(1866-10-01) Planning for Things to Come
Planning for Things to Come
Summary: Ariance and Thaddeus doing a bit of planning
Date: 10-01-1866
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Ariane  Thaddeus  

Greycen Manse, Pacitta (TP Room)
In set.

On this mild and sunny afternoon, Ariane sits in a sunny window seat. She leans back against the wall, a dowel in her hand, wrapped with intricately woven silver wire. On a lapboard, rests the spool of silver wire, a dish with small carnelian beads, along with pliers and other fine jeweller's tools. She weaves the wire carefully and deftly, eyes narrowed in serene focus.

Thaddeus is relaxing, for once, and walking about the manse. Seeing his wife sitting there, he approaches quietly and looks over her shoulder, "What are you doing?" he inquires, some curiosity in his voice.

Ariane is a little startled, but manages to save her lapboard from upsetting. She turns, face a little sheepish at her reaction. "Good afternoon to you, too," she says with a small grin. She holds up the dowel. "This is how woven wire chains are made. I'm making myself a silver and carnelian belt. It should be quite striking with my grey silk dress," she explains.

Thaddeus listens and nods, "I see." He pulls up a chair and sits next to her. "I assume that you enjoy doing this? Because if you want something, it can easily be purchased. But if you enjoy it, more power to you." Thad leans back in his seat and stretches.

Ariane tilts her head, amused. "Yes, Thaddeus, I am quite aware that we have means," she says patiently. "I simply enjoy the satisfaction of wearing something beautiful made with one's own hands. Furthermore, you know how exacting my tastes can be. I learned the jeweller's craft so that I can make things precisely as I would like them." She sets her lapboard aside and turns to face him.

"I fully understand, though sadly I do not have any skills in making many things I want," Thaddeus laughs. He then speaks again, "I spoke with Duke Gerrell a few days ago and there is something I would like your help with, if you are willing."

Ariane leans forward, interested. "Duke Gerrell, you say? I spoke with his sister yesterday. Poor girl." She shakes her head. "What do you need, then?"

"Ah, I see." Thad notes, "But yes, we will need him and his vassals to secure the archducal election, but they view Seaguard as filled with godless heathens, since many of our vassals follow the Many. However, your family is well-known for following the One and mandating it across the realm, on top of your mother's well-known piety. If we visit Normont, you would be of great use to the house in showing that we are true followers of the One."

"I will happily do what I can in that capacity, but it will be difficult to secure Symon's support. You do realize he is quite eager to fill his mother's position, yes?" Ariane's grey eyes meet Thaddeus' gaze levelly.

"Oh, he will not be in a position to win," Thad smiles, "And he knows it. He has just risen into his current rank and with his parents' actions still present in the minds of others, he could not secure the votes. He also has more to gain from having his and his vassals' votes being available. I know that we will struggle to get the Carling vote, but the Bayards could be swayed." Thad takes a deep breath, "I am writing mother of what Symon wants, help building infrastructure and securing next year's circuit tournament. It will be between Duke Haldis and mother, though there is no reason to back the fool, his own duchy is in shambles and he lacks the skill for the job, unless people think we have been given too much for our loyalty."

"Given too much, you say? Like a princess, for example?" Ariane says with a wry grin, intentionally thickening her lilting Couviere accent for effect. Returning to business, she continues, "What would we have to give Symon to sway him, then? Do you truly think it is possible? He is young and stubborn, after all."

Thad grins, "Some could say that." He nods, "It's possible, we have mutual interests and will be forced to work together at some point so a bad deal does nothing for us." Thad then continues, "He wants our house's engineers to help build roads and whatnot. As well as our backing for the tournament over Eastfields."

Ariane nods slowly, thinking. "So is a visit to Normont in our immediate future, then? Perhaps it would be prudent to do so sooner, rather than later."

"I am not entirely sure yet," Thaddeus says, "it will depend on what my mother says as she is the one to sign off on such things as she is the only one with the authority and is very unlikely to change that."

"Well, yes, but if we feel it is the most effective move, surely we could attempt to convince her of the merits of such a plan." Ariane stands up, rolling her shoulders and wincing.

"Indeed, the letter will be sent as quickly as possible," Thad nods, "But it likely will work as I strongly doubt we will get the Eastfields vote, so they hold the balance of power and the price is not as bad as I thought."

She paces lightly, hands on her hips. "Hm. Can you think of any other elements that require shoring up?"

"Not off the top of my head, but if I think of anything I will tell you," Thad smiles and belatedly notices the wince, "Is everything all right?"

Ariane stops her pacing and nods. "Oh, I think I slept on my shoulder oddly. My sleep has been absolutely wretched lately. It will likely be better when we return to Sunsreach." She walks over to take a seat in a chair next to him. "I assume our return is entirely contingent upon your duties?"

Thaddeus frowns, "Well, hopefully your sleep improves." He then nods, "Yes, it will depend on a couple of things, but I should return to Sunsreach at some point, even if it is only for a little while."

"Yes, hopefully…" Ariane says absently, mind wandering. She stands up and heads back to the window seat to put her wire and other supplies away in a small wooden box.

Thaddeus frowns, "Is something wrong?" He rises and walks over to stand by Ariane, "It seems something is… off."

Ariane winds the silver wire carefully and tucks in the sharp end. "No, nothing is wrong, exactly… and… It may very well be nothing at all and it would seem silly to make such announcements prematurely, but…" she purses her lips. "I may have some good news for you soon," she says without looking up, her tone quiet and uncertain.

"I see," Thaddeus says and rests a hand on Ariane's back. "Well, then I will wait and hope that if it is good news, I am sure I will appreciate it when you decide to tell me." He then gives a small smile, "I am sure it will be all right, no matter what."

Ariane smiles at the touch and looks up at him. "Yes, I am quite sure it will be."

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