(1866-09-27) Past, the present, future
Past, the present, future
Summary: Lady Dawn and lady Amara discuss past, the present and the future.
Date: 1866-09-27
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Dawn  Amara  

One of the Taverns.

It's a few days after the end of the tournament (ICly a week or so ago) and most of those present have taken faegates home. For Dawn of Bazan, she has made arrangeentes to have a few things purchased during her trip packaged to be sent back, and now is in a tavern, eating a meal while preparing herself for the faegate trip back. The tavern is a somewhat more reputable establishment, and caters to merchants, in the Mercat of Pacitta as Dawn works her way through her meal and her mead.

A young woman walks into the tavern. She is wearing a light golden gown and is followed by a handmaiden and a guard. Amara is smiling widely and happiness just sparkles from her eyes as a fire. She whispers something to her handmaiden who moves to order meal, while the girl herself walks towards and empty table. It's just beside Dawn's.

Amara sets a basket on the table and through all these fabrics in the basket a tiny kitten peeks out at the people in the tavern. The kitten mews a few times, moves in circles and,finally, sets hsi eyes on Amara. She pets the head of a kitten, "It's okay, Guardian. We are sfae here and we will go home soon."

The cat gets a quick half smile over from Dawn then over, without guards herself then as the elderly woman gives a light nod aimed over at Amara and at her companions then - the guard and the handmaiden, but especially the kitten. Dawn inclines her head to the Lady.

"A most lovely attendant you have with you, Milady. Do you mind my inquiring as to how you acquired such a lovely looking follower?"

"Milady," Amara stands up to offer a curtsy for an older woman. She takes the basket and walks over Dawn's table, "May I sit here?" She asks and if allowed sets the basket on Dawn's table, settling in front of the other woman. The kitten makes a few circles again to be able to set his cautious eyes on Dawn. He mews.

"I found it on the street. He is still just a baby kitten. I was not able to leave this orange all alone in the street. Sadly, a young lord came by and scared him before I caught the kitten. I was so disappointed and barely talked with the lord. I just left. However, he came to my sister's mansion next day. He had this kitten in his arms. He said he wanted to apologize for scarring my friend. I named the kitten Guardian," she smiles brightly, while talking. Amara is really friendly and a bit naive girl, "He is lord Justin t'Acute, if I remember right. I am Amara, Amara t'Tremaine, sister of princess Antonia l'Valdan. I am sure you know her as you know my brother lord Elrick t'Tremaine. He was so amazing during the tournament. The most handsome knight!"

Dawn smiles, "It sounds like the knight acted both honorably then in the presence of such a fine lady as yourself." Dawn relaxes a bit then as she inclines her head, "Dawn from House Bazan and of Sunsreach. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, and that of your comrade." She gives a light bow then as she sits and gestures over to affirm that you can join her with your attendants.

"And your.. Guardian does seem to be quite settled with you." She smiles over at Amara, "And a pleasure to have you join me. I have not spent much time in Couviere other than the tournament in recent years, but I spent a period of my youth there." Given a Rivanan of her age, probably easy enough to figure out.

"A pleasure to meet you, milady Dawn of House Bazan," Amara lowers her look shyly to the kitten and scratches Guardian behind his ear. The kitten purrs, "I… You are the first person from Rivana with whom am I talking. Unless, I was talking with a person whose origins I didn't know," she giggles and peeks at the woman, "I have never been there. I visited my sister a few times. She is a princesss," she stresses that out again. Little sister is so proud of the older one, "She has adorable young son. He is my nephew. So strange to be an aunt in such a young age," she giggles again, covering her lips with a pale palm to muffle the sound mannerly, "Anyway, what I mean, it's my first journey to another place. Usually, I spend my days at home. May I ask what have you done in Couviere earlier days? Where have you been?"

Dawn remembers the war is the doings of her own generation and the one before their's. And that the children weremerely those caught up in the affairs of their parents. She says simply, "I spent a decade there during the Thirty Years war when I was but your age. I do apologize if I am rude, just the memories.." She reaches her hand up to lightly stroke for a moment along her own cheek. "And yes. A pleasure to meet you Amara." Her hand is offered out again, a little steadier. "And sometimes it is good to get outof our own zones of nicety."

Amara's smile trembles slightly, but it manages to remain in her features, "The war… This is the reason, why the hatred is still floating somewhere between our home. I mean, between your home and my home. The kingdoms. What happened, it happened. Someone slipped and the world drownd into the darkness for the time being. But we see the light again now, right?" The young girl folds her hands on the edge of the table and looks at the older woman, "Not war, not hatred, not greed will keep us happy, healthy and in peace, but friendliness, kind hearts, and smiles. People should smile more, people should love nature more. Nature is the best to calm us down, when we feel angry. These leaders could go out into the woods, inhale some air and just listen for the birds, when they want to announce war. I am sure they would change their mind, would come back and find other ways to negotiate."

Dawn nods softly, "Yes. Minds are a hard thing to change, particularl when one is my age." She takes a breath, "When the tournament last went through there, I went. I did not thnk I would have gone at first.. But, the city has changed. The people have changed. If you had asked me a decade ago whether I would ever go to Lonnaire willingly I would have never believed it. And I am glad I went and that in my stubborness I was wrong. Because.." She takes a breath, "Your generation should not suffer for the mistakes mine did. And it is in meeting ones like you that make me realize that we are all the same. We sometimes make mistakes.. But, both kingdoms want what is best for them."

Amara nods slowly, listening for the woman. Tiny kitten curls up into a ball in the basket and falls asleep. His purring may be heard, though. The young lady whispers shyly as if being not sure if her minds are correct, "We shouldn't want what is best for our kingdom. We all are people and we all want the same. We should want what is best for humans. We want to be healthy, have friends, have families, have food, have water and just be happy. When we separate people into kingdoms, then we are starting to talk about greed, about contests, about finding out who is better…" She shakes her head, "That's not how things should be done. We are equal simple humans, and we all want the same, what I already mentioned. I believe, that we should just become one big family, we should marry into each other families. Family members love each other more. We couldn't hurt our brothers, sisters, nephews. Sometimes we get angry, but we love our families."

Dawn nods quietly, "It is too easy to take anger then and put it ahead of duty, ahead of honor. The feuds of men become the feuds of sons. The feuds of families become the wars of kingdoms." She takes a sigh quietl, "And you are a far wiser woman than I was at that age and likely than I am now." Her eyes peekover to look at the snoozing kitten. "And it is an honor as well to meet one who puts the proper priorities ahead. You are of a new breed of ladies who will lead our lands out of the doldrums. And it is an honor to be acquainted with more of you."

Amara's cheeks blush so brightly, that it could be mistaken for cherries or red roses, or anything red. She rubs her finger into the edge of the table, "Thank you, milady. It is an honor to get a compliment from such a wise woman, whose wisdom comes not from the stories or books, but from experience. All I want is not to disappoint such people as you are. We, young people, are the future of our lands, of peaceful days of your old years. We will be creating the past and world, where our children will live. And we will make the present for ourselves. So, I want the past, the present and the future to be bright…"

Dawn nods quietly, "What one must do is learn from thier experiences. Not only from your lapses and your failures, but from your successes. Learn both what you did wrong but also what you did right. Remember the law of unintended consequences, and that you as a noble not only represent your family, but your lands and your kingdom."

"I do remember that and I will remember it. I hope that I will represent the North in the best way possible as I do hope that I will be like you, when I will grow older, milady. I hope to gather the wisdom in a basket," she points at the basket in which kitten is sleeping, "And carry it with myself till the last day. It's a pity, when people forget their past. It's like loosing a tiny bit of wisdom from the basket, if you understand, what I mean."

Dawn nods lightly over then as she glances down over at the kitty, "Yes, I believe that if your little one's message could be translated, it would be along those lines." Watching as Guardian snoozes. "Learn from everyting. That is the best advise I can give. Go outside of your own comfort zone is something I am just learning, even at my age."

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