(1866-10-02) Bad News
Bad News
Summary: Tristan receives word of the latest incident in Sunsreach…
Date: Octobre 2, 1866
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Tracano Manse - High Sector - Pacitta City - Pacitta

The Tracano Manse dominates the bank of the Grand Canal near the Great Bridge with its edifice of pale green stone, tall arching windows and beautifully carved statues of dragons, some of which are covered in gold leaf. Entry to the manse is managed through either modest landward entryway or by a more grand set of doors on the canal, serviced by a small jetty. Regardless of the entry used, security is tight when the royals are in residence.

Inside visitors are treated to the customary opulence of the house Tracano. The main floor is airy and taken up chiefly by spaces meant for amusement. There is a grand ball room, lit by chandeliers and with tall windows looking out over the canal as well as several withdrawing and music rooms for more private gatherings. At the manse's center, a garden, beautifully landscaped with fragrant rose bushes, centered by a fountain of coiling stone dragons spitting water.

The upper two floors are given over to the family and their retainers. There is a study, a small library and several small offices, as well as large and lavish living quarters complete with antechamber, bath, and views of either the courtyard or the canal, or both in the case of the royal chamber. Entry to these levels are tightly controlled.

Octobre 2, 1866

Evening brings Elaida to the Tracano manse for dinner and time with her betrothed. She had spent the past couple of days enjoying Pacitta and doing some shopping (some of the packages she had sent to the Tracano manse in care of Tristan, as a matter of fact).

She is dressed sweetly in a gown of white trimmed with touches of black here and there, embroidered with black roses trailing down her rigth side from her bust to the bottom of the skirts. Her hair is put up in a stlye that makes her look fresh and innocent.

"My Tristan!" she says when she sees him, her cheeks pink and flushed with happiness. "I'm sorry I may have inundated you with things for us to take back to Sunsreach," she grins.

When Elaida arrives at the Tracano manse, she is brought up to Tristan's room as that is where the Tracano Princeling is, having been there most of the last couple of days. He is sitting at a desk though there is a table that has been set up for the two of them to enjoy a nice and quiet dinner. He looks up at Elaida, offering her smile. "My Elaida, it is good to see you. Oh yes, we have been receiving your purchases but think nothing of it. I am glad that you have been enjoying your time here in Pacitta. Please, sit." He gestures at one of the chairs that are at the table. "Feel free to pour some wine for the both of us."

He turns back to some parchments that are on his desk. Taking up a quill he dips it in the ink and then continues to write on one of the parchments for several long moments. Finally he is done and he sets the ink to drying before putting the quill to the side and then standing up. He actually looks a little tired as he steps over to sit across from her.

Elaida curtsies and then does as he asks, moving to the table and pouring them both wine. She sits in her seat, waiting on his pleasure to join her— and when he does, she notes his tiredness. "Is everything all right?" she asks, her voice concerned. "You seem tired, your highness."

"Tired? Yes, I suppose I am a little tired. I have been rather busy the last couple of days trying to finish up a bit of work before we can head back to Sunsreach, my dear." He offers her a smile and then takes his glass of wine. "The food should be here shortly, but while we wait… tell me how you have been."

"Oh!" she gushes. "I've gotten to spend time with my father and mother— not so much Gerard, but he's been so busy. He's a Low Councillor now, you know?" She beams. "Thank you so much for bringing me with for the tournament. It's been three years since I've seen my family." She takes a drink of her wine, as there comes a knock on the door.

A messenger pokes his head in. "Urgent letter from Her Majesty."

"I am glad that you have had a pleasant time, and you are welcome." He reaches over and gives her hand a soft pat before they are rudely interrupted by a knock on a door. Tristan leans back and commands the person to enter. "From Her Majesty? Please, give it to me." He extends a hand to take the message.

Elaida watches as the messanger brings the letter to Tristan, sipping her wine and keeping quiet while her betrothed is busy with work. When the messenger bows and departs, she settles back into her chair, waiting paitiently.

<FS3> Tristan rolls Throwing: Good Success. (7 1 2 7 4 3 6 5 4)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Throwing: Success. (6 1 3 3 3 1 7 4 6)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Throwing: Good Success. (2 7 3 5 6 4 1 2 7)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Throwing: Good Success. (6 4 4 8 3 3 5 4 7)

Tristan reads the message, going pale a little as he takes in the details. He leans back in his chair, folds the message and places it in front of him and goes very silent as he closes his eyes and taking long breaths as he processes what the note had on it. Finally he stands, moves over to the door, opens it and then calmly tells his Royal Lancer to begin making preparations for a departure to Sunsreach in the morning. Closing the door, he steps to the center of the room, and eyes a painting of Pacitta in winter.

"God." He pulls out a dagger and throws it. "Fucking." Another one is produced and thrown. "Damn." Another is thrown. "It." A fourth and final dagger is thrown. By the end of his tirade, three daggers are protruding from the central part of the painting while a fourth is lodged at the edge. He stands there, staring at the painting, a rage forming up within him.

Elaida lets out a small squeak as he starts throwing daggers, withdrawing in her seat. "Sh-should I l-l-leave?" she stammers out, looking concerned and somewhat frightened.

"I am leaving for Sunsreach in the morning. You can come with me if you like, but I will not hold it against you if you decide to stay for a little longer." Tristan remains facing his 'handiwork' and his voice is much colder than Elaida has ever heard it before.

"No," Elaida murmurs, standing. "I will go with you, if you'll have me." She takes a hesistating step towards him. "What's wrong? Is… is Her Majesty all right? Is there anything I can do for you? Now or once we get to Sunsreach?"

Tristan gestures to the message that is on the table. "Read it."

Elaida picks up the message and reads it, her face going white. "Why… why would someone do something so horrible? To anyone?" she asks softly. "And the queen thinks the girl was your daughter?"

"It is possible that the girl is mine, yes. I suppose we can see once I have a look at her." He finally turns and looks at her. "More will be done to determine who or what happened to them, but it was a message. A message to both Alysande and I." He goes quiet then, he is quite upset by all of this and is doing what he can to bottle his emotions in.

"Who would send such a message?" Elaida murmurs, moving towards Tristan and placing her hand gently on his arm, her other hand moving up to cradle his cheek. "We will be leaving in the morning, yes? Might I borrow one of your messengers to send back to my father's house, to let the servants there know to begin making ready for my departure as well?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tristan=Deception Vs Elaida=Perception
< Tristan: Great Success (7 3 1 8 4 3 6 2 4 8 8 2 6)
< Elaida: Good Success (6 7 6 8 6 2 1 5 5 8)
< Net Result: Tristan wins - Marginal Victory

"I… I do not know who would do such a thing." Tristan remarks calmly, though he knows damn well that there are only a few suspects on that list, a list that had been weeded out quite thoroughly by the last little conflict. "I will say this though… if she was my daughter, I will kill the person who did it. Not just them, but their mother, their father, their brother, their sisters, their sons, their daughters, their aunts, their uncles and their cousins. Nothing of them will remain on this earth."

Elaida's face goes white. "Oh, Tristan," she murmurs. "Justice must be done, but do not allow vengeance to consume you. It breaks the bonds the One holds our hearts together with, my dearest."%

"It is not vengeance that I speak of, Elaida. It is justice." You know. Head for an eye. All your teeth for a tooth sort of justice. Trsitan reaches forward and gently takes her hand. "Besides, another message must be sent. One simply does not go and antagonize the royal family like that."

She nods slightly. "As you say, your highness," she murmurs. "Do…" she blushes, but squares her shoulders, pushing past her embarrassment. "Do you wish me to stay tonight? Just for comfort? This news is horrible, and you should not be alone to brood, my dearest."

Tristan sighs and steps forward, embracing Elaida. "You can if you wish, and you may use messengers to do whatever you need to do. Thank you. You are right, I do not wish to be alone right now, I will only become angrier if I do… or get incredibly drunk." He kisses her on the cheek. "I am sorry if I frightened you."

She returns his embrace for several moments, then after they part, she turns towards the door and summons a messenger. Once she has dispatched him to the Toulan residence in Keep Marchander, she returns to Tristan, kissing his cheeks and his lips lightly. "You are upset," she says softly. "We will find the terrible people who did this crime and your cousin will give them the Queen's justice," she assures him. "I am sorry you never got a chance to see your daughter, if the girl was yours— but even if she was not, I am sorry that such horrible things were done to her and her mother."

Tristan lets her go and speak with a messenger, and he begins to brood. And brood. He drains his entire glass of wine and then pours himself another. "Yes. The Queen's Justice." He mutters under his breath. "I suppose we should wait for dinner to be served although I have lost my appetite."

Taking the role she will soon enough step into as the prince's wife, Elaida frowns slightly. "Would you wish me to tell them not to bring dinner? Or to bring something lighter, just a snack?" She brushes off the front of her dress. "I can do that if you'd prefer. Forcing yourself to eat a full meal may be unwise, but…" she gives him a small smile, "as a healer, I suggest you eat at least something."

He is about to reach for the glass again, but hesitates. "Yes, a small snack might be best." Tristan says, nodding after he has considered her words for a moment. He considers the glass for a moment more, and then sighs, glancing down at the floor.

She bustles to the door and stops a servingwoman outside it, requesting a small snack instead of a large meal, and asking for some tea as well. When she's made sure that will happen, she moves back to the table and takes aside the almost empty wine bottle. "Mm," she peers at him. "A snack and some hot tea, and then we will see. Perhaps going to sleep early," she suggests. "In each other's arms. We will be leaving in the morning after all."

Tristan seems to ignore everything that Elaida has said and done for the last few moments. Dark thoughts are running through his mind. Over and over and over. Finally, he just asks. "What is so terrible about me that a woman would not come forward years ago about me being the father of her child?"

Elaida blinks. Then she gives his question due consideration, which takes several minutes of silence.

"Maybe she was afraid if you recognized the child, it would be taken from her," she says finally. "Usually that is what happens, after all, when a noble claims their bastard." She shrugs lightly. "If I were with child, I would be frightened at the idea someone might take my baby away."

A knock at the door. "Snack and tea, your highness." is the words from the other side.

"Come in." Tristan says to the servant. The door opens and a servant brings some bread, cheese and fruit along with tea on a silver platter, setting it down on the table before leavivng the room and shutting the door. Tristan drops into the seat and sighs. "Yes, but we are Tracanos, I could have made her life easier. She could have had a position at the palace or something."

"Perhaps it wasn't her choice." Elaida considers. "Was she young? Like you, perhaps? Maybe her parents wed her off. Some places hold the One's position on Adultery to include giving oneself to someone before marriage. They find it shameful." She gives Tristan a small Look. She, herself, had not been with anyone except the man she would wed soon.

"Perhaps she or her parents wanted to keep the fact that she had been with a man not her husband a private thing."

"It is possible, I suppose. I do believe she was from Normont and many up there are… well, pious." He was about to call them zealots, but that might not have been the best idea. He stares at the food for a long while before finally putting a bit of bread into his mouth and chewing on it, washing it down with some of the tea. He looks at her a moment, and then reaches out to pull her towards him. A number of emotions wash over him and he pulls her closer and then buries his head into her midsection and begins to cry.

Elaida holds him to her, running a hand through his hair and murmuring soothing words to him. She doesn't pull back from him, simply trying to soothe his pain and help him handle it.

"Shhh shhh," she murmurs. "It will be all right. It's okay. I'm here, Tristan. I will never leave you."

Tristan knew more than Elaida, and perhaps he should tell her, but what if the people that did this to his daughter went and did this to her? That was not something he would want to deal with, even if it would be beyond foolish. And so he lets some of his emotions drain out in this fashion, it seemed a bit more productive than throwing more knives or bashing someone's head in with his cane…something he had given some thought to earlier. "I know. I know."

In her naivete, or perhaps because she simply wishes to think the best of everyone, the thought that these people might come after her has not even crossed her mind. She continues to stroke his hair. "Good," she murmurs. "I'm here. When you're ready, we can go to bed, and I will hold you and let you have me if you need it, or just hold you and be with you if you do not wish to. I'm yours, your highness. I'm here for you."

"Hold me a while, Elaida." Tristan murmurs, pulling away from her so that he can stand up. He steps over to the bed with her and then crawls up and burrows himself in the sheets, and then waits for her to come and hold him a while. He felt very vulnerable right now, and a part of him hated himself for it.

She slips out of her gown so it does not interfere and slips into the bed beside him in her underdress. Her arms slide around him, and she holds him to her. "I will hold you forever," she says softly, "if you'd like." She kisses the top of his head and snuggles with him.

Tristan nuzzles up against her, glad for her warmth and her comfort. "Yes, I would like that." He closes his eyes and smiles. He is content to stay like this for the night. At least he wasn't going to be alone anymore. That much felt nice.

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