(1866-09-18) Pacitta Tourney: Joust Preliminaries
Pacitta Tourney: Joust Preliminaries
Summary: Is something rotten in the City-State of Pacitta? After this tournament event, many leave thinking that is quite likely…
Date: 1866-09-18
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Tourney Grounds - Pacitta City - Pacitta

The tournament grounds stand ready for use at a moment's notice. The stands are setup with the well-to-do sitting in the center, with the best seats, and for any courtiers present. A half canopy has been established to help keep the shade in the area and protect from any of the elements, a thick leather trim going across the area where the VIPs are sitting raised up about fifty feet and supported by heavy wooden poles and tethers tying it. The benches have been formed of thick wood in the gallery, with lesser galleries set to the side for commoners, guards, and those who are watching and not immediately involved over in the arena. There are roughly eight rows of seats set up for the commoners stretching off the full length of the viewing gallery, and roughly three rows thick for the VIPs to sit upon. Among the rows are those who are bringing beverage and refreshments.

The arena is dusty, a pit formed in the ground which has been dug down flat with padded dirt roughly two feet down from the main tents, the incline designed to give the crowd a better view. The center of the arena betray tell-tale markings where it is apparent that the rail for jousts could be set, if not set already. The dirt is thick and solid, packed down as firmly and evenly as it can be to ensure good footing. From the opposite ends of the exhibition pavilions are a pair of berths where the combatants would enter from and where judges and guards would otherwise sit, as well as attendants to quickly go and tend to the injured or break apart the combatants should it be necessary. The main pit is larger than the pavilions, being roughly fifty horse lengths wide, enough for all the combatants to have plenty of room to brawl without being so spread out that the main viewing area would risk losing track of them.


The Joust Preliminaries have drawn a huge crowd, and both the stands for the richer sorts and both sidebars behind the fences are full of the less-affluent common folk, some with small children on their shoulders. The Chancellor's box is quite full as well, with the High Chancellor Bartolo Mancini, his wife, and his young daughter; the Vice Chancellor Marcel Toulan, his wife, his son the Low Councilmember Gerald Toulan, and his daughter Elaida, with her future husband, Prince Tristan of Rivana.

The black-clad Circuit officials have already made their opening announcements, and so the stands are all holding their collective breath as the first competitors, Lord Sir Michael l'Corren and Lady Sir Samantha Rosendal ride to start their tilts.

Rivana versus Couviere. Perhaps the 'random' draw had managed that, but this is also Pacitta. Perhaps there's a vested interest in, even in this small way, keeping the two nations at each other's proverbial throats.

"AND GO!" the Circuit Official announces loudly to both the two first competitors of the evening, bringing down the black flag to start them off!

The Lady is as study in contrasts, Dark and Curling hair piled high, the so-pale skin of her face and slim throat, the latter bisected by the black velvet choker, a golden locket gleaming there in the shape of a heart. Her lips are as red as the satin of her gown, her cloak black as night, the deep hood thrown back now she is shaded by the canopy. The brilliant light outside seems caught in the molten gold of her eyes, tawny as a great cats as she surveys the scene, the crowd and the field. Her gaze sharpens at the signal for the competition is shouted. Red lips part and curve in a smile, white teeth just showing….

Gabriel watches as the others make their preparation for the tilts to come. He needed to have a good showing here. He knew that. He hoped for it, but really his main concern was watching each tilt to spy out what he might be up against when the brackets began. For now, he will watch his brother ride against the Rosendal woman, hopeful that Michael will not be unhorsed.

Prince Tristan Tracano lazes in the Chancellor's box, a flagon of wine in one hand. Now it was going to be Rivana's time to shine. He could feel it. There would be two Cassomir's riding today. That was twice as good as one Cassomir. The math made perfect sense. He takes a sip of his wine, and then reaches over to give Elaida's hand a gentle squeeze, smiling at her.

A spot had been found early amongst the stands, Emilia knew more would be turning out for it then the others, especailly the bareknuckle event. But that had been the lose of many for not going to that, oh the excitement there! A side long look goes to her cousin Adrienne,"Wonder where in of the matches we will see of Graham. THink he will be to of worried about scratching of his new of armor?" Her dark eyes turning on to Lady Tiadora and an incline of her head given on to her,"Should be much fo exciting this today, Lady Of Tiadora."

Aidric was not a tourney knight. Oh, he could ride fine enough, and run a lance through a man in a charge, but this business of riding full tilt at another man and letting him ride at you

He made a face and swigged back the concoction the healer woman said would settle his stomach. One above it tasted like chalk. He sighed and looked longingly at the stands and the nobles at their ease drinking wine. "Next time," he says. "I will let good sense prevail."

Still, his name was out there as a competitor, and money was changing hands, so if he backed out now, he'd look the coward, and worse, likely be unwelcome at some of his favourite gambling halls. So, he finished his potion and tossed the flask aside before fishing out a length of black and white ribbon from his belt and affixing it to his arm. A favour from Elaida, as chaste as a favour that could be presented, but fitting for the man who had proclaimed himself her champion in this tourney. "One preserve me," he muttered as he tied the ribbon tight.

Alexandra t'Artan was pleased for the clarity of the joust. Her trip to Pacitta was a tumultuous one for her, with the planned betrothal and all the rest. So, the chance to ride and to knock some knights from their horses was a welcome one. Perhaps the standing would see her joust Jonathan, wouldn't that be an awkward turn of events, still, she'd be damned if she was going to go easy on him.

Lucas has seen better days. The l'Saigner still bears the marks of his battle in the fisticuffs, but has had himself brought out to the field today to watch the joust all the same. Well, to watch Evelyn joust. He shifts as he tries to get comfortable and drums his fingers on the arms of his chair while he waits for the matches to begin.

From amongst the lifts, Eduard awaits his time to tilt. The tanned man taking a moment to take in the other competitors about and considering how he might fair. But he is soon turning his focus to the two who are called forth for the first tilt.

Evelyn is sitting on her horse, waiting for her name to be called, her turn to come up. But in the interm she watches with a careful eye, ready. And, of course, watching the competition with a rather discerning eye.

Raimond Giraldi waits on the sidelines for his turn. He's rather quiet today, and it's a good bet that the gorget he's wearing has some extra cushioning around his neck after the bareknuckle brawl a couple of nights back. He's atop his impressive Haldis Charger, clad in a very nice suit of full plate armor. A rich kid playing at knighthood? Those that watched the brawl might think otherwise now…. Though as his eyes scan the crowd, he spots Lucas l'Saigner and gives him a nod and a touch of a pained, rueful smile.

Meanwhile, in another section of the Rivanan lists, a late arrival to the tourney also awaits. One Devlin Cassomir, who apparently decided to show up for at least the Joust even if he missed the melee. Chances are his relation to the future King was enough to allow for the late entry. He's watching the current matchup with interest.

Tiadora wears a variation on the colors of Gerrell in national support of the lady knight, even if Normont doesn't generally go for that kind of thing. The duke's sister wears dark wine-colored silk with a darker fitted jacket over it to give her a stylized figure on her larger than usual curves. Her ruby and onyx jewelry is simple but stylish. She flashes a cheery smile to her lady-friends and cheers for the Knights she sees in the stands, waving to her cousins and the kin of her companions.

Michael was at his ease at the edge of the tourney grounds. He wasn't a tourney knight, not really, there wasn't time for that sort of thing when you were the heir to Murnord. He did love tourneys though. More at stake than practice, less than in war, but with all clamour and excitement that came with dozens of fighting men and women gathered in one place. It was thrilling, and a relief from the seemingly endless parade of social events and private discussions he'd been through thus far. Finally, time for some good, honest violence.

Hearing his name called to joust, he checks that he is wearing the red and gold garter pinned with brooch in the shape of a crane, before he mounts his horse in a leap and his handed his lance. Michael salutes the stands, then he slowly salutes his opponent. He does not know the Rivanan knight, but he knows her family by reputation. Good, knights, recklessly brave. This should be interesting he thinks before he lays in his spurs and begins the charge.

Its a tesne wait for one's turn in these types of events though the Lily Knight sits atop his steed doing just that so he can watch and wait for the matches to begin. Graham looks back from the lists towards the crowd where he finds friends and family. He will nod his head to them and smile offering a wave, but soon he must look back and forth again as the waiting nears an end for the first lists.

<COMBAT> Samantha attacks Michael with Tourney Lance but Michael DODGES!

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Samantha with Tourney Lance - Critical wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

Jousting. One of the things Samuel l'Corren has always loved. And so he's among those participating today, glancing up to the stands very briefly, then to the announced match. "Good luck, cousin…" he mutters as he hears the announcement, turning to watch Michael compete.

<COMBAT> Samantha has been KO'd!

"I am glad he has that armor," Adrienne replies where she is sitting beside Emilia, Cassomir Huntresses here to cheer Sir Graham on, today. The freckled of the two is watching the proceedings on the field with attentive green eyes, the rest of her mien, unmoving, in the traditional Cassomir stoic look. Wearing no fancy dress, as she has announced earlier, but the Huntress attire of tunic and leggings, not caring if any of the finer ladies and gentlemen will take offence. Adrienne straightens at once when she hears the announcement, her eyes lingering curiously on the Rosendal. "Have you heard or seen anything of Sir Destrian of late, Emilia?", she inquires of her cousin. A surprised "Oh" leaves Adrienne's lips when she spots her cousin Sir Devlin down there by the lists. "He's here as well? I didn't know he was to compete…"

Raimond winces a bit as Samantha is unhorsed in the very first pass with a tremendous strike from Sir Michael l'Corren. Hopefully not a harbinger of things to come for the Rivanans this day.

Devlin Cassomir's eyebrows raise at the rather titanic first pass, letting out a low whistle before noting to no one in particular, "Looks like the Couvieri are starting strong."

Tristan's mood fouls when Samantha is unhorsed in the first pass. Under his breath he mutters a curse or two.

Gabriel watches his brother unhorse the Rivanan and then nods. It had been a well timed thing, and he had executed it perfectly. He was glad to see his brother do well this time around and he hoped that he would be as successful in his second tilt.

Tiadora pouts as her face falls. Her first time seeing a woman ride and a Rivanan woman at that. "I wonder if all our losses are a sign. Perhaps we should not be here," she says anxiously to the Cassomir girls

Graham looks back in time to see the two make their first pass though he leans forward a at the strike as it unhorses one of the riders. He will watch and wait as many others to see that they are hopefuly unharmed as can be anyways. "I hope she's alright." he says to those near by fretting knight.. frets..

Emilia does give a little wave towards Graham when she catches the Lily Knight looking their way, no doubt waiting for that look to do just that. Though a nod is soon going to Adrienne,"So am of I. Glad it was of done in of time." Her dark eyes following the first tilt with her usual stoicness. Though her eyes do open just a little when Samantha ends up unhorsed, murmuring to Adrienne,"I wonder of how Destrian would be of taking to hear of that." But to answer her cousin's question, Emilia shakes her head,"Of no, not of rescent. He is likely of wandering of about of te country of side like he likes to be of doing." Well searching for Gates. "Of aye, he is here of well." Meaning her brother.

Eduard blinks slowly to see that unhorsing. A hand double checking his armor in absent fashion. A low sound coming.

Her fellow countryman triumphant, Angelique smiles, a rather feline one, for all that she wince at the fall the Rivana Knight just took. She snaps open an ebony fan and cools herself. Now more interested in watching the crowd and their reactions. What is that? A Huntress if she is not mistaken. She watches the woman and her party with interest. Not often one can observer ones hereditary foe, even rarer when they have no sign they are seeing a Wraith. She smile broadens, white teeth dazzling.

Lady Alina l'Saigner watches as the first tilt goes in her goodbrother's favor, and applauds. She pats Lucas on the arm lightly as the Circut officials call the next: "Lord Sir Gabriel l'Saigner and Lord Sir Aidric Carling!"

She smiles and leans forward to watch her husband tilt.

Sitting relaxed astride an impressive chestnut, clad in the fetching hues of her House, Lady Samantha Rosendal casts her eyes thoughtfully over the gathered crowd, hands resting idle for the moment on the pommel of her saddle. Michael l'Corren, eh? Well, so much for any thoughts of easing into things… As the tilt is announced, the Lady's attendants hurry forward and she eyes her opponent for a splitsecond before pulling down her visor and extending an arm to take the lance. Getting it cradled is no mean feat, her mount sensing the tension and beginning to sidle and dance, but she gets there. And then the flag is down.

Spurring her horse on valiantly, the woman still seems outmatched today.. Michael unhorses her in the first pass. Ouch. One to Couviere.

Sitting on his horse passively, Elrick is ready for his turn on the tilt when it comes, the helm he is to wear resting on the pommel of his saddle. His eyes are focused on the first two competitors and when Sir Michael dislodges his opponent skillfully on the very first pass, the t'Tremaine Heir raises his gauntleted hands and applauds for the performance.

Michael deflects aside Samantha's lance with his shield and delivers a well-aimed blow at her midsections that obliterates the lance, and sends the Rivanan knight tumbling from her saddle. He tosses the broken lance to the crowd at the end of the lists and then rides back to his place, sending one of his men to check on his foe and see that she was not too badly hurt by her fall.

Lady Sir Nadine t'Cadri winces as the southern knight is knocked from her horse. "Lord Michael hit well," she remarks to Elrick at her side.

Evelyn watches as Michael executes his perfect tilt, nodding at the prowess of the Red Knight, considering any vantage point which she might use to best him, should she face him. She watches Samantha, to make sure the other Knight is not injured, too.

Samuel is unable to hold back a grin as he watches the tilt, applauding as he sees Michael succeed. "Good one…" And then he hears the next announcement, looking over towards Gabriel now. Offering him a grin and a nod.

Adrienne's brows furrow a tad at Tia's remark. "Why shouldn't we be here? Graham is going to show them…" Even so, she seems less than pleased that the Rosendal woman got unhorsed that swiftly. "I would like to hear what Destrian can tell us of his journeys, when we see him again…", she remarks. Raising to her feet then to give her own brother Graham a wave.

"And he rode well as well," Elrick says as he nods his head in agreement with Nadine's comments, his gaze not leaving the l'Corren and the tilts, perhaps looking a bit eager to be riding again. "But he is a l'Corren, so that is not a surprise."

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Aidric with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Aidric attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance but Gabriel DODGES!

<COMBAT> Aidric attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Aidric with Tourney Lance but Aidric DODGES!

<COMBAT> Aidric attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance but Gabriel DODGES!

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Aidric with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Head.

The Rosendal woman is up on her feet again, if a little unsteadily, after only a few moments of winded gasping; a raised arm signalling she's not quite dead yet, to whom it may concern. She trudges back toward her attendants, leaving her squire to fetch back her mount. Knocked on her arse quite soundly. Ah well. These things happen. Lightly exploring her bruised abdomen with gauntleted fingertips, the knight grimaces beneath her helm. That's going to hurt in the morning. Even more than it does already.

"One above…" Green eyes narrow, when Adrienne realizes it is Aidric Carling down there in the lists, riding against the tourney champion Gabriel l'Saigner! "Seems Sir Aidric is in for a beating…" She watches, clearly captivated by the spectacle that involves several passes. Which end the way she has expected.

Hard to mistake a whole group of Huntresses really, ain't it? With the two Cassomir nobles having several in the stands near them. Emilia shoots Tiadora a slight glance,"It is just of the start, do not overly of fret." Least not yet! Giving a nod to Adrienne,"I do always of enjoy of his tales and stories. And have been missing of having him around of again. Hopefully he will be returned of soon." Emilia catches sight of Lucas in the stands, while waiting for the next pair to prepare for their tilt, offering the Wraith a incline of her head and a faint tugging at the corners of her lips. With Aidric's name being called Emilia does focus to the field…and against Gabriel! There is a little blink,"He was doing not of to bad…all of considering."

Like the other Rivanans, Aidric views Samantha's fall as a bad sign for the day. "Kieran," he hisses at his squire. "Come check my armour again." It was after all a borrowed breastplate he wore. Then, he is up and riding. The first pass, he is grazed, the second neither of them hit, and he begins to have hope he might score a lucky hit and win this. The third pass sees him hit squarely in the head. He reels back but through luck and skill he manages to hold on and ride off the field with some pride.

Tiadora lets out a happy squeal for Aidric as he takes to the lists. She claps for the first passes but winces at the strike to his helmet. "Go! For Rivana! You can do it!" She bounces on her feet, and pudgy Tia bounces well.

Alina looks disappointed that Gabriel didn't unhorse his opponent, but she applauds anyway.

"Lady Sir Alexandra t'Artan and Lord Sir Elrick t'Tremaine!" comes the next announcement.

Tawny, lioness eyes consider the Rivana Huntresses briefly, Adrienne and Emilia. Angel notes their greeting to the Knight on the field, Graham she thinks, from his sigil. Her gaze is studious, intent. the she is drawn back the field, and the joust. She applauds now, folding the fan with an audible snap…

Raimond watches the next battle intently. This one's a bit more even, though again it looks as though the Rivanan competitor gets the worst of it towards the end. Here's hoping this isn't a pattern forming. Though it seems the next match pits two northerners against one another.

"Could've been worse." is Devlin Cassomir's contribution to his conversation-with-the air around him (or perhaps his horse?). Meanwhile, he scans the stands, and spotting the clutch of Huntresses, gives them a wave and a grin.

Graham watches the next lists and of course rooting for his Aidric in the match though at least he stays on his horse which is a good start. He doesnt win the round but he will clap him all the same as he returns. "Well listed m'lord." He says.

Alexandra is up next, and she mounts her courser and makes the due salutes. Then, when the signal is given she drops her lance and charges swiftly towards the heir of Hartswood.

When Aidric's name is called, Tristan perks up a little and cheers. His cousin would do well. The three tilts happen and poor Aidric did not score a single hit. "God damn it." He curses, slouching in his seat with a sour expression. Oh how he would have loved for Aidric to unhorse Alina's husband.

Gabriel's name is called and he comes forward to tilt against the Rivanan. He salutes the man and when it the flag is dropped he charges. His first tilt sees his lance scrape a hit against Aidric's chest. The second he misses, but on the third tilt, he scores a better hit. Yet it isn't enough to unhorse the knight. Oh well, not as good as his brother's performance, but points were points.

Evelyn continues to watch, unusual for her, her expression is almost solemn, concentrated and focused. There is no smile, no measure of glint or mirth, no edge to the joy she usually displays in these sorts of challenges and displays of ability. She nods as Gabriel scores, exhales a breath, and continues to wait for her turn to be called.

Eduard shakes his head when Aidric is called to face against the other l'Corren and prior years Circuit Champion. The results not unexpected. The man nodding to Delvin,"COuld have. Least he kept his seat. Almost surprised he did."

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Alexandra with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Alexandra attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance but Elrick DODGES!

<COMBAT> Alexandra attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Alexandra with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Alexandra with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Alexandra attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

When Gabriel also achieves victory, Elrick once more applauds as he says as an aside to Nadine, "Shame I'm not a betting man, or I would have wagered gold on both l'Correns." Maybe he should have bet but it is one of those vices he chooses to avoid, losing money at cards is enough. When his name gets called though, the t'Tremaine heir breaks into a grin as he looks towards Nadine, "Wish me luck. I will probably need it, the t'Artan have formidable cavalry knights." Then he nudges his steed into motion, heading to his side of the tilt.

Elrick's squire is already there waiting for him, tourney lance in hand which the knight takes. First, a salute is offered to the main box, then to those that are seated in the Couviere section. With the formalities finished, Elrick salutes his own opponent and then dons his helm, lowering his visor. Once the signal is given, there is a thundering of hooves as his steed bursts into motion. As the distance closes quickly, the t'Tremaine heir lowers his lance and the first blow glances off the t'Artan's helm, too slow. Wheeling around for another pass, he is in motion again and charges, this time landing a good blow to the chest but the tourney lance does not shatter. When he reaches the end, he wheels his steed around once more and grits his teeth, perhaps a touch frustrated with his performance as he goes for the final pass. Yet another solid blow to the chest, no lance shattering.

Devlin gets a wave and even a half smile sort of thing from Emilia, it is a little odd looking by alrights. But for her brother, least Emilia can manage somethig more than a mere tugging at the corners of her mouth, so it was…something. With the next pair called forth, Emilia does turn her attention again to the tilt in progress. A bit of clapping being done for the performances on the field. A look along to Tiadora,"See…was saying things were of a bit more of exciting for of the jousting, of aye?"

Michael applauds his cousin as he wins a solid victory over Alexandra. "Well done, Elrick!" he calls with a smile on his face.

Alexandra curses roundly at her showing, letting her still unbroken lance be claimed by her squire. Clearly, she needed her head on these jousts and not why she had come to Pacitta in the first place.

The Gerrell lady beams happily at Emilia. "Aidric didn't do to bad I guess. And that last one was fun too. Symon wants us to host a Circut set sometime in the next couple years too. That'd be exciting to do it at home."

Angel applauds, again a Courvieri scores points. Her people are doing well. She smiles, and scan the crowds, nodding to those she knows, smiling to those she has not yet met. her gaze lingers on the Huntresses. Curious as a Cat. An occupational hazard really. The t'Corbeau Lady smiles, reaching down, sipping from a cooling drink….

Though he was the victor, Elrick doesn't feel entirely like a true winner as his lance remains unbroken. With a sigh, he raises his visor after composing his facial expression, saluting Alexandra on the other side of the tilt for her performance and staying on her horse. Then he hands his lance off to his squire before riding back to where he was situated, lips pressed together a bit thinner than before.

Graham looks on to the next who ride and each pass they make. It is always more exciting to him at least when each rider makes their passes no matter who ends up winning and so mrore polite clapping goes on from him as he awaits the next to joust. It is a quick moment lokoing to the stands though people seem to enjoy themselves and he turns back.

<COMBAT> Samuel attacks Samantha with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Hand.

<COMBAT> Samantha attacks Samuel with Tourney Lance but Samuel DODGES!

<COMBAT> Samuel attacks Samantha with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Right Leg.

<COMBAT> Samantha attacks Samuel with Tourney Lance but Samuel DODGES!

<COMBAT> Samuel attacks Samantha with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Samantha attacks Samuel with Tourney Lance but Samuel DODGES!

The previous tilt had actually been a positive one, in Tristan's mind. Finally a Couvieri was paired against a Couvieri. Now it was back to the mold of Couviere versus Rivana. He directed a glance in the direction of the Chancellor, and sat back to see what would happen from here on out. He would like to start seeing Rivanan's triumph.

Gabriel watches tilt after tilt. When Samuel bests Samantha, by points anyway, he offers his cousin a nod when the man passes him up.

Raimond sighs, shaking his head slightly. Truly not looking good for the Rivanan side of this equation right now. But now it seems a Paladin has come forth to make their attempt to turn the tide. They're supposed to be good at that whole inspiration and tide-turning thing, aren't they? Here's hoping.

Devlin turns attention back to the match as once again the Couvieri score more points. Now all told Devlin doesn't have as much personal stock invested in the whole Couviere vs Rivana business, having been far too young to even remember much of the Thirty Years' War. Still, you have to root for the home team, right?

Anticipation. It can be the bane of Knights. Evelyn shifts a little on her horse, but reigns in that mood that stirs within her as she watches the tilts go by. She glances up to the crowd, then looks back to the Knights, nodding with approval as the next tilt goes by.

Mounting up again, gritting her teeth as she accepts a fresh lance, Samantha resettles herself in the saddle and tries to ignore the aching bruises rising on her tender midsection. Tis but a scratch! Casting up a prayer to.. well, someone.. the pretty brunette squares her shoulders and, as the flag comes down, claps her heels to her chestnut's sides, urging him forward at speed. The first pass.. not so bad. Her strike goes wide but she remains ahorse this time! The next.. She looses a not entirely ladylike curse, thankfully somewhat muffled by her headgear, as Samuel's lance lands soundly upon her thigh. The young lady reaffirms her seat, shuffling into place and centering her balance, leaning more on the opposite stirrup to ease that battered leg. The third pass is equally undramatic; they're at least well matched as riders but Samuel's lance *dings* across Samantha's breastplate. She departs the field with a little more dignity, but no doubt a somewhat wounded ego; tossing her lance and offering a nod of grudging approval to her victor.

Tiadora cheers at the good set between the two, but is far more excited when Eduard is called "For Normont! Go Sir Ned!" She grins at the Huntress at her side. "I hope he scores well!"

Watching the tilts happening rather carefully, Samuel smiles and nods, taking a few mental notes. Glancing around at the other participants as he waits to hear the next pairing announced. When he hears his name, he finishes getting ready, getting hold of a lance as he brings Miramis into position. First a salute to his opponent, and to the crowd, then he lets the horse charge. First pass goes well, with an okay hit while managing to avoid the incoming attack, second pass has a better hit, breaking the lance in the process. Still not hit, he gets a new one for the third pass, and while he doesn't get much of a hit in on the last pass, he stays unharmed. Offering a polite nod again to Samantha, before he makes his way off the field, to wait for his next tilt.

Michael cheers as Samuel beats the Rivanan. "Not her night," he remarks to the other Couvieri as he continues to applaud.

Graham hears his name called and will take to the list across from his opponoant he belives he's found himself in this match previously before well he' can only do his best. He will close the visor on his helm and ready himself for the passes.

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Jonathan attacks Eduard with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

Tiadora missed the Lily Knight being called but cheers happily when he takes his pass.

<COMBAT> Eduard attacks Jonathan with Tourney Lance but Jonathan DODGES!

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

Angelique applauds, as again the Couvieri score. She settles back in her seat, watching over the rim of her cup eyes all hot gold. She has always found such scenes…exciting.

<COMBAT> Eduard attacks Jonathan with Tourney Lance but Jonathan DODGES!

<COMBAT> Jonathan attacks Eduard with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Jonathan attacks Eduard with Tourney Lance and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Eduard attacks Jonathan with Tourney Lance but Jonathan DODGES!

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance but Nadine DODGES!

With the next patches passed, Devlin moves to take his position, grinning a bit once more, "Well, I wasn't hoping to have to go up against my future Goodbrother." Devlin calls out as he moves to the starting line, saluting Thaddeus from across the field, "But I'll try to give you a contest at least." And with that, he lowers his visor, accepts his Lance and sets it, and prepares to charge!

Tiadora starts to look very troubled by the poor showing of her countrymen. Not just because they are not winning, but as if something more deep is troubling her. She fumbles with the prayer beads at her waist and watches in less enthusiastic concern.

Emilia nods to Tiadora,"I hope he does of well also." Even if Emilia was not entirely familiar with this..Sir Ned. Though as Graham gets called on as well, Emilia sits up further in her seat. A look towards Adrienne cheers loudly for her brother. Emilia however does as she does and claps…perhaps abit spiritedly. There is however a bit of wincing when he ends up taking some serious hits. And then all the misses and dodging for both tilts! Then she hears her brother being called, and grasps for Adrienne's arm.

Evelyn hears her name called after watching Nadine, she smiles, nods her approval for the Snowshield, proud of the other woman. And then she hears her own name called. She steadies her mount, rides into position and eyes her opponent carefully before lowering her visor, and readying to charge.

Tristan watches as Graham is outdone by Nadine and Eduard is bested by Jonathon. He would almost pray right now to the One, offering up his thanks that this wasn't the tournament in Rivana. Again, he glances over at Bartolo, suspecting some of what is going on here, yet not really able to say anything about it right now.

Eduard watches the next few matches with interest. The matches seemed more then that first one. Then he hears his name being called. Last minute checks are done before he takes up his tourney lance. Offering a salute to Jonathan before spurring his horse head long when the go is given. A quick shake of his head after taking the lance to the head, before turning for the next tilt. His own lance not finding it's mark as he get hit once more. Before the final turn where he fails to manage any strike in on Jonathan. A salute is given again at the end. Though he shakes his head as he heads back to the sides, not a good showing on his part.

Graham makes his passes though he does land one strike, the resulting counter is a rather hard thunk to his armor. He makes the next pass though he will end up losing his match. He bows to his opponant "Well done Sir Nadine." he calls before riding off to prepare and everything from his first go, looking up to the stands he holds a hand up towards his family friends letting them know he's alright.

When Nadine is declared the winner by points, a clear visible victory, Elrick once more applauds though and when she returns to her spot, he gives her a thumbs up before turning his attention back to the tilts as another pair go at it. A good showing for Couviere so far and this certainly pleases the t'Tremaine Heir.

Nadine salutes her opponent and then makes her passes, faring well enough, though someone like Elrick may not be happy with the results. She gets back to her place of waiting, waiting for her next opponent. She nods to Graham. "Well tilted."

He's been quiet. Jonathan t'Maren's been astride his horse, watching the joust, and taking note of how each competitor fares in each tilt. He may end up facing one of them, after all, and there's little better in such a scenario than to size up one's competition. That's not the only reason he's been quiet, tough; today is the first time he's ever beheld this knight rumor says he'll be betrothed to, and while he doesn't want to stare, he certainly can't help a certain degree of awkward, observatory anticipation. Wondering for a brief moment if his parents began this way he sighs, shakes his head, and swallows. He'll look back over his shoulder toward where the common folk are congregating to look for his one know supporter in the crowd before lining up in the lists when his name is called.

Michael shakes his head with evident amusement as the Couvieri continue to dominate the field. "At this point, if we win another few jousts against the Rivanans, we ought to start calling this place Carsonne again," he jokes to his countrymen.

Lucas sits up when Evelyn's name is called, "Finally," he breathes as leans forward to watch the joust.

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Devlin with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Leander attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Devlin attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Leander with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Right Hand.

<COMBAT> Devlin attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Leander attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Devlin with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Leander with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Head.

<COMBAT> Leander attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance but Evelyn DODGES!

<COMBAT> Devlin attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Leander with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Devlin with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Ah well, at least it wasn't a total wash. Devlin salutes Thaddeus once more, lifting his visor and grinning, "Well jousted, sir!" And then he's off to the sidelines once more. The Joust has never been his forte…he always fared better in the melee and duels.

Raimond would cheer for his brother, but his voice isn't exactly working great right now, so he claps a gauntleted hand on his thigh, before wincing as Leander…doesn't fare so well. But he stays in the saddle, so that's something, at least. And then it's Raimond's turn to take to the starting line, giving his opponent a salute. No words though, but it's probably understandable why.

Emilia sighs a little as Devlin ends up taking those hits from Thaddeus. It wasn't a great surprise really, Thad had more experience. A round of clapping does come for her brother, and by happenstance for Thaddeus as well. That other knight, there might be a mild wince. It just wasn't Rivana's day. But then..the battered knight from the bareknuckle is called to pair against Gabriel? Was this tourney rigged?

Gabriel offers Evelyn a congratulatory wave when she emerges successful over the Rivanan. Some of this was making him a little uneasy. Couviere was currently cleaning house against Rivana. A part of him should feel thrilled about that. Rather, he felt bothered by a lot of this. Still, his name was called, and he makes his way to the field, offering Raimond a salute.

Facing off against Eduard, Jon readies himself, lance in hand, and his head…somewhere else. It's hard to concentrate, and he's trying not to let it get to him. He manages to avoid each hit Eduard tries to land on him, but his own hits aren't that much better. Frustrated, he scoffs at himself, shaking his head and determined to do better the next round.

Graham is called once more into action he's been able to at least refresh and then he grabs a new lance and will head back onto the lists he will turn his horse around and then looks down the lists towards his opponant raising his lance in salute to him before his visor is shut and his lance leveled.

Evelyn steels herself as the tilt begins, she rides forwards and manages to plant her lance well, just not well enough to cause Leander to be unseated, while managing to glance off Leander's attempt. The next two tilts don't go quite as good, but she does manage at least to hit Leander solidly. When the tilt ends, she is pleased well enough with herself, nodding some, and rides off, with an expectant look on her features to whom she will fight next.

Tiadora starts shaking her head. Her big blue eyes seem to look every which way, and she seems to be shivering. "This feels wrong "

Aidric is scowling now as the Rivanans lose another tilt and another Rivanan is pitted against the Champion of Couviere. He glares up at Mancini. Still, Thaddeus did well, and so he claps for his friend even though he is still glaring as he does it.

Lucas applauds loudly as Evelyn wins her match against the Rivanan, he tries to make it a standing ovation but his balance hasn't full recovered and he sags back into his seat. Still, good on her.

Samuel moves into position once more, with a salute to Graham now. Preparing to charge as soon as the signal is given.

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Raimond with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Samuel attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Raimond attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Samuel with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Raimond attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Raimond with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Samuel with Tourney Lance but Samuel DODGES!

<COMBAT> Samuel attacks Graham with Tourney Lance but Graham DODGES!

<COMBAT> Samuel attacks Graham with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Raimond attacks Gabriel with Tourney Lance but Gabriel DODGES!

<COMBAT> Graham attacks Samuel with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Gabriel attacks Raimond with Tourney Lance but Raimond DODGES!

Well, he scored one point against the Circuit Champion and stayed in the saddle. Raimond would be hard-pressed to call that anything less than "better than expected." Though that first strike across his helm hurt about three times as much as it should due to his heavily bruised neck and he very nearly dropped his Lance because of it. Still, he recovers enough for at least a glancing blow in the second pass, and the third proves a miss for either of them. He salutes Gabriel once more, offering another brief smile, before moving to make way for the next competitors.

While Graham competes once more, Emilia sits up more in her seat. Dark eyes only flickering briefly to Adrienne as more loud cheers are given up for the Cassomir knight. Emilia herself does clap loudly for him when a solid hit is managed. A better turn about this time. And then Devlin is being called again. A breathe to see who he will be up against.

Gabriel rides his tilts against Raimond, scoring two hits to the man's one. He's won on points. He knows it, Raimond knows it, the entire crowd knows it. When the tilting is done, he remains in the center of the field, sitting atop his charger. He throws his lance to the ground in disgust and then lifts his helmet off and faces the crowd and the circuit observers. "Is this what we are calling entertainment now? It seems that the circuit has fallen very far indeed if it is going to try and make matches like this." He turns and spits onto the ground and then leaves the field.

Graham ends the match with a tie to the other knight each landing a hit. "Good listing Sir." he says as they both ride off the field for the next to begin. The Lily knight isnt really glad with his performance but this time he stayed upon his horse which is something waving to family and friends.

Tiadora waves back to Graham, still anxious over something but pleased he did not fall

Though he watches Gabriel's display with a frown, Devlin Cassomir then moves to take his position, and salutes the t'Maren knight. "Well met, sir. Let's give them a show, shall we?" And once again he lowers his visor, takes up his lance, and readies himself for the charge. This other fellow looks like he means business.

Up in the Commoner's Side of the stands, Gastogne sits, sipping a mug of warm ale,a nd eating a meaton a stick as he watches the exchange.

Aidric curses savagely as Raimond loses. He didn't give a damn for the Giraldi, but this was getting to be too much. His name is called then and he looks up at the heralds with a scowl before biting out, "Good," then he calls for his horse and lance. When he's mounted he rides forward without his lance, his squire carrying it behind him leaving Aidric's hands free. He lifts his visor and spits in the direction of the box and Mancini before lowering it again beckoning for his lance to begin the charge.

Alina frowns at her husband's outburst. She tsks and mutters to Lucas, "I'll have to remind him what discpline is later."

Not quite succeeding as well in this one, Samuel shakes his head as he finishes it tied with Graham, offering the man a brief grin, "Well done, Sir." Pausing as he hears Gabriel's words, he shakes his head momentarily as he makes his way off the field now.

<COMBAT> Jonathan attacks Devlin with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Aidric with Tourney Lance but Aidric DODGES!

<COMBAT> Devlin attacks Jonathan with Tourney Lance but Jonathan DODGES!

<COMBAT> Aidric attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!

Angelique watches the lists, fan open, concealing her expression. But those eyes, molten gold. Who would have guessed she would so…/fond/ of tourney?

<COMBAT> Jonathan attacks Devlin with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Devlin attacks Jonathan with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Right Arm.

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Aidric with Tourney Lance but Aidric DODGES!

<COMBAT> Aidric attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Devlin attacks Jonathan with Tourney Lance but Jonathan DODGES!

<COMBAT> Aidric attacks Elrick with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Aidric with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> Jonathan attacks Devlin with Tourney Lance but Devlin DODGES!

Tiadora looks up at the box after Aidric and Gabriel both direct their ire. She frowns as she looks at Tristian, her expression not as suspicious as troubled.

There is some loud clapping from Emilia, even if surely lost in the crowd when Devlin manages to come out on points. Giving support on to her brother. Though there is a hint of a frown the the dispays that came before hand, dark eyes casting a long look at the box herself. She had seen plenty of tournaments before….this. She headshakes after a low murmur to Adrienne.

Catching Gabriel's outburst, Elrick watches his cousin with a passive expression, most likely thinking on what the reigning tourney champion said. To the t'Tremaine, he was no doubt pleased by the Rivanan being bested, but it appears that the l'Corren was right. Before he could think on it, his name is called and it appears that he is to be matched against a Rivanan, so there is no time to dwell on his cousin's words.

Riding to his end of the tilt once more, Elrick waves for his squire to hurry with his lance, perhaps a bit eager either to face the southern knight or to just get this over with. However, respect must be paid and he bows his head to the main box once more, then a salute for the Couviere section. Helm donned, visor slipped down, he waits for the signal and once it is given, he is off once more. First two passes did not go well for the t'Tremaine, a complete miss for the first pass and then a glancing blow for the second that chips paint on the tip of his tourney lance and not much else. However, on the third, Elrick redeems himself as he lands a solid blow on his opponent's hand, just missing the midsection, the strike hard enough to shatter part of the lance. Tossing it into the commoner section of the crowd, he gives himself a fist pump by his chest, perhaps pleased that he was able to pull a victory in the last clash. He would have been most displeased if he had lost to the southern knight.

And leave it to a Cassomir to pull off one of the thus-far few Rivanan victories of the evening, narrowly taking his match against Jonathan t'Maren with a spectacular shattered lance in the second pass. He lifts his visor and salutes once more, "Well jousted, sir! Until the brackets, then…" And then he's riding off the field, mostly-pleased with his performance even if he's aware of the unease among many of the other knights, and the reasons behind it.

Raimond rides forward once more, ready for his last match of the night. Here's hoping it goes better than the last one, but he's seen this lady joust and he knows she's not one to underestimate. Another salute given, the visor slammed closed, and the contest begins anew….

His focus is better this round, and when Jon is called up against Devlin, it's with renewed purpose. Focused and direct, Jon manages to land a hit against his opponent and dodge simultaneously. It emboldens him, and when he makes for the next tilt, it's with perhaps more confidence than he shouldhave. The only hit he's sustained thus far, then, is a hard one, landed against his dominant arm. With a shout she drops his lance, wincing and breathing hard as a squire runs up to retrieve it for him. The next turn is met with no hits on both sides, much to Jon's pleasure; holding that lance, now, is almost agonizing.

Michael frowns at his brother's display, but truth be told, it does have some merit. Though when his name is called he mounts up and arms, glad that he's riding against a Couvieri this time.

Alexandra mounts her horse, shutting out the murmurs of the crowd, and the grumbling of the southerners, it was no less than what the deserved for Bryars March. Still, best to see this done and joust well.

<COMBAT> Alexandra attacks Michael with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).

Gastogne lets out a round of applause as the next exchange goes off, watching from his position up in the stands and winces softly as things go on.

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Alexandra with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Right Leg.

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Raimond with Tourney Lance but Raimond DODGES!

<COMBAT> Raimond attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance but Evelyn DODGES!

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Alexandra with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Raimond with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Raimond attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Alexandra attacks Michael with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Alexandra with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Left Arm.

<COMBAT> Evelyn attacks Raimond with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Raimond attacks Evelyn with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Alexandra attacks Michael with Tourney Lance - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Alexandra has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Michael has been KO'd!

Eduard watches the matches on in silence. The man taking to more study of the stands after a few of the lopesides matches. Though his attention moves back to the field as he awaits his second match. Which does come and hearing the name, he shakes his head. Lowering his visor and taking to the field.

Tiadora murmurs something to the huntress at her side before clapping. "Go Ned," she calls to Eduard again, trying to get some cheer back for her poor battered Rivanan countrymen.

Emilia blinks at the rather spectacular event of a double unhorsing. Dark eyes flitting between the two before even looking to the the other match and realizing…another Rivania actually..won. A round of clapping is due!! A nod slowly goes to Tiadora before something is murmured back.

And Raimond Giraldi scores another one-point victory for Rivana against his foe, but it's highly unlikely anybody's paying much attention, because over on the other side of the field, a rather spectacular series of passes erupts between Alexandra t'Artan and Michael l'Corren. Splinters fly, and ultimately…both of them end up unhorsed! Well…Raimond might know a little bit about that whole "both opponents falling" business after the bareknuckle brawl. Even he's momentarily distracted after his passes, looking towards the other field, before giving Evelyn a salute, a smile, and a nod, then riding off to the side of the field where a squire awaits to start helping him out of that armor and see to the horse. But Raimond watches intently as Leander goes to compete again. Against the Greycen heir, of all people. Yes. Something here does seem to stink. But ah well…such is the way of Pacitta.

This was more like it! Michael's tilt with Alexandra was a good one. The first two passes were decent but that last one: One above! Michael picked himself off the ground with a laugh and seeing his foe had fallen too laughs even louder and pulls the woman into a hug, clapping her back plate heartily. "Well struck," he says before he raises his hand to the crowd and makes his way off the field, Alexandra not far behind him.

Cathrynn arrives from the Monstsumar Sector.

Tiadora nods back to Emilia even as she gives the Giraldi knight a health round of applause. He deserves it.

After Gabriel's display on his tilt against Raimond, Evelyn feels a bit distraught with her showing, visibly frustrated that she was unable to score on points against the Rivanian, inespecial considering her prior ability shown. She inclines her head to Raimond, still. The man did best her, afterall, and then she rides back to her position.

Tristan watches the proceedings with a detatched disinterest. This was not even worth watching anymore. Not really. Even the sight of two Couvieri knocking each other off their horses couldn't rouse his interest.

Nadine rides forward to face her last opponent of the night. She salutes Eduard and nods, fipping down her visor and preparing to ride forward.

Lucas applauds despite Evelyn's defeat. "No doubt about Gabriel's discipline, but he did have a point," he remarks quietly to Alina.

Seated in the Tracano box, just a little off to the side, Clara watches the joust with more interest than her cousin Tristan. She has been quiet…but still watching rather intently. Applauding for Rivana, there might be a little bit of a smile present. Just a little.

Alina nods, her expression tight. "He does. But I'd rather bring up this point with Mancini privately, personally, and preferably at bladepoint in the man's office," she growls under her breath.

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Eduard with Tourney Lance - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Gastogne lets out applause at the displays, wincing at some of the more brutal exchanges.

<COMBAT> Leander attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Leander with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Eduard attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Leander with Tourney Lance - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Eduard attacks Nadine with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Nadine attacks Eduard with Tourney Lance - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Leander attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Right Leg stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Eduard has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Leander attacks Thaddeus with Tourney Lance but Thaddeus DODGES!

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Leander with Tourney Lance - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

Samuel still watches in silence, watching the other competitors rather carefully. After all, one might end up facing one of the others later on, so knowing how they fight might be a good thing, right?

Nadine shatters her first lance on the Rivanan paladin; then on the second pass hits him solidly and drives him from his horse. She waits to make sure he gets to his feet, then looks to Elrick, her visor flipped up.

Somewhere in the crowd Cathrynn stands, watching, another Huntress beside her, the two talking now and then as they follow the contests. Neither look especially overjoyed at any of the points given or taken, instead focused on something perhaps of a serious nature, given their expressions and their quiet conversation.

Raimond frowns a bit as Thaddeus rather unfortunately shows Leander how it's done, and his younger brother fails to score any points against the Lord-Marshal of Rivana. And over in the other portion of the field, the Rivanan Paladin gets unhorsed. Yes, this has truly not been a very auspicious night for Rivana, and yet…there's still the brackets to come. Here's hoping they manage a better showing, though if it seems they're seeded the same way they were stacked up this afternoon, that may be a difficult bar to get over. In any case, he moves along with the squire to help Leander once he's off the field, "Better luck next time, little brother. It looks like Mancini's playing a game of his own, to the surprise of absolutely no one except apparently that Couvieri Champion."

Eduard salutes Nadine before the first tilt begins. The man managing to make contact this time, but not without taking on a major hit that rocks him back in his saddle. A second hit given, but still knocked off his game after the first hit. He ends upended and blinking at the sky. He pushes to his feet and salutes Nadine,"Well road, Sir. I will by later to see to the randsom." The man making his way from the area to to be seen to after that massive hit.

Tiadora is on her feet when Eduard is knocked off his horse, hand flying to her mouth to hide her gasp. She shakes her head slowly as something akin to panic starts to wash over her rounded face. He staggers off the field but still, her worry remains. "This… This whole thing has been a sign," she says- largely to herself.

Graham looks to the alst of the matches going on and the intense finishes. He will clap along with the others before finally dismounting. He is thankful he doesnt have to ransome his horse back this time at very least handing the reigns to a squire with thanks before he'll remove his helm and hold it under his arm while he moves back towards the stands and groups of other knights.

Michael is pleased by Nadine's performance, but he is moderate in his celebration, now is not the time for that. He glances up at the stands seeking out Alina with his eyes trying to read her mood.

Lucas nods to his sister. "Well, if you meant that literally sister, unfortunately the work is best left to Corvin tonight," he says.

A helm bounds onto the lists when Eduard is struck from his saddle, and a squire chases after it, Kieran Gerrell, Aidric's squire. His knight, Aidric lets out a loud "For fuck's sake!" as he storms off the lists, pushing bystanders from his path.

Coming off to the side when it's no longer his turn, Jonathan watches from the sidelines atop his horse. His interest definitely perks when Alexandra's up against Michael and he watches intently, leaning forward somewhat on his horse. When both end up listless on the ground, though, he sighs aloud, looking concerned and shaking his head. Ouch.

Gastogne looks down over at some of the Huntresseson the sidelines,and then lets out a wince and crosses his legs as he observes the jousts then at an echange that impmactsin a particularly sensitive area.

"Try me," Alina grits. "This sort of sloppy, hamhanded plotting could only come from that idiot. Father should have had him killed years ago."

It is certainly apparent that the joust may not necessarily be Leander's best event. Or, it could be the fact that he is facing Thaddeus. In either case, none of his passes seemed to have done anything apart from glance off of the Greycen harmlessly. Of course, for Leander's trouble, he earned two blows to the chest…but manages to keep his seat. A nod is given to Thaddeus as Leander rides off, with a grin that seems like he was just shrugging off the passes.

However, when Leander reaches his brother, the grin slips…showing a moment of grimacing. "Well, at least I didn't get knocked off this time." Although Leander has to lean to hear Raimond, while the younger Giraldi walks a little stiffly over to shed his armor. "I noticed. I hope our luck changes in time for the brackets, brother."

Emilia frowns to see the thrashing this..Sir Ned takes. Leaning to murmur something to Adrienne and giving another small shake of her head. Dark eyes do flit upwards to Tiadora. Some how thinking the sign the other is seeing, might be different then some others are seeing.

Raimond's hoarse whisper replies back, "You and I both." And having already strained what little voice he has left with those words, he falls silent again, waiting as the remainder of his armor is removed, and chugging from a skin of wine before handing it to Leander.

Though Elrick's tilts are finished, he stayed behind to watch the rest of the competition, not only to show support to his Couviere brethren but perhaps to pick up on any information on future opponents for the bracket section of the Jousting. When Nadine goes through her tilt though, it is most certainly impressive and when she looks towards him, he flashes her a grin and a nod.

Samuel looks around for a few brief moments, shaking his head momentarily. "Well, that was an interesting event," he remarks, to nobody in particular, as he looks around once again.

Tiadora folds her arms over her broad chest as she mutters to Emilia, with blue eyes narrowed in suspicion.

There is again polite clapping for the final passes…but it does seem that the Tracano princess was cheering a bit more for her cousin Thaddeus than for the Giraldi. Perhaps just for the sake that Clara actually knows the Greycen….that younger Giraldi seemed much too cocky the last time she saw him in the parade.

Cathrynn nods to her companion then pushes off the wall where she is leaning and shrugs. She murmurs something about being where she belongs then slips back through the crowd, the younger Huntress in tow.

Emilia gives a nod to the murmur from Tiadora, leaning to murmur something in return before she is shaking her head. Her dark eyes flitting over the tournament grounds.

Gastogne continues to watch, wince,and otherwise observe the displays of combat, gallantry,and most of all pain.

Leander takes the skin, taking a smaller swallow before passing it back to Raimond. "Here…you need this more than I do." The two brothers, for all their bravado, seem rather silent now…one because of need and the other because of want…as the two of them are helped out of their respective tin cans.

Graham looks back to the stands up to find his cousin and Tia sitting he wonders there tense looks before he looks at the huntresses around them spotting Cathrynn though she seems to be on the way out. The Lily knight will move further in towards the crowds looking about as he goes the games are well underway though he must look ahead to the duels.

Tiadora just scowls. Very much unlike her usual anxious or timid expression. "I'm going to go back to our manse," she advises Emilia. "And keep my guards close… I have a feeling I will want them near me."

Emilia gives a nod to Tiadora,"That is of a wise of thing to do. I think I will be of doing of the same." A nod to Adrienne as the woman stands along with Emilia. "Take of care and have of a good of evening." Moving to thread along through the crowds with her cousin and Huntresses. Likely paying a stop by the Cassomir tent to check upon her brother and cousin before seeing a return to the manse they were staying at.

Tiadora offers a farewell wave to Tristan and Clara before heading off, her guardsmen in their Gerrell leathers escorting her closely.

A wave is eagerly returned by Clara. Damn whoever is watching….that's her friend that just waved to her.

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