(1866-10-07) Spreading the News
Spreading the News
Summary: Aidric pays a visit to Tiadora, many matters are discussed.
Date: 1866-10-07
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Gerrell Manse
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Octobre 7th 1866

The somber Gerrell manor is starting to show signs that a sixteen year old girl is in charge of decorating. The suits of armor and religious paintings still dominate the halls, but theres more open windows and fresh flower arrangements in colorful vases. Tiadora sits in the study with a light breeze blowing through the open bay windows. She works on a few sketches of floral borders and ornate capital letters designs for what will become illuminations in the book for the wedding gift. Out of habit, her bright and airy dresses she sported in Pacitta have been traded back to her austere dark velvets.

A servant knocks on the door, and steps inside if bidden, "M'lady, your cousin Sir Aidric is here-" but before she can finish the man himself pushes forward and enters the room with a bundle wrapped in cloth under his arm. "Too slow," he chides the servant with a grin before he turns to nod to Tiadora, "Cousin, I hope you are not too busy for a visit? I have news to share," he announces.

Tiadora sets aside her quill and smiles, standing slowly. She looks a little out of it. "Um, yes! Hi, come in." She blinks to regain focus and turns to the servant. "That's all, thank you. Unless you wanted something to eat while visiting? Or-or wine?" The last is directed to Aidric.

Aidric frowns at Tiadora's seemingly distracted mien. "This is definitely a talk for wine," he confirms before he adds, "But if you're not up for it, I can come back when you are feeling better, however if you are," he presents the bundle he carries. "I have the food, my sister sent me some marzipan from Holymount. Not my favourite, but I think that was her point. She's always sending me little jokes like that. Last year it was a copy of the Testament of Saint Martina." He shakes his head.

Tiadora nods to the servant at the mention of wine. "And, um… some bread, please. I'll take my evenson meal early today, I suppose." She looks at the bundle and smiles a little. "I'm… well… fasting. But it would be rude to not try some," the girl rationalizes, her cheeks reddening. "And I have a copy of that one too. I think Mother had me copy it from the cathedral when I was thirteen. Or was I twelve?" A shrug. Doesn't matter. "So what news? Good I hope?"

Aidric takes a seat. "Fasting? Is it another of those holidays?" he asks clearly marking himself a not particularly devout student of the Faith by the question. "And by all means," he says setting down his parcel and pulling the string off so it falls open. "Help yourself, I am sure the One won't begrudge you a piece or three," he says. Then, settled he waits for the wine to come and the servant to go before he gets down to busisness. "Unfortunately the news is not good at all. Some of the women from Tristan's past have been murdered."

Tiadora has a piece while they wait on the servant, explaining, "Oh no, this isn't any thing you missed. I just felt… I had my doubts about the mercy of the Great Father, and was thinking unkindly of my parents. It's self imposed." But broken by a piece of the candy . Or two. Once there is wine and a somber mention, Tia nods slowly. "I knew he and Elaida left early because of something horrible. And then I heard about the girl and her mother." She pauses to silently pray for the pair. "I figured it was that. Is Elaida going to be safe?"

"If unkind thoughts about your parents were a sin the entirety of Sunsreach would be doomed to the Abyss," Aidric says before it occurs that may not be the most kind of sentiments. He sighs, eyes closing a moment. "Forgive me it's been a dragon of a day thus far. Anyhow I am sure you don't need to fast for such minor transgressions. That is why priests take confession no? To clean our souls?" he takes a bite of the candy then. It's oversweet for his liking, but it's food and he is hungry.

He matches Tiadora's sombre mood. "I believe Elaida will be safe, these don't seem to be targeting nobles, just common women. Still, I am sure it would cheer Elaida if you would go to visit her in the palace and while you're at it, have an eye for your own protection as well, extra guards, that sort of thing, until we've dealt with this."

Tiadora blushes as she stares at her hands. "I over-indulged while in Pacitta. I need to remember to be more moderate." Her eyes shift to the painting of St. Donnell around her neck. "I'll be sure to have extra men go with me. And I should go see her, you're right. I haven't thought of how it may affect her, but I did send Tristan a note asking if I can help - more than praying, that is."

Aidric frowns at his cousin. "It was a tournament overindulging is the point," he counters. "You shouldn't feel the need to punish yourself. Or if you do, don't make yourself sick." He pushes the candy towards her then, a silent insistence she at least has a little more of something.

"You sent Tristan a note?" he asks both surprised and somewhat impressed. "I am not sure what there is to do yet, it's not like the last time where there have been letters, these men who did this, they've been writing their messages in blood and bone. However, I do need your help myself-" he pauses this time it's his time to look down, though for him it is into his cup. "The Queen has banished me from the palace for a fortnight, so, if on your visits to Elaida you should hear any gossip, or news, I would welcome it being passed on until the ban is lifted."

Tiadora looks only slightly guilty as she takes another proffered piece of the marzipan. "What did you do?" She asks in surprise, which is promtly followed by a suspicious narrowing her her blue eyes. "And you are asking -me- to be your spy?" Amused nonetheless.

"I'd rather not talk about that," Aidric says half into his cup. Though when she calls her assignment spying he looks up with something of an amused smile on his lips. "I wouldn't exactly call it spying coz, I am not asking you to break into the Queen's apartments and copy her papers just bring me whatever rumours you hear while I can't collect them myself."

The girl gives her head a bemused shake and takes a sip from her own cup - very slow and shallow. "I can try. I may go to prayers with Elaida, and maybe we can talk there too. Would she be mad if you found out what she tells me? I know Tristan wouldn't mind… "

Aidric snorts. "I am not asking you pass on her private confidences, like what she likes Tristan to do when they're in bed together," indeed that thought makes him wrinkle his nose. "Just general gossip of the court, any news that might not make it out into the street, that sort of thing. I am among other things, working for your brother's benefit here, so the less I need to catch up upon my return the better for all of us."

Tiadora gasps in surprise. "B-but they're not married yet! Engaged, yes so it's…" She blinks her eyes, her cheeks red with embarassment. "She wouldn't!" The last is said with conviction. "But- well, whatever I do hear I can try. You know I don't like being in court much. I like being around Clara and Emilia but not… not all those people." Her color returns and even pales as she thinks of crowds.

Aidric can't help but smile at Tiadora's embarrassment. "One above," he sighs before shaking his head, when he looks back at her he says, "It was a joke." Not entirely a lie, as he had meant it as an exaggeration, but better he not share exactly what he meant. "Anyhow, that is all I am asking, visit Clara and Elaida and share any gossip they they might share with you. Until the ban is lifted, few people will be lining up to speak with me in case the Queen's disfavour rubs off on them so I will need all the news I can get."

Tiadora takes a fast gulp of her wine. "I sorry. I should have know you were only kidding. I'm not very good with jokes." She looks miserable for a moment but hides it with a small smile. "What -did- you honestly do," she repeats. But rather than force him to dodge answering, she quietly asks, "How is Tris taking this?"

"Don't worry about it," Aidric says raising his cup to his cousin. "A few more months with me will give you an education in humour," he says before he takes a sip. That sip ends with that question and he sighs. "I said some things the Queen didn't agree with," a pause while he considers if he should say the rest or just leave himself the victim of this tale. "At what was, perhaps, not the most respectful volume," he adds opting for truth. "As for Tristan knowing, I just got the note from the Queen yesterday, but as he's the spymaster, he'd better have found out by now or we're all in trouble."

Tiadora clarifies gently to him, "I didn't mean how is he taking your 'brief sabbatical'. Is he… Doing all right?"

"Oh," Aidric says before he sets down his cup and looks over to Tia. "He's furious of course. He wants the people who did this totally annihilated. As do I." He frowns. "Is he alright? I'd say not. He lost what we all assume was his child."

She offers another quiet prayer, with eyes closed. "Anger is better than guilt. Especially righteous anger." She frowns in concern. "But I hope it doesn't overwhelm him. Do they have any clue who would do such terrible things? This goes beyond angry brother or husband. This is… Evil."

"Well said," Aidric remarks on righteous anger. Though now that he thinks about it, it wasn't impossible Tristan would feel some guilt as well. He moves on though, only frowning a little at that errant thought. "It is evil. As to who, we think it is the work of the men who did similar killings for the Thorns. Though the Queen wants proof before we strike."

Tiadora takes another piece of candy and chews slowly. "That's a pit of vipers no one wants to uncover," she agrees. "I'll be sure to double the guard patrols here, just in case any of them start thinking of Symon or I as 'traitors' to their cause."

"At least until we can fill that pit with oil and set it alight anyhow," Aidric agrees with a grim nod. A further nod follows at the security precautions. "If you need more men let me know, I still have some of Symon's men camped outside of the city, I'm increasing the guard at the Carling manse as well but I have men enough to spare. So far they seemed to be fixated on Tristan and haven't targeted nobles, but it never hurts to be prepared."

Tiadora says, "One grant they do no more harm, but who can predict an evil mind?" She sighs. "Sometimes I wish I could have just cloistered myself in my room forever. Less horrible things to see in the world. But then I'd miss the lovely ones too. I will just have to offer my prayers and my support. Hope that nobody else is hurt."

"Nobody except those with an equally evil mind. This path they've chosen, provoking the Tracanos it's madness, but who's to say how many they kill before they're eliminated? Especially as we wait for proof that we don't need and will never find," he is unable to keep the bitterness out of his words.

He washes out the bitterness with wine and continues, his tone more even and almost fond, "You've the right of it, hide from this sort of thing you miss the rest, and it does seem you've been enjoying yourself and making friends. I know Symon was glad of that, proud too," Aidric confides.

Tiadora chews her lip, knowing now why the Queen might not be too happy. "Better to be certain than uncover the -wrong- pit and give them an excuse to slither out. Two instead of just one," she says gently. But she lets it slide for happier discussions. "It was nice to see him. And the look on his face when I got second was nice. We've had so little… Joy as of late. He has so much to do at home it's good to see -him- smile too."

"We're not wrong," Aidric says. "Nobody else has the resources to do what they've done, well, one other, but it is not them," a pause. "I am certain of it." He frowns then thoughtfully, then takes a sip of wine.

"Anyhow, it was good to see Symon smile," he admits, smiling himself. "I think he talks to that greathawk of his more than he does people, it was good for him to see people and old friends. Though, did he say anything of what he was whispering about with Jasper Callis, the Prince of Venderos' bastard? Symon wouldn't tell me. All he mentioned as far as deals go, was the prospect of marrying Rhea to the l'Faust."

"We're not wrong," Aidric says. "Nobody else has the resources to do what they've done, well, one other, but it is not them," a pause. "I am certain of it." He frowns then thoughtfully, then takes a sip of wine.

"Anyhow, it was good to see Symon smile," he admits, smiling himself. "I think he talks to that greathawk of his more than he does people, it was good for him to see people and old friends. Though, did he say anything of what he was whispering about with Jasper Callis, the Prince of Venderos' bastard? Symon wouldn't tell me. All he mentioned as far as deals go, was the prospect of marrying Rhea to the l'Faust."

"He keeps things close to the vest. He does talk to the bird more than anyone else." She giggles a little. "But that would be good. The further away from home, and those who think she'll carry on our parent's legacy." Now it's her turn to bitter. "There are a lot of people who won't like where Symon wants us to go, and they will turn to her to stay unchanging."

Aidric chuckles, "I knew it," he says of Symon talking to the bird. "Do you ever notice the look the same. It's the eyes, and how they both cock their head and just stare at you…" he shakes his head. "Ah, One, our duke is a strange one." The bitterness at Rhea is understood and Aidric leans forward to take some more marzipan as Tiadora speaks. "True, so I suppose it behooves us to keep mum on the match until it's done, else those other lords may snatch her away to 'safety' or some such nonsense." He chews a bite of the candy. "I suppose I should take the time to write my family and see where they stand in all of this, but I am fairly sure I will not like the answer I get, if I get any at all."

Tiadora nods. "It's a valid concern. She could easily become a rallying point whether or not she wishes it." She takes a slow sip o of her wine. "Until he has an heir. Maybe that's what he looking into?"

"It is," Aidric agrees. "And it could be. That would be an interesting match. I do not know much about Venderos but I do know they are very much looking towards the future than the past. If so I wish Symon luck," he says doing his own considering head tilt as he thinks over the implications of such a match.

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