(1866-09-20) Guardian's Apology
Gurdian's Apology
Summary: Justin goes to see Amara to apologize for a believed offense, giving a gift that she adores, as her brother Elrick witnesses.
Date: 1866-09-20
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l'Valdan Manse - Pacitta
In the scene

Amara stays at her sister's house for this tourney. She is sitting behind a table with a sheet of paper and pencil. The young woman is drawing something. She wears the same golden gown. It must be her favorite one. Sadly, this time it's a little bit dirty. There are some green and darker spots on the skirt. She was in some kind of a mischief!
Her handmaiden is sitting close to the young lady. She is doing some needlework. It's a hankerchief with the heraldry of Amara's house. After all, the girl herself is not very fond of embroidery.
There are guards, who would lead guests into the room right now,because Amara is the only one at home. Silvio and Antonia went to do some errands or whatever.

It had been a day since the two met, but Justin had reason to find out where Amara was staying and so it is there is a knock on the door as the knight, dressed in the black and silver of House Acuto waits outside patiently. When asked by the servants who he is, her announces himself as Lord Sir Justin t'Acuto, and asks to speak with Lady Amara t'Tremaine. He then waits for the lady's response, even going so far as to insist on waiting outside till he is specifically invited inside by her order, or that of the one paying the bill for the room.

It appears to be by coincidence that Elrick has chosen this time to drop by to pay his sisters and good brother a visit. However, when he approaches the entrance to the Hosue that his older sister and the Prince has rented, he finds another already there announcing his own presence. His gaze narrows slightly as nears the man, attempting to recall who he is, "Business with the Prince and Princess?" He asks in greeting, waiting for Justin to turn around so he could see the man's face.

Justin turns about and bows his head respectfully and says, "Greetings. No I actually came seeking to speak with Lady Amara. We had a discussion yesterday and I believe I offended her and wished to apologize and to present her with a gift as proof of my sincerity." as he holds his hands behind his back, perhaps to keep whatever the present is secret, or that it is intended for the Lady only.

The servant was able to notice that lord Elrick is here too, before disappearing. He comes back after a few moments and gestures to follow him, "The Prince and Princess is away, but lady Amara is most pleased to hear that a brother is paying a visit. She is in the main room and eager to see you, lord Elrick t'Tremaine."
Then the servant looks at Justin, "She said that lord Justin t'Acute may come in too, if he has business a lady is not aware of." And the man starts to lead two otehrs to where Amara is.

When Justin explains that he is visiting Amara and why, Elrick's posture stiffens a bit, obviously not pleased with what the man may have done to his sister. "Sir Justin t'Acuto, isn't it?" He does recall the knight from the Tracano party and also chance meetings at Valetta when the barbarians laid siege to it yet again. Gaze narrowing once more, he continues, "And what have you done to offend her, that requires a gift, if even one is appropriote?" Any answer appears to be cut off for now as the t'Tremaine Heir turns his attention to the servant who appears at the door. Nodding his head, he steps inside ahead of Justin, glancing back slightly to the older man when he is also invited in. Since his sister has allowed it, he obviously cannot deny Justin's visit.

Justin responds, "I am not sure in truth. We were having a pleasant enough conversation, though her mood soured at the end. I wished to ensure there were no hard feelings and make amends if there were." He then nods politely to the servant as they return and moves to follow both the servant and the other knight inside, arms remaining behind his back.

Once boys are in the sight of a young lady, Amara raises to her feet. She offers a curtsy and then glides towards her brother. She gives him a warm hug, if allowed, and her soft lips places a peck to his cheek, if allowed, "I still wish, I could stay with you…" She says to Elrick and her hands move to clean some of these messy spots on her skirt.
Just then she looks at Justin. "Lord Justin t'Acute," all she says and then just stares at the man waiting for an explanation.

Seeing Amara, Elrick takes his attention off of Justin as a smile appears to replace the rather neutral expression he was wearing earlier. Returning the hug as well as the kiss on the cheek with the same, he manages an easy laugh at what she says, "Apologies, dear sister, but this is a /much/ better place for you. Plus, I wouldn't want you to be surrounded by ambitious tourney knights." And he knows exactly what tourney knights are like. But for now, there is other business to take care of as the Heir's gaze turns back to the visitor.

Justin waits for Amara to greet her brother properly, as he is finally addressed he says, "You excused yourself rather abruptly when we met and I fear I offended you. For this I apologize and have brought a gift if it would be suitable." His hands remain behind his back however a small sound does come from his direction as he finishes speaking, a tiny sound but one that sounds almost like a small animal. Justin seems to ignore the sound as though it didn't happen, his expression serious and calm, as he waits to see if his apology and gift might be accepted or not.

"Awww…" Amara giggles at her brother's response, "And I hoped just to be your luck talisman or something. You must have your luck talisman with yourself everywhere!" She blushes a little bit, but her eyes find Justin the moment he starts speaking.
Though, mostly it's that sound catches the girl's curiosity. She kind of tiptoes as if that would help her peek behind the man's back. It's not helpful, of course. So, she lands on her feet firmly again and chuckles, "M'lord, I was not offended. I was marely disappointed that your wish to impress me with your notable works in engeneering was stronger than to catch the stray kitten, who was the center of my attention. Especially, when I asked your help to do so." She tiptoes again and leans to the side a bit. But that is not very helpful to see what the guest is hidding either.

The sound also draws Elrick's attention and curiosity, a sound that he no doubts recognizes as some sort of critter. Before he could wonder why a knight from the t'Acuto family would be here giving his sister such a gift, he listens to Amara. It appears that there is a story behind this exchange but the t'Tremaine Heir remains silent for now, though his gaze remains on Justin, watching the man carefully.

Justin nods in understanding and says, "I see, in truth I wasn't seeking to impress as make conversation. As to the kitten, I lack any skill in making one grow accustom to being close to people. That said…" Trailing off as he slowly moves his hands from behind his back, a couple fingers gently stroking to keep it calm. There is a ball of fluff that most would find adorable, as the tiny orange kitten sleepily and slowly opens his eyes to look about. What else can be noticed are several lines and dots on Justin's hand as though left by the teeth and claws of a kitten, though not currently bleeding nor are they marks that will be lasting. "I believe you named him Guardian?" in a soft-spoken query as he holds the kitten in his palm, "I am told if you give him something to eat he will fall in love with you, and I ensured he was properly cleaned. It would do no good to have a dirty kitten be seen with a Lady such as yourself." offering a soft, reassuring smile as though to say it is okay for her to keep the kitten if she wishes. A closer look would prove it is indeed the same kitty, based on the markings.

Amara's jaw drops down. Elrick could recognizes the glitters in her eyes. It's the joy, which she used to express in her childhood, when she saw wonderful animals in the forests of their family. She was always fond of all living creatures, after all.
That's where all her lady manners disappears for a second and Amara is just a happy child. She bounces a little bit and then springs forward. "GUARDIAN!" And yes, it's basically a squeal. "My Guardian!" She extands her hands to take the kitten from Justin's palms. Her soft fingers brush over the man's wounds gently, and tadadada! The kitten is in her hands, mewing a little bit scared because of such a tackle.
Amara kisses all over kittens face and nuzzles her face into the kitten's furrs, "I will love you so much!" And then she looks up at Elrick. She basically begs him to allow her keep the kitten.
The girl walks towards her brother and extands kitten to him as if offering to pat it and feel it's magic.

<FS3> Elrick rolls Animal Handling: Success. (5 8 6 4 4 3 2)

Since this exchange no doubt followed an earlier chance meeting between Amara and Justin, Elrick doesn't interrupt the gift giving of a kitten that his sister no doubt recognizes and cherishes. He does look towards Gaela, the handmaiden, as if silently telling the older woman that he will want an explanation later. However, for the time being, Elrick can see that Amara is quite happy and when she brings it over to him, he smirks slightly, raising a hand to gently pat the kitten as well as inspecting the critter. "You will have to ask our sister, since you are staying with her." The Heir, however, did not say no.

Justin's grip on the kitten is gentle and he seems to give no notice to the brief touch of his hand to Amara's. Once he is certain she has a secure grip on the kitten that is still waking up he gently pulls his hand away to his side with a soft smile. Seems he is happy she is enjoying her gift. Justin adds, "I had him properly cleaned as well, so your handmaiden's previous concerns should no longer be an issue." offering a nod of recognition to Gaela, showing he did indeed hear her concerns at the last meeting about the kitten and shared them. It might have even been why he didn't try to catch the kitten then, as he relaxes and allows his arms to hang at his sides, showing that indeed both hands were severely clawed and bitten when he caught the kitten.

The handmaiden gives a proper obedient nod to Elrick, when she catches his look. She will definitely tell everything the man wants to know. But the handmaiden mostly stays away and quiet. Of course, some kind of satisfaction flashes in her eyes, when Justin makes sure, that the kitten is clean.
Once Elrick pats the kitten, Amara withdraws it from the man. What if he will like Guardian too much and will want him for himself? So, the young lady cuddles the kitten to her chest and pats it gently, making it comfortable. So, Guardian quickly starts just purring.
Just then she remembers that the man's skin was not smooth, when she touched him by accident. Her gaze drops to his hands, "M'lord, where you hurt? Did the kitten bit you?"
She looks up at Elrick then and giggles, "The Kitten will go home with me. So, father's approval will be more needed that Antonian's. That's where I will need your help!"

"I will speak with Father when we return to Hartswood, I am sure he will be too busy to worry about your new pet, sister." Elrick says when Amara brings up their Father, knowing what that man is like. "Especially when you take care of it, just make sure it does not get underfoot and bother Father." As for her question to Justin, the t'Tremaine Heir looks back to the t'Acuto knight.

Justin lifts a hand to wave it dismissively and says, "It was a scared animal grabbed by a stranger. Any harm done was my own fault for grabbing him. I barely even noticed it anyway." His hands would suggest it hurt a great deal, yet there seems to be no signs of deception in his tone. Of course any who know of his reputation likely has heard that Justin is said to barely feel pain at all, at least in battle, so he may well not have noticed it.

"What a naughty kitten we have here!" Amara giggles and rubs her nose into Guardian's before looking at the men again, "I would invite you to take a snack or something, but it's not my home. So, I am not fully familiar with some of the servants and how things are done in here. If my sister would be here, I am sure that you both would be fed well." She smiles, "Now I can offer to draw something for you?" She chuckles and turns to Gaela, "Could you please try to find us some drinks and snacks?" She kind of sounds apologetic as if sad she has to ask Gaela to do so.
Then she looks at both men again, "Please, take a seat and tell me about your future matches. Do you plan to participate somewhere else? Maybe you will meet on a field?"

An amused smirk appears on Elrick as his sister playfully admonishes the critter but his gaze returns to Justin, "It appears your gift has been well received, and offense that you were afraid of having caused avoided. Do you have further business with my sister?" The question issued before the t'Tremaine Heir would take a seat to speak with his sister as that was his actual purpose today.

Justin lifts a hand as though to dismiss the command to the handmaiden and says, "No need to trouble yourself My Lady. I am the uninvited guest and came only to apologize and gift you your Guardian. While it is possible your brother and I could meet on the field, there is no finer knight in the city then your Guardian I have no doubt for I have seen him fight." smiling warmly, "I thank you for the gracious invitation to enjoy your delightful company once more. Perhaps I could take advantage of it at a later date, when I can be a more suitable guest and show up because I was invited instead of to deliver an apology and a gift."
He then nods to Elrick and says, "I believe that is the extent of my business here yes, and I have no wish to impose in the home of another, however temporary. Especially as they are not present to present a formal invitation." He then offers each a formal bow befitting their station and says, "I shall take my leave, it was a delight as always to speak with you and to see you smile My Lady." Then to Elrick, "I look forward to speaking once again, if we meet on the field of the tourney then may the better knight prove his worth and honor." He will await any fare wells, but if nothing further is offered he will make his leave after.

The flattery for the Guardian is appreciated and if Amara was kind of indifferent towards the lord t'Acute she is not watching at him differently. Her cheeks are slightly reddish and she can't turn her eyes from his, "Oh, m'lord, thank you so much for bringing my Guardian. That was very kind of you. I hope we will meet again…" And then she moves to take a seat behind the table. She places kitten on that table.
Guardian starts to explore new surrounding cautiously. She watches him and waits for brother to take a seat and answer her questions about tourney.

The way that Justin appears to hold himself seems to appease Elrick after hearing the other man's words. The t'Tremaine Heir is also well trained in court manners, so he can recognize the other man's graceful way of disengaging. A respectful bow is returned to the t'Acuto Knight, "If we do meet, then as you say, may the best man be victorious. If you do face up against the Rivanans though, feel free to crush them beneath the heel of your boot." The latter said with yet another smirk, though one with a touch of amusement in it so it could have been spoken in jest. "Sister, I shall walk Sir Justin out, then I will join you for refreshments."

Justin nods to Elrick's offer to escort him out and moves to the exit at a casual pace. He has grown largely quiet, perhaps saying all he has to say, perhaps waiting till Amara is out of earshot in case the older brother has something to add on a more personal or political matter.

Escorting Justin to the door, Elrick does not appear to have much to say since the other knight behaved himself in an appropriate manner, so there was nothing to rebuke the man for. "Once again, thank you for the gift, Sir Justin. I am sure it is much appreciated with your intent. And you should have a healer see to your hand, just in case. Sometimes the smallest wounds can fester if not cared for, whether we are on the field of battle or not." Remaining at the entrance, Elrick would wait for a response if there is one from the t'Acuto Knight before closing the door.

Justin nods and says, "Thank you for the concern, but it is handled. My hands are fine and I am fit to continue in the tourney where I can. I am just happy your sister enjoyed the gift after the effort of catching him and getting him cleaned up." smiling softly. He then bows once more befitting their station and slips outside to return to wherever he is staying.

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