(1866-10-08) Unexpected Encounter
Unexpected Encounter
Summary: Aidric and Adrienne bump into each other at the Golden Dragon Inn.
Date: 1866-10-08
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Golden Dragon Inn - Sunsreach - Rivana

The Golden Dragon Inn is a sprawling and airy establishment with shutters instead of a wall facing the street to let cool air in during Sunsreach's scorching summers. Inside the common room it is shady and cool, with a scattering of circular tables about the center of the room, a heavy wooden bar to one side, and the scintillating smells of the kitchen wafting through a door to the right. The back of the establishments are given over to private tables, most often used by the 'quality', those with fat purses or noble names. Past these tables are the doors to private dining rooms where one can entertain in privacy.

The true focus of the common room however is the stage where bards, singers, storytellers and even actors can be found performing most nights to the amusement of the patrons.

Past the stage is the wooden steps to the upper level sleeping chambers, which vary from closet sized rooms with a straw pallet and a chamber pot to more lavish bedrooms befitting guests of quality.


A late afternoon it is, and Adrienne had ventured out of the Cassomir Manse, for a stroll about the center of Sunsreach. Having arrived one or two days prior from Pacitta, where she like so many other Cassomirs had attended the Circuit Tournament that had taken place during the peace talks, the freckled Huntress apparently has some business in Sunsreach that keeps her from returning to Ironhold right away. The stroll had found an interruption, when grey clouds gathered further in a manner, warning of an impending downpour. And exactly, in the moment the first heavy rain drops start hitting the ground, Adrienne slips into the Golden Dragon Inn, her green eyes flickering with relief and faint curiosity over the interior, as the door falls shut behind her. A hand moves over her dark brown hair that is worn in a braid as if to check its degree of moisture, her attire modest indeed, compared to what she had worn at the Tournament Banquet at Pacitta: tunic and leggings of dark green, beneath a cloak of even a darker shade. Her posture is upright, attentive, as the Huntress considers where she should settle for a mug of ale, to kill time until the weather turns once again for the better.

“Great. Rain,” Aidric says as the drops begin to fall. He’d been out in the city to inspect the place the bodies had been found, well rather, the first bodies had been found, the girl and her mother. He pulls up the hood of his cloak and his men, Goat and Scarecrow do the same. They press on through the downpour a moment before Goat calls out, “M’lord, maybe we should stop at the Dragon?” he asks hopefully.

Aidric glances back at the man at arms then to the inn, and he nods. After the way things have been shaping up a drink was just the thing. “C’mon,” he says to his men and he leads his way inside, bumping into a woman just on the other side of the door. “Mind where you-“ he begins before he registers who it is and his scowl turns into a grin. He pulls back his hood, “If it isn’t my favourite sparring partner,” he greets.

A look is given over his shoulder to his men, a sign to move on to find tables and drinks for themselves.

Adrienne hears the door opening behind her and already starts to move instinctively out of the way, but obviously not enough to prevent a certain impatient someone barging in from bumping into her. She whirls around, one hand already moving to her belt where she carries a dagger – the hilt of which may already reveal to the trained eye a certain exquisite quality.

“Goodness!” The word leaves her lips with an accusing grumble she had intended for the impertinent idiot about to sneer at her, when that slightly irritated glare turns into an expression of surprise. And her eloquence deserts her for a moment. “By the One. It’s you.” One corner of her mouth lifts into a wry grin, and she shakes her head. “I had no idea you were in Sunsreach.”, said as she remains standing where she is, a curious glance given those two men in his company as they are waved along by Aidric.

“Hmm…” the freckled Huntress gives the Carling a brief assessing glance. “Seems you were less lucky than me, I managed at least to be spared from the rain. Just arrived. Was thinking about where to sit…” A hand comes up in a rather vague gesture towards the common room.

The move towards the dagger earns the notice of Aidric’s men who reach for their blades. They stop short when introductions begin and when Aidric dismisses them they nod, going forth to find a table and some ale.

“And here I thought I was too funny to stab,” Aidric greets, referencing Adrienne’s remark from the banquet as he eyes her dagger. When it is released and she remarks on his ill luck, a wry smile of his own forms, “Luck has not been with me this week, I fear,” a pause and a glance at Adrienne. “Until now. As to where to sit, the finer booths are at the back, though we could take one of the more common tables if you prefer. I know you are not a fan of luxury.”

The hand that had already found said hilt lets go as soon as Adrienne recognizes Aidric, and notices the concern on his two men, the kind of concern that has armed men draw blades easily, and so she raises her right hand in a placating gesture, assuring them she means no harm. Green eyes shift back to Aidric, and she smiles. “Yes you are; that’s what saved you probably…”, she quips, in response to his jest, even so his following remark will be met with a raised eyebrow. “Is that so…? What has happened?” A shoulder lifts in a half-shrug to his question, she for once undecided for a moment – but then again, that very question had plagued her in the moment he bumped into her. The freckled Cassomir considers, her green eyes narrowing, as they glance from Aidric towards the tables. “One of the finer booths, I’d say. Even if I may risk baffling you again with this choice.” A fine booth for a Huntress – an unlikely choice of place, and as such holding a very low risk of encountering other Huntresses, of which only the fewest have noble blood.

“Good to know,” Aidric replies of his humour saving him. “And as to what happened, that’s a topic for when we’re sitting and when we have wine,” he says, though he isn’t smiling quite so broadly as he was a moment ago. His eyes do glint curiously at Adrienne’s choice of seat. “Well good to see I’m having a civilizing influence on you,” he prods lightly as he leads the way to one such booth. Once they’re there he lets Adrienne sit as he removes his cloak and sword belt, revealing he’s dressed down today, in a rather plain doublet and breeches, however the odd ring, and the silver fittings on his weapon still give him away as noble. Once that’s removed he sits as well, putting his cloak and sword on the padded bench beside him. He waves for wine. “So, I am guessing by your questions just now, you’ve just arrived?”

Adrienne nods, her gaze flickering a little when he postpones any enlightening words to when they are comfortably settled. A low amused snort the reaction to his quip about having a civilizing influence on her, as she follows along. “Don’t flatter yourself too much, Sir. I have my reasons,” she remarks vaguely, then busy with removing her dark brown cloak and placing it beside her as well, where she sits down, opposite of him, her own belt with the dagger left as it is, as it will not hamper her near as much as a sword would. Her eyes show a bit of curiosity as she beholds Aidric’s rather plain attire, but it does not seem to bother her overly much. “Yesterday,” she admits to his question. “Most of our party has returned to Ironhold, but I and a few others have some business in Sunsreach to deal with before we can follow the others. Why?” She looks at him questioningly.

There is a snort at the flattery remark. “Of course,” he says. When they’ve settled and most especially when the wine comes, Aidric at last turns his thoughts to her question. He considers things a moment, his pale green eyes studying Adrienne. These were topics he did not want to talk about and the frown on his lips shows that plainly. “Is there any chance I can avoid the subject entirely? Or the verbal Harrowing that is sure to come if I try to evade your questions? The answers won’t be pretty,” a pause, “Not all of them anyhow,” he suspected she’d be amused by his banishment, “Either way it would make this little chat a good bit darker than our last.”

Adrienne leans back in her chair, watches as the wine is poured for them, the flagon set down on the table to stay, should any refills be required later on. She takes her cup in hand, swirling the red wine, her green eyes engaged with the spectacle for a moment, before her gaze lifts to glance towards Aidric. “Of course,” she replies with some bewilderment. “If you don’t want to talk about it, who am I to insist…? I may have heard some rumors.” A faint smirk curls her lips. “One of them of a certain Carling who is not allowed into the Palace anymore. What have you done? Danced?” The jest is soon dropped, when a low snort escapes the freckled Huntress and she shakes her head. “You don’t have to reply. If you don’t want to. But I can assure you, I can take answers that aren’t pretty. I’ve already seen some things in my young life.” She purses her lips, and her eyes show off that slightly stubborn flicker, he already has seen before. “Or we speak of… lighter things. As the reason why I am here, in the Capital. Delaying the return to my beloved woods of Ironhold…”Adrienne sets the cup down onto the table. At least she offers him an alternative topic.

There is a cough from Aidric, and he glances at her over his wine cup. “So, you heard about that part?” he asks, before a smile comes unbidden to his lips. “Danced?” he asks shaking his head, eyes glittering with dark amusement. He snorts. “Danced,” he remarks again as he takes a drink, he sets down his cup, “No, I didn’t dance. I yelled at the Queen,” he admits with the grace to be shamefaced about it, his words lowering in volume as he completes that sentence. “So, yes, you’re right, I can’t go back to the palace.” He has another, disgruntled sip of his wine, before he too settles back in his seat, “Anyhow what joyous reason have you come to Sunreach for?” he asks. He does not mention the murders just yet, suspecting that now that he’d mentioned yelling at the queen, they’d come about in due course.

She managed to amuse him? Adrienne leans a bit forward, fingers twining about the cup, her head tilted a bit to the side when his smile is met with one of her own. “Well…? I know your feet can be dangerous…?”, she adds with a challenging sparkle in her eyes, watching him drink and put down his cup. However, her mirth will dim somewhat at his clarification. “You… yelled at her?” This indeed a piece of news that baffles her for a moment. A piece of news, she is about to inquire on further right away, before she decides against it, when Aidric Carling accepts her change of topic for the sake of keeping their conversation in lighter waters. “The task of… Civilizing me,” she replies enigmatically to his question, green eyes gleaming with faint amusement. “More specifically… the task of acquiring a dress for the Royal Wedding.”

Aidric does meet Adrienne's eyes an amused glint there, until, yes, he admits yelling at the Queen. Then things darken. Ah, they'd gone this far… might as well finish it all off now. "Yes, I don't know if you've also heard of the recent killings, but there was a meeting between myself, Tristan, Clara and the Queen in the Queen and I disagreed…" he sighs. "Anyhow I am banned from the palace until the 20th, which leaves a great many things uncertain. So, between that, and murders, it has not been the best week of my life." Though, there is a glimmer of amusement in his eyes to follow, "Though I suppose, I do have some reason to be joyous now, what with your company," he gives her a look, smirking just a touch,"And the knowledge you've come to Sunsreach for further civilization."

Adrienne's eyes widen when he speaks of the killings. She nods though. "I've heard some rumors, about a woman found dead, and a child as well," she murmurs, all mirth suddenly faded from her demeanor. The mention of Clara has her lift a brow, a curious flicker there in her gaze. "I may speak to Clara soon, I am sure she can give me more details… so this was because of those two murders?", she inquires. Her hand moves forward - an instinctive gesture, not something she would do deliberately - and comes to rest on his arm, if he will allow it. "Banned from the palace… oh my." The freckled Huntress shakes her head, stunned by the tale. Her gaze is lowered for moment, as she contemplates implications of it all. It is his following remark that has those green eyes lift again, and her lips curl into a smirk. "Me… being civilized more… that is such an uplifting thought to you?", she quips. "Enough to raise your spirits?" She chuckles. "Am I that horrible?"

“Yes, about the murders, we all but know who did it, but the Queen still wants more proof before we strike, as if we can find any? It is not like these killers will leave convenient notes saying I, name here, conspired to murder the ex-lovers of Tristan Tracano. So, we are searching for a black dog at night with this search for proof, meanwhile, the killers are free.” He nods though at the mention of Clara, his brow lifting slightly “You know the Princess then?” he asks. “Yes, she has more details which I am sure she’ll share.”

The latter part earns a meeting of their eyes and a smirk of Aidric’s own, “No, not horrible. I am just amused is all and of course naturally credit my influence for it.”

"Ex-lovers?", echoes Adrienne Cassomir, pulling back a little. Not that she wasn't aware of Prince Tristan's scandalous reputation. "All I know of is a woman and a child. Have there been any more murders…?" She cannot help but shudder at the thought. "So the murderer roams freely? There is no way to arrest him? Wait…" A particular word catches her attention, and she inquires: "Killers? You think a group of people did this?" A beat. "Thorns?"

A nod confirms her acquaintance with Princess Clara Tracano. "Aye, she is a friend." Perhaps a slightly bold statement, that, but… "In fact, she has asked me to visit her at the Palace. As she has offered me help with picking a dress for the wedding." That smirk on the Carling's features provokes another on Adrienne's face. "I am sorry to disappoint you, but… You have actually no part in it.", she stresses with a lift of both brows. "Nor have you been any influence." She smiles and has another sip of wine.

Aidric snickers some at Adrienne’s latter remarks. “Well, a dress from a royal, that will make for some gossip, I shall try not to get myself into trouble again so you may enjoy the spotlight come the wedding,” he jests lightly. As for his lack of influence, he sighs. “Well, at least I’ve got the pleasure of your company since you seem to be set on slaying all my other joys.” That is delivered with a smile.

Then back to darker subjects. “Yes, lovers, there were two more killings. A courtesan and a palace seamstress. Both tied to Tristan.” Aidric nods when Adrienne catches that he mentioned more than one killer, “The first bodies were displayed in the street not far from here, the woman hung up, the child sitting against the side of a building and no one saw anything. It was done at night of course, such things always are, but, you’re a huntress, how easy would it be for a single killer to do all of that and still not be seen or heard. So, yes definitely killers and not a killer.” The mention of Thorns, gets him making a face. “If we want to talk about who these people are, we should adjourn to somewhere more private.”

“Funny you mention it,” states Adrienne with a raised brow. “Clara was saying exactly that… She’d let me have one of her dresses, and therefore have some changes made to it. As to prevent any gossip…” She shakes her head, amused. “As if a dress could be such great a matter. It will be worn once, at a wedding feast, when all eyes will be on the bride and her groom.” Her green eyes narrow ever-so-slightly, as they re-focus on Aidric: “If my company alone can make up for those other joys slayed…? In fact, I suspect your joys may indeed be so twisted to take delight in me thwarting them.” She smiles back, mischief glinting in her eyes.

So much for their delightful banter, the mood sombers a little, and the Huntress listens attentively when the Carling speaks of more killings, her gaze flickering at the mention of a seamstress. She contemplates his comments about the circumstances the first bodies were found in. She was bound to mention Thorns, his reaction makes her shoot him a long glance. “I agree.”, the Cassomir lady concedes after a moment, all traces of mirth almost banished from her freckled features. “And I would like to hear more.”

Aidric leans forward shaking his head. “Clara is correct but never underestimate the ability of the court to notice small details,” he says, thinks about it and adds, “A thing like a dress can signal close ties between you and the Princess. So, if it’s noted, you may find your beset by people wanting to be your friend so for the chance to become her friend.” That other remark earns a laugh however. “I am not sure I ought to answer that,” he says with a smile.

Then yes, time for less fun topics. Aidric’s smile dies a quiet death and the laughter goes out of his eyes. He nods when Adrienne confirms what he’d suspected and then he drinks down the rest of his wine and fishes for coins to pay for the flagon which he intends to take with him. “My manse then?” he suggests. “I can go first and you can follow after if you don’t want to be seen going there together.”

"A dress can be a statement of being close with the Princess…?", Adrienne echoes with a low snort. "After all, the Queen is to marry my cousin!" She shakes her head. "But… well…" Her words are cut off, when he laughs and refuses to comment on her theory, she meeting his mirth with a smile that reaches to her eyes. It is a moment, that fades all too soon, when the Cassomir lady in the modest Huntress attire inclines her head to his proposition, and takes one more sip from her own cup as well, not willing to let the wine go to waste. "Yes. I think that should be preferable."

She will remain at the table, watching Aidric leave with the flagon, a sight that somehow makes one corner of her mouth curl upwards. She'll sip from her cup, allowing her thoughts to drift a little. After some time has passed, Adrienne will rise as well, get her cloak, pull the hood over her head as it probably is still raining outside, and leave the inn, stepping out into the late hours of afternoon that already shifts into an early evening.

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