(1866-09-22) Pacitta Tourney: Artistic Event
Pacitta Tourney: Artistic Event
Summary: The Pacittan Tourney artistic event. Held at The Pacittan Courtesan's Academie
Date: 1866-09-22
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Pacittan Courtesan's Academie
In Log
Septembre 22nd 1866

The artistic competition was overlooked in most tournaments save by the artists themselves. Though, not in the Pacitta tournament, though this had more to do with the venue than the quality of works on offer, as the event was being held in no less a place than the Courtesan's Academie of Pacitta.

That little coup had been the idea of the head judge and Madame of the Guild, Betsy Fremont, an acknowledged, dancer, painter and musician, she had been the perfect choice for the role, and been more than willing to do her part to elevate the event to something to pique the interest of both noble and commoner alike.

Still, despite all the titillating rumors about one might find in the Academie, the room that had been chosen to host the event was a ballroom like any other, the art was set upon one side of the room, watched knights of the Balanced Scale and on the other, food and drink for contestants and spectators alike. The only difference between this room and any other were the number of beautiful men and women who circulated among the crowd, smiling and making conversation with the guests and its ceiling, painted masterfully with a scene of nymphs bathing in a stream, tastefully clad in cloths of green and blue silk. At the head of the room, a young woman strums a harp while another accompanies her in song, to provide quiet distraction as people mingle view the art on display.

And there is quite a lot on display. No less than five paintings adorn the wall of the ballroom, a triptych displaying the armored figure of the One in the center while the sun rises over the cathedral at Sunsreach and sets behind the the cathedral in Pacitta; a bright painting of light playing off the waves, displaying the hidden sea life beneath; a stag on a misty hilltop with a doe and other beasts paying homage and finally a painted fan showing a court scene (http://imgur.com/qGpJ1J9).

For the works of craftsmanship, there a four entries, a pair of ivory handled daggers with gold fittings and beautifully etched blades (http://imgur.com/4NPDYlC); a sun emblem broach in with thin tendrils of gold for rays and a yellow agate at its heart (http://imgur.com/a09g66y); a silver bowl etched with the images of flowers (http://imgur.com/GD1ksTa) and finally a matched set of hand cannons with intricately detailed fittings in silver (http://imgur.com/lg5vurB).

There is nothing to be displayed for the compositions or performance entries, but passages from the compositions are passed around the is a poem in honour of Pacitta that calls it the place where made by wits not blood; a scene from a wickedly satirical play titled Sir Tumblesalot and the Princess; a bit of chivalric prose detailing the stand of Sir Jaren Cassomir, with a broken sword against the assassins who came to kill the Queen at Giorgio's Rebout. As for the performances, two well-known bards were in attendance including Philippe Giscard who had won the Rovilon performance prize and it was said that Sir Gabriel l'Saigner was to play as well. A rare treat.

In all there is a refined but lively air, as people talk, view art, and politic as they await the announcements of the judges and the performances to start.

Lydia enters the artworks, and she looks about, she moves over to the craftmanship area. Her eyes drift from the cannons to the daggers, her attention split between the two. She looks for signs to see who may have made them as she looks very closely to the daggers first. Her attention is appraising as she peers over the craftwork and bladework.

Tiadora dressed in her traditional severe Normont gown, dark velvets with hidden sprays of Gerrell red. Ebon Hair hidden by a jeweled band and veil. Bronze and copper rings on her thick fingers. The very familiar dress does not lend the comfort it was intended to. Utterly pale save for her subtle cosmetics, the lady Tiadora white-knuckles it as people mill about the lovely ballroom. Blue eyes wide, she watches everything go by but doesn't focus on anyone in particular. She is utterly terrified and hoping staying absolutely still will hide the fact.

Amongst those who have turned out this evening is Emilia Cassomir, having actually submitted a piece to be but before the judges to be considered. Even if she and her work were generally unknown, this only being the second time for her to enter a piece in contest. The young woman is for once not dressed within the usual turn of Huntress leathers, but having taken to wearing a fashionable gown as more befitting the occasion. It is a deep green, the color of a patch of colver. There is a turn of gold embroider along the edges of the sleeves as well as along the waist helping to show off the mild corestting and thusly the countours of the young woman's form.

Perhaps surprising to…well..pretty much anyone who might notice and pay attention to such things…the young Cassomir is actually wearing a favour this evening. Fastened about her left arm is a length of leather, a well crafted tie from a deer skin. The tan color standing out well upon the green of her dress. The piece appears mostly undorned, save for an odd yet elegent looking design, or symbol, that has been carefully dyed into one end of the piece. It does appear the future King of Rivana's little sister is not only wearing a favour, but one that would seem to be a token.

Ethereal grace markes each of Emilia's movements as she walks with her cousin and sister, taking in some of the other artworks on display about the acedemy, noting in a soft murmur,"There is much of fine of work on of display. Is looking like to be of good of competition. Of aye?"

Making their way through the room, looking at each piece of art and craftsmanship with keen eyes and interest (in varying amounts), Lady Alina l'Saigner and her husband, Lord Sir Gabriel, make their rounds. Alina is dressed in l'Saigner black and purple, dagged sleeves almost dragging the floor even as her arm is firmly in her husband's, who is also dressed in black and purple finery.

"I rather like some of the paintings," she murmurs to Gabriel. "We may purchase one for the manse. What did you think of the hand cannons? They made me think of yours."

Graham is glad for the chance to come to the art contest much different from the other contests which have involved getting hit with things or knocked off horses. The Lily Knight does enjoy art but doesn't really enter his own into them. He walks with his cousins and Cathrynn "It appears so, I always enjoy seeing all the different styles of art." He looks to his side to Cat and smiles "What do you think of them?" he asks as they all walk. The young lordly knight does notice Tia and will give a wave in greeting.

Aidric shares a few words with his cousin Symon and Jasper Callis, who are speaking in a corner, before he drifts away with wine in his hand towards the art. He pauses, as someone reads from his piece about Jaren and the assassins. His expression is thoughtful for a moment and he shakes his head. "Should of went with Sunsreach not the Redoubt, closer to the end of the story," he chides himself and then spotting Tiadora, he steps up behind her before saying, "Boo." He steps around in front of her and has a sip of his wine. "How are you holding up, coz?" he asks.

Cathrynn walks along with the Cassomir brood, her hand hooked in the crook of Graham's arm. "I am anxious to have time to look them all over a bit more slowly…" she answers to him. Her own manner of dress not reflecting her status as a Huntress, but rather she's wearing a gown of pale gold overlaid with deep green lace.

Raelyn has come with her sister. She, too, is in an elegant dress fit for court, or for support for her sister who is also wearing a fine dress and making an effort to display her works of art. She stands, perhaps unusually quiet and subdued. Afterall, this is Emilia's moment, not hers.

Gabriel glances idly at the hand cannons for a few moments and then shrugs. "The one that Prince Lucius gave me are some of the finest that I have ever seen. I am perfectly fine with them. If one of the paintings interests you, you should get it. Just do not ask me about it, I'm afraid that I'm too impressed by anyone who can paint."

Tiadora is about to shyly return Graham's wave when Aidric sneaks behind. His playful joke makes her leap out of her skin and yelp in panic. She looks as if she wants to hit him when he comes around, her pudgy hand wavering in the air. She settles for grabbing at her painted medallion instead and clutching tightly. "I'm… Here?" That's all she can squeak out in reply.

Emilia gives a slight nod,"It is always of interesting to get to see of the different of stylings, and of what people are of coming up of with." If the young Cassomir is nervous, well…it does not show upon that stoic turn of her features. A glance towards Cathrynn,"There will likely be of time, least to get in many of them." Noticing Tiadora over along the way, Emilia does raise a hand to give a little wave, and setting a drifting path amongst the crowds to eventually give a proper greeting.

Lydia lingers near the weaponry, she puts in a bid on it and then takes a step aside to see who all else may be interested in it. The young dark haired woman moves elegantly and swiftly to watch those from afar.

Alina tsks playfully at her husband. "A proper Duke is well read and a patron of the arts," she teases, leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "And I think I may bid on the ocean painting. Or perhaps the fan." She considers. "Or both. What did you think of the daggers? Not as nice as mine, I would warrant, but fine enough they might make a good present for Lucas or Corvin." She glances as she passes by the tryptich. "Ugh. Pious bleating in visible form. No thank you," she mutters.

Aidric grins as he tuts at Tiadora. "Come now, the One would not want you to be violent to a kinsman," he teases in deadpan. "Though, it was horrid of me to startle you like that, let me repay that debt with wine," he says beckoning over a servant. He adds in a lower tone, "Trust me, it will help."

As he awaits the wine, he notes the dark haired women bidding on the weapons. "Who's that?" he murmurs to his cousin.

Without her usual escort, the princess Clara Tracano might be rather easy to miss. Which, honestly, was the idea the young woman had in mind when she instructed her Lancer guard to remain at the entrance to the academy. She is dressed, of course, to her station, but not elaborately so. As such, it allows her a certain freedom of movement as she drifts from one display to the next, her attention taken by the artwork…and not so much on the crowd mingling about her.

Tiadora can manage to give Emilia a tiny wave back. "You did t-the sea one, r-right?" Her voice is soft and still fairly fearful. "It's very p-pretty," she says when the Cassomir girl draws near enough to speak comfortably to. She just shakes her head back to Aidric. "I d-don't know? I don't know many people still."

A gentle,"Good of evening, Lady Tiadora and Sir of Aidric," is offered by Emilia when she is near enough to the pair. There is just a hint of hesitation before she nods at the Tiadora's words,"Of aye, I was of seeing of it…it is being of mine-piece." A faint tugging comes to the corners of her mouth after the admission on that part. "Which one is being of yours?"

"I'm sure you'll get the chance indeed also your gown looks lovely, and yes the different imaginations used." Graham says to Cathrynn and to Emilia he watches around them as they walk the path of the room which seems to be taking them. "Often I find myself wishing to try some of the stylings for myself when I come to these." He looks back as they make it to near-er his friend "Lady Tia your work is quite good." he compliments nodding. Sir Aidric." he greets

Gabriel gives Alina a look. "Bid on what you will, Alina. Bid on the daggers. I am sure Corvin or Lucas would appreciate them as a gift." He continues to walk with her, and then shakes his head. "Now, now. If you could paint half as good as that, I would be impressed. Maybe you should take some lessons. I bet you could be a wonderful painter."

There is one person that isn't quite part of the crowd, for the moment. With a crop of blonde hair and sharp blue eyes, the bard Philippe Giscard stands just off, his eyes upon the crowd. The reason for his slightly detached presence is soon apparent. A lute, finely crafted, is in his hand, held to his ear. A light flick of a string..then a slight turn of the tuning screw. Everything must be just right before the bard will enter the crowd…and that includes his most cherished instrument.

Raelyn smiles, greeting those that Emilia talks to, but continues to remain a little quiet. Still, she's not in a poor mood. Hardly. There is an interest in her eyes, as she gauges the various pieces on display, nodding to Tiadora, and offering, "Lovely piece. You shall give my sister good competition," and sincere smile. But she says nothing more than that, continuing to walk with Emilia, almost as her sister's shadow.

" I saw initials," Tia says, "and you said you liked painting. And it… It looks like a you painting." Whatever she means for Emilia by that. "I did, um… The cathedrals." And the One. "I did a s-study of them for my rooms, so I made it, uh… That." Raelyn is muttered a thank you but she smiles faintly for Graham's praise. "It came out very nice."

Cathrynn looks to Tiadora as well and inclines her head to the lady then she smiles up at Graham, "Your art is quite good.." she says to him. She nods her agreement to the compliments of Tia's work and smiles, "They are all very good," she says as she walks with the group.

" I saw initials," Tia says, "and you said you liked painting. And it… It looks like a you painting." Whatever she means for Emilia by that. "I did, um… The cathedrals." And the One. "I did a s-study of them for my rooms, so I made it, uh… That." Raelyn is muttered a thank you but she smiles faintly for Graham's praise. "It came out very nice."

" I saw initials," Tia says, "and you said you liked painting. And it… It looks like a you painting." Whatever she means for Emilia by that. "I did, um… The cathedrals." And the One. "I did a s-study of them for my rooms, so I made it, uh… That." Raelyn is muttered a thank you but she smiles faintly for Graham's praise. "It came out very nice."

Alina laughs lightly at Gabriel's suggestion. "Perhaps I might take up the art to learn. Hire a courtesan to teach me. I do prefer drawing designs— but perhaps it's worth a thought, to learn to paint." She gives him an amused look— it's not as if she doesn't already have many things to hold her attention and three jobs she is apprenticing for from her father.

She squeezes his arm slightly, a loving gesture, really, and comes to stop in front of the ocean piece once more. "I do think this is something to liven up the sitting room at the manse. After all, it is a bit bland. The room, not this painting."

Lydia watches the princess, for who wouldnt, her bid on the daggers and cannons placed. For now she stays quiet and she watches, moving in to place a bid after someone else.. a smile to her lips lightly as she moves in and out of the wake of people.

Dark eyes flicker towards Raelyn,"You are just being of biased, mine-sister, the other of works are far better then of mine." Emilia bowing her head a little to Tiadora, if she thinks anything oddly of the words about her work, it is not osmething that seems to show. "That is of a lovely piece. I was much of liking the interplay of colors and the usage of them within of it. "

The music comes to a halt, and Madame Fremont and her fellow judges a slender grey haired man robed in black, and a pretty blonde gowned in light blue appear at the head of the ballroom. "My lords and ladies, masters and mistresses, welcome to my humble Academie I pray you have not found it too disappointing after all the tales that have been whispered this past week," Madame Fremont greets the attendees allowing a slight grin at the last. "I hope you have had a chance to drink in the works, and enjoy some refreshments it is time for the contest winners to be announced and the performances to beign," there is some applause at that and Madame Fremont smiles through it, "I shall not keep you in anticipation but instead render the judgements for the craftsmanship and composition events, with thanks to my fellow judges Maestro Gustavo Damar our most ingenious engineer and Mistress Maida Ursini, one of my students and a fine poet." There is a bow and a curtsy from the other judges, before Betsy continues.

"So, for the craftsmanship event, we judge Jasper Callis of Venderos to be the winner for his hand cannons," he announces. The prince's bastard looks up from his conversation with Symon to bow and offer thanks, to the judges and the crowd before Betsy, moves on to the next event. "For the compositions, our winner is Sir Aidric Carling, for his charmingly over the top telling of Sir Jaren's battle with the assassins at Giorgio's Redoubt." She gives the knight-poet as smile, and he, in a rare display of good manners bows back in thanks, though there is a tight smile fixed on his face as he does."

"Now onto the painting, and that was a sticky one, so much so, we're not yet certain how to decide, so, if Lady Tiadora Gerrell and Lady Emilia Cassomir could bring their pieces forward we would like to have a second look."

"Thanks Cat, not sure I am at this level though." Graham says though he squeezes her arm in appreciation for the words. "I agree though everyone work was very good." The Lily Knight says he looks around at some other pieces while they are speaking before looking back not wishing to miss anything said. He turns back at the annoucements beginning. "Good luck you two." he says to his cousin and friend though he is pulling for his cousin more so which likely is only proper.

Who wouldn't watch Clara? Why, it seems that at least a few wouldn't…or perhaps that was just Clara not noticing them immediately. She does, however, catch the sight of a Cassomir contigent, which prompts her to angle over to join Raelyn and Emilia shortly. Which…is just on time enough to offer a smile to Emilia and Tiadora both and a nod towards the front. "Go on, you two. Don't be shy…" Clara then settles to stand close to Raelyn, keeping herself quiet…having finished shooing her friends to the forefront.

As the music comes to a halt and announcements begin to be made, Emilia turns her attention on to Madame Fremont and the other judges. A hand fluttering briefly about in the air before settling at her side. A polite clapping coming as the announcement of the winner of the craftmenship and then for the composition, with an added,"Congradulation, Sir of Aidric," being giving to the man. A slow blnk does come as she is asked to bring her piece foreward. That hand flitting into the air and briefly touching to the leather token on her arm before she does retrieve her piece and approach the judges with it.

<FS3> Emilia rolls Painting: Great Success. (3 2 5 6 8 3 2 5 4 3 7 4 7 8 3)

Tiadora gives a tiny groan. "Getting the right shade of that yellow-pink took me ages to do," she says, fearful stammer gone while on the topic. "I can't even think of what you call that color…" She trails as the hostess announces the first of the winners, with Adiric getting a beaming smile when he is announced.

But then…. Her name is called. Tiadora freezes. She trades a look at Emilia in pure panic. Then at Clara. Aidric has to nudge her gently with his arm before she moves. She fetches the religious painting and brings it forward.

Lydia looks over as the winners are announced and she nods her head a bit, she drops out of bidding on the cannons with a sad look in her eyes, though she is watching the daggers with a hawks eye as the judges deide on the painting

<FS3> Tiadora rolls Painting: Good Success. (1 7 1 7 3 3 6 5 6 2)

There had been a little corner tugging smile offered to Clara by Emilia before she departed the group, and in turn to Tiadora, trying to give some reassurance. Even keeping her steps slow enough to ensure she and Tiadora approach together and Tia isn't left to walk alone.

Alina applauds the winners, though she is somewhat doubly gladdens her husband did not wish to have the handcannons, since they've won. Still, she places her bids on the various pieces she is interested in, pleased, even if the winning piece means the price will be higher.

Aidric despite being prodded, does seems pleased as both the Rivanan works are chosen for final consideration. He applauds the best he can while holding a wine cup, and ultimately drains it to keep from spilling. From the back, Duke Symon cranes his neck to see as his sister approaches the judges. He gives up and using the privilege of his rank, move to the front for a closer look at the proceedings.

When the works are presented the trio judges descend to study them closely, whispering, before they fall back, to deliberate, as the crowd watches on. Then, after each has nodded, Madame Fremont steps forward, "Ladies," she curtsies, "You both did fine work, but ultimately, we have chosen Lady Emilia Cassomir as our winner of the painting category," she announces, letting the spectators applaud before she says, "We will have a quick break before the performers have their chance to compete, please help yourselves to refreshments and take a moment to congratulate the winners so far. Performers, please come forward," she says and steps back to let things get set up.

Cathrynn smiles at Graham then they are calling up the winners and she watches with interest as Emilian and Tiadora walk away together. She smiles and starts to applaud once Emilia is revealed as the winner, smiling toward her before she nods to Tiadora and smiles as well. "They both did so well, I would not want to have to choose," she says.

During the 'down time' before the performance piece, several of the attending nobles and affluent merchants present place bids on all of the pieces. None, in fact, have less than three bids each, some many more. The bidding is done quietly, a whisper in the ear of the artist after congratulations and well wishing, but bids are, in fact, being made.

Jasper Callis simply looks more and more amused at the bidding on his handcannons. One cannot quite tell what he is thinking or how high it is going.

That she was in the 'finals' was surprising enough for Emilia, she was yet certain the results when in Rovilon were an utter fluke. A hand does flit to touch to Tiadora's arm as the judges look over the pieces and a final word is awaited. Some turn of support being given to the other, knowing being in front of so many people is not comfortable for the other. But then when sheis announced as the winner, Emilia's eyes widen just a little in her surprise. The Cassomir does give a turn of a courtsey to the judges,"Of thanking for thinking my work worthy of winning." Before she does give a courtsey with the same graceful movement to the applause that comes. And making her way along back to the small group. A gentle corner tugging given on to Cathrynn,"Of thanking." Well once she gets there, pausing here and there as she is approached with the various bidds offered for her piece. Another surprising turn for her, though she does take it all in stoic stride…as one might expect of her.

With a sigh more relief than disappointment, Tiadora curtsies for the judges. "Oh congratulations Emilia! You deserve it!" People aren't looking at her anymore. She can move again. She gives a large smile to the Cassomir girl, dimples pronounced. That done, her painting is moved back to the sidelines and although she looks tempted to join it, the Gerrell girl instead rejoins her contrymen and her young friends. "I did it," she says I'm a

With the instrument properly tuned to his pleasing, Philippe slings the lute back upon his back, just in time to offer appropriate applause for the winner (and runner up) for the painting competition. A true talent, to transcribe permanently to canvas that which he may only do fleeting with but words and music. Still, the performers were called forward…and forward the Couvieri advances, into the throng proper as he navigates his way towards the spotlight.

With a sigh more relief than disappointment, Tiadora curtsies for the judges. "Oh congratulations Emilia! You deserve it!" People aren't looking at her anymore. She can move again. She gives a large smile to the Cassomir girl, dimples pronounced. That done, her painting is moved back to the sidelines and although she looks tempted to join it, the Gerrell girl instead rejoins her contrymen and her young friends. "I did it," she says in an excited whisper. "I entered and almost won!! I got up in front of strangers!"

Graham will clap politely along with the others for the winners and everyone who competed for that matter. "Well done cousin." he says though looking to Tia "You also did so well, I agree with Cat I wouldn't have wanted to have to annoys that decision." It is the nature of contests but a good showing can be all that one can hope for at times and they each had that clearly.

"Now," says Raelyn quietly to Emilia warmly, "You cannot doubt me anymore. Ever again." She squeezes Emilia's hand and then looks to Tiadora, "Though, you could have won as well. It must've been close if they had to consult after a second viewing. Well done." She looks pleased at Tiadora, but she is ever-prideful of Emilia's success.

Lydia smiles as she steps away from bidding to turn to watch the performers. She watches them with wonder considering the way they perform perhaps as an interested candidate for next tourny.

There is a giggle from Clara in response to Tiadora's exhuberance upon her return. "You performed admirably, Lady Tiadora. Why, I would take your excitement over a polished minstrel any time." There is a wry little smile given to Tiadora. Clara is actually rather happy for her. Then, as Raelyn reprimands Emilia lightly for doubting her, Clara offers her own insight. "And here you thought the Rovilon win was a fluke. Does this not prove otherwise, Emilia?" The grin broadens….Clara is especially proud of Emilia.

For his part Aidric refuses bids on his work, but does pull the writer of the play aside for a few words. Symon, in a rare show of public affection, beams for his sisters victory, coming to her side to congratulate her on doing as well as she did, "We will have to celebrate later," he says before slipping away from the press of the crowd but leaving one of his men to keep watch and help make sure people do not get too close.

Emilia looks to Tiadora, murmuring demurely,"Of thanking. Your piece was quite of good as of well." A little corner tugging, that thing that amounts to a smile for her,"Of aye, you of did, Lady of Tiadora. You did quite of well in of it all, your brother will be much of proud." And as if proof of that, there he is! To congradulate his sister! Emilia offering the Duke a respectful bow of her head and hint of a courtsey when he appears. Inclining her head to Graham,"I am of sure you would have declared of a tie," teasing him in the deadpan sort of delivery of her word. She squeezes Raelyn's hand return,"I rarely of doubt of you, mine-sister, I am just of knowin you are of being of biased upon certain of things. And of aye," her gaze turning towards Clara,"it is of proving to be of a trend. Am of being surprised that people are wanting to actuall of buy of it as well." It was an odd turn for the young woman!

Tiadora 's not fond of people staring at her, but she can deal with the bidders fairly well. Her brothers praise sets her smiling even broader than before. "Your work is better than mine," she agrees to Emilia, backing Clara up. "It has more depth and layers of light to the waves. I can only do so much on plate armor." She grins at Graham and Cathrynn. "Maybe now he can worry less about me," she says of the Lily Knight to the women as if he isn't there.

Lydia moves over to congratulate Tia "very good work, M'lady, you do your house well.." she says as she bids though she dose not win. More people behind her want to bid too. She smiles again to Aidric and then to Emilia before she waves her fingers "I must be out." she says quietly (rl is calling)

The young knight will chuckle looking to his cousin "A tie indeed." he shakes his head mildly though. Graham looks to Cat at his side smiling another squeeze of his arm to her hand given hoping she's is indeed enjoying her self and comfortable here. He looks next to Tia when she speaks, but smirks "I can say I will worry less, but I am not sure you will notice any difference, and not worrying at all is an impossibility for me." he speaks lightly in return all the same.

<FS3> Clara rolls Perception: Good Success. (8 7 6 3 1 5 2 6 6 1 3)

As the tide of bidding dies down, Madame Fremont calls for quiet and begins to introduce the night's performers, there is a Rivanan dancer, who dances a rapid and wild dance to the fast plucked strings of her accompanying musician, a dance of flying skirts, and clapping hands. A singer, who while skilled, his song, an old and ancient hymn drags on and on, and then Madame Fremont stands, "And now everyone, please welcome the winner of the Rovilon Performance competition, Philippe Giscard." She leads the applause as she steps aside to let the bard take his place.

Cathrynn smiles at Graham then laughs softly, "He will worry.. it is a wonder he has time for much else.." she says. "Oh.. the performers.." she says then she watches and listens and it seems mere moments before it's all over and they are calling out the winner. She applauds and smiles, "The dance was quite interesting."

There is a purse of the lips…and a tap of the chin, as Clara spies something that she had not noticed before. There isn't any attention called out…but Clara does step up next to Emilia, crossing her arms before her and nudging Emilia with her elbow. Precisely, nudging Emilia just below the favor she is sporting. At least, tonight, Clara is being perceptive…and just wanted to let Emilia know she was aware…

Tiadora knows the hymn. While most of the room tunes out, she seems to listen to that with interest. Before the famed bard is announced, she goes to look at the sunburst pin curiously, inquiring to an actual bid.

Emilia nods to Tiadora,"Is of true, plate of armor does only give one of so much to work of with. It was of a very of good piece. Though, siblgins are always of worrying, no matter of what." A mild look given towards Raelyn. Emilia's own siblings had their protective streaks, and Graham too! A nod going to Cathrynn,"I of wonder about of that my of self sometimes, how he has of time for anything of else." Emilia turning her attention towards the performers as the come along, a light clapping for each. Though there is a Clara at her side and that light nudging with that elbow, and Emilia casts Clara a look which actually gives a shy, sheepish little turn to those stoic features for a moment. No doubt, there will be talk later. But for now, Emilia does turn her attention to the performace of the famous bard.

With just a little showmanship, Philippe takes center stage, thanking Madame Fremont with a bow and a smile…then performing the same for the gathered audience. A flourish, and the bard returns to an upright position, his lute having swung from his back to his hands in one fluid, and certainly practiced motion. "Lords and ladies, tis an honor to stand before you here tonight. I have selected, for my contribution to this night of the arts, to offer a tale that some of you may know, for it is quite a popular one. Were it possible, I would perform it in its entirety, but I fear that would detract too much from the gathered splendor among us tonight. So, with all do respect, I hope you will humble me with but an excerpt."

With lute in hand, Philippe's bright blue eyes peer out into the crowd…a smile growing upon his countenance. "Gather round, lords and ladies and hear this, the tale of the power love wrought. For long ago when the Edge was still untamed and wild; when monsters and demons danced in the darkness, there was a great king who ruled with justness and fairness. He was unwed, for his wife and sons had all been killed by great beasts; and his only living relative and heir was his sister, the beautiful and wise Sinesse."

Alina stiffens on Gabriel's arm. "I am not sure," she murmurs to her husband, "that I wish to hear this."

Tiadora returns to Clara and Emilia's sides to listen. She stays close to the other young Rivanan noblewomen.

"Alright, let us be off then. We can decide where to put your new painting." Gabriel pats Alina's hand and then begins to walk with her.

<FS3> Philippe rolls String Instruments: Great Success. (1 3 8 5 1 6 7 7 3 1 3 5 5 2 4 7)

Aidric gravitates towards the stage now that the hymn is done. He smacks his lips and yawns like he has just woken from a deep slumber, "What have I missed?" he asks of Clara and Tiadora as Philippe begins his song.

<FS3> Philippe rolls Singing: Great Success. (5 7 6 3 8 5 2 6 2 2 5 7 4 7 7)

Raelyn looks over at Clara, shooting her a grin, "You know mine-sister well, Princess," she tells the young woman, who just so happens to also be her friend. But soon enough, she's giving the stage, and Philippe her attention as well, whispering to both Emilia and Clara, "This should be good."

The fingertips dance over the strings of the lute, pulling the notes from the instrument as easy as breathing, for the bard upon the stage. The dulcet tones fill the room, weaving their way to one and all…both observing and, possibly, in departure. Then, just as effortlessly, words mingle in…the lute providing sweet harmony to the soft melody of Philippe's voice.

Allow me, if able, to tell of a fable

Of devotion both pure and eternal

Let me tell you of a love noble and true,

The love of Sinesse and Lyonal

Lyonal, they say, was a handsome young knave

With skill to both charm and beguile

He was second to none with his silver tongue

Though he lived a quite roguish lifestyle.

For he gambled and played most his days away

And his nights…well…I shall not address.

He'd often laid claim that he couldn't feel any shame

Until he laid eyes upon the fair Sinesse.

"Paintings," Alina says, moving over to make arrangements to have the two pieces of art she has won brought to the l'Saigner manse after the event was over. Of course, having to do that has her hear the first stanza of this song— this song that makes her think of a man she loves deeply, a man that is most certainly not her husband. And it is not fair to Gabriel, who (despite some of his faults) is a good, loving husband, a man who loves her and does his best to protect her and fill her days with joy. Should she have known before that her affair with her handsome, roguish Lyonal was to come to naught, that she would have the brave knight in shining armor instead…

No. She cannot think about that, the differences between them, she does her best to keep Tristan from her mind. She leans against Gabriel. "There," she barely manages in a whisper. "Arrangements made. Take me home, my darling husband."

"Very well, Alina." Honestly, it's less that Gabriel is doing his duty as a husband and seeing to his wife's wishes, and more that he feels a little out of his element here and he really only came because Alina wanted to go. Now that she was ready to leave? She would receive no argument from him. Once she asks him to take her home, he does just that, even smiling a little.

As the next few verses drift into existence, Philippe's voice drops to almost a whisper, as if sharing a deep personal secret with each and every person within the room. Those bright blue eyes close as he plays, the music growing as the story of the star-crossed lovers unfolds.

For Sinesse, you see, was an exquisite beauty

With hair the color of amber

Her grace could not disguise that she was intelligent and wise

Yet unwed, for she was the king's younger sister.

The king's only heir, poor Sinesse often had to bear

Suitors seeking access to the throne

Power Lyonal cared not, for it was Sinesse that he sought

His heart set on the maiden alone

Said the King to he, 'Lyonal, flee before me!'

'You are not worthy to marry my sister!'

'I care not your reputation nor your chosen profession'

'You will never meet Sinesse at the altar!'

"Sounds fair," Aidric whispers quietly at the king's refusal to let Lyonel wed Sinesse, "I wish all fathers were so willing to save suitors from the folly of marriage." He smiles at his own joke before lapsing into silence.

The next few stanzas gain a panicked tone, reflecting with music the despair deep within the hero of the bard's tale. It is almost heart wrenching….the thought of Lyonal never to be with his Sinesse. But yet, there is a glimmer of hope upon the horizon, more felt than heard as Philippe continues.

Lyonal departed, quite broken hearted

The King's words had left him quite wounded

There must had to be a way to make the King see

Lyonal's love for Sinesse abounded

By happenstance, Lyonal was given a chance

To prove to the crown his intentions

For in three day's time, Lyonal was dismayed to find

That his true love had been captured by brigands!

The brigands' lone plan was to sway the King's hand

By holding his sister for ransom

Without any delay, Lyonal headed straightaway

To procure fair Sinesse her freedom

Tiadora settles into a chair to listen to the beautiful story unfold. She puts her hands neatly in her lap as she focuses on the masterful bard. The young lady shoots Aidric a playfully reproachful look.

How would Lyonal free his beloved? The answer comes shortly from the performer upon the stage. The tempo quickens, emulating the urgency and desperate need for the rescue. It is all that the hero has…and the music reflect as such.

He had decided then to creep into the den

Of the brigands in order to free her

With no one the wiser, he drugged the thieves' cider

And fled with Sinesse whilst they slumbered

Despite their return, the King was rather taciturn

For he had to offer reward without scandal

Before the union he blessed, Lyonal must be put to the test

To prove to the King he's no vandal.

As the last refrain is given, there is a sense of longing…of more to come. But, true to his word, Philippe promised only a segment. Just a small fraction of the timeless story. The lute within his hands replays the refrain, without his voice as accompaniement, a simple and clear melody that quietly, so quietly, fades to nothingness.

As the piece comes to an end the crowd applauds, and the judges huddle once more to deliberate. Their deliberations are short however and Madame Fremont joins Philippe on the stage, beaming. "Well done Master Giscard, well done," she says and turns to take in the crowd's reaction, before rendering the judgment of the panel.

Tiadora applauds heartily. "Bravo!"

Clapping enthusiastically, Raelyn Cassomir looks suitably impressed, and entertained, nodding her approval, and telling her sister and Clara, "Perhaps they'll have a ballad of Jaren and Alysande, someday." She looks humored at the thought.

The Tracano did hear Raelyn…and her soft comment of the potential quality of the bard that has just finished his set. Clara stands there, listening quietly, watching the bard's performance. As the crowd reacts, Clara adds her applause to it, leaning in towards Raelyn and Emilia both. "You were right, Raelyn. The performance was rather good, indeed." A glance over towards Tiadora earn her a grin. Then, in response to Raelyn…"That…is a splendid idea! Why, there may be still time!"

Seems that Raelyn just gave the Royal Wedding planner an idea…

There is much applause for Philippe's performance and with that confirmation Madame Fremont speaks, "Well the crowd and the judges are in agreement. Master Giscard, we name you the winner of the performance event," she says before her attention returns to the crowd, "With that announcement, our event comes to an end, please however linger as long as you want and enjoy the evening in the comfort of this fine house. The One smile upon you all."

Tiadora turns in her seat to Aidric. "Can I tell them, oh please, can I!?" She smiles excitedly. But then there's cheering and she joins in.

Aidric applauds the performance along with the rest and but perks up at Raelyn's words, and nods to Tia's pleading. "Be my guest," he says as he snags more wine from a passing tray.

Cathrynn listens to the performance, watches it, enjoys it, given her expression and the way her eyes follow the bard as he sings, and his hands as they glide across the lute. She applauds when everyone else does then lets it fade as people make preparations to leave.

Tiadora quietly confides in Clara and Raelyn, "Aidric is writing their love story as a wedding gift, and I'm doing all the illumination and writing in the book." She beams excitedly.

The announcement draws another winsome smile from Philippe and a bow to both Madame Fremont and to the gathering. "You honor me greatly. Thank you all for the opportunity." And…with that, he graciously steps off of the stage, the lute immediately adding appropriate background music, without prompting. It is almost an afterthought, for Philippe seems to be able to converse and play all at once.

Clara turns to regard Tiadora…and the excitement of the Gerrell is infectious, causing the princess to reflect that same thrill in return. "Well…why didn't you tell me sooner? That is a fabulous gift…one that I know will be most welcomed." Then…another pause, as Clara puts one idea up with another. Turning to Aidric, Clara offers a question. "How are you in writing verse, dear cousin? For…if you are able, perhaps we might adapt your histories into a ballad, much like the master bard had just performed. I will be sure to find the most talented musician in all of Rivana to perform the piece…for only the best will suffice." She doesn't even seem to consider Philippe as a prospect. For…even though he is good, he is also a Couvieri…and it would not be proper to have the Kingdom of Rivana question the mere consideration of a Couvieri performing at the Royal Wedding…even if he is the best the Edge has to offer.

"I've no talent for verse, but find me someone who does and I will lend them my words," Aidric taps his chin then, adding "I have other ideas as well, but they can wait until another night. For now, let us celebrate."

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