(1866-09-25) A Midday Discussion
A Midday Discussion
Summary: Ariane and Thad discuss things.
Date: 1866-09-25
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It is midday when Thaddeus has elected to relax in the manse's courtyard. There is a little bit of breeze blowing through it, though the walls block most of it. Watered wine is not too far from his reach, but he is not training currently so he cares little. In front of him he is reading some parchments, Thad must have brought his work outside with him.

Ariane sweeps into the courtyard, silk gown in layers of brilliant golds, purples and blues rippling softly in the breeze. "Aha. There you are," she says decisively. She walks over and eyes the parchments. "Anything there for me, then?"

Thaddeus looks up at the sound of Ariane and then looks back to them, "Currently no, just going over the finances a little bit. I am glad that these tourneys are only held four times a year. Damned expensive." He looks back up and gestures to the wine and a seat, "Care to join me out here?"

"Well, if they were held more frequently, I doubt we would have time for much else," Ariane says dryly. "I think I shall, thank you," she says pleasantly, taking a seat and pouring herself a glass of wine. She swirls the wine in her glass and sniffs it. "While this has all been a pleasant diversion, I am eager to return home, where the wine is better," she says with a small grin, taking a sip.

Thad laughs, "You'll be a real Rivanan soon enough. But yes, too many tourneys makes its own problems." He takes a drink from his cup, "Well, there is other business to attend to. There's enough problems on my plate that need to be resolved soon enough. Between the archducal election and whatever other business shows up that requires my attention."

Ariane leans back comfortably in her chair, cradling her wineglass with both hands. "You think that if you keep saying that, it will be true," she teases gently, sipping the wine. "So putting out fires again, then?" she asks, nodding at the paperwork.

"Nothing horrible. Just work," Thad shrugs, "Prince Martyn is handling things back in Rivana, so that is good. I just have my duties here to worry about, though sadly that was diminished due to the earlier rounds of the joust." He clicks his fingers, "I hope I did not damage your sleeve too much." He says regarding the favor he wore in the tournament.

She waves a hand dismissively. "If the worst thing that comes from a joust is a torn sleeve, then we all are fortunate. Will you be riding again tomorrow, then?"

Thad shakes his head, "Sadly no, I did not fare well enough to earn a place in the finals." He takes a drink, "But either way, I do hope to do better in the next one, though fortunately I did not require a healer in this tourney, not that I ever have." Thad chuckles, "Either way. Things could be far worse."

"Shh. Don't tempt fate," Ariane chides. "Jousting…" she muses, "It is as if someone said, 'What is the best way to get perfectly healthy young men and women killed and maimed during peacetime? Ah, yes! Have them tilt at each other while holding pointed tree trunks!'" She says this lightly, but there is a undercurrent of earnestness to her words.

"Ha!" Thad remarks, "Though yes, jousting accidents are a thing. But I am glad that it has not happened yet. Though you are not complaining about having a lack of work, just as I do not complain about it with this sudden outbreak of peace!" He takes a sip, "But yes, it has a purpose, even if it is dangerous."

"There is a purpose, you say? Please, enlighten me," Ariane says, gesturing broadly, with a playful, challenging grin.

Thaddeus sets the parchments aside and holds up a finger, "One, it allows knights to practice. Two, it provides a useful venue for nobles to discretely speak on things that would require otherwise difficult situations to arrange. Thirdly, there are bragging rights to be had, let alone coin to be won."

Ariane sips her wine and cants her head. "Surely there are ways to achieve all of these things that do not involve mad suicide runs, hm?" She is clearly enjoying herself.

"Sometimes, but the guise of entertainment is always useful." Thad notes and raises a fourth finger, "Also, it keeps the commonfolk happy, something that is hard to put a price on."

"Oh, don't mind me," Ariane says finally. "I'm simply arguing for the sake of arguing. It passes the time." She finishes her glass of wine, setting it down on the table. "Oh, before I forget — I'm meeting Silvio for dinner in a few hours, should you care to join us."

"I am sorry," Thaddeus frowns, "I will be rather busy trying to get things lined up before the ball so I will not join you." He takes a sip, "I hope you and your brother have fun."

"Ah, a pity," Ariane says genuinely, "But such is the way of things." She stands up, stretching a bit. "I suppose I will see you later this evening, then. There are a few shops I would like to look into before dinner, you see. Very serious business," she smirks. "I will leave you to your work, then?"

"Indeed, some say that we nobles have a life of leisure, how little they know." Thad frowns and rolls up the parchments, "I should probably take my business inside to deal with it. Not everying is safe to have outside." He laughs at the shopping remark, "Have fun, and I hope you find something nice."

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