(1866-09-19) The Trials of Guardian
The Trials of Guardian
Summary: A stray kitten leads to an introduction and an adventure of sorts.
Date: 1866-09-19
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Markets - Pacitta City
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With the coming of the afternoon, Justin t'Acuto moves along the street towards one of the better eateries. In no particular hurry, the younger brother of Baron t'Acuto is dressed in a black attire with silver accents, the sigil necklace in plain sight.

Amara is a proper lady and proper ladies are not worried to make their gowns dirty for a better cause! That's what she is doing right this moment, sitting on the ground (good we did not have rain for awhile!) and trying to feed a tiny homeless kitten. Her handmaiden Gaela is standing just beside her. She speaks in that motherly worried tone, "M'lady, this animal might be sick, it may have these disgusting bugs. We should better go. Oh, and your dress!" However, the young blond lady in a golden gown shakes her head, "I can't leave him like that. Look how thin he is. He is hungry," and she extands a slice of meat towards him, "Kitten, kitten, kitten… come…" And the kitten just stares at the girl cautiously. Almost like the guard, who keeps eyeing everyone, making sure that the young lady and her handmaiden would be safe.

Drawn to the sight of a noblewoman seated in the grass, Justin walks over and turns his ice-blue eyes to the kitten which backs up a few steps as it becomes even more outnumbered and surrounded. While not hissing, it is even more cautious then before. "It would appear we have a wise cat on our hands, far more then its years would suggest. A true asset and one that would no doubt be the most loyal of friends should its trust be earned."
Taking a few steps back the older, though not middle-aged Lord then kneels down so he is less of an imposing figure as the kitten looks to him with a mix of caution and curiosity.

When the lord approaches and speaks to Amara, she still keeps her eyes on the kitten. That little boy interests her much more right this moment. So, she just softly answers, while playing with her fingers on the grass, trying to catch kitten's curiosity, "My lord, if you will be ableto catch this tiny thing, feed him and then give it to me that I could bring it home, you will earn a favor of a young lady!" She beams brighter than her dress sparkles in the rays of sun.

Just then she raises her light green eyes to the man. She stares at him speechles for a few moments and her cheeks are kissed by the redish blush.

The moment is ruined by handmaiden of course, whose job is to ruin best moments, after all, "No, m'lady, I do not think that your brother or father will be happy with such new pet of yours. You can't know where he was beforeā€¦"

Justin smiles softly and says, "I would not wish to upset your father nor brother My Lady." He continues to crouch in the most dignified fashion he can, letting the kitten grow as comfortable as possible. He is a few meters away from Amara, as he adds, "Forgive my rudeness My Lady. Lord Sir Justin t'Acuto, younger brother to Baron t'Acuto. I hope I do not come across as too forward, I was simply curious as to what would draw a Lady such as yourself to sit amid the grasses. Now I can see it is a wise young man that would draw the attention of a Lady such as yourself."

Amara settles more comfortably on the ground and just watches how this lord is prepared to impress her or just amuse himself trying to catch a kitten. She keeps her hands folded on her lap, her back straight and the skirt of the dress covers her legs and feet fully. Proper.

"A pleasure to meet you, m'lord," the golden girl beams, "I am lady Amara t'Tremaine, youngest child of lord Benjamin t'Tremaine, youngest sister of lord Elrick t'Tremaine and youngest sister of PRINCESS Antonia l'Valdan!" She says the last title of her family member very very very proudly. She is definitely proud about all of her siblings, but she has that childish joy, that her sister is princess.

"I don't think that my father will notice, that I have a new pet. Sometimes, he does not notice me for months!" She tries to say it joyfully. She is kind of successful, but a keen ear may hear a slight disappointment in her tone. Of course, disappointment soon fades, when she adds, "My brother would be disappointed if you would make me upset, and I do love this auburn kitten. I would love to cuddle him and take care of him. He was abandoned…"

Justin nods, maintaining a respectful distance and says, "An impressive lineage indeed, especially to have a princess among your family. I am sure all of you do your parents proud, no doubt yourself as well. A kind heart and an elegant and proper Lady would bring pride to any House." As he watches the kitten, his ice-blue eyes more on it then Amara. Either the kitten is more interesting or he is enough of a gentleman not to stare.

"Oh! Would be great that everyone would consider elegancy, kind heart, knowledge of etiquette, propriety as advantages and very important attributes. However, most prefer violance and strength as the only mean to prove something, win against someone and stay on the top. I do not have this beastly instinct in myself." She explains kind of proudly again, but her voice still remains gentle, soft and friendly, "I will call him Guardian." She gives a name for the kitten.

Justin smiles softly in spite of himself and says, "Not all of us are brutes, even if admittedly I am a knight who has seen battle. In truth I value fortifications for their ability to protect. Why I have an interest in engineering."

"Ooooh…." Amara drawls, "Engineers could builda better world for all of us. Literally. Will you try to build a better world?" She curiously peeks at the man and allows her gaze linger on his.

However, then the kitten tries to withdraw the company and slowy slowly move away. Amara notices that and almost shouts, "Oh, please! Keep him here! I want my Guardian, please!" She eagerly waves with a slice of meat.

Justin says, "Sometimes it takes time to earn an animal's trust My Lady. As to myself, I mostly specialize in fortifications. In the name of honesty I have missed my duties as a knight in the past few months due to overseeing repairs to Valetta after the Battle of the Breach and the Battle of Three Crowns." He makes no effort to secure the kitten himself, mostly as he lacks any skill in training a pet.

And the kitten is gone.

Amara's shoulders slumps a little bit. The young woman stands up and brushes the skirt of her gown, just to clean it off. Of course, Gaela runs closer and tries to clean it from the back too.

"I see…" Amara lost interest at all, "Well, my kitten is gone. So, better I will go to see if my brother is free, my lord. Have a great day. Maybe it will bring you new ideas how to improve our cities usuing your abilities in building and fixing."

She turns to leave, after offering a proper curtsy.

Justin stands and offers a formal bow in turn and says, "A delight to meet you My Lady. May your path always be joyous and lacking in harm." as he moves aside to give plenty of space for Amara to depart unimpeded.

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