(1866-10-15) Something Unexpected This Way Comes
Something Unexpected This Way Comes
Summary: Talia reveals her pregnancy to Dominic, and tries to further grasp her husband's potential, and weaknesses at the same time.
Date: 1866-10-15
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Training Yard
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One of the house servants had informed Dominic that his wife had wished to see him this evening, and that she could be found in the training yard.

The training yard of the castle was like many training yards for many knights. With one exception. This specific training yard was not for the knights that guarded and protected the borders of Three Rivers. These training yards were for the Wraiths. The elite. The pride of l'Sainger, and the product of t'Corbeau for their lieges.

Talia, in training leathers, watches from the sidelines as the few candidates who were scoured over and found fit to at least make the attempt square off against each other in mock combat with wooden swords, and daggers. Her brow is furrowed, and her arms crossed. And by all appearances, she does not like what she sees.

Dominic hadnt kept his wife waiting long in the trainin yard. He shows up though is attired for training unsure if they would be learning or taking lessons today and not wishing to have to return because he's not dressed right. "Hello lovely wife, sorry for the wait." The count says when he approaches a smile given to her as he approaches where she stands seeing she's in training gear it is a good thing he things. He looks over though at the look to her face and wonders who's displeased her thusly.

"Hold," calls Talia. And the three pairs pause, and step back. "Vincent. Step forward." The young man does as bidden, frowning some. Talia tips her head, "I want you all," says Talia without even acknowledging, yet, that her husband has arrived, "To watch myself, and Vincent." She inclines her head to a man on the sidelines who steps forward to hand the young man a real sword. Not a practice one. Talia draws her own blade from it's sheath. Not, Dominic will note, the Viper's Fang - her Sidhe Steel blade. But a dagger. Smaller than Vincent's own sword. "Engage," Talia instructs.

Vincent moves forward, not daring to question Talia. His attack is clean, and good. There is finesse, there. But Talia outshines him by side-stepping the lunge, twisting, and sliding the dagger across the man's side. There is the slick color of blood, wet, on the dagger as she turns, and says coldly, "You were told. Three times. That you were leaving yourself over-exposed on your lunge, Vincent. You need a more - definitive reminder." It's then that Talia smiles.

And it's then that Vincent's faces goes white. He looks down, looks to Talia who turns to one of the other trainers, "Give him the antidote in an hour. Until then? Tie him down. Put some cloth around his mouth. We shan't need hear his screams."

She begins to walk towards Dominic, then, informing him, "A small bit of poison. He will feel some measure of agony, the poison is a pain inducer. It essentially makes the body feel as if it is constantly on fire. He will not leave himself exposed again."

The Cound doesnt seem to doubt the skill of his wife standing confidently to watch her as she demonstrates the move on the man. It is hard to tell if he anticipates the blood or not or the poison despite seeing her collection. He looks to his wife when she walks towards him a kiss placed. "No he will not, a hard lesson.. but best learned /now/ than when his charge learns the lesson for him." he states sensibly .

Talia does not react to the kiss, only sheathing the blade into the belt at her side. "I'm pleased you see the reason of it," she states, matter of factly. "Tell me, Dominic. Where do you see yourself, in a year's time from now? I am most curious."

Dominic nods to her words though he consideres the question. "Well I hope to have advanced my skill much more, and to have a better grip on all that I should to help you and be part of this house more completely. At yourside of course would be my hope." He comments though tilting his head slightly "Why do you ask?" he wonders.

"At my side," echoes Talia. She begins to walk away from the scene, letting the training continue without her observation, and heading back towards the castle. "And how do you see yourself helping me, my husband?" She inquires, flatly. "Would you train these wraiths to be as tenacious, and as fierce as they need to be for our lieges? Or would you ruthlessly make certain that our profits were upheld within the Syndicate? Perhaps you shall seek to earn good grace by our House by entering the Tourney and championing our namesake?" She pauses, then, turning to view him, assessing him, and his reactions. His answers. "To which is your strength? And which your weakness?"

He will turn and walks indeed at her side. Dominic looks over to her when she speaks as they talk. "I believe my self capable of all those things, I am not one to be very showy I'll admit but if competing helps our name then I will do it for the family and for you." He comments thinking "I look to limit my weaknesses as much I can and expand upon my strengths perhaps I will thusly find new ones in the process."

"You seek to eliminate weakness from yourself, then? Good. I will expect no less when our child is born," Talia recites, matter-of-factly. "He - or she, shall be raised as a true t'Corbeau. As I was raised." This, too, spoken with a measure of certainty. Still, she watches Dominic as she reveals her pregnancy to him.

Dominic looks over to his wife and nods "Yes I do, I must grow and become stronger as I did as squire to a knight and now a knight to your husband." He pauses in his walk and she gets a few steps before he regains his step. "Talia.. are you saying." he cannot help but smile broadly though he is struck without words a moment "We are to be parents?" the Count will ask though he's glad for the news its clear "May we return to our private quarters I know we are expected to behave a way out here.. I am overjoyed?" he asks with a chuckle.

That smile tells Talia all she needs to know. She merely inclines her head, "I am with child. Yes. There will be an heir to my bloodline. And, to the t'Corbeau ways." She? Is not smiling. Her face is fairly unexpressive. "It is a necessity. Little more, Dominic." Practical, Talia is. "The child shall be my legacy. As I am my father's."

He is glad for the news all the same, but looks over to her and nods "Yes an legacy heir of course I understand." He says though she can likely still see in his eyes how happy he is for the news he's been given just now. Dominic will move alongside her once more as they walk away from the training field. "Have you seen a healer? Do we know when we are expecting?"

"Why would I wish to see a healer?" Asks Talia, in mild fashion. She nods, once, however, "Approximately nine months from the date after the Masque, of course. I bedded for more than simple desire that night, my husband. I needed to bring an heir into The Edge before I grow old." She begins to walk back to their private quarters, then. "The child will be strong. If the child is a girl, her name will be Lilith. If a boy, his name shall be Andre. For his Grandfather."

Dominic looks over "To be checked out and make sure that all progresses well. It is for your health as well as.. our childs." He says though he nods about the date of the conception and after he had thought it might be as such. "Of course they will be strong they are half of each of us. They will bring together all our strengths and learn from us to weed out our weaknesses." He smiles once more as they walk towards their quarters the door being opened and shut behind them. "I like both of those names."

"In public, it may be fine to treat me as a noblewoman beset with pregnancy, but here in my house I will not be coddled," Talia instructs, tersely. She will not be a pleasant woman to be around, no doubt, in her condition. "But, I will see a midwife when I begin to show. I know my body well enough, Dominic. But I will take no risks with my child. Fear not." She frowns, momentarily, and asks the man, "And what have you been busying yourself with of late?"

"I didnt mean you were weak Talia, but I understand." Dominic says to her with a small bow of his head and then thinking further about this new step in their lives though he smiles "I am sure you do, I meant nothing by it." He will answer the question "Since returning from the Tournament, i've been busy training of late mostly and keeping things in order where I can. I am indeed trying to better myself for you what do you seek me to learn or do next?"

"There is a man who owes us a debt. He borrowed from the family, and has failed on several promises of recompense. I wish you, and Philippe to go and take his wife, and his eldest daughter. They will work his debt off." Time for Dominic to get his hands dirty. "In this business, my husband, you must learn to adapt. And quickly." She smiles, then, for him, and touches his cheek. "Keep up, and you shall impress me."

Dominic looks over to her when the orders are given. "I will of course go and do this." He considers a few moments the ways and means of such a thing "If it is your will I be tested than it is my will to impress you my wife." He comments to her simply enough.

Talia then kisses Dominic's cheek, lightly, "You are so good to me. You indulge me so." She smiles, sharp, and then moves into the bedroom, leaving the door open. "Tell me, Dominic. What do you believe? Are you a fervant follower of The One?" She inquires, her tone now curious.

He will smile at the kiss and follows her that direction towards their bedroom looking in from the doorway. "It is my hope to be." good to her of coure though he hears the question "I was brought up to follow the one, but when old enough I kind of went my own way havent really followed anything seriously in a number of years."

"Faith," ventures Talia quietly, "Has a way of finding you if you have need of it. Or so it has been my experience." She does not expound further, but instead moves to begin readying for sleep. "Rest well," she wishes, warmly to her husband.

Dominic smiles and nods as he leangs against the doorframe. He looks over to her with her words "That is quite true. I am sure my faith will find me.. when I need it no matter what faith it may be." He will move into the room shutting the door himself. Its a quick movement for himself to be able to prepare for bed as well. "You too my wife, and thank you for this gift duty as it may be." He says and will join her to rest perhaps draping an arm around her lightly.

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