(1866-10-12) A Fruitful Conversation
A Fruitful Conversation
Summary: Tristan seeks out information from an old Syndicate friend.
Date: 1866-10-12
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Tristan  Adem  

Moreno Manse - Sunsreach
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Tristan was not one to arrive unannounced and this time is no different. The previous evening, he had dispatched a messenger to deliver a message to the Moreno to request a meeting. When he arrives, he is escorted inside to one of the well-appointed sitting rooms. He is dressed in more somber colors this evening, dark green and black. Golden thread and silver buttons are the only colorful elements of his clothing for the evening.

Resting his cane against his chair, he casually sips from some of the offered wine as he lets his glance move around the room. It was nice to see that the Moreno were doing well for themselves, although he had heard rumors about troubles trying to find a wife for Adem. That was something he would like to try and offer some assistance with… but no… now was about more pressing matters.

The head of the house was not in, but his son and heir, Adem, was able to meet with the Prince. And not for the first time, though previously it was as a high-ranking Syndicato.

"Your Highness," Adem greets Tristan as he walks into the sitting room, bowing. "We are gratified you would come to see us. What can I do for House Tracano?" Adem is a businessman, after all, and though the dance of the court is new to him, he isn't foolish. If Tristan Tracano requests a meeting, knowing what he knows of the family, then there is business afoot.

Tristan stands up and offers Adem a smile, nodding. "Of course, House Moreno has shown much friendship to my House in the past and I know that you are eager to see a prosperous future for both of our houses as well as for Rivana." He sits back down and pauses a moment, "There is no need for any formalities, if that is alright with you? The reason I am here is not regarding business, well it is, but there are more personal elements to this as well. Have you heard the rumors about the, ah, murders that have been happening as of late?"

"As you wish, my prince," Adem replies calmly, taking his own seat in a chair facing Tristan. "And yes. Hard not to. Well, old guard nobles might be able to pretend they havent heard about it, but we still have our ears on the streets." He looks grim. "And eyes. One of my cousins saw the desecration with his own eyes. Terrible business."

"I figured as much, and honestly because you do have your ears on the streets, your House proves itself far more valuable than those old guard nobles that you speak of." Tristan gives the man a considering look before he speaks again. "The women who are being killed are women I have slept with. No one has claimed responsibility for this, but I cannot help but hold one group of people responsible." He leaves his implication unspoken.

"Women you've bedded?" Adem grimaces. "Then if rumors are true, the streets will run red with blood, common and noble alike." Before he continues, he says, "excuse me one moment, your highness," stands and moves to the side door. He speaks quietly with one of the men there in Moreno colors, who salutes Adem and disappears.

Returning, Adem sits back in his seat. "I apologize for that. I felt it prudent to put additional guards on my sister immediately." Saffran's clientele list may have been a secret overall, but some of her former clients were known. And Tristan Tracano was one of them.

"Why would they target women you've been with, do you think?" Adem was a man less of passions and more of calculations, which made him an excellent head of a Syndicate house and less prone to going off hot-headed as Aidric had. "And what do you wish of me and mine?"

"Yes, one of them was a woman that I, ah, had been with during my time in Normont, she had a young girl with her. I cannot say for certain, but…" He lifts his hands in a bit of a gesture and then nods as Adem handles his own affairs for a moment. When the man returns, Tristan considers the questions.

"Any hit of information that can link the Abara to these murders would be rather nice. Her Majesty does not see fit to deal with them without suitable proof. I cannot fault her for that as that makes sense. I agree that having evidence against them would be nice, but while I do what I can to try and collect that evidence I want to begin making plans." He pauses to take a sip of some wine and let a few thoughts collect in his head before continuing. "What I need is as much information on the Abara as can be provided. Where can they be found? Who are their leaders? Things of that nature."

"Well." Adem frowns. "I cannot promise our information is still accurate, but I'll give you what we do know."

"Firstly, the head of the family is Alesandro Abara. He is a twisted man, could flay his mother with a spoon if the coin was right, without even flinching. Cold-hearted. Haven't heard much directly about him in some time, though, so could be that he's dead, could be that he's just allowing his children to handle things." Adem sighs. "We honestly don't know. His daughter Baral handles their merchantile business. Then he's three sons and another daughter that work directly in the family business. Zarine, his youngest daughter?" He shudders. "I would rather face Alesandro's tender mercies for a week than Zarine's for an hour. She is supposed to be… gifted with a blade. In the sense of cutting people open, slowly."

Adem considers. "They have their headquarters in Stoneshield, as far as their legitimate business goes. Where their true headquarters might be, I could only guess. I'd assume not too far from Stoneshield though. They've been under the Wardens noses for a long, long time, long enough that I'm quite sure myself that they've a few that are… ahh… in their pockets."

Tristan raises a hand and rubs at his face. "Those descriptions… well, not everyone is a saint and there are things that I think we can all be capable of that we may not be proud of, but neither Alessandro nor Zarine seem like people that bring a lot of value to Rivana. The same goes for some of the family business." The specific type doesn't need to be said.

"My lord, I will be honest with you. Your family and the Silva? You provide tangible benefits to the realm not just now, but the future. I have been considering the problem of the Abara for some time now. It is impossible to do to them what we have done for your family and what I am trying to do for the Silva. Yes, I have been trying to get the Silva made lords of Blacksands. I believe that bit of land will have quite a bit of value for them." He smiles faintly before taking another sip of the wine.

"The future of Rivana is one where the Moreno and the Silva provide valuable legitimate business concerns as well as your other business interests. You have quite a network established for the moving of goods, a network that I would like to see expanded once the Abara have been… dealt with. Though I admit that your information about the Wardens troubles me though. If there some who are in their pockets, I will need to try to find out more about that."

Adem nods slightly. "The Silva are, generally speaking, good men and women. They stay out of most of the dark side of the business. Alchemists and apothecaries, and damned good ones. My sister actually has been talking with them on and off about a drug that would allow a man to…" he looks amused, "well, reach his pleasure five or so times in a single night without too much effort." He chuckles. "If anyone could make such a thing, it would be them. And that is what they do. I would guess they enjoy the puzzle of it."

"But the Abara…" Adem scowls. "I would not shed a single tear should they all become part of Rivana's history. Ancient history."

"What, does she wish to wear a man down completely? Five or six times?" Tristan simply shakes his head, chuckling at that. "I believe that is one alchemical I will never have an interest in. Two or three times is more than enough, really." A slight smile is given briefly before he gives a more serious nod. "I had assumed that you might feel that way. If your people hear anything of interest, please do let me know… oh, and that goes for anything that you might hear that might sound… fanciful. I would actually consider that a personal favor."

"Anything you require, your highness," Adem responds. "Is there anything specific?"

"Just anything that you might normally just shake your head at and think the person talking about it is telling tall tales." Tristan rises then, offering the man a smile. "I do thank you for meeting with me, and if there is anything I can ever do for you, please… let me know. If I cannot handle it, I will make sure that Her Majesty will hear of it."

"We will do whatever you require of us," Adem says, rising as well. "We will pass along whatever we hear, and if you need anything else, I am always at your service." He moves to walk the Prince out.

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