(1866-10-05) Renewing Acquaintance
Renewing Acquaintance
Summary: Aidric and Broderick meet to exchange news and to introduce Broderick to his new squire.
Date: 1866-10-05
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Carling Manse
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Octobre 5th, 1866

It had been a hurried trip home from Pacitta, as evidenced by the household staff even now trying to make the Carling manse ready for its lone occupant. Though despite the recent arrival a letter went out to Broderick at the palace, letting him know Aidric had his squire and was happy to meet with him whenever he could make the time to visit.

When that visit comes Broderick is shown in by one of the staff and lead to a small dimly lit study where Aidric waits sitting in an overstuffed chair while a young boy in Sorez colors fidgets standing by where he sits. Though despite his fidgeting the boy looks promising, he is tall for his age, and it looks as though he has the strength born from at least some knightly practice.

Aidric rises as Broderick is shown in, "Sir Broderick, welcome," a glance is given back to the boy. "Andrew, come say hello," he says and the young squire makes his way forward to bow. "My Lord," he greets gravely.

Broderick has, in truth, been waiting for the return of those who travelled eagerly. Even in his short time back from the wilds he's developed a liking for knowing what is going on, and having to survive on a diet of unsubstanciated rumours regarding Pacitta has been driving him slowly nuts.Not that he rushes as soon as the invitation arrives mind, that wouldn't do, so instead he sends word back that he should be free that afternoon, three hours or so before the guard close the city gates. He's good to his word and at the appointed hour knocks on the door of the manse and is admitted. Going for house colours but not too ostentacious os as not to overwhelm whichever child he is to be presented with it's a cotton tunic this time, rather than the more lavish silk. "Sir Aidric," he returns with a nod, "good to see oyu returned in one piece from your travels." Questions regarding events are put on hold though, as introductions are made. The boy's colours are instandlt recognisable and he pivots a fraction to give the lad his full attention, for now. The bow is returned with a short, but respectful nod. "Lord Sorez," the house may be down to it's last scions, but it's still extant, so he keep to protcol, "has Sir Aidric informed you of what is intended?"

Aidric offers a grin in reply to the jest and moves off to get wine while the boy and his new knight get acquainted. "He did, sir," Andrew says looking up at Broderick to take in his new knight. The boy has more than the Sorez colouring on his clothing but also his face, his eyes and hair the same shade as Broderick's dead wife's. "And the Viscount. I am to train with you and be your squire. It is an honour."

"Trained him up well, didn't they?" Aidric says as he returns with the wine. "I've had my squire train with him, he says the boy is quick and a promising hand with a sword." There is a quickly stifled smile from Andrew upon hearing that complement.

"That is good to hear," Broderick relies, keeping his expression neutral for now as they tentatively got to know each other, "did they also tell you that with my current position it will not be all tournements and royal banquets? In the next few years I suspect you'll see enough to bogs, dirt roads, hovels, crags, and moors to last many people a lifetime." Gatefinding, it really is spending prolonged periods of time in the arse end of nowhere becuase he's sure as anything not taking the 'punch a random combination and pray' route. "I won't insult you and ask if you know what squiring entails, you seem sharp enough, and I am sure Sir Aidric's lad will have told you all sorts of stories on your journey. Tell me though, is this your first visit to Sunsreach, or o you know you way around the city well enough already?"

Leaving the lad to consider his answer before giving it he takes a wine from Aidric and nods a silent thank you. "Your father had no quarms?" he asks, more curious than actively expecting any, "I am sorry I could not make it north to speak with him myself."

The boy allows himself another smile. "They told me you're a Gatefinder my lord," he says his tone betraying some eagerness. "And I don't mind some dirt."

There is a slight scoff from Aidric at that but he otherwise keeps silent.

Andrew carries on. "We came for the coronation when I was," he pauses, "Eleven. But I don't know it well sir."

Aidric in turn answers the questions directed to him, "None he expressed to me and time got away from us, I didn't get to visit Holymount either, my father sent Andrew and a letter on with the Duke to Pacitta. In all he bids you take good care of Andrew and has offered to pay half of his upkeep."

"Ah, the enthusiasm of youth," Broderick replies with a faintly amused grin, "do you remeber what that was like Sir Aidric." He would usually have dropped the honourific a long time ago, but while the lad my be head of his hosue, he's still a squire. Taking a sip of the wine he wets his lips briefly then nods back to Andrew. "Then that shall be tomorrow's task, there may be times when I send you on errands within these walls, and I likely won't have time for you to be wondering around the streets lost. You may have the rest of the light to say your goodbyes and move your gear, but once the city gates are shut you are to present yourself to me at the castle." He glances back to Aidric at that point, "you'd be welcome then too, should you wish. I have want of news, and can share some of what has transpired here while you've been gone. Should you find yourself writing to your father though, please do assure him of my intentions towards his vassel, and let him know that I will speak with him of practicalities at my cousins wedding should he desire it."

There is a smile from Aidric, "Barely," he says. "It does seem such a long time ago now." He shrugs.

Andrew however nods upon being given his first assignment. "I will learn them sir," then he looks between the two knights. "May I leave to make my preparations?" he asks. Aidric points Andrew and his question to Broderick.

When that business is settled he does quirk a brow. "Intentions?" he asks, not quite following. "What intentions are these?"

Broderick gives a brief nod to Andrew to signal his consent, then turns his attention properly to Aidric as the lad leaves. There's a faint grin as he sips his wine and notes "you have a suspicious mind my friend. Fear not hough, I mean merely that I will do my best for the lad, even if that does mean dragging him from bog to briar in service of the order. I will teach him what I can, and seek for him what advances I can, both for his sake and hthat of his house, however indistinguishable the two may be."

"Ah," Aidric says as he takes a seat and gestures for Broderick to do the same. "Then yes, I am sure my father will be pleased to hear them when he arrives," that notion however does earn a small frown. He'd not counted on his father and the rest of his family invading the manse for the wedding, but it was likely to happen. He takes a sip of his wine. "So, you spoke of news? The tourney in Pacitta went well enough. I won the composition event, but as for the actual jousting and melees, the melees went to Couviere both times, those twins from Murnord, though we did win the joust, though it was Raimond Giraldi who won it and of course it was a Cassomir who won the archery, Emilia this time. Oh and she won for painting too." He pauses a moment to wet his throat with a touch more wine. "Though the biggest scandal was the preliminary jousts, the word was the Chancellor rigged the brackets for some reason or another so they favoured Couviere. It was sorted out quickly enough, but there were a few brawls and squabbles over it in the taverns. None I took part in." A smile for that.

Broderick allows Aidric to claim his prefered seat then sits in another, one close enough for casual talk. Sipping his wine as he listens he tallies up in his head then notes, "so two for them, but four for us? Two martial each, but we win hands down on culture. yes, that sounds about fitting." Offering a warm smile he nods along to the commetns about fixing notjing during one gap, "such rumours reacher here before you, although as I heard it the fiddle was to ensure a Rivana-Couviere match in all, and thus keep tensions high. It seems a clumsy fix though, if it was found so easily, do you think the Chancellor did it, or has someone clever than him set him up to take the fall?" another sip of wine and he starts on the news of Sunsreach. "It was looking like it might be an entirely un remarkable time here, but then one, or perhaps a pair, of cousin Tristan's flings appeared murdered, one of his bastards too I believe. I've not sought to impose myself upon investigations to find out what is going on, but I suspect we've not heard the end of that yet."

"Not entirely, their bard did win performance, the craftsmanship went to Venderos, but then, that's to be expected," Aidric explains. "Still, not a bad result, even if I could have done better in the martial arena." He sips more wine.

"It's possible, the Chancellor was never well-liked, more or less kept in place by the fact he is too incompetent to do any real damage, not like a truly competent and ambitious man could. Marchette, or t'Rannis for example. As to if it was a false accusation, I do not know, though they did dismiss one of the Circuit officials, but after that there was no more said of it."

"What?" Aidric asks when Broderick brings up the murder of Tristan's former lovers. "Who was killed? And a bastard?" He remembered through the haze of entirely too much wine the night it was mentioned that some woman had come to Sunsreach with a child they said was Tristan's.

"With hindsight there are many things we could all have done better in," Broderick replies with an almost dismissive tone. "I should have hng back at the Couviere wedding melee but weeks back, but instead went against one of those who were attacking the Lord Marshall" that being th emost obvious example he can think of other than the war, and he doesn't feel like dragging that old chestnut back up. "If he was a known incompetant then perhaps it was him," he replies rgarding the chancellor, "from the romours heard I was wondering how someone of such high office had enacted a scheme so obvious, but there is a certain sense I suppose." Another sip of wine is then taken, two in fact, before he shrugs apologetically back. "I'm araaid that you now know about as much as I do on the matter, although I believe at least one body was found int he city streets at dawn. As I said though, I have not forced my involvemennt upon the investigation, so most of what I say is that which I have heard from third parties. It was the talk of the town a week or so ago though."

Aidric nods of the Chancellor. "It does have the right amount of incompetence to be legitimate, which either means it's him or those framing him did a good job of it, either way, the concerns of the great rat of Pacitta are far from my own," he says before he rises at the news of the murders and calls for a servant. As he waits for one to appear, he turns back to Broderick. "A week? One above, the news only reached us the night before last, but at least now I know why Tristan left Pacitta in a hurry." He frowns, mind racing at the implications. "What do we know? Several murders, and at least one left in the street?"

"I suspect efforts will be made to ensure no repeat in the next tournement," Broderick notes, but then lets the Pacitta matter drop, there's not much ground left to be covered there. "About a week aye" he confirms, thinking eep to try and recall more information. "The two women, a courtesan I believe, and a washerwoman, or seamstress perhaps, who had had regular business at the castle. That much I beleive is confirmed by reliable sources. If you're wanting more deails though I suspect my cousin, or those closer to him would be more fruitful for you."

"True and the next tourney will be here," Aidric says as if that would ensure the honesty of the event.

The news of the rumours earns a nod. "A week. Well not much to go on but rumours at this part." The servant he called for arrives and Aidric lets them into the chamber, "Take a message to the palace. Tell Tristan, I would speak with him as soon as he has time to recover from the trip-"

"My lord, there's already word from the palace. You're to come at once, Prince Tristan wants your presence at a meeting with the Queen."

Aidric nods. "Tell him I am on my way," he says then dismisses the man.

Aidric turns back to Broderick, "Seems events move on quickly," he moves back to where he set down his wine and drinks it down. "However once I know more and if it something I am permitted to share, I can return the favour and pass on what I know."

Broderick looks faintly impressed as Aidric is summoned in such a manner, then drains the remainder of the wine in his glass. "Go," he replies as he pushes himself to his feet. "The invitation for later still stands if you are free by then, but please, do not let me detain you when matters of state are at hand. Shoudl you find yourself busy into the later hours though, have your squire present himself at dawn and i will work the pair of them before the midday sun so as you may sleep a might longer."

Aidric nods, his face still writ in a concerned frown. "Thank you, sorry to be called away, but I will take you up on your offer," then as he makes the second offer, the one that will let him rest, he does manage a smile, "I will take you up on that offer as well. Kieran will be there in the morning."

He calls for his squire and his cloak, "Come then we'll walk out together," he invites nodding towards the door.

"Kieran," he repeats, trying to ensure he'll remember the lads name then turns to follow Aidric out of the door. "Never apologise for business with my regal cousin, it is her perogative to command each and every one of us." And if some of them might have a bit more to make up fro in the past than others, well, thats life really isn't it. "We are both headed in the same direction, so there seems little need to part company just yet. Please, lead on."

Aidric smile gamely, "As your cousin is well aware," he says of being at her beck and call. "Anyhow best not to keep her waiting," he says as he leads the way out of the room and on to the palace.

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