(1866-10-07) Everything is under control
Everything is under control
Summary: Amara visits her brother Elrick to hear more about family's troubles. He made a promise to have such a meeting just after the tournament.
Date: 1866-10-07
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Stag Keep - Hart's Home - Couviere

Up a stone causeway from the town, Stag Keep stands like a stone sentinel over the woods and settlement. The causeway leads to a main gatehouse through which the courtyard is accessed past portcullises and murder holes. Within the yard there is a training ground for the household troops, a forge, a stable and the main doors to the keep and the stain glass of the chapel is visible to all.

Within the doors of the keep is a set of stairs leading up to the great hall which has a rustic charm with sturdy oaken beams, blazing hearths and heavy wooden tables set out for the high and low to dine at. The main table is set on a dias and behind the Baron and Baroness' chair is the black and white banner of House t'Tremaine.

Branching out from the hall are passages to other parts of the keep and behind the main table are stairs leading up to the higher floors and the chambers of the Baron and his family.


After returning home from the trip to Pacitta, Elrick has been busy which is no surprise. An invitation was sent to Lord Sir Michael l’Corren which resulted in a rather fruitful meeting. Now, the heir to House t’Tremaine appears to be a bit more relaxed as he stands in his study, looking over more papers, ones he has begun to draft on how to distribute the new loan promised by Michael, so that the plan can be presented to his father. A cup of wine is of course in hand, while the other moves papers about once he has reviewed them. It has grown later into the night, well past dinner, the young heir most likely losing track of time.

“You missed dinner,” Amara whispers softly, entering her brother’s study room, “Is it a bad time?” She nervously rubs the skirt of her golden gown, “I… I know, how busy you are and I know some of our family troubles, but you promised to give me details once we will be back home. I can’t sit calmly in my room and do nothing, brother. Especially, when you are burried into work. I want to easy your troubles sharing them with me,” she smiles and steps closer to offer Elrick a hug.

Hearing another voice addressing him and one that is not a messenger or runner, Elrick looks up from his papers and sees that it is Amara visiting. “Sister… I did, didn’t I. And no, it’s not a bad time, dear sister. Never a bad time.” Putting the cup of wine down on the table where there is a clear spot that is not cluttered with paper. The hug is returned with familial affection, “There is some good news actually, Amara. It appears that we will no longer have to deal with some of our less preferred debtors.”

“Really?!” Amara cheers up and takes a seat on a near by chair. She folds her hands on her lap, “I knew you will deal with it. I knew, that you are amazing!” She sighs slightly dreamily, staring at the older brother, “You will be such a great head of the house one day…” Her smile widens even more, “And I should learn from you. So, tell me. How you did it?” Her fingers dance excitedly on her lap.

Laughing, Elrick shakes his head, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now… one problem at a time. I don’t even want to think of the issues Father has to deal with that I haven’t seen yet.” As for how he was able to help pay off some debt, “Well, we didn’t derease our debt and we are very lucky to have the l’Correns as our liege. I spoke to Lord Sir Michael and he was very understanding with our situation. So I believe we will be able to secure a sizeable loan from them, though it means we owe them more than what we do. But I also showed him plans for our future, not just to pay off our existing debt but investments we will be making to ensure that our House is moving in the right direction. Don’t forget, they would not like us to fail either, if we grow stronger, so do they.”

“So, how high exactly is our debt in general? How much money do we need?” Amara shifts in her seat a little bit uncomfortably, “I… I thought I could talk to mom. I could ask her to try to spend less… But she might not like the idea. So, I thought I could sell my paintings and drawings, and make more of them for sale? Some are really good,” the girl blushes, “It could help a little bit…” Her blush deepens. She starts to rub her finger into the table, “And the last idea, which shot into my head… I could marry…” She raises her eyes to meet Elrick’s, “What I want you to know is that I am not scared of that. I am not one of these ladies, who want to marry the love of their life. I understand that marriages are special deals. I am talented, honorable, healthy. I have a very good reputation not swooning over all the pretty boys. So, I will be loyal to my husband. I can love any person. I love all, in fact. So, what I mean…” She giggles, “Maybe there is a very rich man who needs some heirs or something. He might have flaws. That is why he does not have a wife. But I am not afraid, especially, if he could pay some of our depts. So… if someone will appear or something… It’s okay. I just wanted you to know, that it’s okay.” She smiles brightly and leans on the table more firmly, “Or you can send me to the free city. I could meet people, make some allies, friends… You can send me letters and I could do jobs for you there. While you could concentrate on other things in our Kingdom, if you understand, what I mean.”

At the question of how much, Elrick can only wince slightly and shake his head, “It is a considerable sum, but that is the cost of running a Barony with traitors who steal from our coffers.” When Amara suggests she could sell paintings, he manages a warm smile and shakes his head, “There is no need for that, dear sister. The situation is under control for now, and we are looking at long term investments to pull us out of this hole.” At the mention of marriage, the t’Tremaine heir looks away, “That is always an option but it is one fully under our Father’s control. Right now may not be the best time, with our House in its current state. Once we see to our debts and our Barony is on the rise again, I’m sure the prospects will be much better and you can marry into a better House.” Oddly enough, Elrick sounds a bit like his Lord Father, whether he wants to admit it or not.

Amara nods, listening for her brother, “As you say, Elrick. I understand, that you know, when the best moment will come. I trust you and our father, definitely. Just wanted to let you know, that I won’t feel hurt. That all this is not a big thing for me and my heart won’t be broken. I just know how worried you sometimes can be of our happiness. I am happy, when I can help for my family.” The young girl smiles, stands up and moves around the table just to place a peck on Elrick’s cheek. “So, if things are in control right now, what should I do? Where should I be?” She sways her legs, after taking a seat on the edge of the table.

(Scene fades….)

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