(1866-09-26) Of Kittens and Balls
Of Kittens and Balls
Summary: Justin runs across Amara on his way to the closing ceremonies of the Tourney in Pacitta where they discuss a certain kitten and the upcoming ball.
Date: 1866-09-26
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Argesse Sector - Pacitta City - Pacitta
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Less than an hour is left to the awards ceremony and ball. So, streets are crowded with people moving towards the place, where the main event will happen. Most nobles are dressed up really posh, except a young ivory blond girl, who is sitting on a huge stone. She sways her legs in the air and stares at her own lap. Maybe her gown is simple green dress (OOC: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=40633922), but Amara herself is the best jewellry to make her attire look expensive and just marvellous. Her skin and hair are glinting in the sun like gold and her eyes are two wonderful diamonds. Likely, these two eyes look like diamonds because it's a bit watery.
Guard and handmaiden are present as proper. After all, Amara has a very good reputation and she wouldn't dare to ruin it.

Making his way to the ball, though he barely had a presence at the tourney itself, Justin t'Acuto was still bound to attend. The dark-haired knight and Lord slows as he spots the young woman upon the rock. Certainly an uncommon sight for a noblewoman. Drawing closer Justin offers a bow of the head befitting the Lady's station and says, "Hello again My Lady. I trust your Guardian is doing his job well of upholding your honor this night." offering a soft smile. It may or may not be obvious to Amara, though her guards or handmaiden can likely tell the Lord can tell something is wrong and is attempting to cheer her up some while still maintaining a respectable distance.

The corners of the young lady's lips raise up a little bit, when she hears the voice of a lord, "He is well, thank you for asking," Amara slides from the rock and offers a proper curtsy, "I wish that today's event wouldn't be the last one… but… Have a great time there, my lord. I am sure that event will be marvelous like the opening ceremony."
She sways slowly, keeping her hands folded in front of her, "How have you been, my lord? How are your hands?"

Justin says, "I am well My Lady, thank you. It is good to hear concern from another." smiling softly as he extends his hands which are now fully heal without a mark left behind as though to confirm his words and asks, "Are you not attending yourself My Lady?" lowering his hands once the Lady has had the chance to examine them.

Amara smiles wider, when she sees healed hands and answers to the man's question, "I will be there, of course. Together with my sister and brother. I just… I will have to leave. There are some business matters I need to attend at home. No, I do not want to avoid work or something," she shakes her head and blushes, "I am always happy to learn and work, but… I loved all these people, and this city. People were happy and soon they will grow serious again and troubled…"

Justin nods and says, "There has been some rivalries, though it is good to hear you have been largely spared those My Lady. Perhaps we shall see each other at the ceremonies then. If you do not mind my asking, what work will be drawing you away from the festivities?" in a curious tone.

Amara nods, "Of course, we will meet. Usually, you always meet these you know even in a big crowds, just because you know these people, if you understand, what I mean, my lord." At the latter question the young girl shakes her head, "I am sorry, my lord, but I have duties to my family and these duties are just to my family's knowledge. I am sure that you can understand me."

Justin nods respectfully and says, "Of course My Lady. As we will both be attending I will make sure to speak with you if you so wish and not keep you overly long with my droll company." smiling good-naturedly as he speaks of his company.

"Your company is not droll, my lord!" Amara gasps, "Forgive me, if I made you to get a wrong impression. Your heart is kind, my lord and you are a proper man with intelligence. So, your company is pleasing and interesting."

Justin smiles a bit broader and says, "I was merely trying to be amusing My Lady, to try and bring a smile to your lips as you seem of a mood where a smile would do you good."

Amara chuckles and lowers her look to the ground. She blinks a few times and her cheeks grow more and more reddish with each blink, "Likely, today is a bad day. I can't even understand jokes. Forgive me, my lord. Maybe I am a bad company today and should go find my sister…" She drawls and looks around.

Justin nods and says, "I would not wish to delay you if you are to meet with your sister My Lady, but I can assure you you are not bad or even poor company. A bad day happens to us all sooner or later, anyone with a thought in their head would understand such. You are delightful company. I would even offer you a dance at the ball, but I fear I lack any skill and would not wish to inflict harm upon you or your gown My Lady." with a reassuring smile.

"it's alright, my lord," Amara laughs, "A good dancer can lead her amateur partner just perfectly. However, I am not in the mood for dancing. So, better try to dance with other girl's, my lord. Usually, when I dance I do it by myself or with my brother," She explains, "But I am honored to know, that you would gladly invite me for a dance."

Justin nods respectfully and says, "Forgive me for saying My Lady, but I am surprised there are not more Lords asking you for a dance given how delightful company you are."

"Maybe, they all are aware of the protectiveness of my brother. I am surprised that you dare to ask me for a dance," she laughs lively now, "Likely, you have courage more than others."

Justin smiles softly and says, "Come now My Lady, it is a ball. It is common practice to offer dances. As to your brother, I found him to be a decent man, and a properly protective brother. I also got the impression he found me respectable enough when we met."

Amara's cheeks blush even more, "Yes, my lord. Maybe then I will be able to show you how a good dancer may lead the amateur one on the dancing floor making her partner look professional too!" She offers a curtsy, "But I should find my sister now. Have a great ball, if we will be lost in the crowd by accident and won't get a chance to tell you that during it."

Justin bows respectively befitting the Lady's position from a respectable distance and says, "We shall see My Lady, and while I imply no fault in your skill, merely the fault in my own lack of skill. Regardless I shall keep an eye out for you, and I hope you enjoy the ceremony and ball before you are called away."

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