(1866-10-15) A Brief Visit
A Brief Visit
Summary: Tristan and Aidric speak on the killers and the treaty
Date: 1866-10-15
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Carling Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Octobre 15th 1866

Odd how banished for fourteen days can sound so simple but be rather more difficult to bear. Oh certainly he had kept himself busy in various ways, some more fun than others, but still he missed the court and feeling part of the action. More than that there were killers on the streets and Brodlund raiders at the door, important matters were being discussed and plans were being laid, so, he'd sent word to Tristan and was, if he was honest a little surprise to find his invitation accepted. Still, it wasn't like he was going to let Tristan know that, so the reception for the prince is understated, with the servants instructed to show him to the study where Aidric is working on his writing for the wedding, a bottle of good drink close at hand for the meeting.

Tristan might actually be surprised if he ever learned that Aidric would be surprised by him accepting the invitation. It's not like Alysande would forbid him to talk to the man. Even then, he might still seek him out for conversation at some point because useful people needed to be useful. Entering the study, he gives his cousin a friendly nod and then plops down into one of the chairs. Not very gracious, but he's not not feeling very gracious. "I am sorry you were…" He waves a hand in the air. "You know. She was not very happy with either of us, even if I think the two of us were right in all of this."

Aidric looks up from his writing when Tristan enters and plops down in a seat. Ah, it was going to be one of those meetings. Aidric sets aside his pen and then moves to grab the drink, some cups and plop down in the same fashion across from Tristan. "I gathered," Aidric says as he pours, it's whiskey tonight. "And we were right. We waited before and all this happened, now we're waiting again. I don't understand it." He slides a glass across the small table between their chairs, "As for what happened. I didn't help anything with my temper."

"Your temper can get you into trouble, but I find that my own does the same for me on occassion, so it is not as if I could chide you on such a thing." Tristan gives Aidric a little grin and then reaches forward for the whiskey, taking a long sip, closing his eyes and letting the liquid burn down his throat in a pleasant fashion. "Still, I have gone ahead and spoken to the Moreno on the matter and plan to do as much with the Silva. I wish to begin stripping the Abara from any possible allies while 'gathering evidence'. I will speak to Eleanor Greycen soon enough, or will try to. Until then, I have been thinking about a number of things. What have you been up to?"

Aidric relaxes a little when it's clear things remain good between him and Tristan, he does contrive to sigh however "Glad it is a curse for someone other than me," he says before taking sip of his whiskey. He enjoys the pleasant burn for a moment before he replies, "You beat me to the Moreno then. I'd written Saffran but she's busier now than when she was a courtesan," he shakes his head. "What about proof, did the Moreno offer to provide any? I imagine they could dig some up." Or create some. "As for me, I've been begging my friends and relations to bring me news from court, asked Broderick if he saw anything from his time with the Thorns that could incriminate the Abara, he didn't, and sent a message to Raelyn through with the notion that the Abara may have had a hand in the fall of Ironhold. I figured while we strip the Abara of allies, we ought to add some of our own."

"Perhaps it is my Gerrell blood that can be blamed for such a trait." Another slight smile and then Tristan is answering Aidric's question. "Proof? None, but they have given me some information about a few people who may have some significance within the family. Alesandro and Zarine Abara. Father and daughter it appears, and both seem to be quite twisted according to Adem Moreno. Still, he has promised to report back if he hears anything from any of his contacts, which is a great deal of help. When we can gather evidence and can finally eliminate Rivana of their plague, I believe I can move forward with some other plans."

Aidric takes another gulps of whiskey and re-fills his glass, and Tristan's if he wants it. "So, we're really waiting for proof then? Surely the Moreno have it within their capability to create something of the sort we'd need. We do know the Abara are guilty, so I don't see the harm in it." There, he said it. He waits to hear what Tristan has to say of it, while he says, "Anyhow, what other plans?"

"I think that Adem wants to handle things in a fashion that can provide some, ah, deniability for his house and his family. I cannot fault him for that, he is trying to balance out his new status as a noble with what his family has been." Tristan considers it all for several moments, nodding. "I agree with you, but maintaining good relationships with both the Silva and the Moreno is vital for what I see is the future of Rivana. After all, crime cannot be stopped completely, but if we can manage it to an extent. Profit off of it. Use their networks to provide information about threats that truly harm Rivana. These things can be useful. Besides, the trading network the Moreno provide and the alchemical products that the Silva can produce have their own tangible economic benefits for the realm. This treaty also poses other opportunities. Opportunities to strengthen Rivana and to weaken one of our threats. Pacitta."

Aidric can't find fault with that logic, though it pains him to admit it, his nose wrinkles, "Well I suppose it is a bit much to ask the Moreno to risk their new made titles by lying to the Queen. Or the Silva to risk the prospect of title," he frowns, it seems they were thwarted for now. He nods at the mention of Pacitta. "You mentioned that when I brought you the letter, dealing with Pacitta, what have you come up with?"

"I believe some level of discretion might be in order with how such things are approached, but a match between Symon's sister and the l'Faust seems like a good starting point. If Imperial goods can move between l'Faust lands and Normont, that can be a boon for the Kingdom as a whole." Tristan shifts in his seat, crossing one leg over another as he takes another sip of his whiskey. "Additional trade opportunities should be sought out between our kingdom and Couviere, even if they are a bit more… discrete. A slow bleeding of Pacittan coffers would be better than a sudden reversal of fortune."

Aidric nods, "Easier to manage if it's gradual," he agrees. "And yes, past time we traded directly with the l'Fausts, we've moved very little through Rikard's Gap but armies these last decades," he says. "Also, with Thaddeus wed to a Couvieri princess, we may want to explore direct ocean trade between Rivana and Rovilon. I do not see their new king refusing an influx of southern goods in their markets rather than those in Pacitta, and the Greycen's have the ships to move those goods."

"Exactly." Tristan says with a nod and a smile. "And you are thinking much along the same lines as I have. Expanded economic interests between Couviere and Rivana can bring much good to both kingdoms, though we will have to work at trying to make sure we get the better end of the deal. That will take some careful work and effort but I think it can be done. A weaker Pacitta is good for both of our kingdoms but I do expect resistance from them to these sorts of agreements, which is why I think some parts of this treaty may be better negotiated in secret."

Aidric grins at the notions being discussed, "I have no arguments with locking out the merchants, do you have an idea on how to broach the subject of secret negotiations with the Couvieri?" he asks. "Also, whatever we negotiate with Couviere, we should include some things to please Sanctum and Venderos. They will be less likely to object to whatever we come up if Pacitta is the only one left out."

Tristan nods, finishing his whiskey and then standing up. "Venderos… I am more than happy with trying to arrange trade agreements with. Sanctum… well, if we must, we must. I still cannot find myself willing to trust them completely due to the whole ordeal with their cardinal." He places the glass down and offers his cousin a faint nod. "Still we will do what we can, I suspect. Thank you for the drink, cousin and I am sorry that Alysande did what she did. I will come and see you again soon, perhaps for dinner or something, until then, do stay out of trouble."

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