(1866-09-19) Difficult Explanations
Difficult Explanations
Summary: Cathrynn explains the distance and coolness which has effected the couple of late
Date: 09-19-1866
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Guest Quarters - Durante Manse - Pacitta City
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Mid morning finds Cathrynn sitting on the edge of the bed, elbows on her knees, bent over and staring into the distance, deep in thought. She's dressed as though she's been outside, probably a patrol or just out wandering as she is wont to do. Her gloves are off at least though still in her boots, her hair back in a braid. There is a tray with food and wine but it looks largely untouched.

Graham had been out to practice before the duels to be held that evening. The tourney not going very well for the southern knights as of right now he wishes to make a change to that if its at all possible. it is thus that he returns to the manse and to the room shared with Cat. He sees her sitting there as he moves forward. "I'm back Cathrynn." he says though he'll move over and sit beside her leaning to kiss her cheek. He has been worried for her and unsure what's going on and well he's been a tad grumpy on this though he takes a deep breath a moment.

Distant and maybe even cold, that's how it's been, granted. She can't deny it. Cathrynn looks up then back down to her hands when he kisses her cheek and sits down with her. "How did it go?" she asks. "I know the tournament has not gone as well as you'd hope.."

"Training went well, but we will see. All of Rivana is struggling with this tournament, there were even talks about fixed match pairings after the Joust spreading through the city. Cant really speak of that though as I dont know if its true or not." Graham says he looks over to her in the silence after he'd spoken. Its a moment before he adds. "How are you? How was your morning love?"

Cathrynn nods, "I heard the rumblings..saw the looks.." she says. "I was there for a bit," she adds. "Oh, I'm fine.. morning was a morning.." she says and her brows wrinkle. "I need to tell you something.. and I don't know how.." she says and pushes to stand. She walks to the table with the tray and pours some wine in a cup, taking a long drink.

Graham had seen her though the look had stopped him in his tracks before he moved over. "It was, though you've hardly touched your food." He comments though he watches when her brow wrinkles and she speaks after going to get some wine and taking a drink. He sits a few moments before standing up though a few steps over towards her. "You need not worry about telling me something Cat, what is it you need to say." he's concerned but also curious perhaps an explination so they can work towards a resolution?

She drains the cup and then looks over at him and steps away and toward the window. Cat looks down through the glass and holds her cup, "I know things have not been..good.. lately.." she says. "I am sorry for that," she adds then she sighs quietly. "I did not feel well for a time, I thought I would be giving you good news, but then I stopped feeling it.."

The Lily Knight pauses in his movement when she walks away. Graham hears the words easily enough though. He's experienced the downward turn though and trying to follow along to its cause. "It is okay Cathrynn we're a team and I do love you." He tilts his head though "I dont understand what you mean though, goodnews.. ill?" he questions though he will take a few more steps closer to her at the window after he's spoken.

Catherynn perches her fingers on the window sill then frowns, "I thought I was with child.." she starts then shakes her head. "I mean.. I was.. " she says then leans her forhead to the glass, closing her eyes. "I was, but I am not, now."

Graham stops in his walk as she speaks and the words are like a punch to his gut. He frowns though seems frozen a moment two moments. He seems to unfreeze slowly but the rest of the space is covered after and he swiftly moves over to her his hand touches her shoulder and spins her around gently to face him before his arms move around her. "Cat.. oh Cathrynm. I am so sorry." there are tears in his voice a sadness he doesnt completely realize just yet. "I've been so grumpy to you I didnt know.." please forgive me?" he will hold her in his arms tightly "Were you seen by a healer? I can bring one here." he gets out then falls silent his breath a bit shakey.

Cathrynn sucks in a breath once the words are out then she is spun around and looks up at Graham. His sadness pushes her own over the edge and her brown eyes well up with glossy tears. "I'm sorry.. " then she blinks up at him, "FOrgive you for what? I lost our child.." she says, breathes. "I saw one.. "

The Lily knight will hold onto her closely not willing to let her go. Graham sucks in a breath to try and calm himself but his eyes are indeed red. "Its not your fault Cathrynn its not.. The one will bless us." The knight and lord is sure of this fact though his voice still full of sadness. "Forgive me for not knowing.. for not being here for you. I am now though." He says the nod is given about seeing a healer.

Cathrynn shakes her head, "It's not your fault, you didn't know.. I was wanting to tell you about the baby then I knew something was wrong.. and I just couldn't find the words. I felt bad… the pain.. and sick.. " and she leans her forehead to his chest. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you.."

Graham sniffs hard wiping his eyes on his sleeve. He is quite her words though he'll squeeze her before reaching up to brush through her hair repeatedly a movement he knows is calming to her from all the time they've spent together. "Its.. okay Cat I understand." he finally is able to speak though tears still are in his eyes a baby almost a father but no he cannot let himself be overwhelmed the one will bless them with a child it is only time. He must belive this.

The tough, unflappable Huntress cries to and when it starts, it's like a dam breaks. She holds back, holds it all in, all the time, and now, there is not stopping it. She curls in against him and just tries to find comfort there, unable to really voice anything else for the moment.

The Lily Knight feels when she begins to cry perhaps her tears soaking through his clothes he will hold her tightly within his arms. Graham doesnt speak for now his own tears are streaked down his cheeks the sadness and worry for his love mixed together, and this goes on for long minutes its hard to say five.. ten? It comes to him that he must try to pull himself together he sucks in some air a steadying breath when he realeases it a strange thing comes out not words.. but song.. she's probably one of if not the only one to hear him sing but it is a rarity among rarities. The tune is one she would recognize about a walk through the woods along stream and all one sees there.

After a time she inhales and rubs her hand over her eyes and tries to pull it together. "Sorry.. " she murmurs then puts her hand on his arm while he sings. Cat smiles a little and tilts her head, yep, things must be bad if he's singing to her..She fights off the urge the cry all over again.

Graham shakes his head at the appology since well there is nothing to appologize for. He holds onto her in his arms a gentle sway not really a dance but something while the song goes on. Its not a long song but he will sing it to completion and smiles to her. "Nothing to be sorry for Cat, your okay I am okay and the one will bless us soon. I can feel it." He says to her his own smile coming to his face the best he can manage.

Cathrynn moves with him in the sorta-dance, then when he finishes she pulls back and gets her cup to refill it with wine. "I know, we will be blessed when the One feels it is time," she replies. She doens't try to smile at that, unable to completely hide her disagreement at the One having robbed them of this first blessing.

The Lily Knight isnt happy with what happend to say the least quite sadened really though he must believe that it will happen. Graham moves along with her and grabs a glass of his own and will fill it with wine himself. "I love you Cathrynn." He says once he's taken a good drink himself from his own glass. "Would you like to sit with me again." he motions to the bed they'd vacated before.

Cat smiles softly, "I love you too.." she replies then she nods and walks toward the bed to sit down, sighing softly. She takes a long drink and then looks around, "I hated to tell you now of all times.. you have so much on your mind, so much happening..and the tournament tonight."

Graham takes another drink and returns her smile following and sitting close beside her his arm moving around her shoulder. "I am glad you did. I couldnt take not knowing what was going on. I would rather know even if the news is not as we had hoped. He will wipe his eyes as they moisten but taking another drink. "If you dont feel up to the tournament, I can stay here with you. Sit the event out." He offers to her.

Cathrynn nods to Graham, "I'm sorry.. I know I should have told you," she says. She reaches up and brushes away a tear from his face then shakes her head. "No, we will go and represent our Kingdom as we should, I will be there," she says with a firm nod.

"It is okay, I know why you couldnt speak of it." Graham says squeezing her to him before he takes another drink from his wine. He leans into her touch as the tear is wiped his eyes still red though he at least is breathing a little more easily. "Okay, we will go and I will do my best. I must than ask for what I should have this whole time. Your favour?"

Cat nods softly and then leans up to kiss him softly, "Thank you for understanding," she says. She tilts her head when he asks then she smiles, "Of course love, I would be honored," she says and then sets the wine aside to rise and go to her trunk. She rummages around a little and then pulls out a ribbon, one she sometimes wears in hair, and she turns to go back to the bed, offering it over. It's soft and shiny, soft gold with deep green embroidery of the initial 'C' on each end. Fitting.

Graham returns her kiss in kind and nods to her looking into her gaze he's thankful to see her smile though she moves to get the favour he watches it and nods smiling to her "Its excellent I will wear it with pride and hopefully i can do you and it some justice. I have a feeling the duels will be rather interesting with the talk of the matches uptil now about the city." He accepts it and will attach it when the time is near-er to to and compete.

"You will compete honorably and that is all that matters," she says then grins. "I know.. winning is more fun and probably best but.." and she waves a hand lightly. Cat reaches for her wine and takes another long drink then holds the cup in both hands in her lap. "I may even wear a gown tonight, instead of Huntress garb."

"I will, no matter win or lose. I wont comprimise myself for such a thing as a game. You are correct though that I enjoy winning more than losing." Graham says he will finish of his glass of wine and set it beside of him. He looks to her when she speaks of her clothes "You will look beautiful either way but a gown that would be quite a sight." He can picture her in such and smiles at it.

Cathrynn smiles and then looks to her trunks again, "Which do you like best? I suppose I should wear Cassomir colors…" She muses. "Though, someone has my prettiest ribbon," and she grins over at the Knight. "I wonder how cool it might be this evening.."

Graham smiles as he looks over the clothes items. He will pick one though it happens to be cassomir colors like she'd suggested. "I'd wear it in my hair, but Lily and or Ribbon Knight is just too long." he says with a small chuckle at this thought. "Hopefuly will be pleasent." he comments about the tempature. He will stand himself and begin to get ready though lucky enough time still for them both to prepare and have enough time to get to the grounds with time to spare for the start of the duels.

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