(1866-09-25) Just the Girls
Just the Girls
Summary: With a break before the final jousts and banquet, a trio of girls take a bit of time to further friendships and simply be…girls.
Date: 1866-09-25
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Cafe Outside of the Mercat District - Pacitta City
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With much of the tournament settled, and some time needed for simple celebrations and of course friend time, arrangements had been made easily for the trio of girls to meet up at one of the cafe's along the fringes of the Mercat district, allowing for a bit of people watching but quite the crowds that were seen closer to the shops. A pair of Huntresses had yet shadowed Emilia along, though the young woman had managed to actually wear something that was not full on Huntress attire, least lacking the leathers and there was more embroidery and a turn of feminine fashion to the tunic worn. Dark eyes gently scanned the area from the table she had settled along to.

Tiadora is still in dark colors when she joins the other two, but her gown is a wine red instead of the severe shade of her family colors. Onyx and ruby accents make her look older than she is, but the girl's smile and dimpled cheeks lend back her youth. Her guards hang back respectfully to give the illusion of independence.

Making it to the cafe was relatively easy for Clara. However…getting there without her usual pair of Lancers? Not so much. The Lancers are an obvious sight….at least Emilia's Huntresses know when to blend in so they are not *too* obvious. Still…there is a shake of a head and a giggle. Clara's Lancers do not give illusions of anything. They are there to be seen….their appearance more than enough to deter any potentially unwanted advances. Of course, with Tia's guards and Emi's Huntresses….the trio of ladies is probably one of the most protected in the Mercat, if not Pacitta proper.

A little tug comes to the corners of Emilia's lip as the other two arrive to the cafe, there is just a faint incline of her head along to the Lancer, between her brother the Lancer and her friendship with Clara…she was familiar with the men. But otherwise guards are left to do what they do best…watch and stand there looking all stern and fiercesome. Save perhaps the Huntresses, who do blend in a bit more to the shadows. "Am not of sure the last of time I actually spent of time of out and about. "

Tiadora bites her lip as she thinks of it. "I've been visiting the tavern near the manse when I feel like getting out, but usually alone. It's nice to be with other people, well- people I -know-. You both did so well in the archery. And that helps bring out total wins up too. But at least we can relax a little before we go back home." The idea of the gate makes her frown, for completely different reasons than the others may have.

Clara hmms….tapping her finger to her chin. "Well…it was a lot easier to get out before…before everyone found out who I was. But…yes, it has been a bit since we were able to do something like this." The 'we' is Emilia and Clara, in this case. She turns to Tia, smiling brightly. "Why, thank you! Though, really, it was all Emilia's doing. I have learned so much more after meeting Emilia and Raelyn. Oh…especially Lady Raelyn! She's the Mistress of the Hunt, you know, and much, much better than the tournament would have led you to believe." Seems Clara has a little fangirl crush on Raelyn…but just a little.

Emilia bows her head a little bit,"Of thanking, am of surprised to have won of truly." Her sister…or well Corvin..always seemed to win. "Was of a fairly of close of field. And you did quite of well, Clara, all the practice is paying of off." She nods a little bit,"Raelyn is much of better, but she is having much of upon her mind and was likely of distracted of a bit." Something about getting married and soon to become a Viscountess, minor things. "Of aye, it was of easier before of people were of knowing… " Her dark eyes drifting to Tiadora,"Did of always of like of that tavern, but with of doing of well of this week…to many of eyes. It is nice to have a chance to of relax. Though will be of nice to return of home."

Tiadora glances at her feet a moment, the shyness returned. "I'm not going home. To Normont, I mean. I guess I'm staying in Sunsreach permanently. Or at least until after the wedding." She looks up, horrified they will take it wrong. "I guess, I mean. I can at least see you both more? "

"It is okay, Tiadora. I understand perfectly." Clara offers a consoling smile. "I mean, I am certainly grateful that we will be able to spend more time. But, I understand the need to go home. There was a time that I didn't know where exactly 'home' was." There is a pause, then a wave of her fingers, as if Clara is dismissing the thought from her head. "Still, I will be happy to be a consolation prize to the concept of 'home'. Besides…there is nothing that says we could not go to Normont ourselves…"

"I am of thinking many are spending much of time in Sunsreach until the wedding is of past," Emilia adding after a moment,"Or of weddings..of perhaps." There is a turn of her eyes towards Clara,"Raelyn was of approving of the dress, just need to be of deciding upon of color. " A hand gives a little warble about in the air, brushing along Tiadora's word, certianly not seeming to take them wrong. Though trying to figure out just what Emilia is thinking is often a challenge with the ever stoic bent to her features. "I think Jaren is of wishing of a trip of home before of the wedding, though if there will be of opening for of it," paperwork, politics and the like," am not of knowing. But of certainly would be of allowing for much of time of seeing, while in Sunsreach. COuld of do of visit to of Normont as Clara is of saying." Though it might not be entirely high on Emilia's places to visit yet. "Or if end up of taking of the trip to of Ironhold, could come and visit and see of there, if wished?"

Tiadora brightens at the idea. "I'd love to see Ironhold. I'm trying to broaden my horizons, as Symon put it. See the world and better understand how to bring Normont into the rest of it. It's. Hard. I don't envy my brother." But speaking of brothers. "Would, uh…Sir Devlin be coming with us?"

"Ironhold is absolutely lovely. I spent a fair amount of time there upon my return to Rivana…courtesy of Emilia." There is a wry little grin given to Emilia as Clara glances over to her. "I could certainly use a departure from Sunsreach for a little while, from time to time." Not to mention a break from courtly politics such a departure would mean. "However, I have been to more places, too. Though…mostly Couvieri. Maybe…if this peace between nations holds fast, I may be able to take you two to where I grew up…if I can get the Queen, or my brother, to approve of it."

There is a raise of an eyebrow in curiousity at the question of Devlin. "Would…you want him to, Tia?" Clara has not heard that particular question before…so, of course, it intrigues her…

A nod goes to Clara as she speaks of Ironhold,"Even if there is not of time before of the wedding, you would both of be welcome to come and of visit." A thing Clara already knows well. Emilia does agree gently,"It is of a difficult of task he has of before him. There is much of balancing to be of done in such of a position." Glancing towards Clara again,"Could be of interesting to see more of Couviere, what of you had shown in the few of short trips," on that was far shorter then is was supposed to be," have been quite of interesting. And surely, approval would be of given."

There is a small cant to Emilia's head at the question about her brother,"I am believing he is of returning to of Ironhold of direct, so he would be of there, of aye." Though those dark eyes do shift between the other two at the question Clara raises.

Tiadora starts blush at the more direct questioning and gestures airily. "Oh well, it'd be nice to see Couviere too. We have a few more months before the wedding, so we can do a bit of traveling." She giggles softly before admitting, "He did very well in the games, he seemed to very gallant. I thought it would be nice, to, uhh. Meet more of your family." She finishes lamely.

There is a soft giggle…"Why, Tia, if I did not know any better, I would think that you have developed a certain appreciation for Emilia's brother." It is a gentle teasing from Clara, one that she only does in friendship. "See, I knew I should have sat with you and Emilia down in the stands, rather in that boring old royal box the Chancellors insisted I sit in. 'It is deserving of your station' they said. Like I would care about my station." With a toss of her red hair, those brown eyes of Clara's regard both of you in turn. "Either next time I am sitting with you both, or, by One, you two are coming up to the Royal box with me."

"He was being of Rivana's Circuit of Champion of last of year, of actually," denotes Emilia. "Though likely not to much of travel, least for of Clara, since she is of dealing with of the planning." And best not to get..er..stuck in a gate again before the actual event. Right? Leaving the teasing to Clara, it would seem, or simply not opening it as easily to be teased herself, Emilia does agree,"Of aye, you should be of sitting of with us. Though I am of sure Prince of Tristan was much liking of the new of vantage of points up of there. But of aye, shoul dbe of sitting of together next of time, much easier to be of talking. And you would not be of so of stuck."

Tiadora gives Emilia a relieved smile as the topic is shifted away from her possible crush. "Oh yes, you should have been sitting in our box during the Archery-well, not that you could. The men were making the stupidest arrow jokes. And it is fun to sit with other people and just… Cheer. And have a good time. I never was able to really do any of that before. Even the off circuit tourney- I never got to go."

Clara says, "Well…we can't have that, Tia! From now on, you get to go to anything you want." Clara giggles and tips a wink. "Because royalty decrees it…and everyone knows you are supposed to listen to royalty, right?" The giggle turns into a full-out laugh, then fades into a bit of a snicker. "Oh, we'll make sure you get out more. Right Emilia?" Attention shifts to Emi, while Clara keeps speaking to Tiadora. "Emilia and I were going to go to the Lonnaire wedding masque. We had a wonderful idea…one sure to cause confusion to everyone and enjoyment for the both of us. Alas…we will have to save it for another time, though."

A pause….then Clara shifts back to Emilia. "So…Raelyn liked the sketch? I am so glad! Just pick whatever color you want, Emilia, and we can get that dress created quickly and properly for you. Just say when.""

At the news of the arrows jokes, Emilia just shakes her head a bit. In some ways it was to be expected, many of the knights didn't quite see as much value there. Even if many did. "It is of being of nice to hav eothers of about, especially if of knowing and then can be of talking when there are lulls or matches of not being much of interested of in." Emilia inclines her head ot Tiadora,"The of off circuit ones are not being of near as of crowded, btu can have much of excitement of yet." With Ironhold being a place that several off-circuit tournaments are held…She has witnessed a few. "Perhaps you will be of able to come to of more now." A certainty now there is a royal decree! The corners of her lips tugging up a little as Clara does declare it so.

Nodding a little as Clara speaks of the wedding masque, that was missed. "Of aye, perhaps of another time it can be of used. It would have been much of fun, I am of thinking people would not have been expecting of such." When Clara looks to her, Emilia nods,"Of aye, she did of like it. And wished for me to be of wearing of it." A brief pause as she considers,"Can perhaps of check of the fabrics of offered of here to be finding of color? And be going from of there. "

Tiadora oohs. "A wedding outfit? Oh that sounds lovely. You sketched it," she asks Clara. "I didn't know you did dress designs. I haven't really figured out what looks best for me yet." While on the idea, she turns to Emilia. "Why don't we go see if we can find something then ?"

The princess nods gently. "Yes…It is a past time that I find I need to do less and less…which only encourages me to do it all the more." She smiles to Tiadora. "Nothing like the painting you and Emilia can do, I am afraid. I mostly do rough sketches, enough to allow me to make the dress myself." Yes…Clara just admitted to having a bit of skill as a seamstress.

But Tiadora had a terrific idea. "We can go look right now, if you like. I am sure that, between the three of us, we could find an appropriate fabric and color that will be just perfect for that flowing design, Emilia. That is, if you want to. It will give our combined guard something more to fret about." A sly little grin plays across Clara's features. "You know the retinue isn't truly happy unless they get to worry about us once in a while."

"Of aye, for mine-sisters of wedding," though Emilia does add,"though of getting of something done of well for mine-brother's. Clara has been of helping me in of such." A small incline of her head to Clara,"They are of good sketches. Though I am of thinking painting has been of similiar to of us, least at some of point, something of needed to find of way of through." Even if the need was different for each. Though at the idea to go in search of fabric, Emilia does give a nod,"That does seem of like a fine of idea. Especially to have more of opinions at of hand on what might work of best." There is a small tugging at the corner of Emilia's lips,"Is of true, but should not make them of worry to of much. As I am of sure, Lady of Tiadora's guards are used to having to fret near as much of as ours are." Moving to rise with the new purpose decided, her dark eyes looking to Tiadora,"Unless you are in of habbit of trying to of test your guards at of every of turn?" Waiting for the other two to rise as well, before they might set along towards the shops and markets near by. Let their perspective brothers hope it is only fabric they find to buy!

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