano sits on her own within the Tracano section…but prominently. No hiding in the crowds for her, which might have been the case for her in the past. She sits straight and tall, applauding for all the knights as they prominade past, though she does pay a bit more attention to the Rivanan knights than not. Both Giraldis earn a raised eyebrow and perhaps an amused smile, while all are looked upon in equal parts respect and moderate excitement. As the parade finishes, brown eyes shift to look through the crowd, to see if Clara spies anyone else she knows in the gathering.

Caught up in the revelry of the parade, Amelia cheers along with the rest at the procession. Her curiosity is piqued when the t'Maren knight makes his introductions, and cheers turn to quiet contemplation.

Titus cheers for the more outgoing knights, and gives polite applause for the rest. "How long do you think he practiced standing on that horse?" he mentions to the person beside him.

Dark eyes watch as the parade of knights begin…and with such a begining at that. A brow twitches just slightly upwards, but the otherwise stoic mien remains well in place. A few of the Huntresses with Emilia applaud and cheer, even some snickering is a foot amongst them. A few polite rounds of clapping come for the various Couviere knights by some of the Huntresses, other forgo the effort. The appluase and cheering of a heartier nature when there is a knight from Rivana, though there might be a turn of bemusement and a turn of snickering again with the antics of the the other Giraldi knight amongst the Huntresses. There some shading of the eyes when the walking light silver statue makes his round though. By the One, now that is a preening peacock for certain…oh wait..a..there is some mummuring amongs the Huntresses at the sight of an l'Saigner of all things. Though for Emilia there is just the round of so of clapping in support of the Rivana knights, something a bit more 'spirited' when the Lily Knight gives his introduction. Least Emilia's clapping is, for there might just barely a faint twitch and tug at the corners of her lips. Though as the parade finishes up, part of the group of Huntresses does make their way on towards the knights, some wishing to give more personal words. Though a smaller group, of which Emilia is a part, becomes lost within the surges of the crowd.

As the knights begin to disperse upon finishing the parade route, Raimond rides up alongside his brother Leander, and grins sidelong, "Good thing you stood up on that saddle. You're so short they likely wouldn't have seen you otherwise." The elder Giraldi grins sidelong, nudges the younger's shoulder with a fist. "You realize we probably painted a very large target on ourselves, no?"

Nope. Nope nope nope. Lorelei had attempted to stand near the fence and watch the knights parade around introducing themselves. The first is flamboyant enough to get her thinking about him rather than her preoccupations, but it fades quickly. Thumbs hook into her belt, fingers play at the knives slung there, and as they go down the line, she finds her discomfort growing to the point of overwhelming. Gracefully she takes a step back, then another, and when more people press in to fill the vacuum she's left, the archer slinks off, eager to make an early exit.

There's always tomorrow.

A chuckle escapes from Leander as Raimond engages in the time-honored classic that is 'pick on the little brother'. "Well, I couldn't let you have all the glory. First in line…what strings did you pull to make that happen?" That chuckle grows into a laugh, nudged out with the fist to the shoulder. "Yes, of course we did. But, then again, we always do, brother. Why should now be any different?"

Alina accepts Lucas's offer gratefully, but only takes a sip of the wine. She is lazing and vaguely amused at the peacocking of the knights, and When Gabriel rides forth and introduces himself, she cheers, putting the cup aside. "He cuts a handsome figure, doesn't he?" she asks her brother. She tries to ignore Ivan hovering in the doorway of the l'Saigner tent, awaiting Gabriel after the parade. "Do you think I should have something new made for him for the banquet? He won the Pacitta tournament last year. Perhaps he'll do as well this year."

Raimond scoffs, "I haven't the slightest notion what you're talking about. The tourney organizers were simply SO happy to see me that they asked me to lead the parade." There's an element of mock-sincerity to the statement that certainly implies it's…anything but. "And all too true, little brother. I suppose we'll likely be back-to-back." He grins a bit, "I can think of worse company for such a contest." He wags an admonishing finger, "Just be careful you don't end up depleting your strength too much before the melee."

Titus's comment is enough to shake Amelia out of her contemplation, and she chuckles, "Not known to be very reserved, the Giraldi's."

Titus smirks, "No, I suppose not. Then again, it's hard to be known if 'being reserved' is what you're going for."

"Oh, you know me, Rai. I am the paragon of virtue." The way that Leander presented that comment so straight-faced might have been convincing, if it wasn't for the ever-so-slight tilt of the smirk that slowly plays across his features. "I wouldn't dream of wearing myself out before the fighting has begun." Then, a tip of a wink. "However…afterwards. That is another story altogether."

"Well, just don't get TOO greedy. I'd prefer to keep our fights purely on the Tourney Fields if we can." Raimond notes, then teases, "Besides, Mother would be terribly upset if our pretty faces get too bruised up."

A beat, "Well, my pretty face, anyway."

Lucas nods, "He does," he says to his sister before applauding Evelyn's introduction. At the mention of new clothes for Gabriel, he quirks his head. "Only if you made him a disguise he should escape with, I do not know my new brother well but I know he and I share the same thoughts on feasts and banquets," he says with a smile.

There's organized chaos now as people begin chatting with one another. Turning his horse around to get a better view, Jonathan keeps looking in the stands before realizing he's more likely to see who he's looking for near the fences. It's a quick movement that takes his eyes from here to there, but in the process, he makes eye contact very briefly with Amelia as she watches him closely from her seat with the other well-to-do attendees. Too many people make scouting difficult, even from horseback, and it's with a sigh that he gives up for now, choosing instead to greet fellow knights as they pass on by.

"Too true," Amelia smiles and takes a moment to study the man sitting next to her. "A skill I assume you are quite practiced in, as I cannot say that I've heard of you, sir."

Aidric dismounts his horse after the presentations are complete. He hands the reins to one of his men-at-arms as his squire helps him with his helm. Useful things, squires. He, looks to Thad and Graham, "So, I believe we were plotting?" he prompts them with a bit of a smile.

He gives a nod and short bow that he uses to quickly assess Amelia. "It does serve me well, from time to time. My name is Titus t'Andalucci, my lady. May I have the pleasure of yours in return?"

The younger Giraldi laughs once more, as Leander dismounts from his horse, to walk her over to the holding area. "I will be certain to let you have first pick, brother. I will take everything else." Another brotherly jab given. "That is, of course, if we make it out of this tournament intact. That will be key."

Thaddeus thinks for a moment and looks to Aidric, "Very simple, we turn on them in the free for all after the Couvierans are out of the fight. It's fairly straightforward." He frowns and takes his helm back from the squire, though Thad holds onto it instead of putting it on.

"Fair enough. I'll see you tomorrow brother. I'm scheduled to dine with some of the Low Councillors this evening. No doubt it will be precisely the kind of dreadfully boring you despise, but I fear it was the price I had to pay to extricate myself from them at the Party last night. Which I am deeply surprised you missed, though I won't ask as to why…I can venture a guess." Raimond smirks just a bit, "So I suppose I'll see you at breakfast." He reaches a hand down to clasp with his brother for a moment or two, "Until later, brother of mine."

"Amelia t'Artan," She replies with a smile extending her hand. "t'Andalucci? Are you a healer then, my lord?"

"You solved the mystery already, brother. No need for extrication when one is not present to be cornered in the first place." Of course, Leander doesn't answer as to why exactly he missed the party, leaving it to Raimond's imagination as to the reasoning. Leander reaches up, clasping his brother's offered hand for that moment, as he nods. "Until breakfast, brother. Enjoy your dreadfully tedious dinner tonight." A flash of a smile drifts upwards to punctuate Leander's comment. Yes, he is definitely happy he will not be part of that particular experience.

And with that, Raimond rides off to go get ready for said dreadfully boring dinner. The life of an heir with Pacitta roots….

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