(1866-10-06) Interrupting the Fun
Interrupting the Fun
Summary: Emilia checks in with Raelyn to see about a certain matter, and interupts all the fun she is having.
Date: 1866-10-06
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Emilia  Raelyn  

Raelyn's Study - Roseguard - Ironhold
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Returning to Ironhold had been a pleasant thing in many ways, it had been a long time since they had been home. Time in Sunsreach and then Pacitta had kept them away, and likely there would be a return to Sunsreach soon enough. For now though, more 'important' issues rested upon Emilia's mind. A truth long hidden had been revealed to her sister and that future there hung at an impasse. There was a knock that occurred upon Raelyn's study, soon followed by the peering about the corner of an Emilia,"Raelyn? Are you being of busy?"

Stooped over her books, and making progress on the whole 'Stewardship' thing. Of course, she -has- made substantial strides in her learning, and demonstrating that learning from when she began. Not that she feels she has, entirely. "Sure," she answers, doing figures in a book that the Master Steward 'made' for her to practice in. "But please, don't interrupt my fun, Emilia."

Dark eyes take in the picture that presented with Raelyn stooped over the books, recalling the days like that. Even if Emilia still had occaisonal lessons yet with the Steward, but they were far different after all these years. "Well of then, I would not wish to be interupting of your fun. I can be of coming of back of later. Or perhaps be of talking tomorrow, depending of how of long you plan to be of having this of fun." Though Emilia is already stepping into the room, knowing to well that an interruption was likely desired.

"If you don't sit back down, Emilia, dearheart, my first duty as Viscountess will be to make you go to every party that Rivana holds as the representative from our House." Raelyn does not look up from her books, as her brow furrows, intent on at least finishing the line she's working on.

Emilia's eyes widen a little, and she is ever o quick to protest the matter,"You would not be of daring to do of that, they would all feel of slighted if it was just of me being of sent. Every of time, they would only of tolerate of it for so of long. You know of that." Though she is finding her way to a seat, not about to take any chances! Not that she won't still need to still attend /some/ parties.

Raelyn's lips quirk some upwards. Victory! She sets the quill down, and looks over at Emilia, tilting her head, thoughtful. "What are you of wanting?" She asks, then her eyes trek to the book. "Just trying to, for once, stay ahead of the Master Steward. For some reason he thinks I need to get all my studying in now before the wedding happens."

"Staying head of the Master Steward is of difficult to of due, least when there is of being of lessons," some notation of having experience it once before. Emilia cant her head,"Well you will be of Viscountess once all of the wedding is of occuring, so you will have of need of knowing of as much of possible. Unless you are planning to of delegate all of such of things," some turn of a tease there. She knew Raelyn sooooo adored the paperwork. "You are knowing of what I am wanting to be of inquiring of after," there is a slight hesitation," was there of talking?"

"Yes, I talked long with the Master Steward. But, as you know, he is a fairly stubborn old man. And, most often, right, regardless of what I may think of these particular duties." Raelyn can't help but smile, just a little. "But, yes. I am thinking that Stephen can share these particular duties with me. It will be one more benefit of being wed, perhaps." Oh, she knows well what Emilia meant. But, since Emilia teased her when she came in? Well. Now Raelyn is going to do it right back to her.

There is a bit of a sigh. "Of aye, I am of knowing how of stubborn the Master of Steward can of be. But is fine of enough to be of knowing that I will not be of needing to worry about of such of things any more, and not be of needing to tend to of lessons with the Master of Steward so of much." Not that such would prove of any worth in achieving a match. Emilia's hand does flutter a bit in the air,"Though if that is of all the talking that was of occurring, I shall of leave you to of your of fun."

"No, that wasn't all the talking that was occurring. I talked to several Huntresses, too. And some townsfolk. I had to tell them Lon was a witness to some horse thievery we were investigating to make certain that my visit there wasn't spoken of, overmuch, and his staying there not thought of as strange," invites Raelyn, conversationally.

"Of course, they would notice of your of visiting…and with Devlin was of calling of on before," Emilia's own visits likely to go unnoticed, not one the people gave much attention on to. She could pass as jut another Huntress for the most part. "Though of hopefully the horse of thieves are well and found," canting her head to the side,"was of Lon having any of information to of aid in of this?" As the topic is ever danced around!

"No. But," Raelyn pauses, "We did have a most interesting, if not - straightforward, conversation," she reveals in a tone that suggests on Raelyn's behalf there wasn't much, if any, jesting. In the least. She pauses, and allows her sister, "If he makes you happy, Emilia, that is all I need to know." That, and that her sister won't be pushing out Changeling babies that will get her killed.

"Oh, and just what was of interesting of about it?" inquires Emilia ever so conversationally. Doubting there was much of anything jestful about the conversation on either side, exactly. "Of aye, Raelyn, he is of making me of happy. But I was of telling you of that before." Awwww! But they would be so cute and adorable! Little balls of fluff and teeth!

Raelyn ventures, "I cannot say I've ever seen a man change faces before," to the first query. She frowns, but not upset by the fact. More thoughtful as she reflects upon it. She shakes her head some, and nods. "I know. I just wanted to satisfy myself that he was - genuine. And that - this was not some fleeting thing."

A brow quirks just a little,"It is of an interesting thing to be of seeing. But he was of then showing of his true of self to you?" It was a thing Emilia had seen for some time. He had long ago stopped being all grouchy in her lessons. There is a faint tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips,"A thing I have no of doubt you would be of doing with any of one I might have thought to be of fancying." There is a faint beat before she adds,"Though I think near any one of else, you likely would have tied of to a tree and questioned most of completely."

Raelyn points out, soberly, "No one else killed their son to spare my life." And that, perhaps, is the singlemost reason why she trusts Lon so implicitly.

"Am not of thinking anyone else was being quite in such of a position to be of doing of so," Emilia notes lightly. It had been a rather…peculiar situation. Then again, this was still a…peculiar situation. There is some hesitation before she asks,"You…are still of wishing me to figure of something of out? Rather then..keeping with the of sneaking..of hiding of such form of eyes?"

Raelyn shakes her head, "I wish you to use your own judgement in the matter, Emilia. You're wise. Do what you will. You will not do anything rash, or that will draw undo attention where it needn't be drawn." Raelyn is certain of that. She smiles, leans to kiss her sisters cheek, smiles. "You are your own woman, afterall."

Emilia gives a little nod,"Things have been of well of enough as of they are. Little of reason to of change, after of all, heard of some saying they were of thinking I made of the favour for of myself." There is just a faint wrinkle of her nose. She wasn't surprised really by such a turn of the gossip, it was to be expected rightly. "I will not do of anything of rash, and I will see if he is wishing of any of change." Though there is a hint in her tone that she doubts he has much care either way. Silly Changling. Her lips curve into a faint smile,"I am of trying to of be….and he is of being of handsome, of aye?"

Raelyn nods, "Aye, he is of being handsome," Raelyn agrees. But can't help but state, "And old." She grins at that, and brushes a hand through Emilia's hair, fondly. "Now, if you are wishing to visit him, go do so."

There is a light sigh,"Of aye, by of Sirrah's of account, least of a few of thousand of years of old." There is a faint quirks of Emilia's lips,"Being of a little of to of old for of me, but what is the mattering of a few of years?" As if there was anything actually…horridly normal about it. "I am of wishing of it. Thank of you, mine-sister." Leaning and giving Raelyn a hug and a kiss to her cheek.

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