(1866-10-14) A Marketplace Encounter
A Marketplace Encounter
Summary: Broderick, Thaddeus, and Tiadora talk in the market
Date: 1866-10-14
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Markettown bustles with activity, at the very center of the city it draws people both high and low to its streets where one would be hard-pressed to find a more diverse variety of goods this side of Pacitta. The market is divided up into multiple districts, which cater to specific goods such as foodstuffs, craft goods, and other wares of the region. There is a little of everything…and what isn't available can certainly be arranged, if one has the coin. In all the area is lively but peaceful, due the constant presence of the House Guard tand there are few incidents beyond the occasional pricing dispute.

Markettown is also home to the city's Cathedral. A towering structure of earth toned stone and stained glass, a testament both to the glory of the One and to the wealth and success of Sunsreach.


The hottest part of the day has been and gone, but while the seasons are turning and the heat of high summer is no more, it's still not exactly cold. Merchants haggle for custom from worshippers exitting the cathedral after the latest service, wagons full of goods rattle through on their way to and from the docks, and the air is filled with noise. In the midst of this familiar chaos is Broderick. One thing he's learning about having a squire is that it involves having more things, eating utensils, wash bowls, clothes, everything starts to double up and so a trip ot the markets is in order. Not that he's doing the shopping hismelf mind, he's given Andrew a list and a stippend and sent the lad off, he's just leaning on a buttress of the cathedral and keeping an eye out to make sure no one gives the Sorez boy a hard time, and no trouble occurs.

Thaddeus is enjoying the cooler part of the day, at least it appears so. He is not leaving the cathedral at the moment, but instead is just walking around, followed by a couple of Greycen guards. The Greycen sees his cousin and once-prisoner and says, "Cousin!" Upon getting closer, Thad continues, "I see that you are keeping yourself busy enough."

Tiadora emerges from the Cathedral with a quartet of men in Normont leathers and the loyalist green sashes. She dresses far too warmly for the Sunreach heat, but the Gerrells are mostly creatures of habit. The lady Tiadora especially. She spies other guardsmen in the square and gives a shy smile and nod to their noble charges.

Not wanting to loose track of his squire entirely, Broderick flicks his eyes quickly to see just who it is that's approaching, and upon spotting that it's Thaddeus he momentarilly considers finding somewhere else to be. He gets a grip though, partically because snubbing the Lord Marshall is just generally a bad idea, and partially because, as much sa it galls him, he could actually do with a word or two with teh Greycen. "Lord Marshall," he greets back, accepting that no merchant is likely to eat Andrew and thus taking his eye off the lad for now, "and yourself I see. I trust Pacitta treated you well enough?" As the Gerrell party round the corner he offers a polite nod in return before turning back to Thaddeus once more, "sore news from the coast I hear."

Thaddeus sees Tiadora as well and gives a nod and wave to join them. "Indeed, though any happiness I had in Pacitta has since been exchanged for anger. I am sure you heard about my cousin Oliver." He almost snarls and crosses his arms.

Tiadora bows her head as she joins the two, offering a small bob of a curtsey. "I have. May the One grant him a place in the Eternal. Those raiders…" She frowns apologetically. "My condolences. I am sure my brother will send men to help deal with them, if needed."

Broderick gives Thad a single slow nod to confirm that he has indeed heard. He might not like the Greycens, but that doesn't mean raiders are allowed to just waltz in and slaughter them. "Is there word yet on an official response?" he asks, noting the wave to Tia and aiming to get as much of the unpleantness out of the way before she makes it over. "As Lord Marshall will you be leading it, or does that honour go to cousin Martyn?"

Thaddeus nods, "I am alreadying thinking on the matter on how to handle it. As I am in Sunsreach I will be taking care of this matter personally." His tone darkens, "I am assuming that you have some thoughts on the matter, cousin?" Thad nods to Tiadora, "I appreciate the offer, though I do hope that we need not his soldiers."

"I know n-nothing of these raiders," says the plump girl with a frown. "Is this common? It seems horribly brutal e-even for pirates, to…" She cuts off and chews her lip. "Is this what they d-do or did somthing provoke t-them?"

"I have no duties with the Order until after the wedding," Broderick replies simply, "and a fresh squire who needs to experience all elements of the path he is undertaking. I've also more experience in the field than most of Martyn's favourites," two wars, three armies, it all adds up, "so when I say I'll lend my sword, please do not think it a rash, or favour-seeking gesture. I've not faught them directly before, but I've both used raiding tactics," as Thaddues knows only too well, "but also defended against them as well, which is not a boast many of our forces can make." Tilting his head towards Tia he pauses for a moment, considering his words before he replies, "the provocation was likely the men, women, and gold, nothing more. Yes, it was brutal, but these men are not knights, they do not follow the same ideas of honour as us. That, I'm afraid, is what they do."

"I am sure that we will need to be ready for them if they try again. Rumors have other dragon ships in the area," Thaddeus turns to Tiadora, "I have fought them before. Ruthless monsters when they want to be. This was an attack of opportunity, they did it because they could. They will be dealt with." Broderick gets a nod, "But yes, your sword will be welcomed, though I hope they do not try anything and if we are lucky a storm will take them straight to the bottom of the Bitterbreak."

Tiadora nods slowly to the two. "It… is horrible that such things can happen. Excuse me, my lords. I will go offer prayers for those held in captivity and ask the One to give thm courage and protection." She quietly adds, "It's all I can do, really…"

"Such a storm would no doubt simplify things," Broderick agrees with a nod and a faintly wry smile, "I suspect though that it shall not be so simple, and if word of people taken is correct then we want to intercept rather than distroy. They are getting bold indeed to provoke us so." Tia is given an understanding nod as he notes, "take heart Lady Tia, you have found a thing to do, so do it with all your heart. It will not go unnoticed."

Thaddeus nods to Tiadora, "THe prayers will be welcome." He frowns, "I will consult with some others on this. I want them to be dealt with sooner, rather than later." He sighs, "We shall see. We shall see."

"Haste is never a bad thing given how quickly they strike," Broderick replies with an agreeable nod. "I can't claim to have been to Backsands, and know not he roads to judge ease of travel, but while they are unlikely to hit the same spot twice, ot is likely a fair staging point for men and supplies, so aid can be given to the city as well as protection along the coast."

"It would make little sense to strike again where they have already looted. I will take your advice into consideration." Thaddeus notes and sighs, "But I had best say little else, I prefer not to talk about problems like this in the open, out of habit more than anything, even if I doubt the bastards have ears in the city."

"Here is not the place for specifics," Broderick agrees, deciding to take Thaddeus at his word for now, rather than treat it as a brush off. "I can generally be found about the castle though, should you wish to discuss things further." He pauses there, trying to think of something else to say that doesn't sound like forced conversation before eventually being reminded of a fragment of conversation with Aidric. "There is talk, between myself and others, of proposing a squires' melee to run alongside the tournement we are to host. Would your lad be interested do you think?"

Thaddeus nods, "Perhaps. I am sure Gawain would benefit from the contest, it would just depend on the interest. The question would be who would be funding the contest, as it would certainly come with a respectable cost, though not as much as a true melee."

"I do not doubt that we will like for squires, for I suspect a large turnout of knights, and a good number of them will have a squire," Broderick replies. "Sir Aidric was also considering two catergories, those who've reached their majority and a seperate contest for the younger lads and lasses. There is usually time in between other events, and I see the main cost being tied up in the prize, although it does not have to be anything as grand as we mgiht ocmpete for. If it were to be run on the same day as say the archery, then stewards and officials would only need to be paid once. Or perhaps even straight after our melee, if we do not damage the ground too much for it."

Thaddeus thinks for a moment and counts on his fingers absentmindedly, "Perhaps. I see no fault in the plan, but it should go over some scrutiny to be sure that it is acceptable and without hidden problems, though two categories for squires might be wiser, or just restricting it to those who have reached majority." He ponders for a bit, "But yes, it should be doable."

Broderick tilts his head towards where Andrew was last seen and notes casually, "he's but fourteen and I want him to have the experiance, and his house the exposure. I'd rather not have him pitted against those about to gain their spurs if I can help it, but it wuld be experience none the less. I intend to speak with cousin Clara on the matter, since I know she is organising events surrounding the wedding and I have heard of no one yet given the same job for the tournement itself."

"I can understand entirely." Thad notes, and continues, "Her highness would indeed be a good person to speak with. Hopefully you can get this endeavor going, but I will allow Gawain to compete, and I am sure he would be a fine competitor, though he would be a bit old to go against your squire."

"Gawain will have Kieran to compete against at least," Broderick replies with an acknowledging nod, and Aidric suspects we could interest Jaren's," he clearly can't remember the boys name but searches for it a moment before adding merely, "the Haldis lad. We shall have to see though. If there is one catergory only, then Andrew gets to learn how to pick his opponants, and that battle is rarely fare. Time alone will tell which." He consider for a moemnt, then asks, "is there aught else do you think?"

"True, but first the competition must happen," Thaddeus remarks and sighs. He then nods, "But yes, there are many lessons that could be learned in a melee, though not the same as in battle; however, I would be glad that someone so young need not deal with such tests unless one has to." Thad politely states. "But I had best be going, plenty of business to deal with that I need to finish. Good day, cousin."

"Then let us both hope we have numbers enough for two," Broderick suggest with a slow nod as he turns hs gaze a moment to see how the Sorez lad is fairing against the seasoned merchants. "Send word at the castle should anything be needed regarding the situation at the coast," he adds, before finishing wth a fairly emotionless "good day."

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