(1866-10-10) Expecting
Summary: Yep, someone else is pregnant, but what are you going to do? Post war baby-boom and all that. Also some discussion of t'Tremaine business.
Date: 1866-10-10
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Michael's Chambers, Murnord
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Octobre 10th 1866

Michael's chambers are quite a bit less Spartan than the rest of the l'Corren living quarters. There are thick carpets on the floor, heavy tapestries on the walls and keeping out the drafts from the windows, because even in Octobre the northern duchy becomes chilly, and thick furs piled upon the bed. Michael returns to this little oasis of luxury from spending time with the household accounts, as such his doublet is off, and the sleeves of his shirt are rolled up, to keep ink from staining either. His hands are not so lucky, so he as he enters the chambers he heads to where there is a bowl of water for washing, intent on getting clean before he did anything else.

He isn't alone in his chambers. His wife, Bella, is standing on a short stool with a pair of seamstresses moving around her and measuring her with strings. "I won't be able to let out the red one, my lady," the older of the seamstresses is saying. "But the blue and the cream both should do well. Would you like anything additional made while we are doing the alterations?"

"Mm." Bella looks contemplative. "Yes, at least one that's meant for me to grow into. I detest being confined so tightly." When she sees Michael enter, her face lights up. "Ah, husband. I wasn't expecting you back quite so soon." She winks at him, and steps down from the stool. "Shoo, both of you. I'm sure you've enough to work with, and I want some time with Lord Michael."

Both of the other women laugh merrily and curtsey to the heir to Murnord and then to his wife once more before departing.

"Michael. Can I have a new dress or two?" she teases.

Michael isn't terribly surprised to find his wife and the seamstresses in his chambers when he arrives, after a year of married life he was used to it. He walks to the water bowl and washes his hands, listening to the ladies talk. When the seamstresses make their curtsy he's finished and so he turns while drying his hands, "Ladies," he says with a playful wink and a chuckle. When they leave he looks to his wife and smiles, "Why not. Though what's the matter? I did warn you that food here would be more fattening than you're used to, didn't I? The cold weather, you understand."

Bella leans up on her tiptoes and steals a brief kiss. "My clothes are getting tight. If you haven't noticed, I've missed my blood for several months now." She smirks. "I didn't want to say anything until I was completely sure… but…" she grins wickedly at him.

Michael smiles at the kiss, and returns it in kind as he tosses away the towel. Bella's words make him quirk a brow and brings about a slow building excitement that explodes into an embrace of his wife. He lifts her clean off the ground and kisses her soundly, before he sets her down again, "And you're sure? Have you seen the midwife?" he glances at his wife's stomach. "Though One above, you don't look it," he says, more compliment than an expression of doubt.

"I've been gaining weight," she replies dryly. "And I feel it even if you don't see it yet." She looks amused at him though. "The midwife is coming tomorrow so we can figure when I will be due. But I am as sure now as I can be." Her arms had slid around his neck when he embraced her, and after he set her down moved to around his waist. "I take it you are excited, mm?"

Michael nods accepting Bella's word without question. He pulls her close to him, chuckling as he usually did, when she barely reaches his chin. "Yes, I am very pleased. With Gwen's announcement and how often we've been to bed, I was beginning to wonder if something might be wrong with one of us," he confesses before kissing her head and saying, "Though I am glad we're not going to have to deal with that."

Bella shrugs. "Sometimes," she says, "it just takes some time. And besides, you were running around with the king for the first few months of our marriage," she points out.

"But I do not think we have much to worry about. I am looking forward to seeing when we will have our child. And then we can discuss others." She gives him another wicked grin. "And practice making them until our first arrives."

Michael leans his head to the side. "True," he allows with a laugh. "Anyhow, I am just glad the child is coming, regardless of timing." The remark about the practice for making more, earns another laugh, "How long do they let us do that sort of thing when you're with child?" he asks, before adding with a teasing tone, "I was somewhat hoping for a break." Though it is clear he was hoping for no such thing as he meets her wicked smile with one of his own. He steps back from her so he can have another look at her stomach, a wondering smile upon his face. It was strange to think his child was in there. His eyes rise back up to Bella's. "So, do you have a feeling if it will be a girl or a boy yet? Some mothers swear they can tell."

Bella snorts. "And they are superstitious fools, all of them. They only recall when they were actually right, or when they are wrong swear that something was incorrectly told to them so their fortune telling went awry. No. I do not know, but I hope for a son for your heir."

"Don't say that too loudly," Michael teases as he bends down to kiss Bella on the nose. "They say if you malign our northern beliefs the goblins will send the ice bear cavalry to punish you." He laughs again and shakes his head, "You're right, though, I suppose only the One knows what our child will be, but I shall hope it's a boy as well. Though, we will need to think of a name, Gabe and Ali got to Eduard before us."

She rolls her eyes at his teasing, but smiles. "We'll think on it. We have time to find a good name or two." She grins. She moves to sit on the bed. "How was your trip to Hartwood? Productive I hope."

Michael moves to join her flopping down onto his back on the thick furs atop the bed. He rubs his temples, "It was good to see Elrick again, but the situation there is dire. They are indebted to a number of parties, ourselves included and I am unsure how best to dig them out of it. I am still working with father to find acceptable terms."

"Hrm." Bella frowns. "And the baron is still as…" she hunts for a polite word, "intractable as usual, I assume?"

Michael looks over, nodding. "Yes, and just as unkillable," he says to head off that unpleasant conversation. "So, we need some way to work around him."

Bella snorts again. "Good luck," she notes. "Men like that allow their idiocy to override other men's good sense. You're fighting an uphill battle, husband. Perhaps if you won't kill him, pray the One decides to send him some sort of illness and takes him that way."

Michael tugged frowns up at the canopy above their bed. "I know. Barring the One taking mercy on us, I am not sure what else we can do about it for now. There is talk of demoting the house, which is unfortunate, because I know Elrick could lead them out of their current circumstance."

She sighs. "Then perhaps that is what should be done. Or at least the father being told to step aside for his son. You can choose to retire, can you not? Perhaps he should."

"It may have to be done," Michael says. "Because the baron won't ever step aside. He's too proud." Though he sits up and then climbs off the bed. He heaves a sigh, "I am going to have another look at the accounts, there has to be something I've missed," he reasons. "Though, I will try not to be long," he promises, after all they had some 'practice' to do.

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