(1866-09-27) A Bit Distant
A Bit Distant
Summary: Graham talks to Emilia about why things with him and Cathrynn have been a bit off and distant.
Date: 1866-09-27
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Durante Manse - Pacitta City
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It is the day after the ball which marked the closing of the games, and the city is quiet many having drank and danced and now enjoying rest needed for such things. The borrowed Manse that the Cassomir crew has been staying at is equally mostly quiet for how many are staying here. The sun is just raising the sky growing a pinkish glow though not all are sleeping. The Lily Knight stands watching through a window looking like he'd been here a bit.. for those who know him best he looks distressed or well sad his eyes are a bit red as if he's shed tears but right now he does not.

Unlike so many, Emilia had not needed the extra rest, there was not an over indulgance to sleep off, for Emilia had departed from the festivities early on. Not unexpected given the added attention that had come her way. The quietness of the morning is broken by the familiar voice, but a few steps away,"What is of troubling of you, cousin-mine? Surely not of how the tournament of showing was of going?" After all Emilia know that he had not been pleased about his showing, but she had not thought it had hit him /that/ hard.

Graham doesnt hear the footfalls though at the best of times his cousin is hard to detect unless she wishes it to be so, and so the voice causes the man to start in surprise though he recovers quickly enough as he turns away from the window to look at his cousin. He smiles or well tries to but doesnt do very well shaking his head. "I am not quite proud of my showing, cousin but no. I am not hit so hard by such a thing." He motions lifting a hand for her to come over. "I hope I didnt wake you?"

There is simply that stoic little look when she ends up startling him, it happened far often the many people would like to admit. It was hard not to miss the surprise in the reflection of the window, even if he was trying to force a smile when he turned towards her. "Your showing was not of poor, mine-cousin, others were simply of having of better of luck. I am of glad you are not of taking it to of heart." Even Jaren had off tournies after all. The question has Emilia shaking her head quickly enough. Obviously her cousin was not well informed of her own sleeping habbits, not that many were. And really…wasn't she the one usually waking people. Those nightmares. "Of no, you were not of waking of me. What is of it that has your of heart being so of sad of then?"

"Yes indeed, and I will train harder and try and have a better showing at the next." Graham gives a small shrug the showing isnt too big of a deal of course he liked them to be proud of him, but so many have assured him that they are its hardly a matter. Its a moments silence while he meets her gaze before he speaks. "It would ease my heart to tell you Emilia." he says at least "Though it is not glad news and I do not wish to bring you down before the mornings light has yet even broken. Are you certain?"

It was true, the showings were not all important in the grand scheme. There were bragging rights and other things in the moment…But most of Rivana's knights knew well enough that it was the moments on the battle field, not the tournament field, that truly mattered. Emilia cants her head as Graham states…well the obvious. "Your heart would not be of being of sad if it was of being of glad of news, mine-cousin. And if it would be of easing of your heart, of course I am being of certain."

Graham nods "You are quite right of course." He says realizing perhaps too late that his words didnt make too much sense really when he thought about it. "Would you mind if we sat?" he motions to the sofa not too far away from where they stand he'll nod after the question though. "Thank you Emilia." He says firstly though he'll shift side to side where did one even begin with this. "Do you remember how Cathrynn and I seemed distant a bit, and before we traveled I was worried that she was sick? I know you noticed that I didnt wear her favour for he first part of the tournament."

Emilia shakes her head,"Of course, I am not minding to be of sitting." Moving with him towards the sofa motioned along to, settling with some turn of the odd grace of hers. Though there is a hint of concern that flickers in that stoic mien of hers with her cousin being so down. "Of aye, I remember her not of feeling to of well, talk of having a healer to be of seeing of her if it were of keeping of up, her being of off as she was." There is an added slow little nod,"And of aye, was of noticing you were not of wearing of it, was not of sure if you had been forgetting to be of asking for of it or of what."

The Lily Knight will indeed sit down though he looks over to meet the look from his cousin once more. Graham nods about the healer and everything she speaks of. The last bit gets the ghost of a smile once more but a shake of his head. "No, I didnt forget, we simply werent getting a long real well at the time which happens sometimes of course." he pauses sighing "I found out the /why/ of it all."

There is a little nod when he denotes it wasn't he forgot to ask..he just well didn't ask,"Of course, there is always of times amongst of family, of friends when there is not of getting along, some disgruntled of ness that of occurs between." A brow rises just a little bit,"Of why she was of being of off, or why the not getting of along? Or of both? For of why?"

Graham looks over and nods to her words about friends and family. "Exactly, and well we were just so cold towards one another with those times it was hard to get along kept in close quarters and all." He looks to her at the question of why. His eyes bright once more but he takes a deep breath. "The answer is.. she was with child." he says clearly that isn't the bad part.. "But now.. she is not." he finally speaks the words with effort.

Those dark eyes settle simply on Graham as Emilia listens patiently for him to get the words of explaination out. Her eyes blinks a touch at the first turn, that Cathrynn was with child. But then..he continues. The weight of the meaning settling in,"Oh of no, I am so of being sorry." Already shifting to give him a hug,"I know you were of wishing to be starting of a family." Perhaps some calculating of the time from that conversation, to now. Knowing it was not uncommon for a lose to occur early, from chatter amongst the many ssiter. But such things were a cold comfort, so nothing is actually voiced. Emilia simply giving her cousin a hug.

The young man will nod as the meaning sets in for them both really. "Me as well." Graham responds about being sorry though he will reach to embrace her in return. "I do, well do still but I find myself at a bit of a loss. I mean how does one grieve such a thing?" He wonders though he seems to be doing just that.

He was asking her of all people that? Emilia gives a small squeeze within the hug before pulling away. "I am not being of sure. Perhaps is like of mourning of a moment, a thing of almost of had but was being of pulled of away. " Surely things had not been far enough along for the potential child to quicken. "Let of your of heart have of its of sadness, but do not of allow it to be of swallowing of you, else you may of mix of the next of moment, the chances of what are of ahead."

Graham looks over to her, and yes he's asking though as with many things he trusts her being the first person outside Cat he's spoken to infact about this topic. "That makes sense, and I guess i've been doing that up until now with keeping my head high in public and allowing myself time in private." he takes another breath. "I will survive and there will be happy events I know this. I had been doing okay this night was.. tough for some reason."

Emilia nods a little bit,"Is of making of sense…is not of news to be of spreading of about. Gossip to be of occuring." Especially since few, if any would have even known about the pregnancy, even he hadn't! "We all are of having of nights that are of more of difficult then of others." Has he not heard her screams from the nightmares that sometimes came? "You are being of allowed your of moments of sadness and of grief. "

"It is not no. That's quite true. I don't wish there to be rumors or anything for Cathrynn's sake mostly I know she's effected of course though she keeps to her self moft often." Graham has indeed heard and been awoken by the sound of Emilia's screams though for him those times were hard because he wished to help her more than he was able to always. "I suppose it must be so. I have offere to take Cat camping when we get home. I think it will help us both."

Emilia nods a little, she knew well how Cathrynn did often keep to herself and hadn't perhaps quite melded into the sisterhood as most did. But it was still a thing still well respected by the sisterhood of Huntresses. Sadly, there was really little that could be done for such. "Of aye, I am thinking that is of being a good of idea. I know how she is liking of going of camping and spending time of in the woods." There is a moment of consideration,"We are of here of yet for a few of days, of waiting for faegate of traffic to of lessen a little. Perhaps of use it to pick up of a few of things..to of surprise of her of with upon of the trip?" Offering the suggestion, it would be a thing to help take his mind off things in some way, rather then just hiding away in the manse.

Graham considers a bit further on the camping trip and about being here. "That's a good idea. I should make it a special trip for her and I." He looks over to his cousin and stiffles a yawn with his hand having not really slept being out here most of the evening. "I should try and sleep perhaps, and well if i'm gone when Cat awakes she may worry. I am sorry to put this upon you Emilia but thank you truly for listening." He will lean over and kissing her cheek.

A small hug is given when the kiss to her cheek comes,"Go of rest, and be not of worrying. A shared of burden makes it of easier, lesser when carried by of more." There is something of a knowing look about that in Emilia's eyes. Shooing him along to get a turn of rest.

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