(1866-09-28) Of Thorns and Dresses
Of Thorns and Dresses
Summary: Two young ladies and a princess, discussing dresses, dances, blushes and favors. What more can you ask for?
Date: 9/28/1866
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Durante Manse (IE where the Cassomir’s are staying in Pacitta)
In the scene set
Septembre 28th, 1866

It was a few days after the tournament had fully wrapped up with the banquet festivities, and people had sobered up and begun the first surge of departures from the trade city. But there were a number that were yet lingering in the city for various reasons, business to see to, both official and unofficial, and some simply awaited the gate activity to slow up. The Cassomirs seemed to be amongst those that were lingering on in the city.

An invitation had been sent along to Clara for afternoon tea, a bit of an escape from the crowds and likely those of a political nature who were surely calling upon the Tracano Manse, of which there were surely quite a few with the betrothal between Tristan and the Vice Chancellor’s daughter. Likewise, Adrienne had been informed of the possible visit from the Princess, not that Adrienne needed an invite to tea at the very place they were staying.

Emilia was out on the veranda where there had been a table set with cups and there were several covered platters already present. Her dark hair was braided back and she wore her rather usual turn of a tunic and leggings. Though perhaps was not entirely usual was the fact she was currently alternating been turning over two different bolts of fabric under the light, one was a rich burgundy color, the other a pale teal, almost sea foam color with a bit of a sheen to it.


Of course, Adrienne was around, even if the timing of the afternoon tea proved rather fortunate. She had in fact been a little restless these past two days, going out now and then, seeking a bit of fresh air, when she was not hanging around at the Durante Manse with a slightly thoughtful expression. There may have been some talk among the Huntresses after the Ball, commenting on the manner Adrienne had spoken with Lord Aidric Carling during the festivity - when a blush on her freckled cheeks and some giggling and chuckling of both had indeed given cause to the assumption she had engaged in some flirting with this former Thorn. Moreover, it had given cause for some sharp comments towards Adrienne - but she had taken them with a shrug and the stoic expression her family was so known for.

The word of the Princess’s impending visit seemed to have provided enough motivation for her to show up, and when she does arrive on the veranda, she gives Emilia a faint smile. Like Emilia, the freckled Cassomir wears the casual Huntress attire of tunic and leggings - despite the high status of the guest expected. But she has been around Clara Tracano before, and knows she is not exactly a person who insists on formality, rather the opposite - in certain contexts. Adrienne’s dark brown hair is tamed into a braid, as usual, her green eyes squinting a bit as they are turned towards the sun briefly before they shift towards the Touched Cassomir and her current occupation. “Am I early?”, the freckled Cassomir asks, glancing from the bolts of fabric towards Emilia. “And what are these?” A hand gestures towards the two bolts, as Adrienne eyes them with hardly concealed curiosity.

“On the contrary, you are right on time, Adrienne.” The voice drifts over from just at the edge of the veranda, where Clara comes into view. Having placed her Lancer guard in the foyer of the manse, she was able to actually make her way to the appointed spot with just a servant to guide her, whom she thanks pleasantly as he steps away. The Princess herself is wearing a white dress…a simple enough affair that flatters her but does not give away her station immediately…with her hair down, free of entanglements. The red locks fall loosely, to the middle of her back, bright and vibrant in contrast to the relatively simple white fabric of the dress. “As you can see, I had just arrived.”

There is just a slight little upturn of the lips to signify that Clara is amused with herself at her impeccable timing. A small little smirk that disappears into a rather wide smile as the Tracano finishes the transition onto the veranda proper, quickly taking a seat opposite Emilia as Emi inspects the bolts of fabric. “Ah…the fabric you, Tia, and I purchased from the marketplace! Still trying to decide which one to go with for that dress design?” A small giggle escapes from Clara as she leans in to mock whisper…of course loud enough for Adrienne to hear perfectly. “You know, we could just make two copies of the dress. One for each color. That way, the only choice you would need to make is which one to wear!”

And, just like that, Clara is seated, smiling, and acting more like her true self….a 17 year-old girl in the presence of friends. So much more relaxing than the young Princess the rest of the world sees her as.


The 'touched' Cassomir has perhaps been staying in the manse a bit more the last few days, something about a little too much attention after having somehow won two contests. The One only knew how she's managed that. Eying the fabric a bit more as her cousin arrives, Emilia's mouth opening a little to answer her but instead it is Clara's voice that come out in response! New trick! Her lips closing back together as there is that hint of a smile towards Clara and an incline of her head,"Of aye, being right of on time. "

The bolts of fabric are given another look as Emilia does expound a little on the matter, " For of a dress for Raelyn's wedding. " Though it is Clara's suggestion that has Emilia's eyes opening a little wider and turning to look to her friend,"What would I be of doing with two of dresses looking like of such? I mean…would be of easy of enough to get them made as you are of suggesting, but as if I will ever have of need to be of wearing of such again. Of aye?" Shaking her head a little as she props the fabrics up in the extra chair before settling more within her own.


Green eyes shift from Emilia towards the edge of the veranda. “Ah, Clara,” Adrienne greets, keeping to the familiar address used amongst them that so conveniently allows them to drop the titles. There is a smile, even if a little faint, that blossoms on the freckled features of this Cassomir, hinting that her thoughts may be engaged elsewhere. “It would appear I am,” she comments on the Tracano’s statement. Few words, hinting at a lack of eloquence. But then again, Adrienne is not as close a friend as Emilia may be to the princess. She seems content to observe for a moment, overhearing the comment Clara addresses towards Emilia. “Oh… I see. This is about a dress.”, Adrienne states, rolling her eyes ever-so-slightly as her arms cross before her, this hardly a topic that excites her as is obvious from her slightly absent expression.

“For Raelyn’s wedding?”, Adrienne chimes in, once Emilia states the purpose of the two bolts on display. A bit of worry suddenly flickering in her green gaze as she considers. “By the One above, I suppose I need at least one new dress as well. There will be two weddings, after all.” But then again, she is only a minor branch Cassomir, and eyes won’t be on her on those occasions. Her brows furrow as she considers the fabrics, even if it is not her Emilia seeks to consult. “That pale teal color should go wonderfully with your dark hair,” she opines vaguely, “that burgundy is maybe a touch too powerful.” With that statement made, she moves over to take a seat by the table, and reaches for a cookie.

Brown eyes flicker from the fabric to regard Adrienne. “Oh, we already covered two dresses for Emilia.” Wait…what does Clara mean by ‘we’? “We’re going with a more conservative design for the royal wedding…something that the masses will approve.” Clara doesn’t go into her theory of social camouflage, but there is a sideward glance towards Emilia as Clara explains. “The second dress, though. The design of it actually…I feel that the burgundy would be well-suited for it and for Emilia. Though the other fabric is also rather stunning and would work beautifully for what I had envisioned.” Hold on a moment…what Clara had envisioned? It sounds like Clara has some intimate knowledge of the design of the dress she is speaking of. But, perhaps in taking a cue from Emilia’s enigmatic ways, Clara doesn’t provide any further explanations.

“If you want, Adrienne, we could help in selecting a dress. I happen to know a few seamstresses that would be happy to take a commission upon my prompting to create an ensemble to your liking.” Ah…the power of the Tracano name is rather great, indeed, it seems. However, Clara is hinting at something else entirely, as she continues. “We would just need to know what your preferences are and I am sure I could create something that would be to your liking. Well…at least, that would be my hope.”

Then…back to Emilia, with a mischievous grin upon Clara’s mein. “and really, Emilia. It isn’t a matter of need. A dress design like yours isn’t worn because you have to…but because you want to. That is what matters.”

"Of aye, a dress for of Raelyn's of wedding," confirms Emilia. Her dark eyes going to her cousin,"Of certainly, you will of be needing of such. Shall be of smaller of occasion then Jaren's, so likely you would not be of needing something of as grand for what you have been seeing to for of that." Since surely Adrienne has already considered that particular need. Emilia inclines her head towards Clara, as the nature of the dresses and help is explained. "Clara has been much of helpful, especially in of making sure I am of fitting in of well enough with the other plans for of Jaren's wedding. " Something about having to actually stand with Jaren for that.

A small nod comes at the opinions on the fabrics,"I was of liking the of lighter, but with Raelyn speaking of liking of the One dress I wore before in burgundy and of your of thoughts, Clara…mayhaps go with of that, since it is for of Raelyn's wedding." Though her dark eyes do flicker between the two bolts of fabric,"Can't be of hurting to have it made from of both…and having the of extra of choice." Musing faintly to herself on some point, likely on what a certain someone will think of the dress in question.

But Emilia does draw herself out of her pondering soon enough, looking over to Adrienne, "Of aye. Clara has of lovely ideas and is good of finding of designs and styling that one is of being comfortable of with. And could of find of fabric while of here for of something. Even for of things not being of dresses."


Brows lift just a tad, her green eyes lingering on Clara as she explains about dresses, conservative designs and visions, but in fact the lack of information and detail seems to be fine with Adrienne, as there will be no eager questions forthcoming, in regards to the cut, or what exactly would make these designs so outstanding. Her mouth, having stood slightly ajar as she heard the Tracano Princess’s words, is shut, when this freckled Cassomir lady is addressed. “Oh…” her lips twitch into an upwards curve. “I suppose some help will be needed.” The prospect of such or, rather, its purpose hardly something that is bound to raise Adrienne’s spirits, as might become apparent in the slightly dimmed enthusiasm of her tone. “My preference would be something not too uncomfortable to wear,” a modest hope, that. As for Clara’s last remark, even if it is addressed to Emilia, it draws a low mirthless chuckle from Adrienne’s lips.

She inclines her head, the vague idea of Emilia standing with Jaren through the ceremony maybe something she may have picked up. “You will be in the spotlight, Emilia. Of course you need to look grand.”, Adrienne agrees. “So… two dresses for two weddings?”, she sighs and bites her lip. “Well, I understand it is necessary. I only wonder when I shall have the time to… tackle this task. And where.” Her green eyes shift from Emilia to Clara, and she shrugs, perhaps considering the idea of having two dresses swiftly made without much ado at Roseguard, after their return – without the need to bother a princess about it. “I suppose the green dress I wore at the Ball is not grand enough, for either of the two occasions?”, is added in an afterthought.

There is a pause for consideration….there wasn’t a lot of Clara at the ball at all, but it doesn’t mean that she wasn’t there. As such…the green dress that Adrienne is speaking of did not go unnoticed by the Tracano. “You mean the green dress you was in when spotted dancing with my cousin Aidric?” It was an innocent enough question…and one Clara asks in earnest. “That would be fine for one or the other, for I don’t imagine you would be standing up for either wedding. But you certainly can’t do the same dress for both. That would not be proper at all.” Well…at least in Clara’s mind. “It wouldn’t be hard at all to get you another dress. Why, we could probably take one of my dresses and just do some modifications for you. I could do that myself rather easily.” A dress from a royal? That might make heads turn…or gossip to blossom. One or the other.

Then…back to Emilia. Clara nods with a smile. “See? exactly. It doesn’t hurt at all to have the design in both colors. I can modify my sketch so that the two dresses are similar, but not completely identical, so that it may entice you to actually wear both. Once we get back to Sunsreach, I can get the seamstresses on it immediately. Or, if you rather, we can do it all at Ironhold, too. I don’t mind traveling one bit, as you know.”


Emilia gives a glance towards her cousin, "I do not need to look of grand, I just need to look of well enough to not be of embarrassing of Jaren, of House." Which are just entirely different matters in Emilia's mind. No doubt others might take it as a chance to put themselves on display, there were politics in it all, it was a royal wedding!

Canting her head a little when the matter of the green dress is brought up,"I am of agreeing, it could be worn for one of them, but not for of both. Especially with both of the weddings to be off occurring within but a handful of days of each of other. Even if Raelyn's will be of smaller of affair," and many possibly still hungover from celebrating Jaren's nuptials," I am of imagining Lord of Stephen's mother will be of there and of least a handful of others of being of importance." New King, perhaps his wife. And oh, Emilia didn't miss the mention of dancing, for the query is put forth,"You were dancing with Lord of Aidric…of again?" There is a flicker of curiosity that touches her tone, she'd perhaps heard some whispering amongst the Huntresses…But given her cousin's comments about the man before…surely it had been just that..purely gossip. Surely!

And being drawn back to the matter of her color choices and just having two dresses made, Emilia nods a touch,"Of where may of depend on how of soon we are to return to Ironhold. Though am of thinking may be of easier of there, as am of imagining most of the seamstresses in of Sunsreach are likely well of busy by of now." A brow rises just a little,"And are you of trying to be of enticing me into dresses of more oft, Clara?"


Adrienne lifts a brow in Clara’s direction. “The green dress I… Yep, that’s the one,” she murmurs, lips twitching into a faintly awkward smile. “Your cousin, aye, who was dealing quite well, this time, with the challenges of the dance.” The words offered a bit hesitantly, even if there is a faint amused glint in her green eyes when she refers to Aidric Carling. Her mien sobering once again when the focus returns to gowns to be worn at the two impending weddings. “One of your dresses, Clara? I’m not sure I could accept… such… generous offer,” stammers the freckled Cassomir, her eyes widening. “I mean… wouldn’t you miss it?” Not that she would decline the offer, judging from the somewhat surprised yet clearly intrigued tremble of her voice.

“Why, certainly,” she agrees to Emilia’s remark of needing two dresses for the two occasions, her eyes flitting to meet the dark gaze of the touched Cassomir. “I just haven’t thought about it before, Emilia.“, said with a slightly bewildered chuckle, this matter of dresses certainly something that caught her unawares. Or is it the repeated mention of Lord Aidric? “He asked me to dance, yes,” the freckled Huntress confirms, lowering her gaze, her lips remaining curled. “And we even spoke a little, afterwards.” Green eyes lift to meet Emilia’s gaze, Adrienne’s brow rising in silent question, she perhaps aware, that the Huntresses had discussed the matter. “Anything wrong with that?” The challenge in her words slightly tempered by a faint tinge of rosiness claiming her cheeks. But one Adrienne Cassomir does not blush, by the One above! Instead she shakes off that brief moment of awkwardness. Her eyes flickering before her lips once again become a line, as she listens to remarks about seamstresses and colors with an almost stoic expression.

The very idea that Clara would miss a dress? That is tossed aside with a wave of a hand. “Adrienne, dear. It seems that I need to teach you the one simple truth I have been trying to instill within Emilia. If I give you one of my dresses…then that gives me an excuse to go out and buy another dress.” Clara delivers the line with such a straight face that she would rival the famed stoicness of the two Cassomir women. Of course, if it wasn’t for the ever-so slight tugging of the lips at the corner….not to mention that wicked little gleam in Clara’s eyes, she might as well meant every word she just said. Then, after the jest has sunk in, Clara clarifies. “I have dresses that I created myself that I could just as easily recreate later, should I wish of it. Besides, you have no idea how easy it is for me to actually procure a dress. For some reason, dressmakers insist to give me dresses at cost or lower…sometimes free. Just because they will know that I will wear it. I swear that they are using me as advertisement for their shoppes.” Not that Clara will complain about that.

There is a small little smile that plays across Clara’s features as Adrienne gets a little defensive in her association with Aidric. She doesn’t say a word…but instead just watches and listens. She has her suspicions…and the defensive reflex only serves to steer them along the path. So, instead of speaking out on her thoughts, Clara shifts to Emilia. “You think all the seamstresses in Sunsreach are going to be busy with other projects? Oh, ye of little faith. You just let me take care of obtaining a seamstress. I guarantee you that they are not too busy for us.”

Ah…it must be good to be a Tracano. Clara wouldn’t have dreamed to use her surname as leverage merely a year ago…but now? She seems to know what power comes from a name.


A faint tugging occurs at the corners of her lips as Emilia listens on as the bit of interplay about Clara giving on a dress to Adrienne and can’t help but nod. Emilia knew how well Clara did enjoy getting dresses, or in some cases yet making a few when there was chance for it. Though that defensive turn and the pink that appears to her cousin’s cheeks does have Emilia giving the other Cassomir a bit of a study. A brow rising just a hint,”Oh no, there is not of being anything particularly of wrong with it. But if you are being of smitten in such ways with one of like him,” meaning one who is a Thorn,”you should probably be of being more of discreet about such of things. For surely you are of knowing our sisters would be more of accepting of you of taking on with a Wraith then of such.” Which…is saying..a lot. But then Wraiths didn’t nearly wipe out the entire Cassomir line. “And by the color of your of cheeks…you do not think entirely poorly of him as of before, mine-cousin.”

Her head cants a little as her gaze shifts back over to Clara,”They…are not going to be of wanting to do of similiar to me…wanting to be of dressing of me besides of this of one of dress? And being of using for advertising of…their of things?” It was only the dresses for the weddings that would be needed…she hoped. Least to be better than what she already had. There is a minor flutter of a hand in considering this all.


"Oh." Adrienne nods when Clara clarifies that each dress given away makes room for a new one. She chuckles even, a faint sort of a chuckle, as her green eyes shift from the Tracano to the Cassomir cousin - and back again to the princess. "Well. I won't decline your offer, then. This is still very kind…" How to deal with the generosity of a Princess? A lesson, this Huntress still has to learn. That small knowing little smile on Clara's features will be not be noticed by Adrienne, as attention is claimed by Emilia's next comments.

"Smitten?? Nah, I'm not smitten with him!", the freckled Cassomir snorts in protest. "It's just that… I wasn't aware it is a crime to dance and speak with someone who is a /former/ Thorn. And someone, who has admitted he is deeply regretting what his so-called former comrades have done to us, Emilia. I can't recall any protest when I first danced with him, at the Party of Prince Tristan Tracano? When he almost trampled on my toes? One above, this is ridiculous!" Her arms cross before her, and Adrienne rolls her eyes. "Well, I know. I am aware.", she admits after a moment, her temper cooling slowly. "I shall be more discreet, when I 'take him on', hah! Goodness." Another snort. "It's not like I am smitten. It's just relaxing to converse with someone for once, without any unnecessary emotional ballast… or intentions. An exchange of… minds, not compliments. I found that refreshing." And now Adrienne decides she has already spilled enough and clams up, still slightly, very much slightly, defensive, and perhaps a touch offended at the reaction of the Huntresses she must have seen coming.

"Forgive me," is muttered though, in Clara Tracano's direction. As Adrienne already regrets her tiny little outburst, in the presence of the princess.

"I really don't know about that, Emilia. It…may be possible, since you will be sister to the King. But, I am not sure." Clara treads carefully, her words selected specifically to be as diplomatic as possible. "You could always say no, and the seamstresses would respect that." As if they had any choice in the matter. "I wouldn't worry about it at all. Of course, we need to get you into more dresses first. Let us concentrate on that. That is more enjoyable than fretting over what others may think."

That last line has double meaning, for it could easily apply to both Cassomir cousins. The apology is noted…and treated as if it wasn't needed, for it certainly wasn't, for Clara's sake. First…the matter of the dress donation. "When we return to Sunsreach, if you like Adrienne, I can take you to the palace and you can have your pick of any dress within my wardrobe. Also, if you rather keep the dress a surprise to the public, then I can do whatever alterations necessary. That way, you can be assured of no wayward gossip. If, that is, to your liking." From the tone of Clara's voice, she is being rather sincere. This, it seems, is not the generosity of a Princess, but simply an act of kindness from a friend.

Then, it is to the subject of the former Thorn. "Sir Aidric is a good man. Granted, he can be blunt at times. As well as a tad frightful when it comes to dancing." There is a bit of a smile at that. "However, he is very intelligent.. and only formerly a Thorn. As in, he did not join the resurgence when the Grey Prince was revealed. He stayed on the side of the Rose and fought valiantly for Alysande. Therefore, I don't see why there should be any wrongdoing in associating with him." With that, Clara reaches over and nudges Adrienne with a hand upon her shoulder. "So, feel free to converse with him all you wish. It will do him good to interact with someone with common sense."


A brow rises just a hint at the energy in Adrienne's protest, a mild glance going towards Clara as if to say, 'sure….she' not smitten at alllll'. "Well of course it is not being of a crime, after of all, is not like you could be of dancing with any actual of Thorns of these days." Anyone claiming such would likely be killed in an instant, if not sooner. "And I am of knowing he is of regretting of what of his once of comrades of done, he and I have spoken of such of things before. A dance of at a simple of party is much of different then a dance of at a big tournament banquet. Many more of eyes seeking to of read into of everything. any of things are not being of crimes, but such does not stop of people from of gossiping and treating of one of way or of another for of it. " There is a faint glance towards Clara with the words about Aidric staying on the side of the Rose, as if the man's daughter being put in the care of…a Cassomir no less…an informal hostaging, was not something that helped to ensure that to a particular degree. "Even in being 'not of smitten', and simply of finding him of refreshing of company…just be of thinking what you would be of thinking of one of our of Huntresses sisters if they took to keeping of company with of a Wraith, mine-cousin. " There is a slight pause before she adds,"And do not think he is always without of intentions of some of kind. After of all, he has been of the one to of seek of out of me in our times of talking." Something simply given as food for thought, given how Emilia knows her cousin typically views her, and well…people usually don't bother seeking out the 'touched' Cassomir. A hand flutters faintly in the air before fingers end up rubbing some at her temple, who would have thought these were things she of all people would have to go about explaining. That or the Voices are having a few fines words to add to things. Ever hard to tell.

Dark eyes look to Clara,"Needing to be of getting me into more of dresses? This is being of a focus?" There is a flicker of her eyes towards the fabrics and then her cousin and..well back to Clara,"Perhaps that should be more of focus for Adrienne, least she has people of wishing to be of dancing with her at of things." Cause truly…other than her brother or cousin, Emilia tends to generally lack. Well perhaps not entirely true of late, all those seeking some favour or connection to the King. That had helped ensure that Emilia made her 'usual' exit from the recent tournament banquet all the sooner.

"Clara does have fine of enough of skills and could manage of the alterations, have seen of some of her things being in progress and am thinking," looking to Clara as Emilia says,"the leathers being of worn for of the archery contest were of by your hand, of aye?" Perhaps some recollection of seeing something of that nature in Clara's room upon a recent visit. Looking back along to her cousin,"So fine of selection to choose of form and not of having to deal with of seamstress. Makes for all of the better, of aye?"


Adrienne’s freckled features soften into a smile when Clara gives further suggestions on the dress matter. “Of course, I would like to… accept a dress from you, one you can spare… And well, leave any alterations up to you. As long as I manage to appear at both wedding feasts in appropriate enough attire…” She sighs and rolls her eyes, the question of any wayward gossip about the dress not something that seems to trouble her, apparently. The next topic seems to be of more interest to her, anyway, as she listens to Clara’s assessment of her cousin Aidric Carling, all attentiveness, Adrienne’s lips curling even more as she inclines her head. “Thank you so much, your highness.” The title offered more in a sideways jab towards Emilia than anything else. “I shall converse with him, even more so if you think it will be of benefit to him.”, she smirks towards Clara Tracano, obviously amused by the Princess’s words.

Green eyes shift from the red-haired Tracano to the dark-haired touched Cassomir, and Adrienne amusement dims somewhat. “A Wraith would be a different matter,” she states with a slight glare. “It’s like… we all know they serve House l'Saigner. As with Sir Aidric… It’s as Clara says. He’s acted loyally enough to the Queen, when he helped us against his former ‘friends’. It requires a great deal of courage… and insight to admit and realize faults of the past - and try to right them. I am not saying, I’m not aware what his kind has done to us. It’s not like I don’t feel the loss of the relatives that died at the hand of the Thorns, Emilia. So… yes, I’m aware of what our Huntress sisters have been ranting about. I’ll seek to interact with Sir Aidric in less official circumstances, if that pleases you. But then again… I don’t see why I should not dance with him?”

When Emilia continues, Adrienne’s green gaze goes distant for a moment, that faint smile staying on her features, even so one corner of her lips lifts even more, as a bit of air leaves her nose in an amused snort. “Intentions, you say? Hah, in fact we spoke of those. His initial intent being indeed to… how did he call it? Fluster and surprise.” She smirks. “I don’t deny he has intentions. Even so…” She bites her lip, her gaze flickering towards Emilia and Clara with slightly veiled caution. “These seem to be mainly to enjoy a witty exchange with someone who refuses to be flustered by his attempts.”

As Aidric is compared to Wraiths, Clara just shakes her head in amused silence. No…she isn’t about to tell the two Cassomirs that the Wraiths are not as bad as what they seem…at least in Clara’s mind. Of course, they are worse, but Clara wouldn’t know that. However…that amusement belies a curious interest…particularly to Adrienne, with her hesitation. A slight upturn of the lips betrays the fact that Clara doesn’t quite believe that it is merely a simple exchange of wits that drives Adrienne and Aidric together. Clara does gloss over her disbelief with a nod and answer to Adrienne’s concern in regards to social norms. “Yes, with your green dress, plus one of mine which will be yours soon enough, you will certainly be ‘appropriate’ enough for both social gatherings…if not more so. Perhaps a lovely blue…or something to that effect.” She seems oblivious to the reasoning given for conversing with the Carling…but it is merely a choice to not draw attention to it. For, really…she will have plenty of time to talk to Adrienne when the Huntress is alone within Clara’s own quarters.

There is a smile given to Emilia and a nod, thanking her silently for her praise. There is only a small reply to the intent of getting dresses for Emilia. “You know, Emilia…you might not be asked for dances now. But…with the right ensemble…” She offers a slow grin. Another slight tease. Clara knows that, if Emilia wanted to, she could have all the dances she could want. It was just a matter of getting Emilia to want to.


There is a mild rise of Emilia's hand, her fingers dancing slowly through the air, in some way seeming to move through the discussion itself. For if she notices the attempt of the sideways jab from her cousin, there is no sign of it upon those stoic features. No further words come upon the matter of Sir Aidric, or the differences between Wraiths and Thorns. Not even to address the matter of what may or may not please her, as Adrienne had phrased it. Not that it would truly matter either way to her cousin what might or might not please Emilia. The concern had been spoken, a warning perhaps of sorts. There is perhaps a quiet look, a brief study of her 'not smitten' cousin when there other is looking towards Clara. And then fingers and seeking one of the tiny tarts from the trays that were laid out, ending their odd little dance.

"Of aye, something of blue would perhaps be of fitting and of different from of the green. And of ensuring you are of set for both of weddings. " A brief pause, before she adds," Now you can be seeing of why I was going to of Clara of myself for of help with such of things."

Though it does seem to have opened another door all together for better or worse, dark eyes do slowly turn to settle on Clara at this matter of dressed and dances. "I am not of needing of the right of ensemble to be of encouraging the of political vultures to be of seeking dances of with the future of King's sister. Prefer them to yet be of staying of away." Emilia taking a bite of the tart to stop any more words coming out on the matter, such as pointing out that the one person she might like to dance with would never be at such functions. There is perhaps a hint of pink that briefly touched her cheeks as her thoughts go there all the same.


Ah. Great. That slightly controversial topic seems to be dropped, finally, when both Clara and Emilia choose not to address the matter of Aidric Carling further. Adrienne Cassomir rolls her eyes as she lowers her gaze, lips curving into a faint smile of relief, a bit of air leaving her nostrils in a soft exhale. Her eyes are raised to glance towards the Tracano Princess. “Green.. blue… I don’t really mind the color, Clara, as long as you think the dress appropriate. It’s not like I would wear it day in day out…” Thanked be the One above! “I trust in your taste and experience,” says the eighteen-year-old Huntress to the seventeen-year-old princess, with a smile.

Attention shifts to Emilia, her cousin and Huntress sister, Adrienne observing that lack of reaction but certainly not being surprised with it. When in fact they have become strangers, ever since that incident at Castle Ironhold changed the touched in such a drastic way. “Yes,” the freckled Cassomir agrees, her smile dimming somewhat in warmth. “I understand. And I am glad we both receive help as to look our very best at the wedding festivities.” Emilia’s reluctance in regards to dances, and the reasons why such would be sought with her, has an eyebrow draw up above one of Adrienne’s green eyes. “Why that?”, she retorts, matter-of-factly. “Why not enjoy the dances, for what they are, while you amuse yourself with the possible hopes and expectations of your partner, Emilia? When there won’t be any commitment to arise from it? As far as I know, matches are not made on a dancefloor.” Yes, she said it. “Why not… indulge in a moment, instead of… staying the spectator? Like, where would be the fun in that?”

The slight pinkening of Emilia’s cheeks is a rare sight to behold, and one that will draw Adrienne’s attention, for sure. Brows furrow ever-so-slightly as the observation is considered, but not commented upon, a slight curious flicker in a pair of green eyes the only indication that this Cassomir once again has to acknowledge how little she knows of what goes on inside of her touched cousin.

“There isn’t much for me to help with, honestly. Any outfit you two wear would draw attention. I am just offering suggestions as to how much attention you may want to draw.” Clara pauses as she watches the exchange between the two. That, with the touch of pink, is enough for Clara to know that Emilia does not need to dance to enjoy herself. “Adrienne, you have seen the favor that Emilia had been wearing during the tournament, yes? Perhaps…that is why Emilia does not wish to indulge in the moment. For…she has no reason to dance with another…but only with the one that offered her the token.” The brown eyes shift to regard Emilia, as a barely perceptible nod is given to her. Not a word is exchanged…but the one look. And that is all that is needed.

One more shift, back to fashion. “Well, I thought blue to work in the house colors. However, it really doesn’t matter, just as long as you are happy with the look.” The eyes shift back to Adrienne. “Of course, we could do what I said I would with Emilia and go shopping with you. However, it seems you are even more leery of that sort of thing than Emilia.” A sympathetic expression crosses over Clara’s features. “In any case…once we return to Rivana, feel free to come to the castle at any time. Any time at all. It will be a welcomed intermission from the usual.” It doesn’t take much to know that Clara is serious…the offer is genuine.


Dark eyes settle on Adrienne with the retort that comes. A shadow seeming to fall for a moment with the hint of darkening that occurs to them as Adrienne continues on. A blink comes as Clara starts to speak, the shadow having passed from Emilia's eyes in that moment. There is a little incline of Emilia's head in return to Clara, that look shared with her friend and that grasp of understanding. As she looks back to her cousin, Emilia notes,"Matches are not being made upon of our dances floors or of commitments," and yet for some reason those words cause a mild hint of pink to return to her cheeks. "But as you are discovering such does of not keep tongues from of wagging about such of considerations. I have no of need to be giving the Court yet more of things to speak about of me, nor to be of encouraging of those who have thought mine-family to value me so of little with the matches that have been sought with the future King's of little sister." Cause truly the offers had nothing to do with Emilia herself and everything to do with her brother's betrothal. A glance towards Clara,"Though it is perhaps of seeming mine-cousin may be in of need of more of dresses then just for of the weddings with it of seeming she has been finding more of enjoyment at of Court and of the dances than of first of thought."

A hand warbles a little in the air,"I am not of wishing to draw of attention, to receive more than I of must," cause standing with Jaren, it is a forgone conclusion some level of attention will be gotten,"just do not wish to bring of any of negative of attention. Least of not any more than of normal. " Emilia manages a mild sort of sigh,"Least things will be of normal of again soon of enough, of aye?" Or at least she liked to think that. Cause surely after Jaren's wedding people will forget about her….Right?


Adrienne looks up, meeting Clara’s gaze when she remarks about Emilia, with some bewilderment in her eyes. “A favor? Oh… umm… yes.” A glance is shot Emilia’s way, giving away she had not really noticed it to be what it was, a favor, with all its implications. “You have an admirer that won’t be at the wedding festivities?”, she inquires, incredulously, green eyes flickering with a slightly derisive tinge. “Who? Some… shepherd?” She snorts. “Can’t be noble, or he’d be there…” Even so, bewilderment prevails and will take most of the sting from her tone. The freckled Cassomir surprised, to say the least, as she shakes her head; she’ll need some time to digest this.

Clara’s invitation to visit is received with a brief flicker of a smile – warm gratitude flashing over the freckled features. “I’d be glad to come and see you in Sunsreach” Even so, that expression will dim soon enough, at Emilia’s comment about her needing more dresses. “You know I’m not overly fond of these courtly things, Emilia. And well… if I have to be so careful as to whose offers of dancing to accept…” By the dark look of her eyes, Adrienne Cassomir does not often receive any offers of that kind, anyway. She frowns. “These dresses will do, thank you. And I at least intend to appear agreeable to enjoy myself at the wedding festivities of both my cousins. Whatever implications may have.” Yes, Adrienne is aware of those, as becomes apparent through the deepening of her frown. “Weddings… reminding us, that one fateful day it will be us up there.” She shakes her head, the corners of her lips twitching. “And yes. I’ll look forward to when things are back to normal again.”, in this at least Adrienne agrees with the touched Cassomir.

But with one cousin a King, and another a married Viscountess, could things ever be like they were before?

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