(1866-09-26) Pacitta Tourney : Awards Ceremony and Ball
Pacitta Tourney : Awards Ceremony and Ball
Summary: The prizes are handed to to winners of the contests, and dancing, merriment and conversation ensues.
Date: 26/09/2015 (Date of RP)
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Argesse Sector - Pacitta City - Pacitta
The Argesse Sector is close by the docks which lead into the city. The hustle and bustle of the shipping area is home to several warehouses and taverns which serve the ships that dock and trade, and a variety of small markets dot the area. The Privateers Guild is housed here, a racuous building which is lined with trophies from hunts. The taverns here do the best business in the city, and a variety of ne'er do wells such as smugglers sell anything at a premium cut from the markets. The chancellor of the city also lives here, his home kept separate. The area is somewhat more loosely defended, leading to a mostly open harbor and some sparse fortifications. It is kept open to help permit trade to flow more easily.
Septembre 26th, 1866

The people who run Pacitta may, for the most part, technically be commoners, but tonight, there is little sign of that as Argesse Keep plays host the tourney ball and prize ceremonies. With an abundance of artists and performers in the city, it's no surprise they're out in force this evening, as jugglers and troubadours and acrobats all put on displays of skill and talent designed to keep the guests entertained while they enjoy their meal. The whole of the High Council is in attendance, though rather than all sharing a table together, they are spread throughout the various tables, with different Councilmen and women entertaining different guests as they enjoy the sumptuous feast that's been put on. Not surprisingly, seafood is in abundance, with freshly-shucked oysters, sauteed prawns, and broiled lobster with melted, spiced butter, and a vast array of fish all for the taking. Though certainly, there is roast boar and beef and lamb and poultry available for those whom seafood may not agree with. Fine wines from all the nations of the Edge flow in abundance, along with many different types of spirits and even many ales…something of a rarity for high society gatherings outside of Pacitta, but perhaps a mark of their technically-common station here in Pacitta.

The Chancellor bears finery quite suitable for any noble, though perhaps not so sumptuous as a King or Queen…not with royalty in attendance. By comparison Vice-Chancellor Toulan almost looks simple, though his clothing is of fine make upon close inspection. The former is seated with High Councillor Boutet of the Dockworker's Guild at the moment, though he's been making the rounds all night. Vice-Chancellor Toulan, however, has remained at the table with the Rivanan nobility, seated amongst the royals, given his daughter's betrothal to one of their Princes. Said daughter sits beside him, in between her father and her betrothed for the dinner. In any case, the formal meal is served and all can eat their fill, and after that's accomplished, as the plates are cleared and the sidebar of more light repasts (though no lighter-in-volume libations) are arranged, the Chancellor calls forth the Prizewinners and formally announces them, presenting them with their prizes, which as befits Pacitta…comes in the form of cold, hard coin…and perhaps a bit more than might ordinarily be granted at such an event at that, though not extravagantly so.

For those keeping track, Sir Gabriel l'Saigner wins the Melee and the Bareknuckle competitions. Sir Raimond Giraldi has won the joust, Lady Emilia Cassomir the Archery and painting competitions, Sir Aidric Carling wins Composition, Master Phillippe Giscard the performance contest, and Master Jasper Callis the craftsmanship and Lord (Sir) Michael l'Corren takes both the Melee Duels and the overall Tournament prize, and that last one…that's the only prize that's NOT in the form of coin, but rather in the form of a spectacular Alhazredi Racer that's been trained as a war horse along with appropriate tack and saddle. Certainly a rare and valuable prize, and a fitting steed for even the highest-born (even if, technically, Alhazredi steeds don't make the best war-horses).

In any case, the prizes are granted, and that gives way to the far more interesting part of the night…the dancing and socializing. With plenty of space cleared for dancing, and plenty of seating around the sides for those that wish more quiet and sedate conversation, the night is young, and, despite some of the potential irregularities in the early going of the tourney…the mood is for the most part jovial. At least for now…at these kinds of affairs you never quite know when a pair of Councillors might suddenly have old feuds boil to the surface, but so far things are staying civil. Possibly due to the presence of one Master Tarin Marchette, seated at a table with both his sons…and the Giraldis of Watch Hill, with whom they all seem quite familiar.

Antonia sits beside her husband, Prince Silvio. The l'Valdan Prince's wife is dressed in a dress of purple samite, long trumpet sleeves with an ornamental golden pattern embroidered at the hems. Dark blonde hair has once again been arranged into three or four smaller braids, pulled back and joined at the back of her head, while the majority of her tresses falls openly about her shoulders, a head-piece of pearls attached on her head. Grey eyes shift to Silvio beside her, then to Amara at her other side. Her younger sister is wearing a nice green gown, looking all proper and sparkling because of her hair and skin. The prizes are awarded, and of course Antonia will applaud to each winner. When Michael is called forth to receive the Tournament championship Antonia will give an especially warm applause, a smile offered to the l'Corren should he look her way.

Wearing a somewhat demure looking purple and yellow floral patterned dress, Dawn of Bazan slowly inspects the room then, looking at those present as the awards are given out and the feast continues as she watches some of those go to dance. Dawn herself is half smiling as she watches, her eyes occasionally flitting to some of the other performers but mostly watching the musicians playing for the main dance floor.

Michael l'Corren is unable to hide his smile when he is presented with such a princely prize for his victory. Indeed, he can barely tear his eyes from the beast until at last, his wife reminds him that there is yet work to be done, and Michael allows the horse to be led from the hall. As the socializing begins he returns Antonia's smile with one of his own, mouthing 'did you see it?' with excitement that might be better suited to Etienne than the future Duke of Murnord. Still, he manages to keep from any further giddy displays of joy until he is able to scoop up a glass of wine and have a long celebratory pull from it as his eyes survey the room trying to take in who is talking to whom and which of these people he will need to speak to himself tonight.

Adrienne is here, even if she may have been scarce throughout the tournament. The freckled Cassomir has had her share of the exquisite dinner, in silence mostly. That thoughtful attitude had faded once the winners were announced, Adrienne cheering of course for her cousin Emilia - even if the odd glance was shot the Touched Cassomir's way as she moved to accept the prizes for the Art Competition and the Archery Contest. Oh… and of course, her green eyes will linger on Aidric Carling when he takes home the prize for… Composition? Silent rivers run deep apparently. But… this river had not been known to be silent, at least towards her in the past. In the not very likely case Aidric should glance her way, she will lower her gaze at once - if not, she will continue to stare at him. When someone sitting in her vicinity mentions the possibility of dancing, Adrienne rolls her eyes and stifles a chuckle.

Thaddeus Greycen sits with the Rivanan nobility in a seat that is within a short distance of the royals. He has not risen yet, but is scanning the room for a moment. He has elected to wear mostly dark blue and while he did not fare as well as he would have liked, the Greycen heir is not in a foul mood by any measure. Thad applauds at the appropriate times and nods in approval at the champion's award.

Samwell Marchette, the younger of Tarin's sons, sits to his father's left as he listens to Mancini be Mancini, casually taking a sip or two at particular comments or gestures made by the chancellor. The young merchant sticks to red and black clothing, nothing to stand out too much, but enough to display his wealth.

The Cassomir bunch is of course here to enjoy the festivities part of which are Graham Cassomir and Cathrynn DeSalvo whom sit side by side. The Lordly knight will clap when it comes to his cousin and the awards given to her and politely for the others as well. "I suppose we didn't do too badly, i'd have liked to have made a better showing though." he speaks to those closest which also includes his sister Adrienne.

Elaida Toulan is quite happy with getting to spend time with both her parents and her betrothed during the tournament. She is dressed in a white gown trimmed in black, looking rather angelic with her hair pinned back with hairpins edged with seed pearls. Her husband-to-be is in his finery as well, black and green velvets embroidered with golden thread.

All of the winners receive applause from her, her eyes shining with giddiness. "Father! Did you see the fine horse?" she asks merrily before returning her attention to the winners and to Prince Tristan. She slides her hand into his, leaning over to ask him softly if they might share a dance later— something sedate and proper, of course.

She flashes a smile at the others at the table with her, blushing a bit. Oh, she's been quite giddy and cheerful around Tristan, and it has been more than obvious that she has quite the crush on her betrothed.

Seated at one of the tables is one of the many knights who didn't place, Justin t'Acuto. Seated among a few others, he does raise his cup in silent respect to each who have won a prize in the tourney as they are called to receive their awards. Showing good sportsmanship and no resentment nor ill for those who justly beat the Lord who barely even made a showing in the early competitions. Dressed in fine black attire with silver trim and the sigil of House Acuto hanging from a silver chain around his neck, the dark-haired younger brother of Baron t'Acuto carries on with a bit of small talk as the festivities give way to socializing. He makes no attempt to step to the dance floor, though if his ice-blue gaze finds that of Prince Silvio or Lady Amara they are offered a respectful nod befitting their position. More of a respectful acknowledgement really unless directly addressed. Largely his gaze shifts from studying those gathered and speaking with those seated near him. Thee knight has been drinking wine though very much in moderation, the same as his food.

Dawn dips her head over in a half bow over at Thaddeus from her position as she notices him, but otherwise is mostly looking about the banquet hall as the awards are given and trying to watch as people mingle then. Elaida running in gets a quick smile from her, though it is likely not noticed in all the clusters of people present then as Dawn has to continuously perk her head up to try and see people.

Gabriel l'Saigner is wearing a fine black doublet with a purple sash. He had watched Michael observe his prize, smiling slightly. Oh look, his twin brother now has a horse that is just like the horse he won last year. It was amusing, and he might even poke at his brother a little at some point. As for him… he had more coin now. More coin to squirrel away and decide what to do with it at some later point in time. As couples begin to go to the dance floor, he glances over at Alina, a question in his eyes.

Tristan Tracano offers Elaida a faint smile as he observes her excitement over the horse. He wondered if he should try and get her one. Maybe for her birthday or something. When she asks him to dance, he offers a nod. "We can whenever you would like, my lady."

Silvio sits with his wife reaching to place his hand on her shoulder. "I hope you enjoyed the games? Obviously that the winner comes from our kingdom is good." He says giving her a smile though figuring also who the winner is comes into play with her response. The prince will look over the gathered group and greet or nod to those he knows or has met while here though if they are close enough to do so.

Also seated at a table, Samuel l'Corren is smiling, taking another sip of his wine. Michael's reaction to his prize seems to bring a wider grin to Samuel, as he nods at something someone else said. Glancing around the room now.

In counterpoint perhaps to the l'Corren heirs excitement at his prize, Aidric Carling accepts his with a stoic dignity that would do a Cassomir proud. Almost as quickly as the purse was received it was passed on to his squire for safe keeping. As much as Aidric was loathe to show it, he had been rather free with his coin of late and the prize would be a welcome relief to his flagging coffers. Though that sort of business was for tomorrow, tonight, he was in a mood to celebrate. Detaching himself from a party of well-wishers he steps into the crowd, taking a cup of wine from a passing tray as he weaves through the guests green eyes studying the guests, especially those of the female persuasion, which of course leads him eventually to not Adrienne. He smirks as she looks down and naturally he makes his way in her direction, "Fine banquet don't you think?" he asks as he approaches her place at the table. "The merchant princes always spare no expense." He doesn't finish his thought however, to cover up their lack of decent blood.

"I am glad for Sir Michael l'Corren," Antonia states towards Silvio with a smile. Even so, she catches the glance of the other knight and his nod offered in their direction. "Do you know the man?", she inquires, shooting Silvio a sideways glance, as she vaguely gestures towards where Justin sits.

Cathrynn smiles over at Graham, "I would like to have made a better showing myself, to say the least," she says. She smiles and applauds when the awards are given then she smiles over at Adrienne too and rests her hands in her lap. Ah, formalities. Bring on the cake!

Jonathan t'Maren is here, of course. That's not to say that he particularly /wants/ to be here - and that lack of interest has little to do with his rather modest showing in the tourney itself - but he's made a fairly good show of being polite and congratulatory toward the event winners, and has helped himself to a fairly generous portion of food. Presently, he's seated at one of thetables around the periphery with some of the few other attendees from Lonnaire, though he seems only vaguely interested in conversation.

With Bella darting off to speak with her half-brother Jasper, Michael wanders in Samuel's direction. "Coz," he greets the man. "Sorry we didn't get much chance to speak ere now. How have you been?"

Alina returns Gabriel's glance with a smile and leans in to kiss his cheek lightly. She had eaten well of dinner— better than she had done this morning, in fact, this morning being the first morning of likely many to come where she could not stand the sight or smell of breakfast. She shoots Jonathan a warm smile as well— he had done well in the tourneys, even if he had not won! And he would be a fine enough baron in time… she turns her attention back to her husband. "I think I might be able to dance with you," she murmurs merrily to Gabriel. "But not too long. I do not wish to overtire myself."

As her close family knew well, social functions and certainly balls and banquets were not on Emilia's favored list of things. But Emilia was not one to ever sherk her duty to attend them as was expected of her, and today was no different. She had arrived with others from House Cassomir. And after the few greetings exchanged with familiar faces, had settled at a table with them for the banquet portion.

The ethereal grace that touches her movements shows well with the dress worn, as Emilia moves forward when her name is called for the events she placed win. A brief curtsy is offered along with a tugging to the covers of her lips, as the prizes are accepted with a murmur,"Of thanking". Though her stoic expression otherwise stays well in place, in true Cassomir fashion. She is quite certainly the Iron Baron's daughter.

With people breaking and beginning to mingle, it seems a few use the opening of the young Cassomir's wins to approach the enigmatic and stoic Emilia. Or it would seem a few to many seeking insight or to gain some favour with Rivana's future King through her, as it is not to long after she manages to break away from some lord that it seems that Emilia does what she does best and seem to vanish away into the shadows.

Adrienne should perhaps be startled when she sees Aidric approach her. Surprised she is not, knowing he delights in dragging her into conversations, as some part of twisted game she still needs to figure out. "Yes. Fine.", she agrees about the banquet, meeting his green gaze with her own, that show off a slightly stubborn flicker. "And… lavish." Her slightly wrinkled nose adds what her words fail to convey. Luxury, in its various forms not really something Adrienne strives for in her life.

Offering a soft smile to the girl seated next to him, too young to be of marriageable age, yet seems the Lady said something amusing as Justin says something back which results in a giggle. Another sip of wine and the single night advancing a bit in age as he looks to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He looks to be enjoying the party and just being involved in a bit of socializing as though it might even be more the reason for his presence then even the food and drink. He doesn't seem to be aware he is being inquired about as his mood is casual and jovial.

Dawn gives a light bow over as she sees the Princess and over at Emilia as well then as she catches the two over out of the corner of her eyes. So many people enjoying themselves, though she cannot quite keep up with all of them, but the banquet and the awards seem to have, as near as the woman of Bazan can tell, gone particularly splendidly as she sits, waiting to see if any of the other Rivanans would gesture at her to approach or not.

"Are you sure?" Gabriel asks of his wife. "We don't if you are not feeling up to it." He had noticed her behaviors as of late, of course. "We can only share one dance." A compromise of sorts, it would be good for the two of them to be seen dancing and one dance shouldn't tax her too much.

<FS3> Alina rolls Dancing: Great Success. (5 7 7 4 8 3 3 8 6 8)
<FS3> Elaida rolls Dancing: Good Success. (1 3 2 3 8 3 8 7 3)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Dancing: Great Success. (5 8 2 7 7 5 6 8)
<FS3> Gabriel rolls Dancing: Good Success. (4 2 7 8 1)

Aidric nods absently at Adrienne's words and glances out over the banquet hall. "True. And yet manages to safely miss any sort of refinement what-so-ever," he remarks, amused. Well it wasn't entirely true, but then what was the fun of attending a feast with up-jumped merchants if you couldn't poke a little fun? He turns then to take in Adrienne along with her brother and his consort, "However I suppose 'lavish' will be the norm for you soon, when you're kin to a king," he adds, eyes glinting with continued amusement.

Graham shakes his head and squeezes his consorts shoulder lightly. "You performed admirably do not worry about it love." He comments easily and tries to reassure her though he nods to Aidric as well when he comes over to speak to his sister. He will look back as there is more speaking. It's only a brief glance of his cousin that he finds before she leaves. "Hm."

Alina nods, letting her husband escort her to the dance floor, and allows him to whisk her away and through the steps of a more slowly paced dance— her moves graceful and practiced as she moves through the steps, her attention on her husband… but also glancing to the other dancers and to those others in the room and whom they may be socializing with.

Elaida nods and tugs Tristan up, heedless and unknowing of any awkwardness that may be from being on the dance floor at the same time as a certain other couple… but she is quick to make her way there, and her own steps are well enough, though nothing spectacular. She slides her arms around her betrothed, her evident happiness and absolute attention on Tristan making up for her lack of skill in the dance.

Thaddeus nods to his aunt in response to her's and takes a moment to stand and stretch his legs a little. He takes his cup with him as it is still mostly full. Thad decides to walk over to where his aunt stands and says, "My dear aunt, enjoying yourself?" He takes another drink and continues watching the room.

Dawn rises up and gives a nod over to Thaddeus, "Yes. It has been a lovely tournament. THe Pacittans.." She chooses her words carefully, "Have been gracious hosts. And I am enjoying myself." She takes her hands to her gown and gives him a curtsy. "And yourself?"

Silvio looks to his wife and then looks on to the one she speaks. "Ah, yes I met him and a southern lady at the tavern most odd the lady as if she'd been locked away her life long though nice enough the both." He comments in lowered whisper to his wife. "Would you care to dance? I know that much has happened so we can just sit and converse with the others if you wish."

"You are referring to their minor birth?", comes Adrienne's counter, as she raises one brow. "Or is refinement what defines in your eyes people worth of your company?" There is a slight frown forming on her freckled face, when Aidric speaks of the new 'lavish' norm she and her family soon must live by, in his opinion. "I will continue to be a Huntress of Ironhold," the Cassomir states. "So in that way I trust things won't change for me that much." She gives him a slightly stubborn flicker of her green eyes. Adrienne exhales, her attention shifting to Cathrynn and Graham. "You did fine, Cat.", she says. with an encouraging smile "And you know these contests are not everything. You will beat most of us any time, out in the woods!"

Seated about as close to the periphery as she was able to manage is Lorelei Asheflour, one of relatively few commoners in the room - the merchant princes of Pacitta don't really count - and looking like she'd pretty much rather be anywhere else in the world. She hasn't said more than three words to anyone all night, and she looks positively disinclined to add to that total. Instead, she's seated at that distant table, taking a few tiny sips from her drink, stock-still and hardly breathing.

Looking altogether at ease with her present position is Lady Miranda Giraldi, presently seated with the rest of her kin. About halfway through her own drink, the wine has done nothing to dull her faculties. She's chatting amicably enough with the Marchettes.

Returning her nod, Gabriel escorts Alina to the dance floor and then the begin their dance. It is slow and that is fine with him. He really didn't care much for those faster-paced dances anyway. He smiles at her, even leaning forward to kiss her forehead during a slower part of the dance.

Tristan glances over at Elaida's parents for a moment, smiling at them as Elaida seems excited about all of this. Standing up, he limps on to the dance floor with her, having left his cane back at his seat. The two of them begin their dance, slow and proper. Just what Elaida would want. As they dance, Tristan murmurs sweet words to her.

Getting to his feet, and making his way through the room, Samuel seems to have decided to just make his way around. Nodding to various people as he sees them, he drains his wine, placing the glass on a table as he passes it.

Thaddeus takes another drink and shrugs, "Good, I am glad." He ponders and responds, "But I am having about as good of a time as one can expect. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I wish I had won that damned horse, though it will be interesting to see how things will go at Sunsreach's tournament. Considering that the invisible contest for best festivities is always heated."

Cathrynn's dark eyes flit up to Aidric briefly then Adrienne's comments draw a smile to her lips and she glances up at Graham, approval in her expression. She inclines her head to her consort's sister, "You are kind to say such, at least out in the woods we are all usually on the same side," she says, grinning.

Dawn nods quietly, "Aye. It was a most glorious looking steed, even for one as unversed in such things as I. And I'm sure the one in Sunsreach shall be much better and.." She muses, "More competitive." A half smile. "And I have no doubt that Sunsreach shall rise to the occasion."

Antonia listens to what Silvio has to say about the gentleman. "Does he have a name?", she inquires with some faint amusement glinting in her eyes. But then Amara leans over and murmurs some words into Antonia's ear, upon which the l'Valdan princess will shoot the knight in question a longer glance. "Lord Justin t'Acuto! Ah… I see.", she drawls. "Yes, we can dance in a moment," this stated towards Silvio, but as it seems, Antonia is already rising from her seat and moving over to where Justin sits. "Good eve, Lord Justin. I am, as you must be aware, Amara's sister. Antonia. L'Valdan." Stating the obvious. "I hear it is you who gave her that charming little kitten?"

Samuel comes to a stop as he hears Michael's words, offering a smile. "Don't worry about it, cousin. You're supposed to be the busy one, right?" It's said rather lightly, before he shrugs a bit, "I've been rather well, all in all. How about you? Enjoyed yourself? The prize you got looked quite magnificent, by the way."

Justin chuckles softly to something the girl next to him says then turns his eyes to Antonia as she approaches and introduces herself. Standing a bit to offer the best bow he can for royalty given he is seated at a table and says, "An honor Your Highness." as he retakes his seat and adds, "I was not aware, though I have met your husband and sister which speaks well of you as well. As to Guardian, yes I did give the kitten to her, a gesture to show the sincerity of my apology as I believed I had offended her when she and I first met. Seems I was mistaken thankfully but the gift pleased her so I had no objection to her keeping him. Is everything okay in regards to her tiny 'knight'?" in a curious tone as though concerned the animal might have caused some harm to furniture or servant.

"No, I meant just what I said, refinement," Aidric replies calmly and pauses a moment to better frame his example. Tapping his chin with his finger, "Imagine if you will someone buys the finest bow money can buy but they cannot shoot, so they use it like a club. It's like that with these merchant princes and their money. It just seems like good material wasted on those with no sense of its proper use." He looks to the Cassomirs and consort to judge how his example was received.

<FS3> Elaida rolls Willpower: Great Success. (8 3 1 6 5 3 4 8 7 4 7 5 5)

"Isn't it though?" Michael gushes about his horse. "I'll confess I've always envied Gabriel's Alhazred, now I've one of my own." He focuses, and nods. "I've been well, obviously, and being busy is no excuse for neglecting family, so I do ask you forgive me for my neglect. Though, what are your plans for after the tourney? There may be some matters I could use your aid with after the festivities have passed, so if you have no pressing engagements, I'd be grateful if you stayed close."

Tristan's sweet words work their magic with great success— just perhaps not the success he wants, precisely. Elaida blushes and laughs softly, leaning up to kiss Tristan lightly on the lips. "My handsome prince," is all she replies, though she stays in his arms and continues to dance with him.

Alina smiles fondly at Gabriel as he kisses her forehead, pleased with the fact he was willing to show affection in public— normally her husband tends to be more stoic and conservative about such. "I love you," she murmurs in his ear as the song ends. She is more than willing to let him escort her back to her seat.

Antonia smiles. "The pleasure is all mine, my lord. Guardian is well enough. I daresay the gift has pleased her very much," she shoots a glance over her shoulder where Amara sits and watches. "I just wished to make the acquaintance of the giver of that gift," she adds after a moment, inclining her head to him.

Justin smiles softly and says, "You honor me Your Highness. I am glad the gift pleased her so much, she is delightful company." He then stands once more and adds, "I shall not keep you further Your Highness." and offers another bow, once more doing his best given his position to show proper respect.

"I do not believe that Sunsreach will have any issue in meeting the challenge, even in winter!" Thaddeus remarks and shrugs, "But yes, a good competitive tourney will be nice. This one certainly was, though I would not mind sweeping the contests away from the Couvieri. Though it will take a good deal of effort to knock Lord Michael from his lofty perch."

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Joust winner (And second overall in the Tourney) Lord (Sir) Raimond Giraldi is apparently in the highest of spirits this evening, chatting jovially with Samwell and Jensen Marchette (and to a lesser extent their father, when the fairly taciturn man joins in the conversation. And of course Leander and his mother. It's the latter of those he directs his words to now, "So far as I can tell, none have bid on the fine hand cannons the Prince of Venderos' son won the competition with. I was thinking I might turn my winnings to that purpose. They'd be a fine memento of the tourney." He glances to Miranda, a querying expression on his face.

Samwell looks over to the Giraldis at the table upon hearing about the hand cannons, "And what do you intend on doing with it, my lord? I have not known you to be familiar with the Venderosi weapons, though it would not be terribly surprising."

Dawn nods over at Thaddeus lightly, "I would not either." The years and her recent visit for the last tournament in Couviere have still not warmed Dawn's heart over to the realm much, so her words are thick with agreement with her nephew. "Someday a skilled warrior shall challenge him. And it is good otherwise to have someone to aspire to defeat otherwise for the circuit would be boring if not."

Gabriel just nods, grunting out a response to Alina's words. He would tell her sweet things later, but for now it was probably best if she rests. Gesturing with an arm, he leads her back to their seats, nodding at some familiar faces as the two of them pass.

Oh, Tristan is plenty pleased with Elaida's reaction. Smiling as the first dance comes to a close, he waits for the next to start and then leads Elaida in another dance. "My lovely Princess." He murmurs to her when they come together as part of the dance, winking at her when they separate. Oh he did like to tease her and compliment her. It was all good fun.

Adrienne listens attentively, when Aidric illustrates his thesis with an example. "At least they have money to waste," she muses. "And judging from how well-off some of these merchants are… they know perhaps how to further their wealth. You mean perhaps they use their money like a cook who uses a great amount of rare spices on a meal, to show off it being expensive? Regardless of the fact that it will taste too horrible to eat?"

The Lily Knight looks to Cathrynn and smiles more warmly "You did very well don't worry and soon home." Graham says comfortingly he looks about those nearest them as some go to dance "Would you care to dance Cat?" he wonders smiling warmly to her while he waits for a response.

Antonia inclines her head to Justin. "Delightful company? Seems you are positively charmed with her?", she half-jests. Leaving it at that though, as she knows there is a husband who wishes to dance with her.

Samuel grins, "Of course you are forgiven, cousin." Raising an eyebrow a bit as he hears the part about those matters his aid could be used with, he nods, "As it is, I've made no plans so far, so I'll be sure to stay close," he replies.

"Eh, we will be fine. It's very possible as I stand second currently in the rankings. But we shall see." Thaddeus' tone is mildly optimistic, "It's no sense getting upset over it, though I tend to be so after a poor attempt at jousting or in the melee." He laughs, "But indeed, we shall see."

Dawn nods over lightly and smiles, "I'm sure you will no doubt soon unseat him and prove your prowess." She is in good cheer in general, and otherwise lets her eyes sweep the room, "Otherwise, enjoy the festivities and indulge. Tonight is a night of cheer. Ther eshall always be other competitions. And competitions are better than rivalries pushed too far."

Miranda peers back at Raimond over the rim of her glass, taking a measured sip as she listens to his words. When it's clear that he's asking her opinion, a grin spreads across her face, lips slowly parting until it's nothing but teeth from ear to ear. "Haven't they?" Sip. "I know I /have/ taught you quite well the importance of making wise decisions with one's finances. Perhaps you see something that all of the other potential bidders cannot." Sip. She looks over to Samwell, her grin somewhat impossibly growing a little bigger.

Justin chuckles softly to the jest, but doesn't say more on the matter, likely to not interrupt the Princess as she excuses herself to rejoin her husband as he looks back to the girl sitting rather impatiently at his side, with her cheeks puffed out and looking quite bored resulting in a broad smile and a few soft words. which at least deflates the cheeks. The girl doesn't look to be of his House, though the couple sitting on the other side of the girl are likely the parents and seem to have shared enough words to largely allow the Acuto Lord to speak to their daughter as they tend to more important discussions.

"Not yet!" Elaida admonishes with a laugh. "Not yet at all!" and she spins in another dance, as faster one, trying to keep up with Tristan's steps.

Alina settles back into her seat and requests a water from a passing servingman, then glances to Jonathan, squeezing Gabriel's hand. "Lord Jonathan," she says with a smile. "I've been thinking of seeing f your half sister might be interested in a position in my personal guard."

"No specifics as yet," Michael explains of the cryptic tasks he spoke of. "But it would be good to have family nearby, besides, even with the tourney finished, the action will be here I think." He takes a sip of his wine and surveys the room, "Besides, who knows, perhaps we can find you a nice Rivanan girl to wed," he teases.

Cathrynn looks to Aidric then Graham is asking her to dance and she smiles, "Of course, I would love a dance with you," she answers. "I find I can not stomach rich foods which lack substance, but some eat it up and ask for more, happy to have their mouths full of expensive food, regardless of its true merit. As it has always been, else there would cease to be a market for such things," she says to no one in particular as she turns and smiles, reaching for Graham's arm, eyes on the dance floor.

"Hmmm?" It takes a few moments for Jonathan to perk up, even when it's the heir to Lonnaire approaching. Of course, once he's aware that it's Alina addressing him, his attention is drawn in a hurry, and he gives her a smile, if a somewhat obligatory one. "Esyld? I am certain that she would be honored by the invitation. And she clearly has the ability to be a worthy addition." A moment's pause as his eyes meet hers. "But I cannot answer for her, of course. I would be pleased to pass your request along." Things remain unsaid, for the moment, matters concerning his half-sibling… and Alina's as well.

"Oh, these weapons are far too fine to sully by firing them. Largely decorative pieces, really. While I might not mind learning to use such weapons, those particular are more work of art than intended to function save at greatest need." Raimond notes, then leans forward to speak more quietly to those just at his table, "But I can think of worse things to do than making a favorable impression on family of the Prince of Venderos, no?"

Silvio looks on to his wife arching a brow as she gets up to walk over. He is about to get up to follow looking confused when she's returned but he will stand now and take her hand and will walk towards the dance floor already with many others doing likewise. "What was that about Antonia?" he asks not harshly but with a smile curious he does trust his wife completely in all things.

"Oh, I believe I beat him at Rovilon. I have no doubt in my skill," Thad grins and drains his drink and nods, "I am fully aware of rivalries, and rivalries that go too far." He looks down at his empty cup, "But I now know that I am out of wine and had best go get some more, my lady." With that, Thaddeus nods and goes to find more wine.

Aidric chuckles at the replies he receives from Adrienne and Cathrynn. He offers a gallant bow to the both of them, "It seems you huntresses know how to hit the mark with more than arrows," he flatters easily before standing up straight watching the couple go towards the dance floor. "Hm, they seem happy with one another," he remarks before lifting his cup to his lips. He sips then turns to Adrienne. "Though one might question your brother's adherence to that famed Cassomir sense of duty leaving you here in my company," he says with a mischievous glint in his eye. "Fortunately I have nothing more than dancing on my mind at the moment. Though given how our last went, that might count as leaving you in peril. Well, if you say yes."

"Soon enough." Tristan smiles, responding to Elaida. Continuing their dance until it has stopped. "Come, come. I wish to see about these nicely crafted hand cannons that won the prize for the craftsmanship event. Let us go and see them." He holds an arm out for her to take before going back to his seat to collect his cane and then moving on to see the hand cannons.

Gabriel glances up at Jonathan, offering the man a friendly nod and a smile. It seems Alina wishes to speak with him though. He's not really keen on offering any thoughts or opinions about Alina's personal guard. So he'll sip his wine and remain silent.

Samwell ponders at the comments being made by Raimond. He responds in an equally hushed tone, "True, you would be buying some influence, but the question is if it is a substantial portion or not, and how long it will last without further purchases."

Antonia gives a slight shrug of her shoulders, even as she offers her hand to her husband. "Lord Justin has given Amara a gift - a kitten. The kitten she calls Guardian. You must have seen it at the manse…?" She follows along where Silvio leads her. "I am glad we get to dance again," she states with a warm flicker in her grey eyes.

Graham will walk with Cathrynn towards the floor. "I figured you might not wish to sit and discuss all the courtly topics." He speaks softly to her leaning over to kiss her cheek "Instead you can laugh at me trying to dance what could be more amusing?" he winks to her "I will try not to squash your toes.

Dawn nods over at Thaddeus lightly and gives him a bow, "Then you should definitely go acquire yourself some, as well as perhaps some companionship then." She offers then as she goes to also get herself a refill of a wine goblet.

Samuel raises an eyebrow a bit lightly as he hears that last part of Michael's words. "Oh really?" Unable to hold back a brief chuckle at those words, "She'd better be very nice, then." Nodding a bit at the rest of what's said.

The Prince will nod to his wife. "Aah, yes I saw the kitten, but hadn’t known its origin perhaps I should have asked?" Silvio says he will move over to the dance floor and taking up the dancing position. He will wait a few beats of music before stepping into the dance. "I am glad as well my love this trip has been well wonderful for us two I mean."

The couple seems to finish up the discussions they have to attend to and offer thanks to Justin for keeping their daughter occupied, which he accepts and gives a bit of a dramatic farewell to the young girl which produces a giggle which seems to have been the point of it as the three make their excuses and depart the party a bit early, likely to see the girl to bed before it gets much later. This leaves Justin with an empty seat on one side but with another sip of his wine he looks to the gathering silently observing the crowd passively.

Both brows lift just so, when Adrienne hears Aidric's jest about her brother leaving her behind to such peril as Aidric Carling. "Maybe he knows I am noone to worry about," she states, demeanor stoic, with the slightest curling of her lips. "And I have survived the experience already once. Why should I shy away this second time?" Invitation to dance accepted, however subtle it was brought forth. Adrienne rises to her feet. "Yes. Sir Aidric. I'd be pleased to accept your offer of peril." Because this freckled Cassomir is not that easily intimidated. She wears a dress of green colour, tailored to fit, with only few little details to catch the eye, a necklace with a silver pendant depicting an archer in the act of shooting an arrow - how fitting!

<FS3> Antonia rolls Dancing: Good Success. (7 5 3 2 4 2 8 3 7)

"Of course what sort of cousin do you take me for? Only the best for my kin," Michael jokes and gives Samuel a playful elbow in the ribs. "Anyhow, I was only jesting. Though I suspect my father will have ideas in that direction for you sooner or later." He shakes his head. "Anyhow, glad I can count on your help, Samuel, but don't let me keep you from making the rounds of the party," he says to the older l'Corren.

Cathrynn smiles at Graham, "I don't mind courtly talk," she says. "But I'm happy to have a dance," she adds then she grins, "You won't hurt my toes, they are quite accustomed to the bottom of your feet," she teases.

Among the main things that Dawn has no skill at whatsoever is dancing, so it is with some looks of benevolent envy that she watches the twirling partners up and over on the main floor.

Gabriel should offer an opinion, especially after Alina's next words. "Yes, well. I did not think you could speak for her," Alina chatters on, "but I feel that having guards I can trust around myself and my children," and her hand moves to her stomach with a half-grin, "would be wise. Gabriel cannot do it all himself, though I am sure he would try." She gives her husband a fond, loving smile, then glances back to Jon. "Your sister is a good fighter and her loyalty cannot be denied.

Elaida lets out a soft noise of surprise. "The handcannons?" she asks. "But why would you want those, Tristan?"

<FS3> Aidric rolls Dancing: Good Success. (4 2 3 1 7 7 3)

Samuel chuckles, "Well, he seems to be running out of his own children to marry off, doesn't he?" It's said quite lightly, before he nods as he hears the part about making the rounds of the party. "Ah, yes. We both have rounds to make," he replies. "Enjoy the party, Michael. I'll be around when it's time to talk about that other business."

Gabriel gives Alina a little look, smirking slightly. "I certainly cannot do it myself, though I would try, yes." He picks up his glass of wine and drains some of it, letting his gaze take in Jonathan and Alina. "If you trust her Alina, then that is well enough. Is she, ah, is she trained as one of the Wraiths is, or does she have other skills and training?"

Tristan gives Elaida a faint smile. "If you are worried that I am going to try and use them myself, do not worry then. I simply think they would make a nice gift to someone else. Would you not agree?" They approach the handcannons in question and he gestures at them. "They are quite beautiful and something that should not be used, but for decoration, I think."

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Dancing: Good Success. (3 8 1 5 3 4 1 6 8)

Aidric's lip curls upwards faintly in turn at Adrienne's response. "Truly. Good to know," he says of being no one to worry about. Then, when his offer is accepted he extends his hand to lead her to the floor. For his part he is garbed in all black with thread of silver highlights about the sleeves in the shape of the linked rings of his house. Expensive, but refined, as befitting his previous pedantic rant on the subject. Stepping onto the floor he glances down at the necklace with the archer, "A symbol of rank within the Huntresses? Or a gift from some consort hidden in the wilds of Iron Hold?" he asks her as he manages not to mangle this dance.

Graham grins at the tease and nods "We should.. have a getaway when we get home camping perhaps? It can be an after tournament tradition?" He offers to his consort knowing they could use some time themselves after this trip. He will step her onto the dance floor with the music.

"All true, of course." It's a pleasant enough topic of conversation for Jonathan, and he lifts his drink to his lips for a moment. When Alina's hand wanders down to her belly, his eyes wander down after it… it's an interesting implication, one that isn't lost on the future Baron of Bloodfield. But Gabriel's question draws his interest more, at least in the moment. "Esyld and I trained together." That's about as much as needs to be said on the subject - the skills of the t'Maren speak for themselves. "And she has served with the Black Foxes for some time."

Raimond makes a brief, noncommittal gesture, "As I said, merely making an impression. I've no illusion of true influence. But to have a face and name remembered, well…" Raimond shrugs, "It is a beginning."

"Indeed, we do," Michael says to Samuel. "Though, we will speak soon, perhaps it is time we go out and enjoy some time with the other nobles of Murnord. Anyhow, enjoy yourself coz," he says before drifting off in search of others to speak with.

Adrienne follows along, more of a lady for once than a Huntress, given the way she leads her. His question about her pendant draws a chuckle from her lips that manages to breach her stoic facade. "You deduce that consorts are a common occurrence in my branch of Cassomir?", she quips back. "Neither of the two in fact. It is a necklace my mother gave me upon my Harrowing." The Huntress falls silent as the dance commences, the two of them actually managing fairly well this time.

Antonia enjoys the dance, in fact, it is an area she has had enough occasion to practice. Turning this way and that as she follows the pattern, and offering Silvio a smile whenever she meets his gaze.

Thaddeus reaches his destination where the wine was being served and pours himself a full cup. "Dear aunt, what do you plan to do on your return to Rivana?" He takes a sip and relaxes his posture a little, trying to get out of the way of other thirsty individuals.

Samwell nods to Raimond, "Indeed, as long as you are aware of its limitations, then it could be a good bargain. If the price is right." He ponders and says, "I did not see anything that demanded my coin, but it is what it is."

Cat smiles up at her companion and nods, "I would like that of course, you will never hear me turn down a camping trip," she answers. Her hunter green silk down shimmers as she moves and her feet glide across the floor gracefully, perhaps all that stalking in the dark woods helps with dancing.

Dawn hmms lightly as she walks with Thaddeus, "LIkely continue preparation for the festivities of the Queen's coming marriage and possibly be holding some classes with some of the younger healers if I am called upon. I have had it come to my attention my attire is woefully inadequate for an event as harmonious as her nuptials."

The future Duchess of Lonnaire shrugs, glancing to her husband. "Same sort of training you had," she says dryly. "How to be stuffy and knock men off perfectly decent horses." Her tone is teasing, though. "But yes, I think she may be wise to have around myself and the boys." Her fingertips tap her stomach, idly hoping the child beginning to grow within is a daughter. "More palatable to my husband than so many Wraiths, I think."

Elaida looks at the handcannons but she knows little enough about them. "They are very… shiny." She smiles.

"I suppose not, but your house does have a something of a common touch," Aidric reasons, "And I've heard of no noble suitors, besides the various fortune seekers who have made it their business to stalk your house since the betrothal," he says, meaning the betrothal of Jaren and Alysande. "But all that aside what in the One's name is a Harrowing?" As he talks he dances to the thankfully familiar tune being played. Keeping to simple steps that have him close to his partner.

Michael wanders about the room, talking to this councillor or that councillor or exchanging words with his fellow knights until his steps take him to Justin t'Acuto. Recognizing the man, from passing encounters in the north during the rebuilding of Valetta, he smiles, "Sir Justin. I heard you were here. Well met. How have you been?"

Gabriel eyes Alina for a moment and then nods. "If she can be stuffy, then she might be able to actually keep a handle on you." He glances over at Jonathan and offers a slight smile. "My wife can be very difficult at times." Reaching over, he pats Alina's hand in a reassuring gesture.

Tristan eyes the handcannons with an appreciative glance. "I wonder where the fellow is who crafted these things…" He murmurs to himself as he leans in and eyes the craftsmanship further.

Thaddeus nods, "I see. No doubt the Bazans will be glad to help with that, and with such an event every dressmaker in Sunsreach and beyond will be busy, so if you need something I would suggest getting on it quickly." He takes a drink, "But it is no matter. Hopefully your skills as a healer are not needed soon. I do not doubt them, but their need usually means something bad has happened."

Turning his ice-blue eyes to Michael Justin nods respectfully and says, "Well enough, seems all that time overseeing things in Valetta has left me out of practice and giving a poor showing. That said the trip has been enjoyable enough aside from the gate sickness, but when is that ever pleasant?" chuckling softly and gestures to the empty seat at his side, "You are welcome to join me if you are not too busy with more important discussion." in a polite, respectful invitation.

"Do noble suitors indicate the worth of a House?", inquires Adrienne with a raised brow. "I've heard of some offers, but none for me, currently. If that sates your curiosity, Sir Aidric." The dance allows only for brief sentences to be exchanged between them. The freckled Cassomir enjoys a moment of pause in their exchange, before she continues: "A Harrowing is the final test to become a Huntress. It is quite the experience." Adrienne smiles. "The opportunity to show and prove that the Huntress in question has learned her lessons well." Another pause is forced upon them through the patterns of the dance. "I had to hide in the woods, while the other Huntresses were out there to get me."

"More palatable, perhaps, and more importantly, she will bring a certain touch that the Wraiths cannot." There's a little smile on Jonathan's face that isn't exactly mirthful. "Meaning no offense to them, of course - your brothers included - but their approach, while suited to a number of situations, is not always the best for guard work. Those with our sort of training, however…" He doesn't finish the thought, and he doesn't particularly need to. There's a nod to Gabriel, and a little, "I will take your word for it." A muted response that hides the somewhat unpleasant thoughts swirling in his mind - thoughts of his own impending marriage, for one. Almost unconsciously his eyes sweep the area around the table, as though searching for someone.

"I could use a seat and thank you," Michael says as he moves to occupy the offered chair. He stretches when he sits and calls for more wine. "Anyhow, I am sure your skill will return with practice, my men practice often and you'd be welcome to join us. Anyhow what word from Garfana? I am surprised the promise of the treaty hasn't torn your brother away from his books to join us."

Justin smiles softly and says, "Well it is problematic to pull a t'Acuto from our tomes." chuckling softly and adds, "Unfortunately I've not had much word. I've been at Valetta for the past few months and while I did send word to my brother I would be coming here for the tourney, his duties as Baron does keep him busy. As to the offer I thank you, I may take you up on it at some point."

Aidric rolls his eyes. "As if the Cassomirs would need to prove their worth, they are one of the oldest houses in the kingdom," he says. "I was merely saying that if the gift had been from some noble-" he leaves off. "Bah, never mind," he says. "Anyhow, the necklace does suit you. As to the Harrowing, the warriors in Normont do something similar when they come of age, no knights you see," he explains before the dance parts them and brings them together again. "Shall we part the floor and find some refreshment and quiet place to talk. Our toes still survive, but why tempt fate?"

"Difficult?!" Alina pouts at Gabriel. "I'm not difficult. I'm particular." She kisses the tips of her fingers and places her fingertips on his cheek. "You are difficult." She smiles prettily at him. "But yes," she returns her immediate attention to Jon. "I saw your bride to be fight. She seems…" she pauses, struggling for a word. "Ah… knightly?"

"I've heard it said, least of all with the promise of fun," Michael grins as he accepts the wine from the serving girl and turns back to Justin. "At least with Baron Artos anyhow. And of course, always happy to help a fellow knight keep his edge," he takes a sip and savours it before continuing. "Quite the change from the the battle lines in the north, isn't it?" he asks surveying the room and its opulence. "It's striking sometimes how much and how quickly circumstances can change."

Dawn nods over at Thaddeus then as she sighs, "Yes, a skill good to have on hand but one hopes to never use. And Bazan shall contribute as much as it can. And I'm sure that even one such as me shall have to otherwise expand her horizons then to be presentable." SHe half smiles.

Elaida shrugs. "Would it be him you would have to ask about buying them?" she asks innocently. "And I still don't see why you would need them. Though perhaps they can hang nicely in your rooms?"

Adrienne regards Aidric with some of that stoicness returning in her expression. "Thank you," she says simply, to his compliment, disregarding the part of his suspicions about the necklace. "Oh?", is added in monosyllabic comment to the Normont warrior traditions. Followed by a "I had no idea." His suggestion, albeit eliciting a faint cautious flicker in her eyes, will be met with "Sure! Why not!", the agreement jumping from her lips before she can hold it back. "You did much better this time," admitted with a faint smile. See, she can be nice.

Justin nods to Michael and says, "Indeed. While I've been to such feasts times before, it has been awhile now since I was not eating rations or simple meals with the workers on the walls and towers." As he takes a sip of his own, showing no signs at all of over-indulgence as his reputation for a chivalrous knight seems well-earned for the moderation he has been displaying the entire night.

"Yes, difficult. You can pout and make pretty gestures but we both know that I am not the difficult one." He shakes his head, snorting out a laugh. Honestly. Gabriel sips some more of his wine and watches Jonathan for a moment, finally nodding along at what Alina said. "Indeed, that is quite a woman and you are fortunate for such a match. Just… make sure you do not compete against her too much in the next tournament, she is one that I would be very wary of facing."

Tristan hrms and nods at Elaida. "Oh yes, quite likely. Do you know where he is?"

Aidric snorts. "Yes, better," he says sardonically as the two depart the floor to find a place to drink and chat. Perhaps, antagonistic might have worked better than nice…

"Well, thanks be to the One for tonight's good fortune," Michael remarks and then takes a deep pull from his wine cup. "So what is next for you, some time here in Pacitta or does duty call you back to Garfana or Valetta?"

Alina nods and agrees. "She was quite formidable."

Elaida tilts her head. "Is it that man?" she points to Jasper Callis, sitting at a table with one of the Councilmembers and chatting. "I recall him from the artist and craftsman competition."

The banter between Alina and Gabriel isn't exactly lost on Jonathan, but he doesn't respond to it directly. No, his focus is on the mention of his bride-to-be… and though he responds in the affirmative, it's clear that he doesn't quite /agree/ with the two l'Saigners' assessments. "Fortunate, yes. And it will be a fine step forward for my house." There's a long, deep sip from his glass, and then, slowly, he begins to shuffle to his feet. "If you will excuse me…" He tries to hide the troubled expression on his face. It's only partially successful.

Justin nods to Michael and says, "I will be here for a few days more at least if not longer. I hear word of a few things taking place and will give thought whether to see to one of them or returning home after so long away. Matters in Valetta are dealt with, if they weren't I wouldn't be here. At least my part in them. The breach was the longest process to deal with."

Gabriel nods at Jonathan, watching him step away. He glances at Alina with a slight frown. He wondered what they might have said.

Tristan turns and spots Jasper from where Elaida points him out. He nods and then takes her by the arm and steps over to the man. Nodding to the various council members, he begins to speak with the man regarding his hand cannons.

"There will be indeed some things taking place, but they'll be less spectacles and more matters of state, the Grand Treaty and all of that," Michael explains with a certain casualness. "If Artos will not stir, then perhaps you'd best stay and see what comes of these initial talks for your house's sake if nothing else."

Justin nods to Michael and says, "My thoughts as well. I would like to return home after so long away, but I do recognize my duties to my House. Though I've not been told to represent our House, even for the sake of appearances, I may well do so regardless out of pure curiosity of how matters will be settled."

Alina frowns as well, slipping her hand into Gabriel’s and squeezing it. "I'm sure it was nothing," she says idly, not sure, in fact, at all.

"Good," Michael says as he finishes his wine. "If nothing else think of it of another sort of building, with words instead of stones, peace instead of a fortress." He smiles then, and claps Justin on the shoulder. "Anyhow, do come practice with my men and I and we can talk more, but for now, I must continue making the rounds. Thank you for the seat and the company, Sir Justin."

"I seemed to figure as much." Graham winks he ponders and nods in conclusion. "I will arrange it then it will be good for us." He moves about the dance floor with her gracefully and smiles gladly "I don't look over the fae gate travel i'll admit but still worth it."

Dawn idly drinks quietly from her goblet of wine, "And let us hope then that skills honed are kept to such things as tournaments then, and not needed for the future."

"Come, you should rest." Gabriel says to Alina, kindly. Standing, he offers her a hand up to her feet and then kisses her on the cheek. "You really can be difficult though." He murmurs the words under his breath though he is grinning. Taking her by the arm, he leads her out of the room and then home.

Justin nods to Michael and says, "Of course, and I know politics well enough to have picked up that much." chuckling good-naturedly and adds, "I likely should be getting back to my quarters myself anyway." as he downs the last of his wine, which is barely a sip, as he places the goblet down and stands adding, "I'm sure it won't be long before we are able to speak again." with a soft smile before turning to take his leave if there is nothing further.

"Indeed," Thaddeus notes and takes a drink, "But it is what it is. Let us hope this peace stays. While it keeps me in court and off the battlefield, I prefer it that way." He sighs and takes another drink, "Fortunately I do not see any cause for serious conflict, so it should hold."

Dawn nods, "Aye. All the realms have seen a little too much of suffering these last years. We can all take it as reminder to hold when we would act out of pride then and stubbornness. Hopefully a lesson we will all remember these seasons to come for a little longer."

Cathryn and Graham dance and talk, making their way around the dance floor. It isn't long until the pair are leaving, arm in arm, still talking about walks in the woods and how at least there, she's the only one walking on her feet.

Thaddeus nods again, "People's memory can be short." He looks over at his table, "But I had best be going. It was good to speak with you, dear aunt. Hopefully we will speak again soon." With that, Thad nods and departs after any farewells.

Dawn gives a light curtsy, "Of course. I bid you adieu and a good evening, and I shall have to enjoy your company again when the tournaments go to Sunsreach."

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