(1866-09-20) Princess Meets Guardian
Princess Meets Guardian
Summary: Amara presents her new pet to Antonia
Date: 20-22/09/2015 (Date of RP)
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Antonia  Amara  

l'Valdan Manse - Pacitta
In the scene
Sepembre 20th. 1866

It's evening at the l'Valdan Manse in Pacitta, and Princess Antonia sits in the salon, before the hearth, attired in a longsleeved dress of blue color, nothing flashy but rather comfortable, the kind you wear when you don't intend to go outside. Dark blonde tresses have been arranged in a single braid, a glass of red wine in her right hand, as Antonia sits there and stares into the flames, in thoughts, apparently. Pleasant thoughts, perhaps, as the slight curling of her lips suggests.

Amara comes home from wherever she was. Of course, she is followed by the guard and her handmaiden. The guard remains at the door, because he is not needed in the manse, while the handmaiden follows Amara.

The young blonde wears that most favorite dress of hers - golden and light. However, today it's skirt is a bit messy. It does have some spots of green and brownish as if she was rolling on the grass. The young lady carries a basket in her hand. There are some dark fabrics in the basket and a tiny orange kitten between them, purring and mewing excitedly.

"Antonia!" Amara joyfully announces of her arrival and moves towards the sister. She will lean to place a peck on woman's forehead if allowed before setting the basket on her lap, "It's Guardian. Lord Justin t'Acuto gave it to me as a gift."

The commotion draws Antonia's attention at once, her head turns and she spots her little sister. The corners of her grey eyes crinkle just so in faint amusement as she notices the stains on Amara's dress. "Amara, come over here…", she smiles, actually about to rise, when her sister already has crossed the distance and places a basket in her lap. Of course, she will not object to the peck to her forehead, that wrinkles even so as she lowers her gaze to study the kitten. "Guardian…?", she echoes softly, her hand reaching to take the little kitten out of its confines, holding it in the relaxed but practiced manner of a mother, used to holding precious little creatures. "What a cute thing you are…", she drawls, grey eyes shifting from the animal to Amara, as she raises a brow. "Justin t'Acuto? Did I miss something?", Antonia asks with a light smirk.

“Oh, nothing of importance,” Amara explains and settles close to her sister, watching how the woman holds Guardian gently. The smile grows in Amara’s features even more, “I was walking around the city with Gaela and my guard, when I suddenly noticed this little stray kitten. I tried to tame him and catch. I wanted to bring him home. Gaela,of course, was all displeased, because she said that we don’t know where this kitten was and… You know, it was Gaela!” Amara laughs and leans to place her head on Antonia’s shoulder, if allowed “Then lord Justin t’Acuto approached me and he scared the kitten off or something. It just started to run away. Instead of catching him,lord Justin t’Acuto was bragging about his marvellous works in engineering. I grew a little bit upset and went home…” She grows quiet for a second, but then adds, “Next day he comes to apologize. He thought he offended me or something. He brought this kitten as a gift. It’s the same kitten. He caught him later, his hands were all wounded from this lovely creatures teeth and nails. He cleaned it and helped for the kitten to adjust new life with humans. Our brother Elrick was at home when it’s happened. He payed us a visit. Wanted to talk to you and me… How have you been? Do you enjoy the tourney? Where will you go after it?”

Antonia places Guardian on her arm, fingers moving to scratch the kitten gently on its belly. Her grey eyes linger on the animal while she listens what Amara has to say. “Oh,” she smiles when she hears about Gaela’s objections, shooting a glance in the direction of the handmaiden to offer her a friendly glance. “She is right of course. Guardian could have been in the worst places imaginable. But then again, when I look into these eyes,” her smile deepens as her gaze shifts back to the animal. “I could not really have that kitten thrown back onto the streets. As or the tournament… It is a grand affair, as expected. Etienne would have enjoyed to see some of the contests, I’d wager. But he needs his lessons, and Silvio and I are enjoying a bit of time away from court.” She lifts the kitten and hands it to Amara. “This Lord Justin t’Acuto. What do you think of him now, that he has presented you with this gift?”, she inquires casually, her grey eyes lingering on her little sister.

Amara takes the mewing kitten and places it on her lap. Guardian moves in circles for a little bit before settling on that lap. He keeps his eyes on Antonia though as if he knows, that it’s the best weapon he has in order not to be thrown into the street again, “I met Prince Silvio once and he said me that Etienne is at home. I must admit, it disappointed me. I miss him. Can you imagine how he would love to play with Guardian? Don’t be too hard on him with all these lessons!” Amara winks.

“Will you go home after the tournament? Or maybe you will go home with me and Elrick? You could visit our parents!” Amara asks her questions again before fixing her gaze on Antonia’s for awhile, trying to find the best answers, “I believe, that lord Justin t’Acuto is kind and honorable knight.”

Antonia may catch the glance of the kitten, in fact she gives Guardian a warm smile when she assures: “Oh no, you should keep him. Even if such a gesture - to receive a gift from a nobleman - may have more implications than you are aware of. Hence my question what you think of him. As I am sure, Papa will get ideas when he hears of this.” The next questions will be followed by a moment or two of silence, as Antonia considers. “I haven’t decided yet, really. But I miss Etienne already. I shall speak with Silvio, maybe we could spend a few days at Stag Keep on our way back to Rovilon.

“Oooooh…” Amara drawls, when she understands, what Antonia has in mind. The young lady shrugs, “Well, if Papa will decide that lord Justin t’Acuto is valuable to our family, I am alright with that. I will love anyone who will be able to help our family and who my father will need me to love. That’s all I care of, sister. I am not worried at all.” She smiles and scratches behind kitten’s ear, adding, “You could go take Etienne and then come to the Stag Keep. Papa would be so happy to see his grandchild.”

“I am not suggesting anything, it’s just that I am sure Papa will consider such an option. Even if this should be his plan… It may take long negotiations, and I am not sure what plans Baron t’Acuto may have for his brother.”, Antonia is quick to clarify. “Love… well,” she shrugs, unable not to smile at her sister’s innocence in these things. “It’s not a thing that can be taken for granted. But… Could you imagine yourself being married to him? That could be a factor in your favor.” Amara’s suggestion will be met with a nod. “Of course! I shall take Etienne along. Maybe I can come and visit in a month. That would be a nice, a visit to look forward to.”

Amara frowns a little bit, “I told you. I can imagine myself marrying to anyone, who would be valuable to our family, who would help our Papa or Elrick. I am t’Tremaine and our family business comes first. All people are nice, I can fall in love with any man a Papa will chose, because I see kindness in all hearts. I could even marry a lord of Rivana, if that would be helpful, sister.”

The young lady leans back in her seat and rubs purring kitten on her lap, “Etienne could spend some time with Elrick. He could be a wonderful tutor for the boy. Our brother is so clever, wise and… You know!”

“You are such a good soul,” Antonia says with a fond chuckle. “You can’t see anything bad in anyone! I pray to the One above that you’ll be able to keep that attitude…” Even though there is a slight frown when Amara voices her readiness to even marry a lord of the kingdom of Rivana. “I doubt it will come to that,” she assures, content to leave the subject at that. Soon distracted anyway, by Amara’s next remark. “I am not sure…”, she drawls, grey eyes narrowing, “But… you have given me an idea…!”

“Idea?” Amara gets excited and curious, “What type of idea?”

“Oh,” Antonia admits with a slight shrug of her shoulders. “An option I would need to explore. I am not sure Elrick is taking on squires… but if he did consider such… and would take Etienne…?” The thought is new, the option in need of being considered. “I would need to speak with Elrick, and perhaps… with the King.”

"Why would you need to talk to the King?" Amara scratches the back of her own head, "Isn't Etienne your son? You should be able to do anything you want and anything he wants. You don't need King's permission and I am sure, that Elrick will be the most pleased to take Etienne as his squire, even if I would be slightly disappointed that my nephew will have to take the road of a warrior instead of someone wise…"

Antonia cannot help but chuckle at Amara’s enthusiasm and cluelessness. “It is a matter that would require at least consulting with the King, as the head of my House,” she clarifies. “Finding a knight for the princes to squire for is not unlike finding a betrothal candidate for them. Some Houses would expect us to approach them first, or they will feel insulted. And besides… this is nothing but the shadow of an idea for now. I would have to ask Elrick as well for his opinion.” She considers, even so the smile remains. “A knight Etienne shall become,” she confirms, to Amara’s latter remark. “You speak as if knights were the greatest fools to be found on the Edge…?”

Amara blushes brightly, “No, you are not a fool. And Elrick is not a fool. But many of them have strong arms, but weak minds. They train the wrong part of their body. I was in a few Inns and these knights…. They get drunk and act so silly. There are exceptions, but most… They can just fight, they are brutal and…” The girl shivers, “But that’s how parents teaches them. I know they are good in their hearts. Just didn’t get a chance to show their goodness…”

Antonia listens when Amara speaks, her expression friendly but also attentive - and her sister can tell the l’Valdan princess is not agreeing with her in some parts. “Mind or no - they are bound by the code of chivalry. And in fact, wine and ale does affect anyone - even scribes and scholars.”, she comments with a fine smile. “Wars… are necessary sometimes. To right wrongs, to keep another… kingdom from invading our lands. To fight for justice, Amara. It is a right, and a duty.”

Amara just sighs and nods. She turns her look on the Guardian. No, she doesn’t want to get into a long discussion with her sister or make her upset. So, the young lady nods again and whispers, “Yes, sister. Yes.” She rubs the kitten's head.

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