(1866-09-30) Mostly Musical Matters
Mostly Musical Matter
Summary: Aidric and Clara discuss turning a story into a song for the Queen's wedding. Tristan's pending nuptials make it into the mix as well.
Date: 1866-09-30
Related: Relates to the end of Pacitta Tourney Artistic Event
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Tracano Manse

The Tracano Manse dominates the bank of the Grand Canal near the Great Bridge with its edifice of pale green stone, tall arching windows and beautifully carved statues of dragons, some of which are covered in gold leaf. Entry to the manse is managed through either modest landward entryway or by a more grand set of doors on the canal, serviced by a small jetty. Regardless of the entry used, security is tight when the royals are in residence.

Inside visitors are treated to the customary opulence of the house Tracano. The main floor is airy and taken up chiefly by spaces meant for amusement. There is a grand ball room, lit by chandeliers and with tall windows looking out over the canal as well as several withdrawing and music rooms for more private gatherings. At the manse's center, a garden, beautifully landscaped with fragrant rose bushes, centered by a fountain of coiling stone dragons spitting water.

The upper two floors are given over to the family and their retainers. There is a study, a small library and several small offices, as well as large and lavish living quarters complete with antechamber, bath, and views of either the courtyard or the canal, or both in the case of the royal chamber. Entry to these levels are tightly controlled.

Septembre 30th 1866

It's sometime after midday when Aidric Carling comes by the Tracano manse. The knight is admitted and waits in the entry way after announcing that he'd come to pay a visit to Princess Clara which led to a servant being sent to bring word.

Aidric paces while he waits, he's dressed well in those dark colours he favours, but he looks tired and a little pale. Perhaps from too much enjoyment of Pacitta's ample hospitality. Under his arm are several rolls of parchment.

It does not take long at all for the servant to fetch the young Tracano, and shortly Clara appears, descending down from the second floor via a curving staircase. She is dressed in a simple enough ensemble, a green dress with brown trim…very earthy tones and certainly nothing extravagant. Her hair is loose, a cascade of red tresses to her shoulders. It is the look of one that wasn't expecting any visitors….with the expression upon the young woman's face to match.

"Aidric! To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" There is a pause, as Clara steps closer…the brown eyes flickering over the current state of her cousin. "Why, you look like you barely slept! Do you want to sit down? We can go to one of the lounges if you would prefer."

Aidric bows gallantly when Clara has descended the stairs. "Your Highness, I hope I did not come at a bad time I'd thought to continue our discussion we began at the artistic event," he explains as he straightens, frowning, and tilting his head when she remarks on his appearance. "Do I? Well it's true I've had a couple of late nights, I'd be happy to sit wherever you might see fit to place me."

The comment of a couple late nights flies past Clara's awareness as she is already ushering Aidric over to an open room, just off the foyer, that resembles a smaller library, complete with appropriate seating. In this case, three or four rather comfortable chairs, appropriate for reading, as well as a small table nestled in the middle. It's apparent, from the quickness that she led Aidric in, that Clara has been using this particular room quite a bit for her current stay in Pacitta. "Please, sit. And you know, cousin, that you certainly don't need titles with me. I prefer comfortable to formal, for more private situations." It is her usual spiel Clara implements, almost a reflex action at this point. Just her attempt to lighten things.

Clara waits until Aidric sits, before she will take her own seat. "Our discussion…." Silence grips Clara as she thinks back, replaying the night in her mind. "Oh! Do you mean the gift you had planned for the Royal couple? The histories you are composing?"

Aidric enters the pleasant little chamber and his eyes gravitate at once to the books. Later he chides himself and moves to the chairs. He sits when Clara does, settling the rolls of parchment into his lap. He smiles and nods when Clara states her preference for informal address, "I am certainly comfortable with that arrangement, coz. I just didn't want to assume seeing as we do not know each other all that well," he explains.

When the histories are brought up, Aidric nods. "Yes, and turning them into a song to rival those about Lyonel and Sinnese," Aidric says and taps the rolls of parchments in his lap. "I've copied my notes to help with that purpose. Though as I said at the competition, verse is not my strongest suit."

Clara ohs softly, a slow smile creeping across her face. "I remember. After that Couvieri bard performed his take on the tale. Yes…yes I think that would be wonderful!" Clara sits up in her chair, her attention fully upon the author in the room with her. "And I do remember you mentioning that verse isn't your forte, per se. However, I think we should be able to find someone within Sunsreach that can assist in translating your words into song. If not Sunsreach, then certainly there is someone within Rivana proper that can do the effort justice."

"Wonderful, yes, but mostly, something easier than a history for both commoners and nobles to enjoy. After all our Queen has made much of her availability as a potential match until her betrothal, she will need to add new pages to her legend, and give people a reason to love Jaren as their king, and people do love a good romance," Aidric explains. He nods of finding someone to translate the notes into song. "I agree there as well, though, which of us will find our poet? You've got the wedding to plan and I've got a dozen little jobs to do for Symon, Tristan and Thaddeus."

The question causes Clara to ponder, her hand cupping her chin in thought. "Well, I was not all that impressed with the performers I witnessed here as part of the competition…which perhaps the exception of that Giscard fellow. But really, he would never do, because he is much too established as a fixture of the North. " Again, that thoughtful consideration look clouds Clara's features…"And…honestly, it would be good to get that particular dilemna off my plate. For…if we find our poet, we may find our performer, as well…and that would just be perfect for the reception." Clara's words trail off in thought…

Then, with a sudden start, Clara is back on track. "What if we ask Tristan to help us locate a poet? He has his ways of knowing…and surely he would know of the best minstrels and poets in the kingdom. Why, he purposely set out to find the best bards he could to impress Lady Elaida." Yes…the rumours in the palace had abounded in regards to that…and not even Clara could have missed it. "If nothing else, he may be able to point us in the right direction."

Aidric sits back as he considers Clara's answer. "Agreed not Giscard. He did a fine job, but, this piece should come from a Rivanan," he says with a nod. One that is repeated at the suggestion of bringing Tristan into things. "That would work. Who knows if he'll have the time for it, but if he gave the name of the bard he hired for his wife, that would be a start." He smiles, then, shaking his head. "What do you think, is he truly smitten with Elaida, or is he just trying to play his role? I haven't made up my mind myself."

Then, back to business. "Anyhow, I need to speak to Tristan on another matter, so, I can broach the subject, but whomever we get, they're to write it and then perform at the wedding as well? Just to be clear on what we're offering."

Clara chooses to answer the second question first, nodding her affirmation when doing so. "Yes, I do believe that is only just and proper. The creator of the song should be the one that performs it…and have the honor of doing so before Queen and King. The chance to perform upon such a stage….that alone would be enough to draw the artists out of the woodwork. And, if we start with Tristan and his recommendations, we should be sure to find the perfect person for our purposes."

Only after Clara has spoken her mind about the task at hand does she allow herself to fall into a bit of gossip. "I am not sure, Aidric. I know that it was Tristan himself that stated to Alysande that it was time for him to be wed. I could certainly say that he is probably glad that his bethrothal ended up being Lady Elaida, rather than some other prospects that are out there." There is a gaze, as if Clara is looking through the wall to the right of Aidric, as she delves inward for a moment of empathic inspection. "I believe that it is a bit of both, actually. He wants to be a good husband…that is plain to see. But, there is mutual appreciation there, from both sides. Besides, I may not have been around Tristan as long as you may have…but Tristan doesn't strike me as one that would go through the lengths he is just to play a role he is not fully committed to."

A nod. "Good then, we're agreed there too, while I am sure the promise of that performance alone is compensation enough, we ought to offer some gold as well, to ensure we get the best," Aidric reasons, before he turns his attention to that other matter. "Well he is committed, that is the point of marriage no? To be inescapable as the grave." A faint sardonic twist of his lips follows that. "But you're right, it's not like him to make that effort half-heartedly, and Elaida is a nice enough girl, even if she has much to learn about court."

A soft chuckle escapes from Clara's throat before she has the good sense to stifle it. "yes…there is that. I know what she is going through, the poor girl, so I can empathize with her. But, on the other hand, she does seem rather…overly sensitive…to how she believes others perceive her." Fingertips flutter in the air, waving off a fly-away strand of hair demurely. "It could quite possibly be the religious nature of her upbringing….seems to have made her hyper-aware, but lacking the social constitution that one tends to get from years of public and private ridicule from others, purposeful or accidental" Clara herself doesn't mention who exactly she is talking about…but it doesn't take much to make the leap of logic to know she means herself. "Still, cousin, do be just a little more gentle with her? At least give her a little bit of time. Not all of us have the benefit of a Queen calling out our detractors publicly in court."

That chuckle earns a smile from Aidric, it's a brief one though, replaced by a curious look and a raised eyebrow at that talk of ridicule. He does not give voice to it, but the question in his expression is plain. "You're right about ridicule making one stronger, but yet you ask me to be gentle. I know I was out of line saying what I did, where I did, but it needed to be said or she would never learn." He frowns. "I did not say it to be cruel. But as you and Tristan have both asked me to be gentle with Elaida, I shall be. Or at the very least not speak of the true nature of court while she is present."

"Oh…I know you didn't say it to be cruel. You spoke plainly, which was possibly more shocking than not." Yet, there is that smile of Clara's…that small, warm smile that indicates she appreciates the gesture to go a little easier on Elaida. "I do appreciate the gesture, Aidric. At least until she overcomes the initial shock that becoming a princess of the realm entails. After that, then the plain truth can be said and I will not bat an eye."

A shift in topic, back to the original reason for the visit, is readdressed. "To just clarify, then. The scrolls here are a copy of your work…and we're going to attempt to find a suitable artist to translate your words into an entertaining song the likes of which have never been heard before. is that correct?"

Aidric blinks. Appreciated. That was a new word coming from a Tracano. It takes a second to process. "That's reasonable, it is not as though she will have to take up matters of state as soon as the wedding cloak is turned," he finally says of giving Elaida more time.

Then as the topic shifts, he looks down at the scrolls. "Yes, these are my notes to be given to the bard when their chosen. I will hold onto them, given our current plan, unless you've the time or the need to have a look."


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