(1866-10-09) After the Rain
After the Rain
Summary: Adrienne has a conversation with her brother Graham, in which he explains a rather personal matter; while his sister announces her visit to the Palace, on dress business.
Date: 11-13/10/2015 (Date of RP)
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
In the scene.
Octobre 9th, 1866

The typical rain had drenched Sunsreach on the previous eve. But on the morning of this 9th of Octobre, most clouds have vanished, leaving the sky almost impeccably blue. The improved weather will find its echo on Adrienne Cassomir's features. She had been out in Sunsreach and returned at late evening, and now she sits at the table where usually all Cassomirs gather for the meals. Currently, it is just Adrienne. She wears her Huntress garb, tunic and leggings of green color, her hair is done in a braid, and shows still off some traces of moisture, pointing to the fact she has started off the day with a bath. There is a smile on her face as she helps herself to some bread and smoked ham, a glass of watered wine already waiting beside her plate.

Graham had training today and it was very pleasant unlike yesterday which had been in the rain and all. He's returned though and changed, but still his hair is also damp from a bath though as he returns to have breakfast. He will enter from behind his sister given where his shared quarters are. The Lily knight steps lightly through the hall until behind her he'll tap one shoulder quickly stepping to the other side. An old classic "Good morning lovely sister mine." he says with a grin coming to his face.

"Good morning, lovely brother mine," Adrienne greets back, lifting her green eyes from the plate before her. "You've had a bath as well?", she asks raising a brow. "How was your training?", this she inquires, with a smile curving her lips. "I am to go and visit Princess Clara today. In the palace. I thought I should look all neat and tidy, for a change." Says the one, wearing the Huntress clothes. "Oh, I'll change before I leave. Certainly," is added in an afterthought.

"It went well, much better than the muddy fiasco yesterday." Graham chuckles and nods to his sister "I have, given I was all sweaty and a little dirty from training." He looks over to her as he leans down placing a kiss to her cheek before moving around the table to sit across from her. "That is exciting, Lady Clara is good company from all my experiences with her. She seems not to like it when I am overly formal in most circumstances but i'm sure you'll be just fine." He looks over "You look fine, she is often around Emilia so is used to the garb of a huntress."

"Hmmm…", Adrienne shoots Graham a glance, the shadow of a smirk playing with her features. "Yes, yesterday was something… Quite a bit of rain. I was lucky to make it to the Golden Dragon Inn just in time, before I got particularly drenched," she says, her green eyes flickering ever-so-slightly. She smiles when her brother explains he was all muddy and sweaty. "Oh, I bet you were…" Her cheek is offered as he leans in for a peck. "Clara," his freckled sister replies, "has offered me to help me with finding a dress to wear for the Royal Wedding. And no. I'll be going to the Palace, so I'll wear my green dress. Mama would kill me if I didn't." The latter admitted with a slight roll of her eyes.

Graham will nod in agreement with her words about the rain yesterday. “It did make things difficult, and I’m glad I wasn’t traveling at the moment.” He looks with a chuckle to his sister though he nods as well. “I’m sure she will find something that suits you just perfectly.” He says though grinning “Maybe so, but you always look wonderful. I may be called biased as your brother though thinking you’re a beauty.”

Adrienne meets that chuckle with a slight roll of her eyes. “It was quite the downpour,” she states. “And about the dress… I need a new one, there is no way to argue about that. Clara has far more experience in the matter of fashion… I am glad she helps me, to appear a little more civilized.” A slightly more pronounced smirk there. A smirk that fades into a warm smile, when she hears her brother’s compliment. “Aww, Graham. You know me. I hate dresses, and even more picking new ones.”

“That it was, oh well I suppose training waits for no-one right?” Graham says with a chuckle though he’ll grab some food and drink and look across though listening to her words about the dress and Clara. “You will be fine Adrienne, but Clara will be help in calming your nerves at least.” He smiles warmly over to her in return “I do know you quite well I think or well hope anyway. I will look forward to seeing whatever gets chosen.”

There may be a slightly odd look Adrienne gives Graham when he says he knows her well. She chuckles. “But… of course! I’ll show you the dress if you are really interested, however… this will be more about picking a dress and deciding on some changes to be applied to it. It may take time.” Her green eyes flicker ever so slightly, as she has another bite from the piece of bread from her plate. “How are things going with you and Cat?” Changing the topic, as she shoots Graham a curious glance.

Graham looks over to her at the odd look tilting his head slightly. He wonders what this is for though he doesn’t ask about it right now. Instead he takes a bite and a drink. “I figured it might be a bit, but yes I wouldn’t mind seeing it when it’s ready. The Lily knights smile falters not expecting the question. “We…we.. are well.” He answers though taking a deep breath. “I figured out why there was distance between us back in Pacitta, I can tell you as my sister if you want to hear it but it is not glad tidings.”

Adrienne seems to be content with the topic shift, if there ever was one. Even so, she murmurs: “Oh… I’ll certainly show it to you, when it’s done…”, closing the matter of dresses for weddings. Green eyes study Graham attentively when he sort of stammers his reply. her brows lifting in a question that will remain silent at first. She will wait until he has said his piece, before she gives him a long glance. “Please. Tell me about it. All of it. And don’t leave anything out.” She frowns, even though the expression of her eyes remains encouraging. “I can take unhappy tidings.”

The Lily knight will take a drink from his wine and a bite to eat while she speaks though he seems to lose his appetite and sticks with the wine after. “I know you aren’t weak Adrienne.” He comments though it takes a few moments and a deep breath. “I am sure you noticed that I hadn’t worn Cat’s favour in the beginning of the tournament, and I was at the end? Also that we were a bit cold… or well distant with one another her and I.” Graham starts he looks across the table taking another deep breath. “I found the reason out and indeed it is not good tidings.” Time has passed yet but the words are still difficult. “Cathrynn had found out she was.. with child for a time before we traveled to Pacitta but was no longer…” he looks to his sister after he speaks.

Adrienne watches her brother, a brow lifting when he attests her not being weak. When Graham begins to speak about what has troubled him, she will listen, her expression softening. A nod comes when he speaks of the favor. Of course she had noticed. “You were distant with each other?”, this perhaps a detail that has escaped her. When he almost gets to the point, his freckled sister draws a breath. There is a flicker in her green eyes when he states Cathrynn was with child; was. It is a piece of news that makes her gaze go distant for a moment, and a sigh leave her lips. Her brows twitching ever so slightly.

“I am so sorry,” Adrienne states after a moment. She gives Graham a long look. “But… you and her are… getting along better again now? Was this a thing that stood between the two of you?”

“We were yes, she was so cold towards me, and I was stupid enough to not ask why and just let myself be the same in return. It finally was discussed and the reason given. It was possible for us to make up and we are once more close together.” The Lily knight explains the issues that were causing the distance before. “Not once I knew, but when I didn’t know the reason yes we were not ourselves for a few weeks.” He lets out a sigh and takes another deep breath nodding “I am too, sorry that is. I know it will happen when the One is willing but this is a sore trial.”

“It is,” Adrienne agrees, her lips curving up slightly into an encouraging smile. “Hmm…Yes. When the One is willing…”, she echoes. “If you two are so eager to get her with child, I’m sure it won’t take long, and she will be expecting again.” She chuckles, but something is slightly off in her expression. Her hand she extends to reach for his arm, squeezing it gently. “I am glad, that the coldness between you and her is gone, and that you two are getting along better again. She’s my Huntress sister! I could tell something was amiss, but she wouldn’t tell me.”

Graham will look across the table and nod “One willing, and I do hope you are right about that, I will let you know if I hear anything or well when I do. She hadn’t told me even and so yes I didn’t know to ask what was wrong.” He takes another drink and bite of food “We are better yes now, and a camping trip promised will do both of us some good.” He smiles to his sister the topic isn’t happy but now that it’s passed they can speak of happier things though he does seem to wish to ask her about the slight oddity he picks up but perhaps another time.

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