(1866-10-12) Preparing For Departure
Preparing for Departure
Summary: Two of the Giraldi Siblings prepare for a change of venue.
Date: 10/12/1866 IA
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Raimond's office in the Giraldi Manse of Pacitta
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Octobre 12, 1866 IA


The Giraldi Manse in Pacitta has been slowly emptying over the past few days, as more and more of the noble side of the family's contingent has been making their way back to Rivana. Raimond however, remains for the moment, and is presently seated in the room he uses as an office, reading and answering various messages and otherwise seeming unperturbed as servants around him seem to be packing up his things. Looks like he's soon to be headed out as well. Likely all the rest of the family soon to follow.

Lydia has been quiet at home the last few days, mainly out of the way and practicing for the next toury, she had set it in her brain she would beat Raimond at one of the divisions at least. She has noticed the activity around the house with the packing so she moves to find him. "Ray?" she asks "where we going?"

Well, she'd really only be able to compete against him in one or two events, given that she's not a knight, but regardless, Raimond looks up from his paperwork and chuckles, "Well, I'm not entirely sure where you might be going, but I'm off to Sunsreach tomorrow. Mother seems to think we should spend some time at Court." Raimond considers, "And I can't argue with the logic. I don't know if she intended you to come along as well or not, but I don't see any reason you shouldn't, unless she has something else for you to do." Which to be truthful is somewhat unlikely. Miranda has slowly given Raimond more and more say over things, though not quite to the point of completely superseding her authority. More like "He can run things until he messes up, and then I will step in."
"What do you think Lydia? Would you care to spend some time in our fair Kingdom's capital? It might make for an interesting time, though we will have a good bit of ill talk about our presence there."

Lydia looks to him and she smiles slightly "we deal with that talk all the time brother, I would need some courtly dresses, but I think I would like that." she pauses "Besides when have you ever known me to pass up tagging along anywhere?"

"Not terribly often, no." Raimond notes with some amusement, "Though I may have to lock you up once we're there. Whether to avoid the men of court fawning over you or whether to keep you from scaring off all the ladies that I might so much as look at." He teases his sisters as he finishes his latest message, setting it aside and pointing his full attention towards his sibling. "Though who knows? Perhaps you'll wrap some lordling around your finger and we can find a way to parley that to our family's advantage."

Lydia rolls her eyes a little at the latter and she laughs a bit as she moves beside him "you will be too busy keeping our brother out of trouble." she says quietly with a smile and she rolls her shoulders at his last "one could hope that if I do ensnare someone it would be … for an advantage for us, yes." she smiles as she watches him .. "where are we going to stay?"

"At the Haldis Manse to start, but we will likely rent or purchase a smaller home of our own if our stay looks to be an extended one. While Darren would allow us the use of the Manor as long as we wish, it could make trouble for him with the Marwyn and their friends." Raimond shrugs as he speaks of their loudest detractors, "So best not to poke that particular badger unless we must."

Lydia tilts her head a little and she nods her head "will any of them be at the Manor or will it be just the three of us?" she asks a bit before she smiles slightly. "So which Lord do you think I should be looking at trying to turn an eye from then?" she asks light hearted, "do you know how to behave in court?" she asks him.

"So far as I'm aware it'll just be us, at least to start." Raimond answers, tilting his head at her next question, "I've no idea at the moment. Probably best if we see who's available, so to speak. See what kind of fish are in the pond before we try to catch any, as it were." Raimond smirks at Lydia's final bit, "Mother's been teaching us how to behave properly since we were born, and let us not forget that she was born noble. I suspect we will do just fine."

Lydia smirks a little at her brother, "still court. I don't recall any actual time in court." she replies as she thinks. She moves to sit down and she smiles at her brother. Her attention on the things he has packed, "I agree.. no catching…" she smiles then and she relaxes.

"We'll have to be mindful of the servants at the Manor. They are loyal enough to Darren, in that they will no doubt fulfill our needs and wishes while we stay, but that will not keep them from reporting on what we say to other masters." Raimond warns Lydia, tilting a brow and looking at her intently to emphasize the point, "So we must either assure we have privacy when we speak, or avoid talking any of the particulars of family business."

Lydia sighs and she nods her head slowly. "Well you know - I will follow your orders dearest, I will be careful on what we do or speak about." she nods "still - you know we could always go hunting, get away, to practice a bit." she suggests, "I am sure we will not be watched always." she shrugs not really worried about his request.

"We will be watched. Both by those within the Manor and those without. Everyone watches everyone at Court. The secret to the game is showing them only what you want them to see, and for us, that means acting like the proper nobles we are, and ignoring the rumors about our mother and ourselves. If faced with rudeness, we must decide whether to confront or ignore it, and that may depend on who it is doing the insulting and where." He leans back in his chair, "It's not going to be a pleasure trip, that's for certain. At least not for me."

Lydia nods and she wrinkles her nose, she moves to touch his face, "I will be good, and tell you of anything I hear." she says softly. Her eyes watch his a moment, "if you need me for any dirt digging on things, let me know?" she asks as she sighs "when do we leave?" she asks him as her fingers move to his shoulder.

"Keep your ears open while we're there, that's for certain, but there's nothing in particular we're looking for." Raimond replies, glancing up at his sister and answering her question, "Tomorrow morning. We'll be traveling via Faegate, so be prepared to be sick a couple of days." He warns her, reaching up to give her hand a brief squeeze, "Leander has already gone ahead." Raimond grins with just a touch of humor, "So he'll have to take care of us while we're Gatesick. We'll have to bellyache as much as he does about it to pay him back for all the times he's done it to us."

Lydia wanted to kiss him, it was in her eyes, but she restrains herself this time. "I will yearn to be home again… hopefully sooner then Later.." she pauses and she moves to the door then. "I should go pack myself."

Raimond nods, "Indeed you should. Wouldn't want to be late for our transit. Those Vigilants are terrible about rescheduling, and here in Pacitta they stay busy enough that you might be faster if you travelled by sea or land if we miss that appointment." Raimond chides his sister, smiling once more, "I will likely see you at dinner, Lydia. If you have any difficulties, just let me know." He rises to his feet, and leans over to kiss his sister…on the forehead. "And tomorrow we're off to a grand adventure." He adds with no small degree of sardonic humor, before sitting back down and settling back to work.


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