(1866-09-18) Of Family and Favors
Of Family and Favors
Summary: Amara and Silvio discuss family before Justin and Tiadora join in and a variety of subjects are discussed.
Date: 09-18-1866
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High Sector - Pacitta City - Pacitta

In High Sector, the wealthy common folk, merchants and clergy, have their homes along with various nobles of differing kingdoms having manses of their own. Each manse has been built (or modified) to the taste of their owners, some brick, some stone decked in lime and some made of sturdy hard wood, but all equally ostenatious and beautiful. The neatly-cobbled roads and canals are well-lit by lanterns and patrolled heavily by city guard.

A pair of inns with their taprooms grace the high sector with their presence, each a manse abandoned or sold by their previous owners and converted into a profitable enterprise.

The Grand Canal runs through the center of the High Sector, and a high, swooping bridge crosses it. There are also several boatmen plying their trade at the canal dock next to the bridge, should a trip by water, instead of street, be how one wishes to travel down-canal to the other districts.

Sep. 18, 1866

Amara together with her escort is standing near the Prince and his rented house. She is wearing a lovely dress of gold and sheer honey lace. From her ears dangle beautiful amber jewels in gold settings, and the nearly floral patter that creeps down the sheer sleeves of her dress follows over snug, reinforced middle of the elegant form and down into the flowing bell of the gown which covers her long legs to the ankles where small golden silk slippers complete her wardrobe.
The corners of her lips drops down, when she hears that the royal family left their son at home, "Why you didn't take him? He is old enough to watch tourney and learn, at some point…" However, her features brightens quickly, "Where you used to participate? I mean, do you prefer blade or swords, your highness?"

Walking along the edge of the main thoroughfare of the High Sector is a man with dark black hair, neatly groomed beard, and eyes as blue as ice. Among those knights during the parade kicking off the tournament, Lord Sir t'Acuto has yet to make any real appearance in the tourney itself, or at least a noteworthy appearance. Wearing the black and silver of his house, Justin strolls along looking about as though taking in the sights, perhaps the architecture.

Tiadora walks back through the streets from the direction of the Cathedral, with a pair of Rivanan guardsmen in red and black quilted armor, broken up by their green sashes. The round little woman seems to be taking her time and enjoying the beauty of the district as she strolls, light train of her wine-colored silk gown trailing behind her. The dark brocade over-jacket with red slashed silk under carried the Gerrell colors although the richer hued dress does break up the severity.

Sivlio smiles but nods "He is indeed old enough but we didn't wish to interrupt his studies is all, I am sure he will likely come with us to the next one. The prince explains on this though nodding. "I did more frequently beforehand yes competing that is though haven't much in the last well a while." He looks back as another two enter into the street where they stand talking. It seems he'll nod to each though wait until closer to speak.

Tiadora admires the peaceful scene and the different fashions of the 'foreign' nobles. Turning to her men, she asks, "Do you have my sketch book? I feel like doing some studies." The young woman is handed a charcoal sketch pencil and a small pad of paper, drawn out of a pocket of his tunic. She beams a smile, broad cheeks dimpling, and sits on an ornate bench to start drawing the nearby buildings and gardens.

The Prince will nod for his sister-in-law to follow if she will since he doesn't wish to appear rude by just standing and watching the others who have approached. "A good day m'lord and m'lady are you both looking forward to the joust's?" he will ask by way of greeting to them both. He will though introduce himself shortly after. "I am Sir Silvio l'Valdan." Though he mostly will watch and wait for them in turn.

Slowing as he hears mention of a sketchbook Justin looks to Tiadora and after a few moments of watching her get situated and confirming she is the artist he merely offers a respectful bow of his head then continues on his way, rushing only enough to clear her view of the scene she seems to be drawing. This brings him to the Prince and the noblewoman with him, offering each a respectful bow of the head as well as he continues at his casual pace, clearly not wishing to interrupt. As he is addressed though he nods once more and says, "I am, though I fear I may have grown a bit lax in my lance in the past months. It should be a good showing regardless." Offering more of a formal bow he adds, "Sir Justin t'Acuto." introducing himself as well.

Tiadora gives Justin a shy but polite smile and a nod when he moves aside. She knows Silvio is speaking to a lady. But when she glances around, she doesn't see anyone else. "Oh! Um. Yes. A good day." Process of elimination. She rises, graceful despite her bulk and politely curtsies. An anxious smile catches on her lips. "Lady Tiadora G-Gerrell. Of Normont. In, uh.. Rivana." Deer caught in a hunter's site eyes widened.

"I was telling Lady Amara that it had been a while since I had competed perhaps since my son was born." Silvio says with a smile though he nods "An honor to meet you indeed. It will be good sport indeed all of the games have been so far I have been impressed." He looks over towards the young woman and pauses as she glances around at first before realizing he's speaking to her. He will bow "Pleased to meet you Lady Gerrell, ah yes I have heard that name but I knew you weren't under my familes Kingdom." He says but is speaking lightly and not at all a put down. If he thinks her at all strange he's been brought up well enough to hide it.

Justin nods to Silvio and says, "I would imagine children could well have that result. Still you bring honor to your House by spending the time to properly raise your son personally as opposed to leaving it to caretakers or the like. I commend you." Turning his light-colored eyes to Tiadora he adds, "I however do fall under the lands of House l'Valdan. My elder brother is the Baron of Garfana." As with the prince, if he holds any issues with Rivana he doesn't allow them to be known as he keeps a civil enough tone. She is from another kingdom, and there is no way of knowing how much she may know of other lands, so he provides some basics.

Tiadora says, "A p-pleasure to meet you, my lords." The fat little woman curtsies again. Polite but rusty. Or rustic. "I'll.um. I'll leave you to your discussions. A lovely day, and good luck tonight?"

Silvio nods to the man "I think you though my wife of course would take the larger praise in raising our son. I have helped." He says giving credit where he believes its best due on this matter. He nods about the lands the names of course familiar at least. He looks over to the lady. "You need not leave Lady Gerrell, you are not interrupting or anything we are speaking to you included indeed." He smiles

Justin nods to the Lady and says, "You were invited into the discussion the same time I was My Lady. No need to flee, unless the view draws our hand that much. I am that way at times when I have a vision in my mind of a fortification, though I wouldn't call myself a professional artist in the least."

Tiadora looks down in embarrassment. "I'm just not… Well. I'm just not sure how not to offend your lordships." A tiny laugh escapes, nervous. "Some don't like foreigners. Some don't li-like women. Just trying to not cause an international in-incident."

"You have done nothing to offend as of yet, though you do seem quite nervous indeed my apologies if this has been my fault, and it is true there are some houses with bad blood for the south, but my brother Jean-Paul, has announced there was to be peace it was one of his first acts as king." He comments "The latter well I have never ran into personally I have known many strong woman my wife and sisters and knights who fight alongside me."

Justin nods and says, "There has been war between our kingdoms, but we are at peace now and this place is a symbol of that. Try not to worry too much about such things. As to you being a woman, you are of good stock I'm sure, and like a proper Lady you have guards and assistants to tend to you and keep away those who might seek to ruin your reputation so I see little cause for concern over a simple conversation."

Tiadora says, "You are both very kind. Thank you." She gives them a polite smile, one after the other. Her feet shuffle anxiously but her fidgeting is less. "I've never been to a proper Circut match before. Do either of your lordships ride?"

Silvio nods to the lady though he is more curious than anything on why she's so nervous its not his place to ask though and so he will listen and answer instead. "I enjoy the joust, and at one point I was decent at it though not sure I should enter now it has been some time for me."

Justin nods and says, "I am one of the competitors, I've just not had the chance to make a proper showing as of yet My Lady. I have been at Valetta the past few months and fear I might have suffered a bit for." offering a soft smile.

"Oh. Well! One grant you skill and valor," the girl replies to Justin with a nod. "My brother is hoping we can host sometime in the future, so this is a good chance to see how it is done." She nods to Silvio and gives a tiny smile. "Never know til you try, hm?"

"That would be good the host seems to have good fortune from what I have seen in the past." Silvio considers a few moments and smiles in return. "Well it would be a surprise indeed were I to enter. I will consider it at very least we'll see if one forgets how. Antonia would certainly enjoy seeing it."

Justin looks to the Prince and says, "If you do decide to enter, try not to wound me too greatly Your Highness. I still have yet to marry, it would be better to look presentable enough to draw the eye of a worthy Lady." with a good-natured wink.

Tiadora giggles girlishly at that. "I was reading earlier all about the social um…. Things. Favors. And that." She starts to blush again. "I-I never knew it was so… Complex. One help us. It's um… Like a politic unto itself." But she smiles shyly at Justin and adds, "I am sure you would look very dashing on your horse for whomever she is."

"I think you need not worry too much of that m'lord, but rather that I will slip off my horse of my own accord instead." Silvio says chuckling though he looks back at the giggle and nods to her words. "It is indeed, and who is wearing whose favors may be the talk of the nobles for time to come after this tournament ends anything from close relations to romantic interests become more well known."

Justin smiles to Tiadora and nods saying, "They certainly can be, though I've only ever worn favors from family members myself and even that was uncommon. I have fought in war more then tourneys, and I spend more time in pursuit of my hobby then tourneys generally. Especially of late." nodding in agreement with the prince.

The Rivanan maiden freezes up at mention of war. It takes a moment before she unlocks and nods, slowly. "May the One grant we have more Tournies and less true conflicts," she says devoutly. "And hobbies too."

Silvio considers nodding "If I did ride I would ask of course for my wife's favour." He says as a simple truth this makes enough sense really though he turns back once more and nods. "I agree m'lady things would be much better were those things true. I had returned from conflict recently before this started myself."

Justin nods and says, "My hobby is more related to defense then war, I am a bit of an engineer. Though perhaps it would be a bit inaccurate to call it a hobby after the past few months." He then nods to Silvio and says, "I have no doubt she would offer the favor as well Your Highness." in a polite tone, though he does seem to mean the intent behind the statement.

Tiadora nods to the notion of a wive's favor. "Of course, Your Highness. No doubt she would be happy to see you bearing it. A chance to enjoy t-the skills that you have in p-peace." She bites her lip before slowly nodding back to Justin. "I think both our nations are in a blessed stable period. May it stay that way."

The words spoken get some consideration. "Hm well such things can still be hobbies though yes it sounds more like to a profession." Silvio says to Justin about the defense engineering. "An important skill though no doubt." He turns to listen to Tia and will nod. "I may ask and we'll see, and you are quite right. I will work to see that the peace is maintained. We should be helping one another not fighting petty battles which have been repeated already to many tims."

Justin nods in agreement with Tiadora and says, "Indeed My Lady." He then offers a grateful bow to Silvio and says, "You honor my Your Highness, I only hope the work I oversaw at Valetta holds up should the barbarians attack again." in a humble tone.

Tiadora nods deeply. "Indeed, y-your highness. It's part of why I c-came to the games. We have a long road ahead of us in Rivana and Um. Rebuilding. Well. Yes." Her words falter and she offers a weak smile. "My apologies. I'm not very good at speaking. To foreign dignitaries."

"We all play our part m'lord and it's not always expected. I rode to assist with civil strife most recently in a nearby land one couldn't have seen as such and that I would be sent." Silvio says simply and its true enough. Tia's words get consideration. "It is good your country has those such as you to help, and I think you have done very well in speaking. In fact perhaps your words could bring assistance in re-building from the north." He says with a smile showing her words have weight more than she may know. "My apologies though I must finish some errands before the games this evening. He will await a response before taking his leave.

Tiadora makes a proper curtesy, deeper than before. "Together we are strong," she intones. "One grant you a good day, Your Highness. I'll look for you to ride."

Justin offers a formal bow as the prince excuses himself then looks to Tiadora and says, "He is correct My Lady, you speak well enough and events such as this are great for learning the ways of others. Try your best to relax and you will do fine." smiling softly.

The girl bows her head again but nods agreement. "This is m-my first time doing anything, my lord. My parents were very strict. T-they would not have let be come here. But my brother, the Duke, t-thinks it is better I see the world and meet people. Learn things." Her cheeks dimple a little as she looks up and smiles. "It's exciting. And a bit hard to relax w-with so much going on."

Justin nods and says, "I remember that feeling. You will get more accustom to things as time passes."

Tiadora raises her eyebrows. "How was that? I mean. When you first started doing c-court things? Or riding the Tournies?"

Justin chuckles softly and says, "When I first left the land sof my House and traveled to other places."

Tiadora says, "That was very rude of me to a-ask, my lord." She bows her her apologetically. "I'm sorry. I'm sure the novelty will fade eventually but I will never get used to those evil gates."

Justin chuckles softly and says, "I guess I am somewhat used to them. Gate sickness is what I can do without myself. Also you were not being rude, but curious My Lady. You have caused no offense."

Tiadora nods again as she gives another tiny smile. "I'm really glad. I'm trying to represent my people as best I can, although maybe I'm not the best for that. You said you had been fighting barbarians? Our house is descended from the Kherszi." She chuckles a little.

Justin says, "The Tivian Barbarians yes. We have been fighting against them for some time now, even during the time of your own kingdom's civil war. Most of my battlefield experience has been fighting them."

Tiadora locks up again at the mention of the civil war. She nods meekly to that. "Ah, y-yes. It's n-nice to finally have peace. Here. There. Barbarians are better t-than your own kinsmen." Or parents, but she doesn't say that aloud. Shy yes. Stupid no.

Justin nods and says, "Peace is always welcome. Perhaps sounding odd coming from a knight, yet it is no less true."

Tiadora says, "No, I understand. Nobody wants to see their f-family or friends hurt. Especially since we have all lost s-so many these past five years." She offers an understanding smile. "It'd be better to spend time playing at Tournies than actually having to fight and die."

Justin nods an says, "Indeed, besides I like drawing and making models of different fortifications that come to mind."

Tiadora motions behind her. "I was at the Cathedral. It seems very fortified. Nothing like Sunsreach, or Saint Sandoval's back home. It looks like it could withstand an invasion."

Justin nods and says, "There has been more then a few battles here, and it would be a shame for cathedrals to fall due to a stray stone from siege engines. I know of one who would intentionally aim for such a structure, but siege weaponry is not always that precise."

The Gerrell maid is horrified. "Who would try to attack a church? I know, with the Cardinal's betrayal that some people have their faith rattled… But to attack one?"

Justin lifts a passive hand and says, "As I said, I know of none who would do so. I am simply saying due to how they are made, siege engines are not always accurate. The wrong angle, mis-judging weight, and other variables means a stone intended for a wall could fly too high and hit inside the walls, whatever is close enough to the walls."

Tiadora just shakes her head. "How terrible that would be, to lose such beautiful buildings. I made my art for the contest based on it." She smiles before adding, "I have a collection of the various Cathedrals I've painted in my room." She blushes as she realizes she just told a -boy- about her bedroom.

Justin nods, either not noticing the mention of a bedroom, not interested, or simply polite enough not to bring it up, "I am sure they are well done as well. I wish you good fortune in the competition. I am not entered into that one, mostly as I really only draw concepts I have for fortifications. I suppose I am a bit boring in that regard." chuckling softly.

Tiadora shakes her head as the color to her plump cheeks fades. "In all things under the sun there is beauty. For all things that dwell in the light are smiled upon by the One. The baker with his bread can delight as much as the artist with his brush, for the body deserves to delight as much as the heart." She quotes flawlessly from one of the more obscure tomes. "The men whose lives your work spares will find it beautiful e-even if you don't see it as t-that."

Justin smiles softly and says, "Well said My Lady. You favor landscapes and architecture then?"

Tiadora looks away in embarrassment, "My mother preferred I paint the saints or holy scenes. I've found I like painting everyday simple things. Landscapes are peaceful."

Justin nods and says, "I see, I'm sure you could find a compromise. I know some of the faith, though admittedly I am no priest or holy knight, but surely there are at least some scenes you could pain with landscapes and holy figures together." Glancing to the side he adds, "Forgive me, I have been enjoying our discussion, but I need to see to something." offering a bow of the head, giving her the chance to say her farewells before being on his way.

Tiadora curtsies neatly. "It was an honor to meet you, Sir Justin. If you ride, ride well!"

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