(1866-09-27) A Sister's Worry
A Sister's Worry
Summary: Raelyn confront Emilia about the favour she wore at the tournament and just whom Raelyn thinks it is from and her concerns about it, even as Raelyn tries to wrap her mind about the whole matter.
Date: 1866-09-27
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Guest Quarters - Durante Manse - Pacitta City - Pacitta
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It is the night after the ball, the night before which in which one very 'busy' Raelyn hadn't said too much to her sister other than regular sisterly greetings and things, because, well, Stephen. But now such things are over, and the celebrations are closed, and things are being cleaned, taken down, the city returning to normal. But now? Now is when Emilia will get a knock on the door. "Emilia?" Raelyn knocks twice more. "Can I come in? We - need to talk."

That the sister was going to be busy, cause Stephen, cause Viscountness…was to be expected. Just like Jaren had gotten busy with the position..and well more busy with betrothal and forthcoming position change. Emilia had taken to staying…well out of sight after having actually managed to place as she had in the two events. it brought more attention then she cared for. The knock on her door did have Emilia looking up from the piece she'd taken to working on, art had often been an escape. "Of aye, you can be of coming in Raelyn." Waiting til her sister is entered, wiping some paint from her hands,"What are you wishing to be of talking of about?"

Raelyn pauses at the door, almost like she was going to walk out, and change her mind. It's a good few seconds before she committs, and closes the door behind herself. It's another few, uncharacteristic for her, pause as she gathers the proper things to say. Or, find the words to frame the question. She doesn't. Instead, she simply asks, "You are enamored with Lon, aren't you?" Then again, Raelyn was never one to try and beat around the bush too much. At least, not with family. The tone is - and she can't help this, a shade accusatory, but also curious. Raelyn, warring with her emotions a little bit. Happy for her sister. Afraid. Insulted, too, she wasn't told. Others.

A brow rises slightly as Raelyn does hover and seem so…indecisive. But when that question comes. There is a pause in Emilia's cleaning off of her fingers. Dark eyes look at her sister a moment and then the cleaning resumes. Seeing each finger devoid of paint and the rag set along before Emilia does speak. "Of aye, Raelyn…it was of his favour." Falling quiet a moment, not having missed the edge to the tone. Knowing what she had already told her sister, she says softly,"Were not of thinking you," or others," would be of understanding." For ohhhhh so many reasons.

Raelyn puts her hand in her head and exhales, nodding. She'd figured it out, mostly from the favor. And from Lon's smile, and his presence. She nods, once, "So," she says, attempting, and doing a fair job of trying to not jump to conclusions given how rash and how reactive she normally is, "Help me understand, then." She doesn't say anything else, because she is really trying not to judge her sister outright.

A brow does rise just a hint at the request,"Do you not of think that I have been of trying to of..understand and make of sense of it of all?" Emilia had asked questions..been trying to traverse the waters of just having a relationship…nevermind…added complications. "It has been of a thing that was taking us both of surprise, of really. Un-of-expected. " A hand motions inviting Raelyn to sit, Emilia moving to the couch to do similiar. This was not likely going to be a short conversation. "If it is of..helping, he looks of different..like of..well true of self when spending of time with me. Not of bearded and well….like you of get to of see him. That is of mask, to not of draw of attention to of him."

Raelyn pauses, then sits. She exhales, "I just -," she shakes her head, frowns, unable to express in her own words how -she- feels, and certainly not wanting to stomp on her sisters own desires, either. "Lon is like … an Uncle we never knew we had, or something. Not -," she frowns again, exhales again. Her mouth twists, "And he's beyond us, Emilia." Meaning his immortality. And, perhaps some of his strange ways. But her sister's revelation have her asking, "Looks different?"

Emilia nods a little bit at her sister's words,"Part of why..well was of decided to not speak of to of others." There is a faint look given to Raelyn,"I am knowing of that, what of he is of being. He has even of admitted, he usually is not..well…of attracted to of…mortals.." Cause there really was only so many things to call them. "Of aye, looks of different…like of young of man. Not of grumpy old of woodsmen." There is a little breathe,"Do not of think…I am not of knowing…of the complications, of the not being of normal…But then what of me is being of normal, not of complicated, Raelyn? He understands in of ways what I struggle of against, accepts of me…does not think I am some of 'touched' girl needing of being locked of away."

Raelyn blows out a breath. No, she doesn't get it. Lon isn't a hunk. He's - old. Wise. Like the old ancient wise men she always respected and revered in mythical stories of children's tales. How she viewed her father. And her uncle. "And what will happen when - Emilia …," Raelyn sighs again, "I want you to be happy. But." She shakes her head some, "How can you even work this out? Clara already knows, I think. We figured it out at the same time. Only she doesn't know who Lon is, really. That's all." She sighs more, "By the One, this isn't going to be easy, is it?"

"When of what? When I of age? When he grows of disinterested? When of others of figure it of out of well?" Emilia sighs faintly,"Do you not of think I have not asked of myself so many of these of questions and of more? Perhaps…I should not have worn of the favour, then people would have gone un-of-knowing. And it wouldn't be of mattering." A brow raises slightly,"I do not of think Clara knows of whom…just that who's favour i was wearing..had been there to watch of me." A hand gently flutters up a brief touch to her head in an almost absent fashion. "How do I of work of anything out, being of what I have of within…of being as I am?" She shakes her head a little,"Of no…it has not of been, so do not of imagine it will of be." There is a little breathe taken,"If it is of to of much for of you…to of being of complicated…of hard…It will become of no of more."

Raelyn puts her head in her hands, then, and is quiet a long moment, before shaking it (still in her hands), "That's not - what I want, Emilia. I meant. Gods. I meant," she looks up, at her sister, "It's not proper for Lon the Elder and my sister to be -," she exhales, "Seen together. And, you cannot keep this secret forever. You are going to need to think of something that fits." She adds, quietly, "And, I -am- going to speak to Lon about this."

Emilia nods just a hint,"Obviously of not…since it is not of being exactly of secret of any more." Given..well Raelyn knew now! There is a slight turn of hesitation before she says,"Raelyn…we have been of having of this…relationship…since of April. We have never of exactly been of seen together." Least not in the way Raelyn is meaning. There is a soft breathe before Emilia nods a little,"Of course, you will…though just what are you going to say to of him…Keep your paws off mine-sister?"

Raelyn at least lets a little snort of a muted laugh at the latter question that should deflate any of Emilia's fears. She exhales, "No. I will not be saying that to him. I want you to be happy. And, if he makes you happy?" She shakes her head, "I will - try to understand. Accept. But you will have to give me time?" She asks for, quietly, but seriously.

There is a bit of a tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips when there is the muted little snort from her sister. A hand reaches to touch Raelyn's as Emilia gives a small nod,"He does of make me happy, Raelyn. He makes me smile." Which..was huge really. "Of course, you can be of having of time. Is not of like I have of plans to be of changing of how things are of are." Meaning, the relationship was not likely to be out in the open any more than it had been for the past near six months.

Raelyn nods, some. Exhales again, and she leans back, now, into the chair, stating wryly, "I wonder if this is what mother meant when sometimes she would say I exasperated her to no end." Raelyn is trying to make the best of this, and she gives Emilia a half-smile, "I don't get it," she states, "But then, I suppose I don't have to. It's just - odd. But, that doesn't mean it's bad. But yes. I do want to talk to Lon." Because she needs to thump someone over this, and it won't be her sister.

Emilia cants her head a little,"I am much of sure that you were doing of far more to cause mother to be so of exasperated. All of those of squires who ended up of in puddles," going on to list a few other things in dead pan fashion. "Of aye, it is of entirely of odd for someone to be of liking of me, me to be of liking of someone. Still not of sure, I am of understanding of it," Emilia seems rather serious upon that point actually. But then she was still a young girl trying to figure out her first relationship, nevermind the added…complications. Emilia did warn him her siblings were protective! "Do you of wish for me to keep of away until you have spoken with of him?"

"I think it best. It won't be long," she promises. "But. Yes." Raelyn nods an affirmation, once. "I wish to speak to him first." She eyes her sister, "And I have to decide if we need to talk to Jaren, too." Her mouth twists. It's not her sister's fault she's in a pickle. And, to lessen the blow as much as she can, she offers, genuine, "I -am- glad you're happier with him, Emilia. I just - am worried."

Emilia blinks at the mention of telling Jaren,"Surely there is not need to of tell of him? I mean…surely it does not matter that I am seeing of someone…of right?" So what if it is a Changling…and the guy is older then their entire ancestrial line combined. Minor details! "But of aye, I will then not be of seeing until you have talked as you of wish." Noding a little before she moves to give her sister a hug,"You would worry of no matter of what." Giving her sister a little smile, Emilia knew they did worry over her, even if Raelyn and Jaren didn't hover about her like a certain cousin.

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