(1866-09-13) Seeking Approval
Seeking Approval
Summary: Emilia seeks out Raelyn to discuss the one dress design by Clara, and a slightly different conversation comes about in the end. Seems Emilia can surprise most anyone, even her sister.
Date: 1866-09-13
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Guest Rooms - Durante Manse - Pacitta
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There had been many a reason Emilia had not been entirely keen about coming to Pacttia, while close family surely was not surprised when she eyed the faegate a bit to long and was even a bit more stoic..even ridge when she approached it. The rare few likely knew what happened the last time Emilia was in the merchant city. Though it was likely the former that had seen their 'honored' guest in Sunsreach suddenly opting to join them for this trip. And some excuse about lessons had likely been why Emilia had opted out of actually going to the grand party the night prior.

In giving her sister some time to recover from the even, even if not from the wine so much as having to likely deal with all the politicing. Or perhaps she just didn't want to chance running into Raelyn and Stephen canoodling still…It was not til well into the afternoon of the day after that Emilia had gone in search of her sister, seeking her within the rooms given over to them in the Durante manse once again for their stay in the city. A light knocking coming as Emilia inquires,"Raelyn, are of you of having of a moment?"

Having not returned well into the evening — or was it morning? … Raelyn hadn't sung at all. Not a lick. In fact, she'd been quite quiet as to her intrusion into the manse at the late hour. And, while it is also true she hadn't left her room, really, since that same return she sounds bright, cheerfull, awake when she calls back, "I'm having -two- moments for you, Emilia. The door is open."

Raelyn is busy at work, it seems. Actually — well, working. Some of the more advanced books, and work the Master Steward had assigned her. She looks, unsurprisingly, grateful for the intrusion. She offers, "Stay the afternoon." Then, she grins.

With Raelyn's response, that door is opened, Emilia stepping in through it. Dressed in that normal turn of tunic and leggings…for which Huntress leathers are so easily worn over when actually leaving the manse. Though she holds a piece of paper in one hand. Her dark eyes do flicker about the room, perhaps seeing if there is anyone else about before she does close the door behind her. There is a mild tugging at the corners of her lips to see Raelyn with those books,"And of here, you used to make fun of Jaren and I when the Master Steward was of having us read of those and giving of lessons." Thogh such had further helped Emilia and Jaren get to know one another. "Of aye, would guess you would not mind if I was to of stay of the afternoon." Making her way in a bit further,"Was of hoping to get of your opinion upon of something…well..more of approval upon or of not."

"Mmm. Yes. Well. Perhaps I'll be more cautious of whom I poke fun at in the future," Raelyn considers, in a decent enough mood. She nods, looking curious as she gestures to a seat for her sister. And, more seriously, as well as interested, she voices, "You know I'm always here for you. What do you seek approval with? Or for?" The latter spoken more with uncertainty than anything, as Raelyn has little clue to what her sister means.

"Probably best to be of more of cautious of about that, with of becoming of Viscountess of well." Oh the delights of politics! Emilia does peer some at the books,"Though you are of knowing if you wish of help or someone of other than the Master Steward to be guiding in of a lesson, I am always of here to yet of help." Raelyn would be of those who surely knew just how much aid Emilia had actually given Jaren in this are when he was away. Settling into the seat motioned, Emilia does take a small breathe,"With of the weddings," meaning Jaren's and now Raelyn's own,"there is of a need for dresses. Especailly with of Jaren having me to be of standing with of him, I was not of wishing to just get of something as of my usual." Meaning she didn't want to embrassass her brother to pieces in front of the noblity and royalty from many a kingdom. "So I was asking of Clara for help," who better then the Royal wedding planner herself!,"and she sketched of a piece of perhaps to be made for wearing for your of wedding of well…But I was not of sure if it would be of to much or..well..it is of your of wedding, so I would not wish to be of wearing something you were not of approving or of liking…"

Raelyn laughs, just a little. But it's not a laugh of mockery, it's warm, pleased, and she leans over to briefly squeeze her sister's hand, shaking her head, "I've not even started on the wedding plans, yet. All we know, thus, is it shall be small, intimate affair. And it will take place after Jaren's, but - so as not to take away from the importance of his wedding, the Kingship and so forth, mine shall be a quiet thing. Which, quite honestly, I mind not." In fact, she seems a bit relieved for it. She then looks to the picture, taking it and examining it closely. Some of the Cassomir stoicism etches itself across her features, so as not to give Emilia any signs of approval, or disapproval yet.

Emila nods a little, with a faint tugging occuring at the corners of her mouth,"Of aye…I know it is to be of a small of affair, you were of saying of such. But you are of becoming of a Viscountess, so is still of important, even if small. And with Jaren being of King…well..he will be of there, of aye? And of Lord of Stephen's mother….So I cannot be of embarassing of you in front of such of people, with even of greater of chance with fewer for me to of blend of away into." Smaller affair, but the patronage to attend…would still be no small thing. With the piece of paper handed over, the sketch was not perhaps of the usual sort of dress, perhaps even why Emilia is asking. The piece is rather flowy in nature, yet would rather show of Emilia's figure in ways accenting that ethereal grace of hers. And in some ways, more befitting on a page in some story book about fae then to exist in reality. "But was of figuring, if having to get of one dress of made, might as well of second of made at the same of time. Of aye?" She chews on her lip a little bit as Raelyn is looking over the design, admitting a little,"Not of sure…if is of a thing I could even of wear. Seems…perhaps more of befitting those of making fashion of trends." Meaning those like Alysande or Alina.

Raelyn considers the drawing, noting the way the fabric falls, and yet accents as well. She tilts her head, and is quiet for a few long moments before she looks straight at Emilia, venturing, "And, if those who it would befit more see you in it, they'll choke on it." This is a pleasing thought to her, that Emilia might 'outshine' some of the trend setters herself. She nods, once. "I would very much like you to wear it, Emilia. You'll look exquisette. But if I can't find a dress better than that, I'll have to keep you away from Stephen," she teases, "During the ceremony."

Raelyn's words do cause Emilia to blink a bit,"Do you of really think…they would?" Choke that is. It is a shocking thought to Emilia. Not that she was incapable of pulling it of…just she was simply not the sort to try! "You are of sure though? Though if you are of not finding a dress that is of better, I would not of wish to have something that would be of detracting from of you. It will be of your day and…." The tease does have Emilia shaking her head,"As of if Lord of Stephen is going to be of having of eyes for anyone but of you? Same as if…there could be of a dragon of crashing of into the ceremony and I am doubting you would even give of it barely of a glance being so focused on of him you will be."

"He'd better not," ventures Raelyn, cheerfully. But, it's clear she believes Emilia's words. She pauses, noting on a more somber note, "I really do wish you to wear that, Emilia." She considers further, shares, "You know. Jaren and I? We're both very, very lucky. Few are so, in our position. And, one day, it -will- make three of us that are so lucky, Emilia." She smiles, genuinely believing that Emilia shall find her 'guy'. Someday. And perhaps, by that statement indicating that no, the besotted Raelyn from several weeks ago does not remember the conversation.

Emilia cants her head a little bit,"Does that mean he has also of finally given of his favour for you to of wear for this of tournament?" A nod is given with the final approval given on the dress,"Then I will see of getting of it made," which will certainly be fun of its own accord. Dresses. Oy! "Should I of consider a certain of color to be having it done of in?" The Sketch itself being just that a colorless sketch. There is a faint smile that actually creeps into existance,"I am of knowing you are both much of lucky, it is not of common I know for thos ein such of positions…or really of in being of noble." Seeming to not be quite so…distraught…about Jaren's marriage as when it was first announced. Though she manages,"Well perhaps not quite so of lucky with Jaren…imagine of all the paper of work he will be having of soon." It is those later words that have Emilia actually looking down a moment, clearly considering some thought or another. Some decison is reached as when those eyes come back up, Emilia says a bit softly,"For of the archery of contest….I will be of wearing of someone's favour."

Raelyn listens to all of this, nodding at some parts, shaking her head at others. As to the color of the dress? "Whatever suits you, Emilia. No special colors. I think black ought not fit such an occassion, though," she teases. "But, that dark maroon looked good on you, when we danced." That 'date' they had, still a fine memory. She continues though, "But really, anything you feel fits you, and the wedding. I trust you." Yet, at the latter revelation? Raelyn blinks a few times, then her smile broadens, "As I have not given you my favor, and I do not think Jaren has, this is someone else entire. Know I of them?"

Emilia nods a little bit,"Of aye, I was not thinking of black would be of fitting. Though..hmm..perhaps of the dark maroon. Clara is to be taking me of shopping while of here, will perhaps of see if she has of thoughts to of color." Something about needing other dresses for courtly functions. She'd run through all the ones she had with that enlongated stay in Sunsreach! "Of no…Jaren has not been of giving me of his favour." Since really, Emilia had only ever worn his siblings favours, or perhaps a cousin's before. While that expression might be stoic, there is just a hint of pink that eases into her cheeks. "Oh…mayhaps…A little."

Again, Raelyn looks surprised. And, for once, maybe, she doesn't needle Emilia about it despite the pinkening of her sister's cheeks. She inquires instead, curiously and kindly, "Can I ask who?" Rather than insisting she be told.

Emilia's foot shifts just a little at the question posed. It was certain to come in some form sooner or later. "I…well…" There is a faint breathe drawn before being let out. "Am not supposed to be of..telling…of really. With things trying to yet be of figured of out. We were thinking was maybe of best to of not…til of later." It did not seem a thing Emilia was entirely comfortable about, with-holding information. But then…well she was still somewhat forthright that she was doing just that. "After of all…having of you for of sister..and Jaren for of brother…." There is a faint look, between the two of 'em…any lad would likely get turned to dust for hurting Emi.

Raelyn looks a little disappointed, but she nods, and doesn't press the issue. "I see. Well then. When you're ready, I get to be the first to know. Otherwise I won't just escort you with Huntresses. I'll go myself so you can't sneak away," she threatens, good-naturedly. She smiles, to take some of the sting of her disappointment away. "But I'm happy for you." And that is true.

Emilia is quick to nod her head,"I of promise….you will be of the first to be of knowing when there is of telling…and well," there is the little shift of the foot again,"..not just..of sneaking of about. " Some bit of admission on that account. "It has been of a thing…much of unexpected." There is a small quirk of her lips,"And you cannot be of escorting, else Lord of Stephen will end up of getting of jealous if you are spending all of this time keeping after of me and so of little with of him."

There is a short nod, "Good. See that you do. Or else," she warns, "Spying. Escorting. Around the clock. And I'll just have to invite Stephen along so he doens't get jealous." See, she has a way around Emilia's defenses!

Emilia's eyes widen just a little bit,"You would not of be doing of that…not of around of the clock. Certainly not once of married…" Her hand does that little warbling flutter in the air,"I mean..I know I do not of sleep in my bed…but I am not needing of you of two to be of using it of instead. Especially not when so of besotted." Wait…they'd be distracted and then she could sneak out!

Raelyn looks for something to throw at Emilia, and finds a sheaf of paper which she hadn't yet put to ink, and wads it up and pitches it at Emilia, a stupid grin on her face, "You are terrible," she tells Emilia. "That's -not- what I meant! And you know it. I meant spying on you. By the One, Emilia Cassomir." She laughs.

An eyebrow rises just a little when Raelyn goes looking around for something. And there is an actually smile, a true and real one, that comes to exist upon those lips of hers when that piece of wadded up paper comes flying her way. A hand coming up and easily batting it away. "I am of knowing…But of how else were you to be of spying upon of me around of the clock? Though if you are of inviting of him along..you are of bound to end up of distracted."

Raelyn throws another sheaf of paper, crinkling it up like it were a snowball and pitching it at Emilia's head. "You had better just be of telling, then, hadn't you? Else you will be forced to find out. Telling, when the time is right, of course." But, she's happy for her sister. Extremely so.

There is a gasp in mock horror as that paper come flying at her head, ducking this time to avoid it. "Of course, of course…I am of promising, when there is time for of telling…you will of be of first to be of hearing. Of promising." In perhaps a bid to avoid more projectiles, Emilia does move to give her sister a hug,"I of promise. He does make me of smile," there is a quirking of her lips,"though I haven't gone off on a drunken of singing binge…So who of knows." Lightly teasing her sister.

Raelyn has enough decency to look at least a tiny bit embarassed, "Yes. I vaugely recall some singing," she admits to, with a laugh. Then, "No, you probably won't sing. I'll just talk you into dancing." There is mirth, in her words.

"Some of singing?" Emilia does look a little amused. "Of true…But I am of thinking everyone would be glad for of that, me not of singing…..Though, some dancing….that could be of possible." There is another hug given,"I am of happy for you, Raelyn. To be of getting your Warden. I know you wished to not of hope, but now you can…" There is a return of some edge of seriousness, that stoic look so firmly in place,"Though if he is ever making you of cry, I will be of tying him to of a tree myself."

Raelyn shakes her head, "Thanks for the offer." She hugs Emilia back. Tightly. "Thank you. For everything, Emilia. You've always been the best sister anyone could ever hope for." As the hug is released, she ventures, "And maybe sooner than either of us think, I will be coming to you with approval for dresses, hmm?"

There is a squeeze in that hug when Emilia is given the tight hug in return. "As you have been of the best of sisters, Raelyn." Emilia shakes her head a little bit at the hint of venturing,"Not quite of likely..besides of being of Viscountess you would get to be approving of all of the dresses."

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