(1866-10-01) Opportunities
Summary: Tristan and Aidric speak of Aidric's future and the future of Rivana as a whole.
Date: 1866-10-01
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Tristan  Aidric  

Tracano Manse
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Octobre 1st 1866

Tristan received Aidric's note about arranging a meeting and it made him curious. Writing back to his cousin, he invited him to the Tracano manse for some wine the next evening. It would be the best time to meet as there were things that Tristan needed to see to during the day, mostly involving Elaida and her family. It really was a shame that they would not let the girl stay with him at the manse, but he did understand some of the reasoning behind that.

When Aidric arrives, one of the servants who are dressed in the livery of House Tracano will usher him upstairs and into Tristan's room. There a table with two chairs has been arranged for this very occasion. Tristan is standing near a small desk in which a bottle of wine and two glasses have been situated on a silver tray. "Cousin, please sit down." With one hand he gestures for Aidric to sit in one of the chairs. He fills two glasses and brings them over to the table, setting one before each seat. "So, what did you have on your mind?"

Aidric arrives on time for once, and when ushered to Tristan's room, enters, pausing only briefly to take in the room. It lacks any evidence of feminine occupation. "So they really don't let her stay here?" he asks without needing to say who as he makes his way over to the table. Aidric is dressed in a long coat of the same style Tristan favours rather than his usual doublets and adjusts it as he takes a seat. The wine goes untouched for now."I wanted to discuss your plan for me. We really didn't get a chance to talk about it properly when Symon was with us." Mostly because of all the wine.

"No, it is not that exactly." Tristan sits down, smiling slightly. "Oh, she comes to visit, but the decision not to stay was hers. She does not wish to tell her parents that she has already succumbed to my charms on a number of occasions already." He takes a sip of his wine. "What did you think of the idea? I realize that you would have to become involved with the Syndicate, but that is not really all that bad. Aside from the Abara, the other two families are far more practical and I think that mutual arrangements can be made that benefit House Tracano, themselves, and Rivana."

"Ah," Aidric says before breaking into a laugh when the truth of Tristan and Elaida's relations are revealed. "I can see why not if they brought her up to be the way that she is," he wrinkles his nose even as he smiles. "All pious and so-forth." He salutes Tristan with his wine cup before he gets down to the more serious business. "I will be honest, if it were just the whores and the Syndicate, I'd be unsure, but Azure Lake… that makes all the difference." He looks over at Tristan, he pauses a moment, considering before he speaks, "Did you mean it though? I wouldn't blame you for the idle promise, Tris, but not exactly having an abundance of other options, I need to know I can count on this," he pauses a moment before he amends, "As much as anything can be counted on anyhow."

"I do not think she was raised like that, I think it was more her time in Sanctum." Tristan looks at his wine for a moment, then adds, "Which has thoroughly convinced me of the wickedness of the Church." He offers Aidric a smile and then lifts his glass in response. "Oh, Azure Lake needs to be given to someone trustworthy, and I am already doing what I can to convince Alysande that the Silva should be given Blacksands. To me, you are the most obvious choice. And yes, I mean it. If I had the power to make it happen right now, I would do so, but it will take some time to bring Alysande up to speed on some of this, and that will probably happen after the wedding."

"Really, and our time in Falconhome didn't do that already?" Aidric says of the church. He contrives to shudder and sips his wine. "Anyhow good to hear your bride-to-be has been agreeable." The matter of Azure Lake however gets a sober nod as he listens to what Tristan has to say. "The Silva for Blacksands make sense. As for the Lake a shame that you don't have that power to do it now, coz, but I understand and I'll do what I can to make convincing the Queen easier. In fact," he reaches into his coat and produces a piece of parchment. "Perhaps this will go towards helping with that," he says. He glances at the parchment a moment, not passing it on before he finally does so. "A copy of a letter sent from Mancini to Alphard Haldis, saying he was keeping some 'precious items for him'. It might give us some leverage on that rat when it comes time for the treaty."

"A fair point." Tristan responds, laughing. "Perhaps it would be more accurate if I said that it reinforces the beliefs I already had." He gently pushes his glass to the side and then steeples his fingers in front of him. "Look at you cousin. Yes, such a document would go very far indeed in dealing with Mancini. I also think that Her Majesty will be very appreciative of your efforts when I tell her that you provided us with this information. Do you mind if I ask where you found it?"

Aidric chuckles in response to Tristan's remarks. "I'd believe it," he says. Then about the letter. "I am no spymaster," a nod to Tristan, "But I know cards well enough to know when to play mine." That question though, that makes his pause long enough to sip from his wine glass while he decides between lies and the truth. In the end, truth wins out. "In Alphard's tent after the Battle of Blackstone. The writing of the original was familiar and I kept it sensing there was some value in it. It was in code of course."

Tristan snorts, shaking his head. "You claim you are no spymaster, yet you found an item that may potentially have great value, and then went and decoded it. You sell yourself short cousin. Do you not realize what skills you have? I speak not of your knightly skills, no. Some of those are useful, but I believe… I have always believed that you have talents that could be used elsewhere. This is why I want you in Azure Lake, to be my right hand so to speak."

Aidric blinks, well, this was turning into a night of surprises. "You're right hand?" he asks. "Truly?" he is stunned, which of course calls for more wine. Though it made sense the Abara brothels were a deep well of secrets and scandals and the plan, as it stood, would that well at his disposal. His mouth curls upwards at the thought. "I think I could see myself clear of putting away my sword and armour for that opportunity," he says, though he hides it well, there is relief in those words.

"Look, I cannot very well rebuild a network of spies all by myself. Sure, I have some plans I am already putting into motion, but…" Tristan shrugs, picking up his own glass of wine and taking a long sip. "But there is far more work to be done and there are other issues I have been involving myself in as well. The future of the kingdom is what I worry over more than anything else." He shrugs, leaning back in his chair. "I would not tell you to put up your sword though cousin." Grinning, he reaches over and picks up his cane, giving a little twist and withdrawing the lightsilver sword within.

"Right," Aidric says as he takes another sip of his wine. It all made sense. Which made the whole idea both very real and very strange. He takes a deeper sip of his wine and smiling when he lowers his cup. "What sort of worries?" he asks ruling his features into a more serious mien. "Or is that something for another time?" he asks. The revelation of the cane earns a surprised laugh. "Well that's quite the sword. Very you, coz," he says leaning forward for a better look. "And the sort of fighting that sword might be used for, that I can handle. It's the proper battles I'd be happiest to see the end of."

"It is very me, well said." Laughing, Tristan sheathes the sword and makes a small gesture to click it back into place before setting the cane back in its place. "You are right though, battles are best fought by others and even better if not fought at all." He nods, appreciating that Aidric wanted to put some of that behind him. It made him glad, he'd hate to see the man die in some stupid battle or another. "My worries? I worry about Rivana and this treaty, how the Pacittans will fight tooth and nail to retain as much as they can even though we should be doing all that we can to undermine them. Their system of government is a threat to the status quo of both Couviere and Rivana. More people should realize that, though I believe the idiocy of the Chancellor does quite a bit to mask that. I also worry about the Church and the future it holds, both in Sanctum and in Rivana."

Aidric eyes the little gesture that locks the cane, he nods approvingly. "Who made that? Not going to steal your style coz, but that is fine craftsmanship." He shakes his head getting back to the business at hand. "If only they could be avoided entirely, but if we do our jobs well enough they should be won before those others draw their swords." The talk of the treaty earns a nod and tap of his chin as he settles back in his chair. "That letter might help with the Pacittans, in the right hands it's the end to Mancini given how much both he and the Butcher are hated here," he says. "Though the question then is, are we going to like who takes over for him any better?" His expression suggests not. "As for the church, I do not have much faith in the One, I'll admit, but I do have faith in the clergy and their ability to look out for themselves. I suspect they are in for some hard years after Ramius but they'll rebuild. Or is that what you're concerned about?"

"There is a craftsman in Sunsreach that I can put you in contact with if you want one of your own. He does some very fine work and his work is expensive, but the man is a master at his craft." So well worth paying premium coin to have something made for you and for his discretion of course. "Mancini is an idiot, so I would not use it to end him, rather make him a useful idiot to the cause of Rivana. And yes, I am concerned about how the church rebuilds after Ramius. The last thing we need now are some hardliners getting control and trying to push their weight around. -Especially- after the mess Ramius left in their lap."

"Might be useful, I'd like the man's name," Aidric says of the cane. Though for now, very expensive was a bit out of his reach, prize money or no. The thoughts about Mancini are nodded at, "Probably for the best," he says. "Like him or not I suppose the rest of the council has to include him in some of their plans." The church though, that was stickier, "How do we make that prevent that though? The rise of hardliners. Especially with the Queen and the church not exactly seeing eye to eye. It leaves us precious little in the way of influence within Sanctum."

"Of course." Tristan stands, walks over to the desk and then writes down a name on a piece of parchment, handing the parchment to Aidric as he takes his seat once again. "Here you are." He frowns at the question of dealing with the church. "I am not certain, but it is something I think on. I need to contact one of my contacts within the Church and try and see where things stand. My one hope is that no one from the Inquisition starts to obtain too much power."

Aidric takes the parchment, glances at it before tucking it away in his jacket. "Thank you," he says. The church matter gets a nod. "Well, if there is something I can do when you've spoken to your contact, let me know," he scrunches his face at mention of the inquisition. "Indeed, let us hope they stick to harassing woodswomen and so-called heretics, but we're likely not going to be that lucky, are we?" he finishes off his wine. "So, we wait and see, in the meantime, how do we proceed with my role at court, I am still Aide to the Lord Marshall, hardly a post conductive to staying out of battles."

"Probably not." Tristan says with a small frown. "Aide to the Lord Marshal. Hrm. Yes, I can see how that might cause you some trouble in regards to being involved in battles. Tell you what. Stay for dinner and we can hash out some possibilities?" Tristan stands up and moves to the door, ready to have food brought to them.

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